Winston fails at corn on the cob

Winston has his very own special nomming procedures. Check out this cobfail, it will remind you of Shark Week:



  1. Nom 8D

  2. lol Winston is the best cat i have ever seen!
    also they realy like to eat lots of thigs xD

  3. Turn that corn around so Winston gets the good parts !!!

    We are SOOOOO going to have corn on the cob tonight !!!!

  4. You call it corn. Winston calls it… *MMPH!*

  5. He reminds me of a snake being milked for venom. Winston, you are a riot.

  6. yeah… cats really shouldn’t be eating corn. winston is pretty darn cute, though.

  7. Rudy’s always much more efficient in the nomming department.

    My cats LOVE to gnaw on corncobs.

  8. mom2twinzz says:

    Poor Winston, couldn’t even figure out the right end to eat. 😦 Maybe next time.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Yahng Yahng Yahng! I love Winston and Rudy. Here’s Rudy, gently licking off all the butter, whilst Winnie kronsches on the end of the cob with his mouth open so wide! Y’know, people inevitably compare Winston to Maru, but that’s like apples and oranges, or Zen to…I dunno, Benny Hill, or something. Hey one of you more eloquent CO peeps, help me out here…I’m at a loss.

  10. It looks like he’s going to choke or hurt his mouth or teeth :/.

  11. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Awwwww, does Winston have a special friend? Maybe that’s why he was letting Rudy have all the nummies.

    Also, he doesn’t looked as pissed off as usual. Maybe Winnie’s mellowing out because he’s in luuuurrrrve. Or maybe it’s that fierce lion cut he’s sporting.

    Elizabeth, why don’t you check out Winston’s other videos? The Cult of Winston is always looking for new acolytes. I think you’ll find he’s a most entertaining kitty, and quite a sturdy fellow. Some believe he’s a medical marvel as apparently he has a stomach made of iron, judging by some of his favorite kitty-safe, but decidedly unusual, nom-noms.

  12. KatieZientek says:

    Human fail for not turning the cob around!

  13. Poor Winnie-Poo! You’d think he’d have an advantage at corn on the cob, what with the flat face and all. What is it with kittehs and corn on the cob? One of Philo’s first solid meals was corn fragments left on a plate after I’d eaten corn on the cob. His zeal was downright amazing.

  14. Kibblenibble, I think Benny Hill IS Zen.

  15. Poor Winston! He gets the “unclear on the concept” award here.

  16. CO FTW (For The Winston) !

    Aw, Winston. Get a corn zipper.

  17. Winston is the cutest corncob-eating vampire-cat evar.

  18. Beth (in NC) says:

    The kittehs in this household love a range of people-food I wouldn’t have thought possible! I wonder if my kittehs would like brussels sprouts?

  19. kibblenibble says:

    Noelegy, perhaps you’re right. I just love Winston and Rudy and Maru and Benny Hill! Love is inexplicable, but for me, humor is always a big factor. (Hear that, NOMTOM?)

    Celia, I think Winston is very clear about what he wants. He *likes* kronsching the cob! 🙂

  20. ‘Fail’ is such a subjective term, though. Winston may not be ingesting B-vitamin-rich new world plant matter, but he’s succeeding brilliantly at — at — well, at whatever you call that. That thing he’s doing.

    Yay, **Winston**!!!

  21. Rudy gets the corn, Winston gets the cob.

  22. muppet2171 says:

    Winston is love. That is all.

  23. epic fail.

    winston’s failboat.

  24. Only Winston could manage that, he’s the best cat in the world, he’s the male version of me !!!!!!! I love you Winston !

  25. harlemgrrl says:

    oh, winnie. maybe the cob feels better than the corn tastes…

  26. earlybird1 says:

    Hee hee! Oh Winston, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  27. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Harmonica-style: UR DOIN IT RONG.

  28. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Aw, turn da cob around. The cats are probably nomming cuz of butter & salt.

    I get a little wistful when peeling corn. My guinea pig, Pigpig, would squeal like mad when he smelled us shucking, and you HAD to throw in the leaves (?), which he would eat & eat & eat until he pretty much passed out on them.
    He’s been gone for a few years.

    Our cat, Molly, does not allow corn in the house until she chews on at least part of the shuck/leaves!

  29. this video is so corny. 🙂

  30. harlemgrrl says:

    @dexter fishmore – ::: guffaw ::

  31. My first visit to this blog and I have to say, this is adorable!

    Om nom nom nom nom… =P

  32. Nancy (orig) says:

    teef r sharp lookin even if u tink he’s a dork.

  33. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Pheas, hilarious!

  34. Linda Harner says:

    Winston! I’ve missed you.

  35. I walked past a cookie shop yesterday, that had a bog sign in the wondow saying, “OM NOM NOM.” If I hadn’t been in a hurry I would have gone in and bought a cookie just on principle.

  36. Doesn’t look like he’s doing it wrong to me. He’s obviously trying to chew the corn with his molars, which are the only teeth that cats can really use to chew. Even if he can’t get the kernels off, he might successfully be popping them and getting the juices.

  37. This should make for an interesting litterbox tomorrow

  38. I’d say Win is a few kernels short of an ear.

  39. @P.Erasmus: Interesting performance, but I felt there should have been more suspense. Sniffing the box would have been effective…..

    (ducking and running)

  40. Fangs are as effective on corn cobs, are they Winston?

  41. berthaservant says:

    They like zee butters.

    P. Erasmus, thank you for sharing that, it’s awesome.

  42. So happy to see Rudy get a little face time, too! You can tell, he’s thinking, “You’re supposed to eat the corn, not the cob, you idjit!”

    LOL, P.Erasmus! But you don’t quite have the facial expression down. Maru performs with a little more…sangfroid. (And you need a tail to waft gently back and forth, too.)

  43. I agree with Elizabeth. The poor thing is terrified!

  44. Winnng winsome Winston wideo.

    (yeah, I kow the last words a cheat!)

  45. Hahaha! He wants the WHOLE thing! 😀

    Love his little vampire fangs. :[

  46. Cats are obligated carnivores, they are not supposed to eat corn………

  47. P.Erasmus, that’s cheeenius!

  48. He’s probably ‘gumming’ cats do it all the time.

  49. If I may please re-direct your thoughts a bit here, IMHO, Winnie is not about ‘the corn’. Winnie is about ‘the chewing’. Winnie is all about the domination of the corn cob. While Rudy, in his own wonderful cat way, licks the butter and salt off the cob with great cat finesse (and a better tooth count), and will maybe get some corn along the way, as he should. Two totally different personalities. Winnie knows what he wishes to demolish and what he wishes to consume. No one could stop him if he wished more corn and less nomming.

    The corn will pass right through, btw, as it does in many mammals who choose to eat it. Cats eat grass, catnip, and any other vegetable matter that strikes them as tasty or chewy or both. No doubt they will throw it up if it disturbs their tumm-tumms, in your sneakers if possible.

  50. Some cats just like to chew on stuff because it’s fun. I have known many a cat who liked to mangle pencils, celery stalks, corners of cardboard boxes, etc just because …well, ostensibly they seemed to enjoy it, for no other reason other than that they could go “GNYANG GNYANG GNYANG” and put their ears back in Winstonian cronche-esque bliss. I don’t think he really wants to EAT it, he just wants to BITE it.

    Rudy, who is much less weird and much more direct in his machinations, is obviously enjoying himself with the butter/salt licking, but Winny has an agenda, and by god, Winny is going for it.

    (Plus, if Winston really wanted the corn, he’d probably sit down and whine for it until he was accommodated– “RUHR? RYEEER? ARNNH?” in that scratchy alien voice of his.)


    May I hereby ask the owner to get Winston a vampire cape and repeat the cornfail procedure? It would make for another excellent vid, no doubt.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and get some corn on the cob for supper tonight… oh the cravings!

  52. P.Erasmus, thank you for that video — amazing 🙂

    P.S. I love Winston.

  53. Elizabeth- You have obviously never seen previous episodes of Winston.. He eats (or trys to eat) everything but the kitchen sink… Those fangs are fine… He’s just sharpening them up for later.. I believe he’s part vampire…

    Any hoottles… I have missed Whinny!!! I was ganna comment the other day about not seeing him for a while!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  54. Iratxe – Then you need to tell that to my cats. They seem perfectly content on eating and then throwing up EVERY plant I bring into the house.. No more plants for me 😦
    Besides.. doesn’t all cat food have some sort of plant material in it?? The stuff I feed my cats does.

  55. Winston, you so crazy!

  56. Some Cats like veggies – there is no doubt about that.

    I just like to watch him nom with those awkward fangs.

  57. Erasmus, a sconch more haunch-splayage, and it will be awesome!

  58. PS THIS Erasmus?

    [Old iMac. *snkr* 😛 – Ed.]

  59. Breakfast….terrified of what? Seriously? I hope you’re being sarcastic, cause otherwise…..baroo?

  60. It’s good to know all those random creatures my cat kills and half-eats and leaves on my doorstep are perfectly safe…. but corn on the cob is totally horrible, and might hurt his fragile teeth, or make him forget how to eat so it chokes him, or totally upset his little baby tummy that was ONLY built to eat meow mix and fancy feast….

  61. Erasmus, that may be one of the funniest human videos I’ve seen in a while

  62. Christine Celata says:

    My vet told me never to give cats corncobs. She said that the flaky stuff can get into their lungs. I guess it causes pneumonia.

  63. A few days ago, my cat Jasper was desperate in his attempts to get a taste of the corn on the cob I was eating. When I’d finished most of it, I held it out for him, and he greatly enjoyed licking it and biting it. He also likes cantaloupe, and sometimes bread. What can I say? He’s never thrown up once in the year I’ve owned him. I don’t ever give him large amounts of these things; just a taste.

  64. EGAD! the squinched eyes/gaping mouth combination really DOES make him look like a shark!

    (oh and erasmus? i think i love you.)

  65. hmmmmm, makes me wonder what Winston will be for Halloween this year! Those crazed, evil eyes……
    On the subject of veggies, my cat occasionally likes to eat a green olive.

  66. oh my oh watch the fingers ohh can’t watch
    peeking at screen sideways
    must skip to end oh whew
    winston would’nt bite on purpose but fingers so close to sharp teeth it made me wince.

  67. Katiedid – yeah they eat the plants and vomit them to purge, a practice my dog also likes… v_v

    Quality cat food should not have any plant material on it, (i buy animoda cat, its only meat and products from meat) but ofcourse most will have it. Its the same with ferrets…. The fact that they CAN eat it does not mean that they can digest it or that it will make them any good, on the contrary. Ferrets for example will get kidney stones if they eat corn. (I know more about them cos I own them so I try to find the right food for them). Its like, dogs also LOVE chocolate, but it does not make them any good to eat it….

  68. I don’t mean to nuff, because I love Winston’s antics and agree with those who think he’s mainly exercising his teefs. I just want to tell all you peeps about a recent article my vet gave me a couple of weeks ago. A vet researcher has cured 95 percent of her diabetic kitty patients by making sure they eat an all-meat diet. Her theory is that, as total carnivores, the cat pancreas is not equipped to process carbs. She thinks the current tendency of almost all brands of dry cat food to have a lot of carb to hold it together (rice, corn, wheat flour), this accounts for the virtual epidemic in feline diabetes. Even the so-called high end cat foods (Iams, Science Diet) contain more carbs than meat products. Since one of my four is showing up with elevated blood sugar, my vet asked me to try an all meat diet for a month to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately it’s hard to find even canned cat food that doesn’t have some non-meat ingredients. I’m going with brands where the carbs are at least a little further down the ingredient list. But of course, my four — being cats — are acting abused and missing their dry kibble. But chowing down has begun — one can only be on strike for so long . . .

  69. rudy can’t fail!

    [ 😆 ! – Ed.]

  70. Oh Rudy. Such a little love.

  71. Well I guess it is a battle of the vets then. My vet put my last kitty on a diet with veggies in it to get her weight and health a little better. After a short time on this diet she looked better then she ever had in her life.
    My cats now are on a diet of indoor cat food that has some green stuff in it (mostly barley and parsley from what I can tell). God forbid they go a day without the wet food… My (half dead) bamboo plant would take the brunt of the punishment.

  72. Desdemona Ask your vet if they get Royal Canin, wet food. and I have a OMG you are not feeding me Wet food are you, kitty, we are trying to switch to an all meat diet because she is aherm ::a bit hefty::aherm she is being a pain in the butt but then she is the princess of the lot.

    anyway I have been giving her only wet for two weeks now as just switching her to raw was too quick a step . My next step is mixing ground chicken with her canned food.
    any way if you are interested or anyone else this is a good site posted by a vet with steps to switching your kitty from dry kibble to wet canned food or raw should you decide to go that route.

    Cat Info

  73. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    Gad, when did the nuffers take over ’round here? Every post is filled with “doom and gloom”-ers these days.

    “Oh no — corn will kill your cat! Bad CO for showing this!”

    Give it a rest, already! or get your own dang forum. Just stop spouting off here.

  74. chitadenita says:

    Could there possible be just a littlest bit of yummy butter on that corn cob? I know of many kitties that would happily eat/lick cardboard if it had butter on it.

    Mmmmm, butterrrrrrrrrr!

  75. Chitadenta I would lick cardboard if it had butter on it… Ummm Butttter is right

  76. hahahaha KittyAdventures.. That made my day!

  77. Daddy’s fault, not Winston’s. Daddy is in control of the cob-angle.

  78. deer winstons

    korn, yer doin it wrong

    jus eet bananas

    love you

  79. is this winston from WINSTON IS NOT A NORMAL CAT?? LOLs:))

  80. Cats can’t digest corn you dumb ass.

    [The internet really brings out the best in you, sweetie. – Ed.]

  81. Alis Whitman says:

    Hey Meg,

    I’m sitting here with my son who is wearing a dragon suit. He suggests that you have a place where he can just see videos. I’m not sure if you have any other usability feedback from other 4 year olds, but that is 2 cents from my little dragon.

    PS Mango passed away on July 31st, you can read her eulogy on bellespring (I think you knew Mango, her fan club was so large that I just try to tell people as I remember)

    Cheers + Alis