The Naugahyde Napper

[old-timey typewriter sound] We interrupt you regularly-scheduled Caturday to bring you an important news bulletin. The Naugahyde Napper is in the vicinity, armed with rabbit’s feet and considered mostly dangerous. Unless of course, he falls asleep.


Vivian F. keep the children indoors until this blows over.



  1. which is fluffier: a snorglable bunneh or a snugglable one?
    both, of course!

  2. Too…flippin’…cute! *thunk*

  3. Nothing like a soft, warm, furry fluffnutter to cozy up with. Just watch out for the little teeth that may want to start nibbling away at you. Very adorable bunny!

  4. I now have a nosebleed from attempting to snorgle my screen.

    Thanks again, CO. Thanks again.

  5. OOOoooooooOOOOOooooooOOOOO!

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Heem’s using hees paw for a peellow! Him’s peenk skeen ees showing through hees white fur on heem’s nosie!!!!1! *clunk*

    (passed out from the cute)

  7. I want a close-up ehn-hancement of his little nose in the last picture!

  8. This bun disapproves of the snorgles he’s about to receive.

  9. Ok, I don’t usually do this, but..
    *GASP* I did literally gasp out loud.

  10. I loves him Batman hat!

  11. It takes an average of 0.035 naugas to make a typical 3-cushion sofa.

    As you can imagine, nauga husbandry is quite the ordeal, which is why there are no nauga farms in much of the populated world.

    [Yeah, ’cause they always hide. – Ed.]

  12. Oh nooooo. It is both cute AND sleepy. Unfair, Bunny.

  13. @Kim: Cute, sleepy, and disapproving! Completely unfair!

  14. No way that’s a bunny. That’s one of those woolly caterpillars with ears.

  15. awwww bunneh so tie-tie!
    be wewy wewy qwiet (in elmer fudd voice)

  16. “The Naugahyde Napper is in the vicinity, armed with rabbit’s feet and considered mostly dangerous. Unless of course, he falls asleep.”

    this is FALSE. the Naugahyde Napper is known to make heads explode into candy, ESPECIALLY when he is seen falling asleep!

  17. Oh noes! The Naugahyde Napper! Where’s the Prickly Kid when you need him?!?

  18. It’s a naughty Naugahyde napper!

  19. @Theresa – A nascent naughty Naugahyde napping nihilist.

  20. o mah gawd. i may just splode from snorgleabilityness. he looks sooo soft!

  21. Aw that bun looks so sweet and sleepy too …

  22. And, just for the record, Naugahyde was inspired by the City of Naugatuck, CT, where it was first created by the UniRoyal corporation. The making of it, among other awful smells such as the making of Keds sneakers, prompted the City Officials or maybe the UniRoyal Officials to put citrus smell in all of the smoke stacks, so when the manufacturing was going on, the City smelled like citrusy rubber. I was there, I remember. (I drove through mind you). Smells never leave you. Yuk. It smells much better now, but the unemployment rate is very high.

    Yes, the “how many Naugas did it take to make that couch, chair,” etc., joke is alive and well in Connecticut. For the Connecticut information afficionado, the area is called “the Valley” and has never really economically recovered since the pullout of the UniRoyal, the Brass industry and Cadbury-Schwepps/Peter Paul Candy factory.

    You may now go to your next cocktail party well-armed with trivia. Or, you can become the next Governor of the State, whichever you wish. But not both, we have our limits here.

  23. “But not both, we have our limits here.”


  24. In the first photo, I can totally hear him thinking: “What is this Tribble of which you speak?…”

  25. Just looking at these pictures is making me sleepy. Move over, little bun, I’m going to join you for forty winks. Zzzzz.

  26. Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss xxxxx

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    Can you be “armed” with rabbit’s feet? Shouldn’t you be “footed” with them? (Consider this a footnote.)

  28. OMG I spy tiny pink toesies!! xD

    Bunday is so awesome…. 🙂

  29. Mamamclain says:

    All this disapproval is making him sleeeeepy…. me too.

  30. Haha, he does look pretty villainous in that first picture. Then again, so does my cat sometimes and that doesn’t stop me from snuggling her.

  31. I’ve never seen a bun with markings like that. Cute, and definitely lethal for young children!

  32. @Katrina, wow, I am armed for bear!
    What’s the repertoire for the upcoming season?

  33. Ooh, da seepy bunny…

  34. Is Naugatuck anywhere near Caerbannog? 😉

  35. I drive thru Waterbury and Naugatuck a couple times a year to teach in Danbury and never noticed the awful smell of naugahyde, but the drivers merging like crazy makes it a nervewracking drive on I-84. I grit my teeth, hang on to the steering wheel and carefully drive thru, hoping one of the crazy drivers zooming in and out doesn’t clip my car. I’ve come to really hate I-84 in CT, esp. in the Waterbury area.

  36. So tie-tie!

  37. Aw, cute bunny. But that’s really not a breathable fabric he’s sleeping on. Hope he doesn’t smoosh his face into it and suffocate or something.

  38. Ah ……sweet summer memories of childhood visiting my grandparents in North Augusta SC. Riding in the un-aircondition green Nova with 4 other kids, all of us sticking to the backseat. Coming in the hot house with only one window unit of cool air conditioning blowing. Sticking to the ALL naughahyde furniture in the den…….never felt or looked a comfy as this sweet, fluffy, non sticky bunbun!! Ah the memories….thanks for a Sunday flashback!!!

  39. Joy- I feel your pain, Waterbury has the closest Barnes & Noble. 84 is the bane of many people’s existence. You’ll be thrilled to know that it is going to be chopped up again for more construction! I live off exit 27. Tell me when you are in the area! That B&N has a nice sweet shop.

    Theresa- and everyone-
    So far the Principal Orchestra is playing the second movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and the Third Brandenburg Concerto. They will get new music this Thursday. The Foundational Orchestra is playing the “Can Can” by Offenbach and will get new music once they get that under their belts. They are so cute! We have about 25 in the Principal and eight in the Foundational.

    Thanks for asking!

  40. There once was a guy from Naugatuck
    who kept as pet a fluffy buck
    with pink little toes
    a wiggely nose
    (no punchline, the autor is stuck)

  41. (and forgot an h, distracted by teh qte…)

  42. Katrina, great stuff. I feel at a kind of impasse with the choir, they were improving exponentially for a couple of years, now seem to be plateauing. I guess I thought they would just continue to improve, so I’m just not sure what to do with them now.

  43. Worth passing up a basket of Cadbury eggs for!

  44. Now that is so cute, my face is stuck in grin.

  45. Theresa- Hmm, maybe they are in a rut. How about if there is a festival they can sign up for? Our young musicians really perked up for that. You could invite another choir over for a fun session later in the year, and ask a guest conductor–that’s shake up those little vocal chords! What age are they? Kids or adults? Even asking a guest conductor might do it-they love you, but they aren’t on their toes anymore. I have been in tons of choirs/chorales and the guest conductor thing Always made us work harder/smarter. We always wanted to make our own Conductor/Director look good! If you want to come for a ‘field trip’ to Connecticut it can be arranged!

  46. He looks so soft and cuddly, perfect for napping with.