Raiders of the Lost Ook

Dr. Jones coiled his bullwhip and gazed at the crumbling stone altar just paces away.  Atop it sat the squat bronze idol, as it had for centuries, returning his gaze with mocking contempt.

“Let us hurry,” said the guide.  “There is nothing to fear here.”

“That’s what scares me,” said Jones.


Once again, Chantal P., what was briefly yours is now mine! (evil laughter)



  1. LOL I have mi9xed my movies and keep seeing JAbba The hut.. Okay I know there is no slim but really the mass and all…::Shrugs shoulders::

  2. Mixed, Slime, pathetic attempt at spell check after posting

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @KittyAdventures: Cut yourself some slack; it’s Friday. And I think that “no slim” described that orangutan pretty well. 😉

  4. EW! Ugly…

  5. Uh… not cute.

  6. Taking advantage of everyone else posting Poetry… Mr. Jones. Casually flips the sack of sand neatly into place as he removes the golden buddah from teh pedasal…he stands triumphant for a fraction of a second… until that minute click sounds…. fear flashes across his face as he realizes… there was not enough sand in the bag.

    turning in a flash he begins to sprint for the opening with a giant crushing boulder hot on his heels.

  7. How can you say not cute Check out the perfect placement of his paws and the symetrical rotundness and the look on his face.. I love it.

  8. check out the huge jackfruit in each cheek (and neck) and the going bald weird head/body also!

  9. I think he’s adorable. His mommy probably thinks so too.

  10. Is he not fluffy enough for you jerks? Sheesh, things besides bunnies and kitties are cute.

    I mean, he’s huge and he’s making himself all round and tiny. That’s adorable!

  11. For some reason, the song Papa was a Rolling Stone came into my head when I saw this photo…

  12. ewww…

  13. Um … I’m no expert, but doesn’t that look Photoshopped? The bottom edge of the “face” looks especially weird.

  14. I love his slight smile. He looks very wise.

  15. Haha his face looks like a very large cow patty.

  16. Whoa! What is he? Made me lol, and he’s definitely CUTE to me!

  17. Yeah, but what is it? I think it gots teh mange.

  18. Chief Brody says:

    It looks like one of those petrified-stone baby-fetus in fetu things on the Discovery Channel.

  19. Kristabel OMG you gave me an earworm

  20. This picture Freaks. Me. Out.

  21. Love love love orangutans! And I love love love those curled up bottom feetsies!

  22. He is an adult male orangutan

  23. OR a female orangutan! Maybe….

  24. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @KittyAdventures: Definitely a male, because only the males have the pads around the face.

  25. He’s cute and all but I really honestly prefer small animals inside of appliances. Crucify me if you want, but maybe we could find that orangutan a washing machine to climb inside into or something.

  26. Wow, that guy has a big face.

  27. Orangutangs, always look to me, as if they are wearing a boxing head guard.

    @ ding- I beleive that Orangutang means ‘ Wise old man of the forest ‘ so you are quite right.

  28. yah know.. on further examination… he kinda reminds me of Stitch… from Lilo and Stitch… when he bites his bottom half and rolls into a ball around the house lol..

  29. @ Emily LOL… no i think the back part of a cement truck would be more “fitting”. Don’t worry, there’s no cement in it!

  30. He fills in nicely as a wallpaper background.

  31. He’s practicing his form for his swim team’s cannonball competition.

  32. Does anyone know what the evolutionary reason is to explain why orangutans do that? Is it a defence mechanism (to make them seem larger/menacing to potential predators)?

    Btw, I think this picture qualifies as cute.

  33. Oh.
    He’s meditating! “I am a round, round boulder”

  34. Primates tend to weird me out, but I do have to admit that’s a hilariously cute pose he’s got going on there. And the cheek flub just makes me giggle.

  35. Katiedid,

    A cement mixer will do. Animals are funnier/better when they’re inside of things. I know how much i want to carry my dog around in a backpack (she’s 75lb.). I used to put our pet poodle into baby clothes, laundry baskets, earthenware pots. It’s all good.

  36. I think he’s a teen and all “I cannot believe that they did *not* invite me to the party. Sure, they come to me when they need help with Physics and Calculus, but when it comes to frivolity… Don’t they know I’m a ton of fun at parties? Harumph…”

  37. Finally, another Terry Pratchett reader! OOOK!

  38. I feel that way when I’ve eaten too much salty food.

  39. @Amanda LOL!! Me too!!!

  40. NOMTOM Thanks I was thinking male but realized I didn’t know for sure.

  41. lol@gingerbean.

    Aww, don’t listen to these bad bad people saying you’re not teh cute, Mr. Tang! And you look like you need a hug!

  42. I LOL’d that someone thought that a picture of a sitting Orangutan was ‘shopped.

  43. [What what what? – Ed.]

  44. catloveschanel says:

    Belloq: Jones, do you realize what the Ark is? It’s a transmitter, it’s a radio for speaking to God, and it’s within my reach.
    Jones: You wanna to talk to God? Let’s go see him together, I’ve got nothing better to do.

  45. Indy and the Buddah Part Two.
    As he rounded the last curve in the cavern tunnel Indy glanced behind himself to see the large boulder still bearing down on him. Now he was in a real pickle. at the end of the cavern was a step cliff that he had climbed up to enter the cave…. There would not be enough time to climb away from the opening … That left him with one choice. Jump or be crushed by the boulder…

    as he sprinted out in to the sunshime Indy lept as far out as he could from the ledge and plunged down into the crystal blue water below… above him the boulder rolled out of the cavern and arched in to the air and headed down right behind Indy.

  46. I dunno, Indy – does he look more like the little statue or the giant rolling boulder? I say it’s a toss up.

  47. Mrs. Lackey says:

    my… gawd… he’s BLORPTASTIC!

    [Hmm, so he is, so he is… – Ed.]

  48. Faceflaps = mojo in the orangutan world, so I’d say this guy is a big ol’ simian pimp.

  49. Adorable face! Lots of emotion behind that expression. Such a cutie… all curled up in that self-hug position. Love him!

  50. Jabba always reminded me more of Garfield. A bald, slimy Garfield. It was impossible for me to take him seriously.

  51. Grumpy old fart Orangutan! Love it.

    I had to find out about the cheek flaps.

    Apparently “Adult males have large cheek flaps (which get larger as the ape ages) that show their dominance to other males and their readiness to mate to other females.”

  52. I haven’t seen many orangutans in my day… At first glance, this picture looked so weird to me (and I thought maybe ‘shopped)! I even saved the picture and examined at large to try to figure it out. In the end, I Googled other pictures and realized how odd they really do look in real life. I must say, these guys are super duper cute! I love his beard fuzz around his jawline! 😀

  53. Lola Felini says:

    So, apparently, C.O. now stands for “Censorship Overload” or perhaps “Communism Overload” or how about “Cruelty Overload”….

    Ed. – you SUCK!

    […aaaand now we see why I’ve been un-approving your stuff. *smooches* – Ed.]

  54. Lola Fellini what are you on about? Good lord girl go get a mocha latte and a cookie feel the chocolate oooze into your brain and calm you down.. Nothing is worth the anger


    Now take a bite of your cookie and allow it to melt in your mouth.. take a nother swig of Mocha

    now don’t you feel better.

    [Speaking from a great deal of personal experience, mocha is not effective as a tranquilizer. – Ed.]

  55. nuff overload?

  56. “This is my associate, Mr.—-Round”

    “Ahem—SHORT Round”

    He looks like my bulldog with a raging case of the mumps!

  57. Ed .. I know but the Chocolate always makes me feel much better… of course the coffee amps me up a bit. LOL

  58. Inga – “He vould ‘ave an enormous schwanzstucker.”
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein – “That goes without saying.”
    Inga – “Voof.”
    Igor – “He’s going to be very popular.”

  59. ugly is beautiful!! he’s adorable.

  60. Wait, Theo is a Communist? This place gets more confusing every day.

  61. this orangutan should have know that he was fat when he started to sit and his chin touched his belly lol
    not so cute pic but i love monkeys, apes, etc lol

  62. Well, if Theo is a communist, then he should be glad that his evil leader is even now planning to take over the minds of all schoolchildren on Tuesday!! I say flee the planet–save yourselves and take the Jabba-Tangs with you!!!

  63. ♪ Gotta be a chocolate Jizo ♪

    [You are just too damn clever, PG – Ed.]

  64. @Christina (Comment #10)
    “I mean, he’s huge and he’s making himself all round and tiny. That’s adorable!”

    I r tiny kitn? Er, I mean, I r tiny tang?

  65. If he’s anything like the Librarian of UU, I wouldn’t say he’s not cute within his hearing……and don’t say the “m” word! (He’ll react like a Wookie who’s lost a game……)

    (Me? A nerd? What was your first clue?)

  66. will it blend?

  67. This guy is seriously too adorable, I shall name him LUDO! Doesn’t he remind you of the big orange guy from Labrynth? This photo really made me happy! I agree, there are
    things besides tiny balls of fluff that are cute. Some may argue that he is so ugly he’s cute….but as long as cuteness prevails, we won’t spilt hairs.

    [Rocks are friends – Ed.]

  68. He looks like a really comfy bean bag chair. c:

  69. Trabb's Boy says:

    Curse you, victoreia! I was going to be the first with a librarian joke!

  70. He is the very definition of blorpitude.

  71. 😆 Teho, “blorpitude” definitely deserves to be added to the glossary.

    [It’s on the list, along with “blorp” – Ed.]

  72. PS: Double 😆 @ the url. 😉

    PPS: I just got told this by WordPress, “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” *snerk*

  73. OMG I just saw the url too thanks for pointing it out Brinn Snicker

  74. Wow, Hon Glad, thanks for the info! The more you know . . . .

  75. ॐ Om
    ॐ Om
    ॐ Om
    He is getting ready to practice yoga and is chanting the universal sound of om. He is uranga-yogi-tang.

  76. Ah OK. (I’ve never been a yoga guy.)

  77. wow this is my new love! oh the chubby lubby gets me

  78. kookienoonie says:

    Taranormal I thought the same thing! All I could think was, “Smell BAAAAAAD!” So cute I don’t know why some of these guys don’t like him.

  79. Double 😆 @ the url. 😉

    omg NUFFZIS!

    [Stop, in the name of Godwin’s Law! – Ed.]


    I totally forgot about Ludo! (Which means I’m way overdue for a Labyrinth session…where’s my CD?)

    @Trabb’s Boy: sorry; you get the next one! 😉

  81. Whee. He is indeed full of blorp and frumptacular rounditude.

    There might be some disapproval going on there… but I see a smirk that makes me think its more condescending mockery.

  82. Throw me the primate, I’ll throw you the whip!

    [You get the ankles and I’ll get the wrists, you get the ankles and I’ll get the wrists… – Ed.Doughty]

  83. I feel so, uh, undercaffeinated. What URL are ya’ll talking about? And another potentially dumb question: I know what Blorp/Blorptitude means, I mean, all you have to do is look at the cutie pie and “blorp” comes automatically to mind. But the definition is not showing up when I click on the glossary.

    I’m not feeling insecure, but I do feel left out! 🙂

  84. OK, I just got the URL. I knew as soon as I asked I would figure it out. But the blorp definition? Hmmm…

  85. I heart the Terry Pratchett reference

  86. Duh, of course he’s cute! He just needs about a day or two at a good hair salon with a creative stylist. And a brush. But he is defo cute. I’m especially diggin’ the face flaps. 😀

  87. pistache268 says:

    A circle within a circle.

  88. The Librarian (and there are SOOOO many of those around here) was a wizard who was turned, by dint of magical accident into an orangutan, and has resisted since all attempts to turn him back. He loves that he can crawl through the stacks and loves his long, long reach! Read your Terry Pratchett, folks, you will thank me!
    Am I right, fellow Pratchetteers? I want me some Wee Free Men, and the entire Watch and oh, so many fabulous unforgettable characters-too funny. The Vampire photographer, Otto.. and…..all three main witches, and, and….. I’m re-reading ‘Sourcery’ at the moment.

  89. Woah, what a homely fella! Does he even had a body?! HE IS ALL HEAD! Not cute, but still “daw” worthy.

  90. He looks like Mom just told him, “No more candy today.”

  91. wannadance says:

    ah jes’ cain’t thank of a thang to say…bless his heart…

  92. DaytimeDeb, I think he meant it’s on his list of things to add to the glossary. I think. Maybe. Possibly? I dunno. But I think. No, wait… Well, yeah… *braincramp* Gah! 15 minutes ’til the weekend!

  93. Anything that is perfectly round and has feetsies is cute.

  94. Indy and the Buddah Part 3

    As he was falling thru the air toward an uncertain fait.. and the water below Indy looked up and saw the boulder falling above him… “OH SH@@”… Now what he thought

    he shifted the golden Orangatan Buddah into his pocket to free up his hands.. and then looked down at the water rushing up to his feet.

    He would only have seconds…

    Watching the water grow closer he began to count. One two three Gulping a deep breath of air he plunged into the lake and began swimming to get out of the way of the boulder which splashed in moments behind him …
    The golden Budah was slowing him down… could he possibly get out of the boulders way in time? He swam as hard as he could away from his landing site, all the while sinking deeper from the weight of the buddah.

  95. Mary (the first). says:

    My cat comes up with hairballs that look a bit like this.. but much smaller….

  96. 404, cuteness not found.

  97. WILLOWYWIND says:

    He is absolutely adorable!
    Love his curled feet and his balding dome.

  98. Awww…I love orangs. My boyfriend is a painter and he goes to the zoo a lot to draw the animals and he has a special relationship with one of the female orangs. She models for him! When she sees him she hurries over toward him and will put on a t-shirt or a box and just sit there for 20 minutes. She is so adorable!

  99. This guy reminds me of an Ent.

  100. This guy is the George Clooney of Orangutans. He may look strange to us, but I think the lady orangs probably think he’s the hottest thing evah.

  101. I’ll say it’s cute. It confuses me, but it’s still kinda cute.

  102. Not cute, but still love orangutans 🙂

  103. kibblenibble says:

    I’m right there with you.

  104. ewwie…lol

  105. Now you need a “So Ugly It’s Cute” category, because Buttface here definitely qualifies! He makes me giggle.

  106. He kinda looks like he should be a netsuke. 😀

  107. Replicas of this sculpture are now available at the gift shop. 😀

  108. he looks just like those toys that are balls in a ball-shape of an animal. bad description, i know.

    i really wonder if he can see past those face flaps. His eyes are getting a little lost in all that face!

  109. Fran in L.A. says:

    @ Katrina: I LOVE the Librarian. Second to him is The Luggage – the tiny feets, infinity inside, always having clean clothes… 🙂

  110. MAJOR LOL’S here, sooo cute and funny looking.

  111. that’s a harrumph if i’ve ever seen one

  112. I said to my husband:

    Me: Come here, I’ll show you the funkiest thing you’re going to see today.
    Him: I doubt it. *comes over*
    Me: *presents image of bulbous ape*
    Him: …Oookay.
    Me: Do you concede that that is the funkiest thing you’re going to see today?
    Him: Yes. Or at least I’m not going to go looking for anything that’s more funky.

  113. ROFL! He DOES look like a wise old man. A mischevious, wise old man, like a Laughing Buddha with street cred.

  114. @katrina


    The Librarian was my first thought too.

    I warn you though Terry Pratchett books are addictive, I’ve been reading them for over well over 20 years since The Colour of Magic came out and I’ve reread each book numerous times.

    This guy is exactly what I imagine the Librarian to look like, as he’s pondering the stupidity of the humans around him, and how he can rearrange someones face for calling him a monkey.

  115. *blink*
    Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder I guess…!
    Maybe this’ll look cute after a few dozen coffees…speaking of which, how much coffee have *you* had today, Ed.? LOL! 😀

    [Believe it or not, none. Yet. – Ed.]

  116. I went into a laughing fit over this one. He is adorable an silly looking all at once. I luff this guy!

  117. wwax- oh, yes, and sitting in the Mended Drum, sipping a beer and eating the peanut the bartender forgot to hide, waiting for the next melee. Perfect huh?

    Yes, the books are addictive, I have them in my bedroom, but when one needs some wonderful writing and great dialogue, one needs witty writing and great dialogue! Nothing better.

  118. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Respectfully suggest this cutie-tang does not precisely qualify for the category of blorp (seal-style blubbery sphericity, where skin looks ready to burst from the blorpiness beneath), more the category of big-boned/big all over. [bowing respectfully]

  119. WHERE did you get a photo of my roommate??!!

  120. Why you pouting big pal? *mwah!* Here’s a kiss for you! You cute grumpy thing.

    Yay for Orang-outangs, Big Nyyyyerhe for Palm Oil! Simply a no-no.

  121. Count Bubba

  122. ooook

    I thought Librarian too, but doesn’t the Librarian lack the cheek pads? I thought there was some mention in one book that he must think Ridcully to be dominant to him, so he didn’t have them….

    My second thought was ‘Somebody needs a hug!’

  123. Cute yet truculent.

  124. Anyone remember Thwomp from Super Mario Bros? 🙂

    Just sayin’…

  125. I still can’t find his arms. XD He reminds me of a Daruma.

  126. Cactus Wren says:

    Clearly, someone has been meddling with the books and the former Dr Worblehat (“Dr. Jones, meet Dr Worblehat”) DOES NOT APPROVE.

  127. Now, I don’t know much about orangutans, but I’ve known a few librarians in my day, and from the looks of this one I’d say we’ve all got some seriously overdue books.


  128. “I’m not leaving until I get my club sized bag of chips!”

    So cute!

  129. It looks like Miley Cyrus!

    [OK, pick one screen name and stick with it, please. – Ed.]


  131. Not so much cute as awesome, I’d say. Orangs are the coolest of apes.

  132. Starlinguk says:

    Werk, Katrina, werk …

  133. Aw, I LOVE him. I can’t even begin to figure out how he’s got his hands and feet tucked up like that. He kind of reminds me of the hedgehogs-acting-as-croquet-balls in Alice in Wonderland, rolled up in a ball that way.

    Somebody asked what evolutionary purpose it might serve him to be sitting in that fashion – I can’t think of one, unless he’s cold or just sad/upset and needs a little self-hug to soothe himself. He’s kind of decreased his apparent size in this position, rather than increased it, so I’m not sure if it’s a defense thing. I don’t know if orangs do it, but when chimpanzees are riled up their body hair will fluff up all over to make them look bigger. They look so cute and fluffular and snuggly…until they start chasing other chimps with their giant canines bared.

    Also, hear hear to indy1110’s statement about NO to palm oil!

  134. A face only a Momma could love, then again….lol He is cute in his way.

  135. Katja- Well, I know the hair on the back of my neck gets riled at Madonna, and not in a good way. Maybe that is the same reflex handed down (up? from our ancient ancestors.

  136. OMG that is the librarian from Terry Pratchett!!! Good gad, I never pictured him as quite so rotund, but then again he does love to eat his bananas.

  137. opie_jeanne says:

    Ook? I’m so impressed to see so many Pratchett fans. The first North American Disc World convention was in Tempe, AZ last weekend, and we had a ball. It was insanely funny, and Terry was in rare form despite his illness. Favorite moment was during the opening ceremony when he had a beer bottle in one hand and the microphone in the other, and kept trying to speak into the bottle.