Friday Haiku: “Oops, We Forgot” Edition

Blah blah blah blah dog
Blah blah blah blah blah blah chick
Blah blah write haiku

June 2009 035

Your pup’s quite a chick magnet, Lauren R.



  1. blah blah blah!

  2. I supposed any dog would look blissed out getting a massage from a chick! 😉

  3. Noble hound, ignores
    Tasty chick within chomp range
    Flower for collar

  4. Enjoying the rays,
    A most delicate massage,
    A chick on my ‘tocks.

  5. I rest in Sunshine
    enjoying the new spring day
    while Chick scratches my back

  6. OOPs I messeed up the count Eek


  7. Finally, something really cute.

  8. freetomato says:

    Golden, noble pup
    Guarding against all evil
    with Deputy Fuzz

  9. Gazing from the porch
    My trusty steed and I wait
    Haunch splayage engaged

  10. He saw the hot chick,
    Fell in love, married, and now
    He’s a hen-pecked dog

  11. Strawberry Blonde and
    Golden Honey discuss which
    who has the more fun


    Strawberry Blonde and
    Golden Honey at odds on
    which one men prefer

  12. baby chick crossed road
    to get to the other side
    only to find tocks

  13. @ Sprock – thanks…you made me snort Coca-cola out my nose and over my computer screen.

  14. I place my small feets
    Upon your expansive back
    And pose so sweetly

  15. “ew… wee steps and he won’t even notice i’m here..”

  16. ‘Tock inspector and
    Goggie stop massage to watch
    Theo streak naked

    And now, a special commentroversy haiku:
    Nuffers hate blender
    Sad cat wrong in Cuisinart
    Better in costumes

  17. They have the same proud air about them, hee.

  18. varekai97X says:

    Tweety takes a perch
    On the golden, furry back
    “Giddyap, Mister!”

  19. Alex:

    Self-righteous dillweeds
    Scream censor this! Censor that!
    I enjoy all Qte.

  20. tiny stable hand
    will groom this majestic steed
    for kennel club show

  21. loeilalice says:

    Once, a sufficient golden fellow
    upon whose smooth rump walked
    softly a stately lemon chick.

  22. No cats will get me
    Oh noble and golden steed
    Protector of chicks

  23. Golden ball of fluff
    Chicken, like the sun, ascends
    The crest of Mt. Golden Dog.

  24. Chick eats the buggies
    I protect him from kitties
    Best Friends Forever

  25. One two three four five
    One two three four five six seven
    One two three four five

  26. LOL @ HonGlad…now you’re getting it!

    [Except, you know, that “seven” has two syllables 😛 – Ed.]

  27. tasty fleas pecked at
    on the vast suburban plain
    wonder of nature

  28. 1) sunny afternoon
    my friend has tiny feetses
    which content my skin.

    2) first step learn massage.
    next step WORLD DOMINAYSHUN!
    i am QTEST CHIK!

  29. srsly, can we get a cute-hance on the chick’s face? he is cute-evil. clearly. look at his face! am i the only one who notices this?

    [Source image isn’t really up to zooming in quite that far, but I did make a thumbnail – Ed.]

  30. How did you do that?

  31. Dog waits for mailman
    I wait for Netflix — I
    ordered a chick flick

    Birds of a feather
    Flock together, but warm dogs
    Are even better

  32. Oops:
    I wait for *my* Netflix…

  33. this dog, so noble
    looks like a fool with a chick
    standing on his back

  34. Golden Feathered Tocks
    United across species
    Create BFFs.

    Hee! I love the matchinks floofy leg/tockular areas. Or would that be matchink floofy pantaloons?

  35. BeckyMonster says:

    Jeeves, fetch me a drink…
    Meowgaritas again, sir?
    No, we’re out of cats

    BOO YAH!!!!!

    [After that cocktail, Bertie’s going to be needing Dr. House. – Ed.]

  36. New masseuse on job
    Does great work on my sore back
    She’s quite the hot chick!

    @Sprock That’s hilarious!

  37. I want to write one
    But still laughing at Hon Glad
    Thanks for the giggles

  38. Splayage, yellow fur
    Attention to the feathers
    Cute Overload rocks!

  39. Trabb's Boy says:

    A little bird said
    NOMTOM’s bored of the haikus
    Wants duck in bar jokes

  40. Congratulations

  41. NOMTOM’s got a bad case of the blahs today.

  42. blah blah blah … is my favourite haiku since the one about the refridgerator.

    content on the porch
    the pup’s quite a chick magnet
    a hatching chick plans

  43. Chicken wanders through
    Amber waves of . . . retriever
    Wait, where is the grain?

  44. Chicks and hatching reminded me of this :,10117,25983404-401,00.html

    Someone wants to hatch dinosaurs from chicken eggs. Eggcellent!

    I believe that only by raising up a dinosaur army will we be able to defend ourselves from the robot apocalypse.

  45. Bipolar Wombat says:

    Massage parlor ad
    said “Asian massage, young chicks”
    So not what I expected.

  46. OMG PYRIT you are so full of win.

    3 lines
    3 words
    all perfect

  47. For the next massage,
    Please remember to trim your toes.
    Pointy toe nails hurt.

  48. catloveschanel says:

    duck duck goose, duck duck
    chase that scratch around
    my back. duck duck goose

  49. Kitteh in blender.
    You know that’s what he’s thinking.
    Ignores little chick.

  50. @Ed…Praise first…nit pickiness comes later. 😛

    @ Acacia – George Washington Pose
    on Golden Retriever’s back
    Leader of Free Porch


    Short Chick on Dog’s Back
    Suffers from an avian
    Napoleon complex

    Ed – I know it doesn’t scan…but I had to get the Napoleon reference in there somewhere 😛

    [THAT’S Napoleon?
    [I guess that explains the dog.
    [Bow wow, Josephine. – Ed.]

  51. How ’bout a chickie toe-hance? I want to more closely appreciate his lil’ splayed foot.

  52. the reigning pharoh
    tiny dancer, golden gown.
    their noses, their feets.

  53. leader of the free porch


    softly a stately lemon chick.


  54. Is ok you forgots… you had rough week. *pat on head*

    “You’re tense in the ‘tocks.”
    Tiny masseuse works magic
    goggie relaxes

  55. @ doggabone

    Grown from dino DNA
    Big time fluffy chick!

  56. I cannot believe
    That no-one has commented
    On the chick’s TOE-HAWK!

  57. ahmahgahd! what has the world come to??! Forgetting friday haiku!!! The insanity of it all!


    [No no, like this: What’s the world come to? / Forgetting Friday Haiku? / The insanity! 😉 – Ed.]

  58. Leslie (NTA) says:

    As a virginal Haiku-er (or should that be “Haiku-ess”???) I offer MY FIRST effort ever at Haiku (therefore, I’m certain that it will blow). “Why Bother?” you ask. …… I’m moved by a tripod of cirumstances today:
    1) the cute pic
    2) the positive energy which always breezes through the comments/ Haikus on Fridays…as well as
    #3) the potential for growth, from one partic. comment above (# 4 by BlueMenro, above). PS: Hon Glad, even when you’re LESS literate, you’re STILL amazing!!

    OK (takes deep breath) Here goes:

    “Chick, ‘tocks, chick, ‘tocks, chick
    ‘Tocks, chick, ‘tocks, chick, ‘tocks, chick, ‘tocks
    Chick, ‘tocks, chick, ‘tocks, chick.”

    (Runs away into the corner, petrified of rotten tomatoes/ tomAHtoes. Whatever.)

  59. self satisfied dog
    the world wishes to pet it
    even barnyard fowl

  60. In my yard it goes like this…

    Chilly WInter Day
    Chicks warm feet on wooly sheep
    Sheep cuddle with Chicks.

  61. Chick a little, tock a little
    Chick a litte, tock a little
    Tocks a lot, chick’s a little whore

    Wait, no, that doesn’t work. Sorry. [b’SNORT]

  62. @ hrhsqueak

    Toe-hawk, yes, it’s so
    But what of the bit behind
    Fuzz-but tailio!

  63. butt

  64. Same old tale of woe
    Cute chicks come with a drawback
    Always on your butt

  65. Kitty Adventures
    Not That Mike the Other Mike
    Leslie NTA

  66. Nice Ed.!!!!!! I didn’t even see a haiku there.

    that’s what I get for starting my weekend early aka early ‘ritas on the rocks minus the kitteh in teh blender =P

  67. Put your right foot in
    And you shake it all about:
    The poochy pokey.

    So the chicken bone’s
    Connected to the hip bone
    And dat’s wot s’all ’bout.

  68. fearthebear says:

    I have fluffy ears
    You have none. But your beak is
    pointier than mine.

  69. Bipolar Wombat says:

    why did the chicken
    cross the dog? to get to the
    other side (old joke)

  70. The pooch on the porch
    Has a birdie on his back
    Waiting to attack

  71. @ Leslie – you’ve got the rhythm/content comes at later date/chick tocks chick tocks chick

    @Theo – Two “Music Man” references in one Friday…EXCELLENT! Who cares if it doesn’t scan! I vote for Tommy Tune Tuesdays – comments in the form of broadway show tune parodies! Yeah…I’m probably all alone on that one. 😛

  72. @Suzanne – you are not alone.

  73. I can’t believe people are still commentating about blender related things. So I will too…
    To all the “Nuffers”:

    You are silly. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

    This kitten in a blender is a rorschach- what we see in it is a mirror of our minds. I look at it and see, “Cute! Little Kitty! I’m sure they took all proper precautions- that’s what I would do.” What do your responses say about yourselves, dear commentators?

    A kitten in a blender is cute, the same way a chinchilla in a bowl is cute, a cat sleeping in a pot is cute, a dachshund on a bun is cute, and an ice cube tray full of hams is cute. We speak of noming small animals here… why is blender kitty (Which you can tell the blades are gone from, are you people naive enough to think they’re actually going to blend the kitty?) so different? Because it looks scared? Lots of kittens here look scared… my kitties look scared when I carry them upstairs because they can’t handle the spiral stair case. The kittens in clothes we see often look both scared and ticked off. You’ll need better reasoning than that…

    In short, “Fiction and Fact: only Madmen and Magistrates can not discriminate between them.” Where does that place you, gentle readers?

  74. The pondering dog
    Together with the small chick
    Try to write haiku

  75. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (“Hi, Pyrit !!!!” 😉 )

  76. BeckyMonster says:

    God love you for trying, but all those nuffers ARE NEVER COMING BACK TO CO EVER AGAIN!!! and they’re TELLING ALL THEIR FRIENDS HOW EVIL AND STUPID AND CRUEL WE ALL ARE!!!!!!

    Also, I’m sure they’re far too busy today burning all of their newly purchased 2010 calendars.

  77. Heiress Golden Pup
    at Che Peeps Day Spa requests
    Lower on the right

  78. Give me something cool
    to drink. I would love a chick
    and dog ‘tocks smoothie.

  79. Duck walks into bar.
    Orders calicolada.
    “Put it on my bill.”

  80. Flagging Feathery
    Tail Of A Golden Doggie
    Fans Wisp of a Chick

  81. Mary (the first). says:

    Should have had haiku
    on the dog “I’m Sowwy” post
    Comments shorter, then

    Instead, this post brings
    Cute, warm and fuzzy feelings
    Dog: warm, Chick: fuzzy!

  82. Mary (the first). says:

    (oh, and, @Theo: :: SNERK!! ::

  83. “No subluxation”
    sez Doctor Bebe Chikhon.
    “That will be $90.”

  84. regal golden pup
    enjoys ‘tock massage from chick
    hit right spot, leg thumps!

    lazy summer day
    improved by chick shiatsu
    how bout a julep?

    hot chick walks on back
    your golden perfection, bliss!
    did you bring some oils?

    chicky walks on back
    tummy rests on cool concrete
    ah, this is the life

    chicky foot snorgles
    can i return love with licks?
    my breath isnt bad!

    golden balls of furr
    we both share this quality
    chick softer than me!

    luxurious locks
    stroked by chicky claws so well
    i’m in paradise

    my snorgle buddy
    i’ll eat that big, bad kitteh
    if he gets too close

    golden chicky masseuse
    your soft fuzziness and
    claws, feel so righteous!

    dog and golden chick
    symbiotic relations
    scratch each others back

    my regal watchdog
    vigilant against kitteh’s
    stay away sneaky puss!

    protect me, doggeh
    from those evil lurking cats
    i’ll love you in return

    [You dream in haiku, don’t you? C’mon, you’re among friends here… – Ed.]

  85. dollfiegal says:

    Doesn’t scan quite right, but it’s what I wanted to say!

    Ahoy there, matey!
    Feathered captain treads the furry deck
    Ship inhales sea air

  86. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Wait, watching Theo streak? Where… the hell did I miss that?!?

    [Never mind you, how did *I* miss that?? 😯 – Ed.]

  87. @ Pheas: Ahahahahahahaaaaa!

  88. thoughts of summers gone
    an old dog, sad eyes. A chick:
    bright eyes, yearns to fly

  89. “Blah blah blah”…..??? wtf????

    That’s has got to be the best haiku evah!!

    I’m laughing to darn hard at the headline haiku to even think now….


  90. Too tired to read more, even though I wanna…. was gonna mention my faves here, but there were so many I stopped writing them down.

    Y’all are all awesome.

  91. my tiny golden feet
    no match for the enormous
    fluffy golden dog

  92. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo …..

    It was probably part of the “Dream Episode” from the show Dallas….It was *****(please insert wavy lines here, for flashback effects) ALL A DREAM…. !!!!!!!

  93. Chickens are tiny dinosaurs, yes? Like the Cassowaries, only, well, different.

  94. Space Cowgirl says:

    Wow you know it’s summertime and this shade is nice and cool
    When I turn around in 15 seconds, he’ll be covered in drool
    There’s something fluffy, so soft and so prosh
    OMG look behind me
    There’s a chick on my ‘tocks

    (Not a haiku, and with apologies to Justin Timberlake.)

  95. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    @Acacia (“Can we get a cute-hance on the chick’s face? he is cute-evil”):

    Reminds me of a hilarious throwaway line from the classic mystery The Franchise Affair: “Yes – the concentrated evil of a hen’s face in a close-up.”

    Which, I guess, could be turned into:

    The concentrated
    evil of a hen’s face in
    A close-up. Yes. Yes.

    Not that this is about the chick, of course. He’s CUTE-evil, still. But give him time!

  96. ikaszub haras says:

    wow, i like the opps we forgot edition. (NOT) Fix it peoples

    [OK, since you asked. It would read better as: “Wow, I like the ‘Oops, We Forgot’ Edition. (Actually, that was a lie, because I think of myself as clever and sarcastic, and it makes me feel edgy.) Also, you shall promptly satisfy my every whim, for I am your King.” – Ed.]

  97. Dawg and mighty chick
    Kitty arse to better kick
    Pause now, for nice lick

    [Proper 5-7-5 meter, AND it rhymes. Sorta East Meets West. I kinda wonder how the tongue bath worked out. – Ed.]

  98. Darn – the blah haiku is one I could have actually written. If I had thought of it, that is.

  99. Mary (the first) says:

    @Gillian, that’s just a little bit scary.. as Ed says, you must dream in haiku ..

  100. front porch contentment
    chicken feet upon my back
    feathered friend massage

  101. Oh hey, kinda slow to make this connection, but is anybody else reminded of Spring Awakening? (musical)

  102. I think that’s a really groooooveh shag carPET that chick has there—– So 70’s! Wow, man…far out!

  103. Tweeter versus Woofer

  104. I told you I don’t want TWEETER…would ya puleeze git off mah back about et!!!

  105. gail the second says:

    See, I TOLD you that they’re all about interspecies snorgling! Or at least one standing on top of the other.

    Golden Retriever
    Plus a tiny yellow chick
    Makes squee-worthy cute.

    🙂 😆 😯 🙄 😉

  106. darkshines says:

    Mmm, bask with me chick
    We are truly beautiful
    And blondes have more fun 😉

  107. @Carlisa “Tweeter versus Woofer”


  108. I hope they don’t pay you to do your job, NTMTOM

  109. I love the Haiku days – please do a calendar of Haiku pictures, or a book, a book would be even better!!