Didju chew the frisbee!? Didju!? …Didju!?


YOU DID, Didn’t you!!!?


Marina D., there is ample evidence to support my theory.



  1. He’s like “Yes. Can I have another?”:)

  2. the bug man says:

    There is nothing in the world softer than puppy ears. Nothing.

  3. This model does not come with (flying) disc brakes.

  4. WANT!!!

  5. Circumstantial evidence!

    That puppy looks totally innocent to me!

  6. I cannot tell a lie:
    I sniffed the frisbee,
    I pawed the frisbee,
    I may even have given it a tiny lick
    But I did not have inter-molars with that frisbee

    [Oh you dog. – Ed.]

  7. MediocreDeity says:

    How dare you show such blatant abuse of Frisbee!!!

    😀 😀

  8. is that cutie a little beagle? He looks so much like Porthos.

    (sorry cat-lady mostly goggie illiterate)

  9. I went and bought a Nylabone Frisbee, Ya think Killer would chew it? No. You think her littler bigger brother would throw it? No. The damn thing even glows in the dark! ARRGGHH- Ooof (a fantasy friendly-pirate in the dark trying to catch a Frisbee, but his foot gets caught on a tree root).


  10. Puppeh: I-I would NEVER do such a thing. W-why would you accuse me of that *tears*.
    Sorry puppy! There was evidence! It looks rather incriminating! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please turn off the puppy tears!

  11. *singsong* Puppeh’s going to be depositing orange particulate poop later!

  12. Awwww…. I can’t blame him.. he looks about teething age.. :-3

  13. TheOriginalHappyDais says:

    Aww…. That head of his is cocked juuuust right! It’s so adorable! *squeezes puppy in a hug*

  14. Nancy (orig) says:

    I love beagles and thought this was the cutest evar – until I scrolled down and saw the bacon-bit in the earlier post…. now I’m ded.

  15. SQUEE!!! He looks exactly like my beagle did when she was a puppeh! I want to nom his droopy ears :]

  16. Aww, someone gets to hold his own leash and everything!

  17. Jeat yet?
    No, joo?

  18. OH God I love his little bandy back leg and soft ears and forehead. Does he like to sit on laps and gently nom fingers?

  19. AuntieMame says:

    No, he di’int!

  20. dorabulls!

  21. Apparently ORange frisbees are just tastier… and Ffleur Snerk

  22. Confess, isn’t that the way you talk to puppies?
    WHOOOOZE a good boy? WHOOOOZE a good boy? YOU are! Yes YOU are!!!

  23. Narrator: Yes folks, see the cute doggie by the frisbee. Isn’t he adorable! Do you ever wonder what he is thinking?

    Doggie: I chew, yet satisfaction eludes me. The sweet sensation of plastic should fill my fuzzy soul yet is does not. I ponder. …..ennui. What does it all mean? Since there is a Dog Star, why do we not also own this planet? Hmmmm. The universe is an endless infinity of thoughts emanating from sentient species. We are but an atom in the mighty cellular universe. Musings. Thoughts rolling around, rolling towards existential breakthroughs. Rolling….rolling thoughts, tumbling and turning like a sphere of inspiration….rolling…like that ball over there….BALL! PLAY! BAAAAALL!!!! PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY.

    Narrator: Oh, look at the little nipper playing. What a sweet simple existance puppies have!

  24. People, there is plenty in this photo to celebrate. May I direct your attention briefly to the TAIL?!?!

  25. Aw, no, that little pup would never do a thing like that. Just look at those eyes! 😛

  26. Beagle puppies are the pinnacle of cute for me, although tiny piglets and their adoptive doggie foster mothers give them a run for their money!

    @Theresa: That’s about the level of my conversation… Whooze got soft fuzzy wuzzy ears? You do! You-ou-ou do!

  27. I chewed your slippers
    but I did not chew the frisbee.

    (ducks head) Sorry. First thing that came 2 mind.
    Ok, not the *first*, more like 2nd or 3rd after OMGBEAGLEPUPPEHWANTWANTWANT!!!

  28. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Can I get a “Barooooooo”??????? “HAL-lelujah! A-men!” (etc., etc. & so forth)

    [*is a witness, to be got* – Ed.]

  29. le sigh. am content. I need a good snorgle today.

  30. More than looking sorry he looks like he just wanna go lol love the picture and i agree with someone, he is going to make orange poop lol

    [Spoken like a true dog owner. Also, eww. – Ed.]

  31. You just come over to my house you cute puppy and I will buy you all the frisbees you can chew!

  32. @Theresa…yes and I’m not ashamed of it. Puppies, including this one, are so freakin’ cute!

  33. Sheriif LOLCat always hated I,
    For what, I don’t know,
    Every time I chewed a Frisbee,
    He say “Did you do that Mon? D’oh!”

  34. This pup is a troublemaker. 🙂

  35. Ok, is it just me or is this lil’ bundle of squee coming closer and closer every time I come back to look? I swear the picture is zooming in every time.
    Not that I’m complaining mind you. :-p

  36. LMAO@ Saffron!

  37. googlie eyes says:

    My sister wanted to name her sheep Athos, Porthos, and D’Artagnon, but her three-year-old son couldn’t pronounce ‘Athos’ correctly (it ended up sounding profane), so she ended up naming them Three, Musket, and Ears.

  38. Have to buy the rubber flex frisbee for dogs at Pet Smart or Petco. Little more expensive, but better than them eating the plastic ones. They last forever. Our dog has three rubber ones, after eating three plastic ones. Easier on the mouth too.

  39. Didjeridoo!

  40. now that’s a keeper

  41. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Beagles are the God’s greatest creation. I have one of my own 🙂 And yes, his ears are like 2 soft brown flaps of fine suede 🙂

  42. *sniffle* can’t have a dog….already have the limit allowed by the building association…. *sniffle* miss my Tippy 😦

  43. I hope he spit out that nasty plastic stuff that he “didn’t chew” instead of swallowing it. It’s not good for his little digestive tract!

  44. Theresa, I think a search of the literature acknowledges the possibility of a Southern California regionalism, to wit:
    Jeat jet?
    No, jou?
    The usage history is a bit vague, but there seems to be some mention of a connection with super-accelerated air travel…

  45. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ GooglieEyes:

    I hereby nominate that story for “Best Adaptation of Pets’ Names for children & Literary Allusions”, EVER !!!!

    (When our family lived in Japan, someone — either a Japanese person, or one of me brudders — the history is not clear ….was unable to pronounce my name, so I became “Resriechan”. I still use that as part of an email name & had no difficulties in getting that approved as Unique; whereas evid. many many other peeps like the names Salinger & Carrington)

  46. QWERTZwerker says:

    Into the blender with him!

  47. Sure is a cute beagle. And of course he didn’t chew the frisbee. What made you think he did???? Certainly not the little pieces missing.

  48. ffleur – AWESOME!

    Beagle boy is tewtally innocent. Yeah right 😛

    That frisbee looks chewed up bad, though… lets hope the plastic doesn’t harm heem!

  49. Hm, Marina, I don’t think you should tolerate such terrible behavior. I really think you should get rid of this terrible dog. I’m willing to help you out here, just this once. I’ll take him off your hands.

    *shifty eyes*

    What? Was that transparent? Do you think she’ll know right away that I’m in love with thish pup and want him all to myshellf?? :-b

  50. *puts on white lab coat and thick glasses*

    I will be taking said puppy away to the lab with several frisbees to complete my research. No need to thank me.

    *Runs (with puppeh inside lab coat snuggled close)*

  51. Pardon me, boy, …is that the Chattanooga chew chew?

  52. Beagles are specially bred to look innocent. Even when standing next to chewed Frsbees. Or sleeping on a ripped bag of briquets, with muzzles covered in charcoal.

  53. “yeahhh…yeahhhhhh…. i know just what your thinking… i’m the best beagle here… i’m the best beagle there ever was!”

  54. agreeing with T.U.M., beagles are the best at looking sorry for something you KNOW they did, but they’d never admit it…..my doggie is part beagle….i know this look VERY well….i’ve seen it when also standing in the middle of chewed paper towels bits. Also,lovin’ the ears.

  55. SoCalSis, I thought the “Jeatyet?” “Nojou?” was a Redneckism?

    And puppeh needs to be careful. Teh orinj wuns r poysin!

  56. @googlie eyes: what about Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy?

  57. googlie eyes says:

    Only if my roommate is the Lord (I’m sure he’d like to think so).

  58. googlie eyes says:

    On second thought, I don’t think I want to live here forever.

  59. googlie eyes says:

    Leslie (NTA),
    Mothers of toddlers must have tricks up their sleeve (for a host of reasons, the least of which is literary appellations).

  60. @Labramama, and Googlie eyes, and then there was the dog named Freeshow.

  61. Anyone in their right mind would know…The CAT did it!!!!

    @ pyrit….Pardon me, boy, …is that the Chattanooga chew chew?

    It will end up being the Shattypoota poo- poo!

  62. See, this is why I’m a cat person.
    Of course, I take care to hide the yarn and any rubber bands.

  63. @ T….don’t forget about scotch tape, pencil erasers, cheap flip-flops and sandwich baggies!!!!!… [insert hairball here]

  64. Any beagle owner will tell you that – that is what frisbees are for because their beagle is certainly not going to catch it for them. I know – I have had 3 of them and all they have ever done with a frisbee is chew and then go “it wasn’t me that did it”

  65. Mrs. McGinty says:

    “rear haunch action?” So that’s what we’re calling ‘tushie wiggling’ these days? ‘kay, lemme write that down.

    Also, puppeh seems to be all tangled up in his leash, his back left foot is caught… here, let me help….

    *swoops in, tucks puppy under sweater, runs (awkwardly) out of sight, sits under tree*
    *contentedly noms puppy ears*

  66. LOL @ JudyRB….IT WAS THE CAT!!!
    Beagles are “lovebugs”- I had one when I was a kid 🙂 I want another one, but I can’t seem to stop collecting cats. *sigh*

  67. Doxylover79 says:

    That bagle did not chew aforesaid frisbee. Someone just tied his leg there with that leash to make him look guilty. He’s innocent, I tell you, innocent.

  68. Mr. Silky Ear Flappage is welcome to come to my house and chew anything his little beagle heart desires. I would be physically incapable of denying that face anything. *faint*

  69. That dog = I.N.N.O.C.E.N.T.

  70. Most…Nommable…Earsies! 😀

  71. It’s okay little puppy……we get you another toy, we know it was the neighbor’s big ol’ lab, border collie, shepherd, st. bernard………that did it. Just keep up the good work of looking so innocent 😉

    Dogs rule…….most of the time. (Right now we have a Nethersland dwarf rabbit that runs our house! He even chases the dogs and the cats!)

  72. My beagle loves to fetch, but apparently that’s unusual. He also enjoys the eating of frisbees and other inedibles. And is the master of the “Who me?” look as well.

  73. Oh, now I remember who he reminds me of-“Spot” the little dog in the children’s books- “Spot goes to the Delicatessen”, etc. My kids loved Spot (yeah, me too)