Cue Overload

My friends, we got trouble!  Right here in River City!  With a capital “T” and that rhymes with “C” and that stands for cute!



  1. That pup may have balls, but he still doesn’t have a cue.

  2. I knew I was terrible at pool, but this makes me realize just HOW terrible. Although he did scratch a few times, so I feel a bit better.

  3. oakley LOL

    amazingly smart dog!

  4. Beth (in NC) says:

    😮 Seriously?? That is amazing.

  5. shahinrani says:

    Ok, we can all just give up right now. 260Oakley has won enough to make any further commenting unnecessary.

  6. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    That dog could beat me with one paw tied behind his back. Awesome talent! He pushes instead of pulling and without a cue. Why didn’t I think of that??

  7. 260Oakley FTW!!!!!!!! LMAO!!

    And for real – what kind of pool game is that? I’ve never seen those ball colors befo’.

  8. Noelle (the First) says:

    260Oakley…Seriously, what can any of us say after that?

    I wonder how long it took them to teach him that? I hope Puppy won some major treats for that game.

  9. Hey that’s the guy that beat me in game last week. I did wonder about the drool and toungue action, but the sort of bars I go to, that’s not really unusual.

    PS what’s the music?

  10. OMG that is one AMAZING puppers! 😯 I stared at this video with my jaw dropped, making shocked gasping sounds when s/he made a shot. And to top it off s/he looks like such a beautiful pibble mix.

    I watched the video a second time and just shook my head in amazement.

    According to the comments on YouTube, the dog’s name is Halo. Ahn!

  11. Hon Glad, according to the comments (meaning I dunno for sure) –
    Artist:Pamela Lillard
    Song:Back End

  12. I for one welcome our new canine overlords. And 2600oakley–nice shot! Heh–did you see what I did there?

  13. I usually have to have at least one drink before I can even contemplate being that good.

    ps – is it just me or does that puppers have SUPER long nails?

  14. Someone needs to learn how to cut their dog’s nails.

  15. Someone give the pup a manicure. Stat! Adorable video though.

  16. Best hovertext in ages!

  17. Adorable! And yet… depressing. Depressing in that even a dog is better at pool than I am. Oh well, he looks cuter playing pool than I would anyway!

  18. OK wow.. that is sad.. a dog plays pool better then me.. Thanks CO.. *Hangs head in shame*

  19. Minnesota Furry.

  20. BeckyMonster says:

    Damnation! That dog plays pool better than me!

  21. Great doggie!

    In the meantime…..

    i am waiting for
    haiku friday on c.o.
    and i’m impatient.

  22. First pool, and next he’s gonna go play poker with his buddies. 🙂

  23. Doggy Style!

  24. Hon Glad, how much did he hustle from ya?

  25. Gotta figure out a way to keep our young pups moral after school!

  26. Jimbeaux, you beat me to it!! That’s the vid I’m waiting to see next. And for those worried about this pup’s mani-pedi sitch, s/he grows ’em this long specially for extra finesse and ‘touch’. It’s part of the art!

  27. well i bet when you play pool and you change the formula what make you not a big player, not a champ. on top 1000, but a good 1… you will lose in the end and a better player will take your place and maybe some day this player will be on top 1000.

  28. Wow, neat!

  29. I’m thinking that’s a variant of pool called Russian Pyramid.
    Russian pyramid and the related Finnish game “kaisa” make use of a set of 15 numbered but otherwise all-white balls, and a red or yellow cue ball.

    As for the dog, yes toe nails need HORRIBLY to be done, however, he has amazing accuracy with those balls. I’m impressed.

  30. Lol, that was very cool. Must’ve been a pool shark in a previous life

  31. I’ve heard of a Pool Shark, but never a Pool DOG. I have to say; he’s much cuter! 😀

    yuk, yuk, yuk…

  32. ^oops, LisaL snuck that one in just a bit before me. And dare I say, Jinx?

  33. OMG dogs are right-handed?!

  34. @Juno – obviously he is going to take trombone (or maybe cornet) lessons from Professor Harold Hill.

    That said – he really puts some English on that cue ball!

  35. OMG quick get that puppy over to band practice before he becomes a pool Shark(I mean Dog).
    LOL @ 260Oakley. Nicely done!

  36. He made a bank shot…I can’t make a bank shot! That was insanely funny!

  37. Ahhhahhhhahhhahahahahahhahahahahpuphasballs! ahahhahhahhhhhastilldoesn’thaveacuehahahahahahah!

  38. Puppers out to hustle innocent pool-hall bystanders with his cute looks and mad pool skillz.

  39. That. Is. Freakin’. Great!

    Now get a Basset Hound, Labrador, and Terrier in on it, and we got ourselves a work of art! :p

    [And I know just where to display it. – Ed.]

  40. Linda Harner says:


  41. 1. @ 260Oakley: You made my day!

    2. So where’s the Friday Haiku? Do I have to take things into my own hands here?

    No Friday Haiku,
    Just blended kittentinis
    And poolhall puppies.

  42. I lub him.

  43. Am I the only one to catch the ATTN reference…yeah?

    Cute though!

  44. omg theo, thanks for the laugh. MOBA is classic!

  45. @Brinnann – Thanks for the info.

    @Babs – Actually after a short time I find every form of game and sport tedious. As I loose interest, I don’t try or concentrate, so an Amoeba could probably beat me.

  46. Ok 46 comments and some about nails, and no one said:
    “This give new meaning to the word ‘scratch’.”

    That pup is really quite talented!

  47. Further proof that dogs rule. 🙂

  48. Wow! I may never attempt to play pool again. That dog is WAY better than I could ever even hope to be.

    @260Oakley….too funny!

  49. Chalk another one up for 260Oakley!

  50. NTMTOTM – And I though I couldn’t love you more, then you hit me with a reference to the best musical EVAH! *Trots to work, humming “shapoopi, shapoopi, the pup is hard to get!”*

  51. ahem. *thought*

  52. That is even more impressive than dogs playing poker.

  53. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I thoroughly agree with everyone who has placed the Winning Crown on the head of 2600 Oakley. That having been further confirmed, I’ll move along to something which no one else has mentioned yet:

    “Why doesn’t the ‘T” in this case, stand for ‘Tongue’? Don’t you guys/ gals have any fondness for the cute waggly tongue action the pup uses to improve his concentration & the aforementioned Drool Factor????????

  54. i like the big goofy smile and the floppity earses. he’s all, “i got it i got it!” (bat) “yes!” (tongue hangin’ out, ears floppin’ in delight)

  55. hon glad! yeah, i been to them bars, too, only i went to one all dressed in black and high heels and rhinestones and tried to play pool with rackage spilling and here come my suitorettes, dressed in denim and flannel and slicked back hair AND rackage, too. while i struggled they tied maraschino cherry stems in a knot inside the mouths and i just love them for that…

    yep. don’t drink but miss bars…

    trying to tie knots,

  56. LOL@ShelleyTambo “Although he did scratch a few times”

  57. That’s amazing. Really amazing.

  58. This dog is a better pool player than I am

    [Me too. – Ed.]

  59. This dog is not that good at pool. See how often he scratches?

    *rim shot*

  60. Hahah, that dog rocks! 😀

  61. that is brilliant!

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    Can you imagine, you’re in a bar having a beer, a guy comes in with a dog and challenges you to pool.. then the DOG starts to play. Even worse, the dog WINS. That would pretty much put me off drinking / bars / pool forever.

  63. Yeah, but I bet you’d get a dog.

  64. That’s awesome. I need that dog for my practice partner.

  65. mom2twinzz says:

    And once again 260Oakley wins the internetz back. I actually choked on my Pepsi at that one.

  66. @wanadance – what a wonderful image you paint. I imagine them, like the two sisters in the Simpsons

  67. wannadance says:

    hon glad, glad you were able to visualize it…

    we are all of us so beautiful…

  68. I’m so happy to see an adult pit bull on CuteOverload!!

  69. you can’t fool me … clearly the person who submitted this put their 5 year-old into a dog costume. 😉

  70. Daniel F Rossi says:

    Yeahhh! The dog plays better than me !!!!!!!

  71. wait… is that dog named halo? like the video game? i can’t decide if that’s hilarious or sad…