This is not a Health Care Town Hall!

OK People, OK!

I think 3 out of 5000 commenters like the kitteh blender photo, but to the rest of you, we promise no electrical kitchen appliances and kitteh photos EVER AGAIN! Moving forward, blenders are for margaritas ONLY.


Apology photo provided by Matt R. (for a completely different reason, but was appropriate for this post)



  1. Can’t blenders be for strawberry daiquiris too? Pretty please? 🙂

  2. I did not read the commentroversy. But I lol’d. At the kitteh in the blender, that is.

  3. This is pretty cute, too. I think every dog should have this sign.

  4. i second plousia’s comment; i lol’d at the kitteh in blender. of course it wouldnt be harmed…

  5. Does that mean no pina calicoladas??? Oh NOES!

  6. Well,,,it still seems to me, that you should not have had to be told that this was not cute. For gawd sake the kitten looks terrified. You should be ashamed of yourselves, I am OF you.

    If you are truly sorry, take that damn photo off the site. I guess you have to be told AGAIN…the picture is DISTURBING TO THE VIEWERS…GET IT?????????

    Smarten up and clue in…a kick in the arse to you.

    [You’d need at least one seriously long leg, lady. – Ed.]

  7. Cat-quiris?

  8. And to those dolts who have been making comments such as “I knew the kitten would not be harmed” etc….how dumb are you.


    Do you like being terrified.

    What thoughtless dolts….

  9. Transpogue says:

    I still, as of now, have not made up my mind about kitteh in a blender.

    I think if the lid was off, it would change everything, but that’s neither here nor there…

    I DO like that the powers that be here at the ol’ CO can admit that maybe it was a bad call to post the pic. We can’t be perfect 100% of the time…NONE of us. It’s good to admit when you made a misstep.

    I don’t think ANYONE at CO feels that it’s cute or okay to harm an animal, and there can be a fine line between “kitteh sitting in a roasting pan on the counter” and “kitteh sitting in a roasting pan that’s in a closed oven.”

    Thanks, CO for your post kitteh-blender epiphany. 🙂

  10. People just need to get over it already. Yeah, the photo is disturbing, blahblahblah, time to move on!

    Anywho, awwww at the pup! I wonder what the apology is for?

  11. I hardly think an apology was necessary but since you decided to take the high road I’ll trudge along after you.

    Meanwhile, is anyone else curious as to what the posh pup had to apologize about? Was he, perhaps, the photog of the pic of the pureed puddytat?

  12. Delurking to say Blender Kitty didn’t bother me but since it clearly did bother the majority of posters, I think the apology is a Good Thing. Now I hope people will let it be and not shriek “REMEMBER BLENDER KITTY!!11Eleventy-one!!” for the next year.

  13. i usually don’t read the comments because they are so lame. But i LOVED the photo (tho i prefer my kittehs on the rocks n without salt)……

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    kozzymom, have you had your meds today?

  15. Wah, wah, wah. Shut up, kozzymom.

  16. Graceofbass says:

    I think it was very decent of the Cute Overload powers-that-be to apologize. They’ve already posted several other videos and pictures, so the blender kitty is towards the bottom of the page. It’s time to let it go. There are starving people in China.

  17. is there a way to ‘ignore’ someone on this thing?

  18. Another lurker here – blender kitty was hilarious. The cat looked surprised, not terrified.

  19. Well CO, I accept your apology. And, as a special added bonus, I’m not going to insult you, give my professional opinion on blender kitty’s state of mind, or remind you why you are apologizing by ranting about the original post. Seeing as there are an extra measure of crazies out today furiously swinging their moral compasses around, I’ll just take an extra coffee break and call it a day.

  20. Well, I for one did NOT think blender kitteh was funny.

    Your apology is accepted, though, especially as it is delivered with cuteness!

    So keep on keeping on with the cute!

  21. I for one do not accept your apology, because I find it unnecessary.


  22. Meg and Co., you guys are remarkable. 🙂

  23. LOL Space Cowgirl!

  24. And what about this poor puppy? Look at the shame on his face! Didn’t anyone think of his feelings before they decided to exploit him for their own amusement?

    You see a line, CO, and you just cross it.

  25. Kozzymom, I would suggest relaxing. Many people, not just you, have commented on the look of frustration/terror/annoyance on the face of the kitty. Many people have pointed to this as a reason for disliking the photo, not the alleged danger of the kitty. Just because you have not read this in the mere 15 comments posted, does not warrant questioning the level of intellect of the people commenting on this site or your pissyness. Meg more or less admitted that it was an unwise choice of pics and apologized. It’s time to exercise some of that intellect and superiority you’re projecting and let the issue go.

  26. One Eyed Daruma says:

    You can almost feel the contrition… that’s one gracious pup taking the heat for all of that blither.

  27. Kozzymom, let it go. Don’t come back here if you don’t like our sense of humor. And quit insulting us. Sheesh.

    p.s. I lol’d at blenderkitty too.

  28. Seriously. Kozzymom, STFU.

  29. Honestly, I think all kittens have a “terrified” expression. The expression goes away as they get older.

    But really, this is CuteOverload. I don’t think anyone would submit pictures of actual animal cruelty. Some people need to relax.

  30. Kozzymom, you’ve drawn me out of my non-commenting lurking spot to say this…

    the kitten does not know it is a blender. the kitten is not terrified because it makes no mental link between the object and the potential uses of that object. all we know is that the kitten is in a confined space, and what we know from all the kittens-going-to-boxhab posts from the past is that kittens LIKE confined spaces. If it were a kitten in a shoebox would you be ascribing emotions to it that it simply doesn’t have???

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but please DON’T SHOUT at us. we’re not children and this is not a public service website. And do not insult the intelligence of people on this site when you are anthropomorphising completely by ascribing human knowledge of kitchen appliances to a small animal.


  31. I don’t even think an apology was needed. The cat was cute, for all we know the kitteh goes in the blender all the time and someone put the lid on for a quick picture. Should we cry and moan about pictures we see where someone puts their dog in the freezer or fridge for a quick picture??

    How do you all know the kitteh is terrified anyway? Were you there when the peekture was taken? Can you read kitteh’s mindz?!?!!!

    Either way everyone needs to take a chill pill.

  32. Whatever your opinion on the blender photo, why are you turning this thread into another referendum on it? Were 700+ posts on the matter (or whatever the final total turned out to be) not enough? Notice that I am not giving my opinion here either way.

    In conclusion, the word “calicolada” is adorable.

  33. Thanks for the apology. I’m one of those pearl-clutching hysterics that would prefer to see the original photo removed, but letting it fade away is almost as good..

    I don’t enjoy seeing animals frightened (and yes, it was frightened, not bewildered) or manipulated for our amusement, particularly when the resulting image implies a disturbing type of violence at worst, and shows a (temporarily) trapped animal at best. Not cute. I hope the distinction is now somewhat clearer for the editors.

  34. Also, how about this picture?

    Let us all flip out of this! (Going by everyone’s logic) OMG the kitteh is frightened! Someone threw the kitteh in the fish tank!! How awful of someone to take a picture instead of helping the kitteh!!!!

  35. kozzymom, don’t you have a health care town forum to attend? It sounds like you might just fit right in…………

  36. Hahah this pup does sorry better than I do!

  37. Uh oh. Give nuffers an inch this time, and they’ll DEMAND a mile next time. 😉 I can picture it now: “I will not rest until you have instituted as system where we who comment can vet the appropriateness of posts before they are released for consumption! Clearly you are too stupid to know better!…nuffity nuff nuff”…

  38. That’s “a system”.

  39. I liked the kitty in the blender.

    Remember that vocal minorities tend to overrepresent negative reactions.

    You’re the greatest, Meg.

  40. de-lurking to say, you guys are too nice! I got a giggle out of the kitty post and this one is equally QTE! Love you guys and come everyday no matter what!
    xoxoxo. 🙂

  41. I wouldn’t say that blenderkitty was terrified. I’ve seen terrified cats and they’re usually snarling and spitting. Yes, even kittens. If a cat doesn’t like a situation, you can definitely tell (e.g. Burger and Fries, although, I’d say that kitty’s also quite pissed… but pissed because he’s scared).

  42. My suggestion is to remove the photo completely is the appropriate apology. It is disturbing to see.

    [Your suggestion is noted. – Ed.]

  43. I thought the pic was funny. And cute. And I read all the comments and thought they were flipping hilarious. CO outdid Fark today, IMHO.

  44. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    perfect post! perfect pic!

    margaritas for everyone! Theo, NTMTOM, and Meg, what can i get you? salt, no salt? Meg, you want a mango margie? Gentlemen, you prefer yours on the rocks? YOU GOT IT!

  45. Thanks for the apology. I wasn’t offended by the picture (although I did find it to be in poor taste), but the whole war over it has been a source of Powerful Lulz for me, and I am gratified to see the saga continue.

  46. linguafranka says:


    i thought the kitten in a blender (with no choppy metal blade) was just as cute as all the other eat-this-cute-morsel posts… and he doesnt look scared to me. maybe cramped.

  47. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Wait — does this mean that we’re not going to run tomorrow’s “iguana on a waffle iron” post?!

    [OK. This time, I post and YOU mod. 😛 – Ed.]

  48. For all of those saying the kitten was terrified… I seriously doubt it. I do not think the kitten even knew what it was inside, and not to mention I have no idea how you even see that face as ‘terrified’.

  49. Theo, NTMTOM and Meg, where do I send the giant batch of brownies and hello dolly cake I’ve just pulled out of the oven? You put up with so much vitriol over the past 24 hours, I’m thinking you need a heaping helping of something sweet flung in your direction, and pudding doesn’t ship very well…

  50. I thought that cat was cute. I think people really need to quit flipping their shit. If it was a bird in a blender I bet nobody’d care. All of you eat how many cows/chickens/pigs every year? And pigs are way more intelligent than any cat.
    but nooooo, it’s a dumb old cat, so everyone has to freak out and claim personal hurt and persecution.

  51. The look on this dog’s face makes me want to know what in the world he did because he sure does look guilty. Cat margarita’s are yummy!

  52. i think the kitty in the blender was hilarious. Get real people, no one is going to go out and make a kitty concoction. it was probably funny at the time, and is still funny now. No need for apologies, although that pup is sooo sweet 🙂

  53. @ NTMTOM n CO you better not run that iguana foto if there’s terror in his eyes!….

  54. i think that the message in this particular post was unnecessary, as it is Meg’s blog, and she shouldn’t have to apologize for any content posted. anywhoo, the peeps above did a good job of reflecting my views re: kozzymom, so…. can i get a margarita on the rocks w/ salt pweese?

    oh, teho – you know how puddins are best when flung sometimes? i was curious…. would you fling a margarita or is it just plain wrong as an alcohol faux pa (paw?)

    [Let’s see… I think I’d be more likely to fling the salt – Ed.]

  55. AuntieMame says:

    I’m with annie. I’m disappointed that you felt the need to apologize.

  56. Wait maybe this was the dog that put the cat in the blender. This rivalry just keeps spinning, just wait to see what the cat does to this tomorrow.

  57. I admire you for apologizing, but I don’t think the apology was necessary. I guess I’m one of the three that appreciated the humor behind the picture.

    It’s such a shame that all these “devoted” followers that are so quick to jump on a “horrible!” picture don’t bother commenting on the pictures that they claim to like. Why do they have to make their first and – so they claim – last comment on a picture that disturbs them so much? Why couldn’t they put as much energy and time into commenting on the pictures they do like? I suppose it’s a good thing that they don’t, because it does take a long time to read through 500-plus comments.

    Maybe the full moon last night had something to do with the overly-negative reaction. hmmm….

    The majority of the regular commenters – names I see in the comments most often – stayed away from the thread and saved their best comments for other pictures; although I do recall seeing one or two good comments in the blendergate thread.

    Keep up the good work, Meg, Theo, and Mike. I’ll be cheering you on.

  58. it’s okay Meg. I still love you anyway.

  59. that pup doesn’t look sorry at all. he looks smug, if anything.

  60. Oh, please! Get a sense of humor, people.

  61. Man, you CO readers are dramatic. I think the blender pic was cute. It’s just a pic people…

  62. fish eye no miko says:

    Anaamika said: “If it was a bird in a blender I bet nobody’d care.”

    And I bet you you’re wrong.

  63. Dear Nuffers:

    I hope you are all vegan because there are cute animals being BLENDED FORREAL. Lord knows people only care about CUTE animals suffering.

    [link removed – just stop it – Ed.]

    It was a silly picture, GET OVER IT. SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS. Im a vegan and I talk about eating my dog all the time, in fact, I’ve photographed her in a stockpot. Sometimes things are so cute you could just eat them with a spoon! AIEEEE.

  64. A.N. Mouse says:

    I dunno…if I have to choose an expression for the blender kitty I’d say it was one of ennui, possibly hunger, or maybe even good old fashioned gas.
    Aww, poor apology pup. You can just feel the cringing… not the face not the face!

  65. Apology thoroughly REJECTED as it is completely UNNECESSARY. Blender kitteh was funny and cute. There is NO evidence the kitteh was in any distress. The look on its face is a look that is seen on 99% of kittens in any situation. And people won’t “Get ideas” from a picture – if they are messed up enough to want to blend cats they don’t need a website to suggest it.

    Let’s please rememeber that the kind of “outrage” we witnessed tends to be generated by very vocal MINORITIES. I almost didn’t post my support because wading into the pool of nuffer-craziness was decidedly distasteful. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. The nuffers were definitely overrepresented IMO.

  66. hi! id just like to let u kno that i had no prob really with the kitten thing. i meant sure it looks a little squished but terrified.. i think not. kittens usually had that scared look on their face. there was no blade in. everyone else just needs to take a chillular pill

  67. ChloeKitty says:

    I didn’t find it funny at all. Please take the offending photo off the site.

  68. ps i agree with ilikepie 1000000000000%

    [I find that to be mathematically unlikely – Ed.]

  69. I for one thought that the blender kitty was adorable, and did not think that the cat looked terrified, just…. well, like a cat in a paper sack would. Intrigued, excited, a little bit confused, and adorable. I highly doubt that the cat knew that it was in a blender. And if it had been terrified, I think that the owners wouldn’t have been able to take the picture in the first place, seeing as their eyes would have been clawed out.
    Oh, look at me, rambling on like a nuffer. The puppy pic is ADORABLE, looks like a black and tan version of my dog!!! I wouldn’t think he would have to apologize for anything, with a face like that!!

  70. Don’t sweat it, Meg. I thought it was pretty funny, to be honest. The people who count still love the site. 🙂

  71. My kitty had that same expression when I removed the itty-bitty baby bunny from between her paws. Not terrified, just pissssssed.

    Baby bunny OK. Back out in the woods to become big bunny.

    On the rocks with salt please.

  72. Actually, it’s at least 4 out of 5000. I thought it was cute.

  73. A.N. Mouse says:

    I almost wish you would post a picture of an iguana on a waffle iron just so we could move on from the blender kitty.

  74. A.N. Mouse says:


  75. oooooo….wook at da widdle twoll. Someday he’ll be all grown up and can bully people to their faces!

  76. I would, Kozzymom, but I haven’t had my daily kitten smoothie yet. Not to worry; your ripely-worded urging was motivation enough to get one grinding in the ol’ Osterizer.

  77. The only thing I’m offended about is CO apologizing to all those nuffing idiots. Resist irrational hordes on the internet.

  78. I think you only posted “kitty in a blender” so you’d have an excuse to use this “I’m SOWWY” picture. 🙂

    This doggie looks very similar to my doggie and I wuvs him. (Or her.) How could you not instantly forgive that little face?

  79. kozzymom –
    Do you own cats? Do you know what a scared cat looks like? I really don’t think you do.

  80. No kozzymom. Margarita. Wonder what she looked like when they put her in the blender!

  81. (also, I don’t think anyone should have needed to apologize for that picture. I thought it was adorable; people are much too sensitive, obviously. :[)

  82. What? Sorry, couldn’t hear you over my blender.

  83. PompousVegan4Life says:

    Seriously kozzymom, find a new cause. Every day, vicious lions MURDER precious baby darling antelopes and EAT THEM. Why not try and stop these real-life atrocities instead of worrying about a picture of a cat that knew it was inches away from a blended death?

  84. Dexter Fishmore says:

    I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is…. MORE BLENDER.

  85. I loved the blender kitty photo. It was obvious that the cat was not being hurt in any way, and that the cat WOULD not be hurt in any way. It was cute and funny.

  86. Ohhh you finally drew me out of my lurktastic state. The picture really wasn’t anything to get your panties in a bunch about. I don’t think you have anything to apologize for and the Ed. notes on the comments made my morning. Absolutely hilarious.

  87. I, for one, accept your apology.
    Don’t do it again.

  88. Some folks carry extra outrage around in case they see a photo of a kitten in a safety-assured blender. Maybe if the internet started users charging for their extra baggage they’d be a bit more selective with their furor. I think scientists should get on that.

  89. Oh good god people. Would you please save the huffing and puffing for REAL abuse, please? An unharmed cat in a not bladed nor turned on blender is just a stupid joke, it is NOT something to get riled up about. You people need to take this energy and put it to much better use, like protesting REAL abuse. There are tons of it out there already without fools getting up in arms over something so minor. I didn’t care about the stupid picture, it looked like a cat who has a rather silly owner, and the look was one of “what now?” If you think that was a terrified look, you need to get a wake up call. Meg, I’m behind you and this site 100%. Though some days I do think you try to rile up people on purpose ^_~

  90. It was at least 5 out of 5000. While I thought the picture was quite hilarious, I appreciate your apology nonetheless, but I would be a little disapointed if you took the picture down.

  91. Rocks with salt over here, please! I just had a friend advise me today that my boss is so annoying that I need to upgrade from beer to tequila, so … good timing as usual, CO.

  92. vegas vickie says:

    I liked the kitty in the blender. I have enough sense to know that the kitty was not hurt! On the other hand, I’m not so sure that the blender did not suffer, it had it’s blades removed. That had to hurt!

    Dear ED., no need to apologize to me. Some people have no sense of humor. Too bad for them, all they see is the hate!

    [Don’t worry, I’m not. That’s Meg’s prerogative. – Ed.]

  93. I’m a longtime C.O.-lover and first-time poster. I’ve come out of the woodwork just to write: “BOO TO KOZZYMOM!”

    I’ll pass on the suggested beer and opt for a glass of wine instead.

  94. Dexter Fishmore = WIN!

  95. A.N. Mouse says:

    Wait, so you know more about what this site is “about” than the people who run it? Interesting….

  96. If the kitten at been at all scared or uncomfortable, he’d’ve shot out of that blender jug like a rocket before anybody had a chance to take the picture. That look is not a look of terror, and anybody who suggests otherwise is tall tales to prop up a major grievance addiction. The kitten just looks a little bit confused. Kittens often do. So did you, when you were six weeks old.

  97. Aw man, the kitty in the blender was one of my favorites!

    I think YOU deserve an apology from US…well, not me, because I’m not stupid. 😛 Haha, I kid, I kid. LET’S JUST ALL LOVE EACH OTHER. Life is too short to get worked up over the interwebs.

  98. Cruiser'sMom says:

    I don’t think an apology was in the least bit necessary. But I am glad CO took the higher ground and posted one. It shows, to me, that you have a much higher moral standard than some on this site seem to think. I lol’d quite a bit at the blender kitteh. I had a friend with a a beautiful siamese who made a face very similar to that every time she found some small crawly thing and either played with it till it lived no more, or ate it. To me it seems like more of a “Who, me?” kind of look.

    And seriously… What’s up with that pup’s ears? Did someone try sticking him/her in a blender?

  99. Myrna Minkoff says:

    @ Holly:

    They don’t take off because THEY DON’T HAVE TO IF THEY DON’T WANT TO. It’s that simple. It is their site. They may do with it what they please.

  100. Blenda Kitteh for Preshidunt! says:

    Oh come ON. It was funny and you (the royal “you who are freaking out about it”) need to settle down. Sheesh people.

  101. A.N. Mouse says:

    this is the song that ne-VER eeennnnndddsss it goes on and on MY frienddd… some people STARTed singing it not knowing what it was and they’ll continue singing it forEVER JUST because………

  102. I’m done talking about this, folks, and so are you.

  103. I just want Meg and everyone involved with this site to know that I enjoy it. I don’t find every post equally amusing, but when I’m having a difficult day I can come to this site and (almost all the time) feel better about the world. I fully intend to continue to come to this site many times every day. (Although I may never read the comments again.)

    Thank you Meg et. al.! You’re making the world a better place and I hope that you always remember that, even if people get angry at you.

    [That was sneaky-fast, there, Dona. I thought I’d already closed the comments. – Ed.]