Hung out to dry

If you drape buns over the rack like this;


They’ll stay fluffy.


Vivian F., don’t use too much bleach.



  1. Courtney S. says:

    Fluffy Bunny disapproves of fluffiness.

  2. DaytimeDeb says:

    Who’s a fluffy bunny? Who is? It’s you, you’re a fluffy bunny!

    But it also reminds me of the uneven bars you used to see in gymnastics at the olympics. I give this bunny the gold.

  3. Bunny grew arms in the second picture!!
    Btw.. love your eye makeup bun!

  4. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Looks like Bun forgot to wash his feetsies. Has he been digging in the carrot patch again?!?

  5. Does this count as Buns N Racks? Little different meaning than usual, but…..

  6. There’s a lot of disapproval there….I fear for the life of the bun’s human!

  7. *checks drying rack*

    *waits impatiently for bun!*

  8. Mamamclain says:

    1st Picture- You will pay with your life!
    2nd Picture- Well, maybe not, the attention is nice, but the process? *bun sigh, blazes weapons of mass disapproval (WMD’s)*

  9. Auntie Meme says:

    Competitor #479 refuses to curtsy at the end of her routine and instead glares disapprovingly at the gymnastics judges.

  10. MY God- think of the lint filters! They could be felted into sweaters!

  11. This is Nadia Knockabollockova the reigning Romanian champion, on the Bunsymetric bars. Although we note in the second picture she also enjoys Dimitri’s bar, where she is also champion, at beer snarfing.

  12. *gasps* They wouldn’t be able to get a good photograph b/c my face would be planted on to that soft white beleh!!!

  13. This also helps buns keep their shape, rather than getting all balled and scrunchy in a dryer.

  14. aaaaahhhh! the feets!!! the feeeeeets!!!!!! so cute

  15. This is obviously one of those fancy “guest” towels. It’s probably hanging next to a dish “guest” soaps shaped like vegetables and flowers. If you actually use anything of these things to wash your hands you will incur the disapproval of both your hostess and the towel.

  16. Andi from NC says:

    I can actually feel the disapproval burning me!!!

  17. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Let’s see. If I take the surface area of the bunneh’s belly [takes out calculator, tap tap tap tap tap tap] and compare it to roughly the area of my nose, mouth, and chin [tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap] plus figure in a little bit of room to breathe [tap tap tap tap] I conclude that this bun’s belly is ideal for full-contact snorgling. By me, of course.

  18. I want a bunny. 😦 I want THAT bunny.

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    AAAAGGGGHHHH! The horror! NOT CUTE. Horrible! Don’t you know that THE RACK was a horrible instrument of torture used by such horrible torturers as the Spanish Inquisition, and other horrible torturers? Think for JUST A MOMENT of what might happen to this poor bunny, once the Spanish Inquisition gets ahold of him! Think of the children who look at this site. Think what might happen if somebody turned on the blender (Oops–that was another Horrible Not Cute picture).

    I know all about this kind of torture. I pinched my finger once folding up one of those drying racks. I immediately confessed to false doctrine, heresy, schism, hardness of heart and contempt of God’s Word and commandment, so the Spanish Inquisition let me go.

  20. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Von Zep — That’s it. It’s The Comfy Chair for you. Guards! Seize him!

  21. @VZ, honestly, you should be paid for your work here. Always enjoy what you come up with! 🙂

  22. Juniper Jolie-Pop says:

    In the first pick, bunny looks like he’s fixin’ to get his neck broken.

    The second one is genious! He she is ON TOP, IN CONTROL!

  23. Von Zepp… that’s the problem. NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

    Personally, I’m waiting for the nuffers to have their first cuppa, stretch, yawn, and then (OMG!!!!1) take umbrage at the outright and outrageous suggestion of tossing Mr. Buns into a dryer. So where’s the umbrage? *glances at watch* *taps toe ever so discretely*

  24. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Auntie Mame: wow. if there have been 479 competitors, I think that perhaps even the JUDGES may be feeling disapproval simply due to the famous condition Post-Judging Stress Disorder !!

    (Shouts out, to both VZ & AD — “OUT!” ) (Not telling them to go away, just “shouting OUT”. snicker)

  25. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ SoCalSis :

    Hooray !! Now I can begin my day w/ a wonderful MPython reference to Catholics & the dreaded Sp. Inq. (Related: my book of choice this week just *happens* to be all about Official Catholicism & the Hays Code, censorship on motion pictures in the 1930s/ 40s …hmmmmm…..)

  26. Yep, exactly my thought SoCalSis, LOL; luckily I think all the nuffers are still pouting in the corner after the suggestion to puree yer kitteh…

  27. Cute Overload has had its buns hung out to dry? I’m so confused.

    The eyebrow gives the bun a particularly disapproving look.

  28. VonZep, GIVE the RACK a TURN!

  29. Schism, so THAT’s what’s been bothering me all day, I’m having a Schism! Or am I ‘in schism’. Hmmmmmmm.

    Beautiful bunnnastics, there, too!

  30. He looks like a wonky ferret in the first picture, which is sorta weird :O.

  31. Bunny laundering! Oh no. CO’s all washed up!

  32. CAREFUL, GUYS! The implications behind these photos will probably inspire people to put their pets through the washer! What if it were a human baby with a jug of capped bleach next to its head? That bunny looks so uncomfortable, its owners obviously draped it over the rack for their own amusement and just left the poor bunny there! I PROTEST!

  33. The little “eyebrow” on the second picture makes this bun look especially disapproving.

  34. Auntie Meme says:

    It’s the Stephen Colbert eyebrow

  35. @260 Oakley – Does the guest toilet have a crochet, crinoline lady, toilet roll cover?

  36. Hi, Auntie Meme. People are confusing you for me again. 🙂

    LOL at Von Zep!

  37. #35 – LOL!! =D

  38. I must protest also. Bunnies get nervous, and what happens if this bun freaks out, slips, and fall backwards? Looks like he’ll whack into a few bars on the way down. =/

    Kitty in a blender = not OK
    Rabbit drapped on a towel rack = OK??

    I’m confused…

  39. Andi from NC says:

    @SoCalSis – thanks for whisking me back in time with the MP reference – a true classic!

  40. I hate to do it but —- Squeeeee! squeeeee!!

    My Bun Bun must have looked like this – almost – when he was a baby bun. Only he was hung out to dry in a different way I think, since he was homeless. If only I’d had him from little bun size – maybe he’d not be so reluctant to be handled.

  41. @Hon Glad — Yes, it sits in between the seashell-covered tissue box concealer and the can of air freshener that hasn’t been used since the in-laws visited in 1997.

  42. @260Oakley, now wait, there couldn’t also be a clear acrylic toilet seat with money embedded in it?

  43. I thought I’d seen a lot of tacky bathroom accessories, but I’ve never seen an acrylic seat with money in it. What else have I missed????

  44. Von Zeppelin says:

    Here in Oklahoma, the really classy toilet seats are crimson padded vinyl and play “Boomer Sooner” when you sit down.

  45. bun! o how presh

  46. Auntemamae the acrylic one with seashells…

  47. Boomer Sooner LOL that IS class, man!

    Buns have three toes? I did not know.

  48. Anya Emmanuela Jenkins would be terrified by this picture!

  49. And if you have a dozen bunnies, they can make a nice window treatment!

  50. Those are the cutest bunny toes ever !

  51. Bunce™ Fabric Softener — You’ve never loved your laundry this much!

  52. That little angora sweater sure looks mad, maybe he wasn’t hand washed only.

  53. He’s also got built in disapproval lines, over here *circles in sharpie* and here *circles in sharpie*.

  54. Von Z – LOL! Your classiness is most impressive! Love your posts…
    @Paunchie – Bunnies have 4 toes in the back and 5 toes on their front feet.

  55. first you dry the bunny…. then it’s ready to be eaten ;)))

  56. I thought bunny laundering was illegal….oh wait, wrong “-uney”…..

    (singing) The Inquisition. What a show. The Inquisition. Here we go….

  57. kibblenibble says:

    Okay, I don’t know how we got on tacky toilet seat covers, and I’m too tired to go back and read all the comments again, so here’s my 2 cents: A man I know had a toilet seat cover in faux black leather w/ Harley insignia, to simulate “riding” on the harley when he couldn’t actually be doing that. He said his fantasy would be complete if he could equip the toilet with a set of handlebars. OK, no offense to Harley fans, but that man’s wife has the patience of a saint.

  58. I am in love with those toes!

  59. KatieZientek says:

    Why do people feel the need to put their pets into situations like this to make them cute? This bunny is cute on its own.

  60. aw, the bunny don’t likes it. but the little black-tipped ears so are sweet (and the fuzzy toes). (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  61. dramallamaorama says:

    The person’s hand indicates that the bunny was not in danger of falling.

    It is cute!

  62. Pheas – Bunce- with the delightful scent of alfalfa!

  63. Katrina, I’d pay extra $$$ for fabric softener in ‘alfalfa’. Worked one summer on a rance in central Oregon, and the bestest most wonderfulest smell in the world is fresh cut alfalfa on a bright early summer morning.

  64. Not big enough yet to cook. Just wait a couple of years. In the meantime, enjoy his cuteness. I have a good recipe to cook him with if you want though.