A Vacation Horror Story

It was the worst Mardi Gras of Estelle’s life.


For starters, she and her girlfriends hardly got any beads at all.


And then the hotel overbooked and they had to huddle together outside.


And worst of all, this place didn’t look anything like New Orleans.


Photos by Ryan M., who isn’t quite sure how the kitties got those pearls.



  1. superb story! Bravo!

    And adorable kitties!

  2. Poor scared little kits. I hope some one took them down quickly and
    gave them a safe place to cuddle. They look terrified.

  3. I do feel sorry for poor Estelle, though. What a cruel trick someone played on her.

    It’s okay, Estelle. You can go to New Orleans next year!

  4. I think they took the left at Albuquerque.

  5. There seems to be a “dangling” theme today. First the bun, now this.

  6. lunacydress says:

    We made our cat a collar out of “pearls”- they were adorable on her- sleek, dainty black cat with a pearl collar!

  7. Drop those cameras and phones and snorgle those kitties! What is WRONG with people?

  8. What the what?!

  9. Yeah, my kitties hate climbing, being up on high places, and balancing on not-so-wide edges….

    The kitten with the pearl has pearls on, so apropos for Ginza. Love how she’s not too luxe to be the other kitty’s butt pillow.

  10. I like the one on the left who’s all “will you stop squirming already i’m trying to snuggle into a comfy pillow posishe!”

  11. Mrs. Capers says:

    Great reveal!

  12. Yeah, they look really terrified. Especially the one that is half-asleep in the first pic. Er, excuse me. Not “half-asleep.” I meant “passed out from fright.” 😉

  13. This is sad 😦

  14. I dunno, they look pretty content to me. Looks like they’re a little more annoyed at all the paparazzi cause they’re trying to get their snooze on. 😀

  15. You should be thankful you didnt get on kitties gone wild.. in 4 to 5 years you would regret it.. as I’m sure almost all of those girls *ahem* KITTIES do…

  16. (jots down) Ginza St….Got it! I’m on my way kitties, hang in there!

  17. awww kitties look scared -who put them up there & why?

  18. Those Japanese with their cameras and love of the cute….

    Thank heavens they’re not driving. That one on the right may have some trouble with a sobriety test.

  19. @Kristen: I’ll meet you on Ginza Street–with tuna and other tasty treats!

    I have to agree that these little ones look terrified. I hope the story had a happy ending…

  20. @Berg — you know cats climb trees, right?

  21. Courtney S. says:

    @chanpon: “Butt pillow” may very well be the best phrase EVER.

  22. Does the sign say THE HOT PUSSY CLUB I,m just asking that’s all. :0}

  23. I get that cats climb stuff, but how the hell did they get into a city centre?

  24. Poor scared babies! Snorgling (someplace quiet and safe) is sorely needed! I’d be glad to volunteer my services.

  25. This makes me a little sad. I just want to take them home and make sure they’re cared for.

  26. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Hon Glad….!!SNORK!!!!

    That is just so wrong, on so many levels……

  27. The pearls are from the kitten-in-a-blender thread. One of the pearl-clutching nuffers dropped them.

  28. Okay 3 of those kitties have pearl necklaces on. Just saying!!!!!! PHOTO OP.. They have been taking lessons from Brittany and Miley and Paris.

  29. LOL AuntieMame

  30. @Hon Glad – sadly the sign just says Ginza Section 4.

    Ginza district is divided into 8 sections, so this is the center of that district. There are many high-end clothing/jewelry retailers around there. So this might be some kind of publicity stunt – every one of those cats were wearing pearls. Still, someone needs to put down the camera and help the kitty all the way on the right, who is about to fall off.

  31. Who’s this Micki Moto guy and why is he giving us these plain beads?

  32. Space Cowgirl says:

    OMG, cats in an Asian country! This post manages to be both racist and cruel at the same time! How could anyone take pictures of this unless they’re a psychopath! CO has been making me angry by posting too many pictures of puppies already, but this is the last straw! I’m going to wipe my caboose with my CO calendar and dump my computer into Lake Ontario to get CO out of my Favourites! GOODBYE FOREVER

    [Whoa! I knew it! Canadians are crazy! 😉 – Ed.]

  33. LOL@Space Cowgirl! Now off to check CNN for coverage of Blendergate.

    P.S. Kitteh, try a heavy silver herringbone chain. I think you’ll find it’s stunning with those stripes.

  34. I don’t care if you were being sarcastic or not, that was just plain annoying.
    Don’t let the door hit you where the dog should have bit you!

  35. @wuyizidi – Ah, great translating. That would be the kind of publicity stunt that would draw me in to a store. Very smart of them!

  36. Space Cowgirl says:

    Oh, and…FROG PISS!!!1

    […or something like that – Ed.]

  37. YAY! for teh qte!

    I mean, BOO! for teh obvy aminal abuze.


  38. attention nuffers:

    please send me your unwanted calendars. i cannot afford one.

    thank you.

  39. Tortuguasan says:

    I’ll take the one one the far right (the one with the dangling paw) please, frappéd with soy milks and hum let’s see… some berries… a banana perhaps… and definitely some choco-sprinkles. Fluffshakes are soo delicious.

  40. I visited the Ginza district when I was in Tokyo earlier this year– the concentration of high-end stores there is mind-blowing. Seriously, two giant Tiffany’s stores in one block. Like they were Starbucks or something. (Incidentally, Starbucks there is crazy-expensive. You might be better off with the Tiffany’s.)

    I think the kittens are just wiped out from a day of shopping, and looking for a place to sleep while they wait for their credit card limits to adjust.

  41. They look sad and too young to be outside. Don’t like.

  42. While I found the ‘kitten-in-a-blender’ pic HYSTERICAL (and the resulting nuffing puzzling, to say the least), this post does make me a bit sad. Poor babies, I hope the pearl collars indicate that they have a loving home and aren’t simply strays someone thought would make a cute photo op.

    @Ashley: I was wondering that as well. Scaling an (albiet close to 7′ tall) signpost is one thing – ending up in the heart of Ginza is something else entirely. They seemed placed there, to me anyway, but I can’t say for sure.

    I don’t mean to nuff, I just wish we knew the context of the photos. And that the lady in the black tee would help Kit #3 back up into his lofty perch.

  43. I’d rather be a cat in a blender than a cat in Chinatown.

    … too much?

  44. Gots a big basket wif fluffeh snuggeh blankies here ready to ketch ’em and take ’em home wif me……

  45. Ok.. I was wondering why the heck people were talking about a cat in a blender. I was away from CO for a few days and missed the cat blender picture/riot/mutiny thing.. Wow.. That is a lot of comments.. With that said, I do believe that this week is “Cats in precarious situations” week… Way to bring the nuffers out of the woodwork CO… *clapping*

  46. Oh yeah – this had to be a stunt. And probably one that was very temporary.

  47. Yeah Tiffany, too much.

  48. Great story, NTMTOM!

    I like how each picture reveals just a bit more of the kitties’ location.

    Poor Estelle. Maybe next year she will make it to New Orleans!

  49. Love the striped kittehs!
    p.s. can we do something about the trolls leaving useless nasty comments?

  50. Pearls before signs.

  51. Great story, NTMTOM!

    I like how a little bit more of the location is revealed with each picture.

    Poor Estelle. Maybe you will get to New Orleans next year!

    (and maybe 4th try is the charm? unless the company firewall is blocking my posts.)

  52. @ Sandy – the only thing we can do is try not to feed them. :-/

  53. @Tiffany – yes, maybe a tad. I know there are a lot of jokes about Asians eating cats. Just want to give some background:

    In China we have a joke that the Cantonese will eat everything on four legs except tables and chairs, and everything with two wings except airplanes. The great writer Lin Yutang, who is from Guangzhou (Canton) region, joked that “yes, we are snake-eating aborigines”.

    That said, the cat in question is actually civet cat. And for the most part, whenever we hear people in other parts of the world eating cats (and dogs), 99% of time it’s not because they’re cruel or have unusual tastes, it’s because they’re hungry.

    Sadly this is true even today: for example, as result of market reforms in the last 30 years, over 300 million Chinese were lifted out of abject poverty, which is defined as earning less than $1 USD per day. What kind of meat can you afford on less than $1 a day – none, only what you can hunt in the wild.

  54. Heartbreaking – so many nipples, so few beads… 😦

  55. @Alice, so wrong. And so LOLworthy. Almost hurt myself trying to laugh and scold at the same time.

  56. earlybird1 says:

    Love the dangly kitteh leg on the right! Hee!

  57. @Alice – cats n racks will never be the same. I lol’ed.

  58. NOMTOM – I’m not sure whether to send up a platter of sushi and saki, or gumbo and hurricane mix. Either way. Both, with my compliments.

  59. Ptycho – (waving about cigarette holder) gasping lol!

  60. wuyizidi, thank you for that! I think it was a useful perspective, and hopefully will lead people away from the demonising and ‘other’ising of cultures that eat animals they’re not used to regarding as food. If something is edible, someone somewhere will eat it, and it doesn’t make them gross or mean or inhuman.
    I love how the flanking kittens are using ‘Estelle’ as their pillow. Does this show she is the lowest-status kitten in the group, or the one they all look to for leadership and comfort? Discuss.

  61. I’m thinking nuffers should start blending their calendars. Much more effective.

    [VIDEO PLEASE – Ed.]

  62. @Ptycho: I LOL’d

  63. AuntieMame says:

    And higher fiber content, which the nuffers clearly need.

  64. AuntieMame – One Poo-Poo platter, comin’ up!

  65. for the Great CO Nuffer Purge of ’09!! Yesterday’s Blendergate debacle was the most fun I have had on the Internet…with my clothes on!

    Thank you 🙂

    Keep up the good work CO Team! Cute, Funny AND Edgy…the trifecta of ‘cool’.

  66. AuntieMame says:

    @pyrit: Argh! LOL!

  67. AuntieMame – hee!

  68. Get a life. Seriously. says:

    I love those kittehs. I do hope whoever put them up there will gently lift them down, soon, though. I know kittehs climb trees, etc. but those 3 look just a bit crowded.
    And .. “Blendergate”.. :: snork ::

  69. LOL – “blendergate”. I came too late & the comments were closed. So let me add my one cents:


  70. I hate to sound like a nuffer but in Tokyo there are stray/ferral cats. EVERYWHERE. I tried to inquire about rescue organizations when I found a stray Maltese dog in the park there too and I wasn’t able to find any. 😦 I won’t talk about the puppy stores in the malls.

  71. LOL @Kar#31!

  72. Shichome Ginza-dori–I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in Tokyo! Ginza is indeed one part of town that’s ridiculously posh. You practically rack up charges on your cc just by walking down the street there. My money would be on a publicity stunt here. Judging by the paparazzi, it’s working.

  73. Space Cowgirl says:

    Hi Honor! Civil Disobedience from EHell here! *waves*

  74. Space Cowgirl says:

    P.S.: I want far-left kitty!

  75. Meg, Theo and Mike – yer all doing an outstanding job – please keep up the great work! Hugs and virtual chocolate/chocolate martinis to you all !!!!!

    I think someone needs to:
    a) squirrelize the nuffers and
    b) give them a pasickie and send them to bed so we can enjoy the cute in the calm intelligent fashion we always have done around here!!!

    (This was originally for the puppy post above but the comments were closed by the time I hit submit!)

  76. I’m just jumping on this comment thread (since the others were closed) to say:
    1) I LOVE your website
    2) I thought the kitty picture was hilarious
    3) I am a vegetarian (wait, why does that matter again?)
    4) Please keep up the good work, and don’t change a thing! In fact, I think your site would be even better if all those cranky farts would “unsubscribe,” or whatever it is they’re threatening to do. Good riddance!

  77. Every time I see this thread, I read it as “A Vatican Horror Story,” then I have to do a double-take. So, Mardi Gras kittehs in Tokyo waiting to see the Pope … well, this IS CuteOverload, where I guess anything is possible.

  78. AWW 😀 If I had seen that 😀 I would go up and ask if those kitties needed a loving home 😀 and try to explain why I am stuffing those kitties into my jacket 😈

  79. @Pheas: “Vatican Horror Story” *snerk*

    re: how’d the kitties get up there…..they jumped, of course! It’s quieter up there than street-level digs.

  80. Funny story, I came home from work today to find BOTH of my cats lazing around in ALLmy kitchen appliances – which were all placed on very high shelves while wearing crazy jewelery/inappropriate clothing and chomping on pasickies. Well I barely had time to get a good nuff going and had not even had a chance to ask “what about the children” when both cats (both I say) indicated that the comments were closed for fear of bringing back the Bush administration. Well I almost left the house in a huff, vowing never to click around there anymore when I realized my underwear was on way way too tight. Of course I changed into my “I can eat a costo sized bag of chips” pants and gave both cats lots of treats/cuddles and I feel better for it.

    [Whatever it is you’re having, I’d like a double, please. And don’t try telling me it’s only chips, ’cause I won’t believe you – Ed.]

  81. kibblenibble says:

    I ❤ Estelle's smudgy nosie. And, although I was too late to post on the "sorry" Chihuahua, in case y'all were wondering, 'twas me that nommed his little ears off! 🙂

  82. kibblenibble says:

    Wah! I think my comment went away, and I hit F5 like, three times. So, if it shows up, Teho, delete this one eef you’d like. I will repeat the I like Estelle’s smudgie nosie, an I was the one who nommed off the “sorry” wawa’s ears! 🙂

    [Teresa was having that trouble too. Sometimes the spam filter gets over-zealous. No worries, though, I keep an eye open for these things. Patience… – Ed.]

  83. kibblenibble says:


    […like I said, patience 😉 – Ed.]

  84. Feel free to delete my above comment as it seems rather out of place now that the person I was commenting about is gone.
    p.s. pearls on kitties! And I’ll take the one that is just a big set of ‘tocks in all the pictures!

  85. @Ptycho – Excellenti.

  86. Thank god its Japan, at first i thought it was Korea…

  87. @browngrl: LOL’ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Nice one, browngrl!! 😀

  89. Kittehs just have pearls. Didn’t you know that? 🙂

  90. I love Cute Overload.

    That is all.

  91. marguerite212 says:

    Maybe browngrl’s comment could be substituted for all the blendergate comments – it would save a lot of space on the internets.

  92. Space Cowgirl says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Teoh, but I’m actually an American living in Toronto…a Canadian would have apologized because you mortally offended them. ;D

    [Either that, or “Take off, eh” like the hoser I am – Ed.]

  93. ricka roll bowl says:

    who would put them up there? they can’t get down and they’re so exhausted they’re falling asleep while precariously perched. that’s horrible! and people are taking pictures? wtf?

  94. I hope those kitties got adopted… who would put those kitties up there? 😦


    Just getting into the Mardi Gras spirit.

  96. 😈 I will SMACK that dang spam filter to the MOON, kibblenibble 😈 Who else wants too 😈

    [Actually I’d appreciate it if you’d STOP smacking it quite so often, thankyouverymuch – Ed.]

  97. I don’t think frightened, stressed out, possibly abandoned kitties are very cute. No, not cute at ALL. Rescue those babies!!!

    [You’re seeing what you imagine. Try looking at the cats. Just the cats. – Ed.]

  98. If the dang spam filter would not act up on us, then I would not have to feel like I need to smack it, Ed 😈 It makes it hard to say how much I LOVE kitties 😦

  99. What’s with all the cat eating jokes? The Japanese don’t eat cats. ^^’ But I really hope these do have a loving home and aren’t strays. They’re sooo cute 😀 Why didn’t I go to Ginza when I was in Japan? XD

  100. Georgina Ballerina says:

    I live in Tokyo, and I’ve seen this in Ginza. A very dodgy looking man hangs around the area on weekends with various cats putting them up on these fence-y things. This past weekend he had 3 kittens – 2 of them very small. He puts them up on these high, high fences and lets people take photos until the police chase him away (they let him take the kittens, who he stuck on his shoulders as they mewed and hung on for dear life). Tried to follow him – lost him in crowd – he’s lucky I didn’t catch up to him. Typical ‘pet’ moment in Japan – all anyone did was squeal “kawaii!” (cute) and take pics – not a thought to the fact that these are tiny, terrified (they were crying) kitties. There are lots of Japanese pet posting on this site – many of them loved pets, I’m sure, but the puppy and kitten mill industry is huge here. You can buy cats, dogs, owls, monkeys, chickens, bats, marmosets in my neighborhood pet store. Oh, and when you’re tired of your pet bc it’s not so “kawaii!” in its $100 designer outfits anymore – you can put it in the drop slot at the local collection depot to be killed. Agree w poster above re: rescue and rehoming being minimal here – but there is a great operation called Animal Refuge Kansai doing good work (I’m sure it’s discouraging to have such an uphill battle) – http://www.arkbark.net