Dutch House Cat Adopts Red Panda

Will you please check out this anerable baby red panda action.

Hopefully, he’ll graduate to bamboo leaves stat.



  1. picture??? :[

  2. ZOMG not funny to tempt me with pictures of baby RED PANDAS of all things, and not post the picture!! cruelty to meeeeeeeee omgomg omg

  3. *nuff nuff nuff nuff*

  4. Jess&Friends says:

    You BLENDED IT didn’t you, you sick bastards!!??
    *Sips smoothie calmly*
    Ya’ll closed the comments on the other thread more then just a lil’ bit…

  5. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    If this were a movie theater, we’d all be yelling at the projectionist right about now. Fear not, gentle readers, she’s been notified of the problem.

  6. Jess&Friends says:

    If I happen to give him people milk will he become a real boy?

  7. Is it just me, or does Mom Cat look just a little weirded out? Is it the camera? Is it the odd baby? Well, she just looks a little perplexed, but then again, I think a lot of new moms look like that!!!
    As for the blender picture….the blade wasn’t in it. No harm, no foul.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    No audio with the video? I was hoping for something in Dutch to ‘splain this.. not that I understand Dutch…

  9. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Dutch? It’s simple! You pay half, and he pays half. What’s to understand? 😉

  10. Nuff about the blender! STFU!! Now, watch this again, turn up the volume and listen to the sweet little kitty mew! You are now a puddle of goo!!

  11. There’s a news story on National Geographic about it, which links to a video with voice over. Unfortunately, lil’ panda did not grow up to snack on bamboo, but it was a valiant effort. 😦


  12. Hah that mama cat’s so big. Is it Maru? In my dreams, I guess.
    Also, on a different note, I know some vegans get on the cases of people who like to drink cow’s milk, and say that we’re the only species that drinks the milk of other animals. Well I’d like to direct them to this video so that they will both squee with delight and be a little more open-minded about how much I loooovvveeeee milk.

  13. :(( this is from a year ago and the baby panda died like, 3 days later, after, no joke, choking on the milk (link to story.) Thus this totally adorable video is a major bummer instead. Bad Cute Overload!

  14. KatieZientek says:

    Why didn’t they bottle feed the baby panda?

  15. Ach mine hert ees meltink. That is untill my cute was harshed by the news it dies.
    Still in my version it grows up big and strong, and comes back to visit Mom occasionally.
    However the other Red Pandas find it’s prediliction for Fancy Feast a bit weird.

  16. I’ve always enjoyed red pandas on this site. This one’s funny.

    BTW, how long are comments for a particular post usually open for before they’re closed?

  17. 3-year fan, 1st-time post.

    @those criticizing Cute Overload for this and recent posts. CO is a blog, really, showcasing the adorable nature of pets. It’s not a news feed with a full staff to vet every story as tenable.

    And I feel it’s safe to assume no pets showcased here were deliberately put in harm’s way. Some of you commenters really need to chill out and relax.

    And to CO: keep it up! Smiles everytime I visit. ^_^

  18. Red pandie died???!


  19. We’re on dead red pandas now, poopants. Keep up.

  20. Adorable red panda, indeed–never figured out why you guys sub in “anerable.” And, um, not to add to the criticism, but this is tagged wrongly–a red panda is not a bear. It’s more closely related to the raccoon.

    But it’s cute. Cute! That’s what this site is about!

  21. LMAO @Kenny G. High-larious. I clearly made a huge mistake by going a full 24 plus hours without visiting cuteoverload. I have sadly missed all the drama. I’ve been coming to this site regularly for at least 3 years now, and I never knew it was so controversial and edgy until today. I also had no clue about the concept of a “nuff” until today either. Apparently I don’t visit the comments often e”nuff”.

    And yeah knowing that this lovely and cute red panda/cat scene later turns into a horrific scene of the red panda choking on the cat’s milk and keeling over sorta ruins this one for me … which of course teaches me a lesson that I should have stayed away from the comments!! 😉

    Anyway keep up the good work guys, I love this site. The concept of some of these “devoted” cuteoverload fans immediately jumping straight to the idea of reporting you guys to WordPress and abandoning the site because of one questionable post is baffling to me. I don’t understand people.

  22. Ok, seriously. To the people still disturbed by the blender picture: If the picture bothers you so greatly, as it obviously has, why not just move on to another Cute site? There are plenty of them! Why keep posting redundant messages whining about “How messed up that picture was”? An apology was made and a lesson was learned. End of story. It’s time to move on with our lives as I’m sure there are plenty of more important tasks to worry about.

  23. (drops muddy camera bag and passport on the table)
    OMG you guys, do not take the Polka Cruise just because you think it would be “funny”. For reals.
    (orders a scotch)

    Did I miss anything?

  24. *wonders where to start*


  26. Wow this is so cute!
    Just because this cute panda didn’t make it, isn’t a reason to not post this video. It’s a tribute!

    The vid is still cute as…. fill it in…

  27. This video is so funny

  28. Would this be a blended family?

    *snort* because of the…. nevermind. It’s still funny.

  29. Urg…I have yet to comment on anything here, but come on people. I’m perfectly fine with you being upset over the kitty in a blender picture (though I do not agree with you), but it’s over and an apology was given. If you’re peeved because you think the picture should be taken down, well too bad. As was said on the entry itself, there were no blades and it is therefore not a bad picture. Having been around cats for many years, I don’t think the kitten was scared as it was just unsure of what it was in and why there was a camera in its face. And while supposedly stuff like that does happen with the blades in tact (I’m trying to be as non-descriptive here as possible), it does not take away the cuteness of a confused-looking kitten in a container for me. I wasn’t able to comment on the picture or the apology, but there was really no need to until now so just enjoy the cuteness of kitties and a red panda and move on with life.

    Anywho… I fear you’re trying to kill me with kitten/red panda adorableness. Sad to hear he didn’t make it 😦 But at least they tried.

  30. the other mini bobbleheads are so cute also.

  31. Re: Dutch House Cat Adopts Red Panda. That that like I already saw

  32. Trabb's Boy says:

    Caitlin, you are being a major buzz-kill, dear. We didn’t need to know that.

    The vid’s adorable, and the soft mommy tummy folds are sooooo sweet!

  33. Kitteh in blender is funny since he was not harmed at all. He was just “hey, wat is this place?”. People create a storm in a drop of water. Let it be!

    But baby red panda is cuuuuuuuuuuute!! Does momcat knows he is not one of her babies? She’s lovely!
    Look at the babies paws!

  34. *Covers hears*
    La la la la laaaaaaa! Can’t hear a word you’re saying! La la la, la la laaaaa!!!
    Oh, look! Kittens!!!!1!111!!11!!!!

  35. Red Panda is cute. Too bad he/she didn’t make it, but yes, at least the nice momma kitty tried.

    As for “the post that shall not be named”, I’ll just say this: It’s over. Move on. Besides, one post you disagree with makes you leave a site? With a skin that thin, I’m surprised you have anywhere left to shop, too.

  36. Love this video documenting a few sweet moments of that sweet red panda with the kitty who adopted him. He knew he was loved in the end, and he lives on through this video as long as it’s posted. WTG, CO! 🙂

  37. Oh precious panda baby. And to the Mama cat, and her humans, thank you.
    Maybe a cat’s milk flow is faster than a panda’s? Maybe panda babies nurse stronger?
    I’m sure much was learned from this that will help future panda fosters.

    Or, maybe it was an indentitty crisis?


  38. Aw, poor little red panda…I’m sorry he didn’t make it. : ( But the Mama Kitty was very sweet to nurse him! 🙂

  39. Mamma cats are the best. They’ll adopt anybody. I love her confused look: “How the heck did THAT get in there? Oh, well, dum de dum…”

  40. Red pandas are my fav among the zoo animals – and it’s my BIRTHDAY so it’s like a red panda present!!!!! Thank you, CO!!!

  41. The baby died?!! *sob*

  42. OMG How anerable can you get?!

  43. 👿 Gah! Are y’all f*&^%ing serious?! I come over here to SQUEE over the bebeh red panda and y’all are still bitching about the cat in the blender?! C’mon peeps get over it. Move. The. F*&^%. On. 🙄

  44. Look peeps: They even posted an APOLOGY POST.

  45. Noelle (the First) says:

    It’s so great how mommy animals adopt babies from other species. If we could all learn to overlook our differences so completely this would be a much better world!

    BTW, what kind of cat is the mommy? She looks just like the kitty that adopted my family, except he’s a boy.

  46. Just got here, LOL @ Pyrit. So glad I didn’t bother with the kitty/blender comments. Big question: if there is a market for adopting baby red pandas, where do I go to sign up? I’ve had lots of experience with day-old kittens, one of whom is turning 20 years old this week and still occupies the easy chair in front of the tv. Panda mommies, if you just can’t face it, drop your babies off on my front porch!

  47. Oh preciousness! How perfectly adorable are baby red pandas? I think i’d like to have one permanently draped around my neck so we could snugglez all day long and it’d breathe it’s squeaky breafs in my ear and I’d kiss his fuzzy tummy. Oh, bliss.

  48. The only thing that can make baby red pandas cuter is kittens! And this video does it. Brain successfully asploded.

  49. Ok for the people telling the “nuffers”/Concerned CO views to leave the site is just crazy. If every time a person left the site over a picture they did not think was cute, there would be no one left. Most of the people that have been here for a while have probably seen a couple of pictures they did not like. CO makes money from the ads on this site. If no one was here to see those ads then they would leave the site and CO would not exist anymore. People are allowed to post, it may be a privilege and not a right, but people do express their feelings on pictures all the time. There has probably NEVER been a picture on this site that every viewer has collectively liked. There are always a few people that will complain. Fine let them. If it bothers you then write your opinion on it. Understand that several pictures this week have been sad/scary/etc. to some people. A little understanding goes a long way.
    Just my two cents…

  50. I just don’t understand, and that never used to bother me, but now I think I should just stop reading comments LOL

    BUT then I’d miss gems from people like Kenny G, you made me snort coffee out my nose, LOL!!!

    BTW, very cute, even if someone says little one died. We all will die one day, I choose not to let that get me down 😉 because of one post.

  51. i liek choklit meelk

  52. On topic: Mumcat is soo pretty! And squeeeeeeee at the moment where the panda totters over one of the felines, and the kitten draws up it’s hind legs and tucks its tail 🙂 Cute kittens, cute panda, cute and sweet mumcat!

    (Off topic: lol @ pyrit, boo-hiss at the buzzkillers that can’t seem to move on.
    Ed., do you need more coffee? *not offering a smoothie,not offering a smoothie, not..* )

  53. Haven’t checked this site in a few weeks…. Looks like I missed out on all the fun with the controversial posts – NOT! lol

    It isn’t the first commentroversy and most definitely won’t be the last. So peeps chill out … coo over some cute animals (and occasional baby/ blender blurp) … OR not … and get on with your life 🙂

  54. Kenny G, I’m sending you my dr. bill. I snarfed bbq potato chips all because of you (#20). PAINFUL! 😆

  55. just fyi, there IS audio, but no one’s talking…turn up the dial around 0:33 to hear a cute something squeaking (either kitties or baby red panda…cute either way!)

  56. skimming the comments on this i am sensing that there are a lot of people forgetting what’s really important here: a bebeh red panda in a heap with KITTENS. i dunno about y’all but i am DED OF QTE!

  57. Red panda fans should watch the related video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hraP4dgNc8o of a red panda slide show, though the music (Joe Cocker doing “You Are So Beautiful”) might be a leetle much….

  58. i love any kinda babies and i loved nursing. wish i could still nurse my daughter, except she is forty-five years old and long since weaned and besides she lives in england. hmmm, they might reach: EEEEEHHHHHHNNNNNN…

    inappropriately yers,
    dancer, who is cripped, nearly blind and really old and so gets to be…

  59. oh, rhea, how can i keep from crying? joe cocker and pandas draped on branches, sleeping. ah jes’ cain’t stand the sweet…


    where do i sign up?

  61. Didn'tyomamatellyoutobepolite says:

    Ok I’m over the cat in the blender fiasco because the apology was so super sweet. And we all know the internet rarely, if ever, apologizes. But Theo’s “I’m done talking about this, folks, and so are you” was just rude.

  62. Well, then, I’m sorry.

  63. I want one of those kittens so I can brag ‘yeah, his/her brother/sister is a red panda’ all smugy mcsmugerson. I’m not ashamed to admit…I squee’d out loud.

  64. I was sorta sad there wasn’t any sound in this video, then I nearly fell off my chair at the squeaking!

  65. awww, what a sweet mama cat :3

  66. Hi, the kitten and the baby panda are great together. Both of them are playing together like brother and sister. Very cute look.

  67. The CUTE!!!! I can´t bear it.

    And does anyone else think that cat looks like Maru (but without the white)? Beautiful tabby girl!

  68. givenchance says:

    Very cute! Will this panda be as big in height as pandas usually are? )) If so, i would not be envious to this cat! She is lucky that pandas are vegitarians ;-)))

  69. We have an orange kitty that we swear looks like a red panda. Maybe this is how it happened?! He got adopted by some kitties and they raised him to act sort of cat like. Thanks for solving our mystery CO!

    (Arguing over a picture posted on CO is not really getting anything accomplished on behalf of animals. Please find a REAL cause to get angry over and then actually do something about it.)

  70. OMG. It look so cute…. i’m crying

  71. How the hell is it red? I guess you learn something everyday. Pandas can be red. Pigs can fly on planes. Zebras can have their fur dyed white.

    [“Red Pandas” are not actually pandas, they’re a whole different species. – Ed.]

  72. Dutch translation of this video: ” coooo” “mew mew” “aaaaw” “eeehn!”

    you’re welcome non-dutchies 😉

    I love CO.

  73. Daphne Moss says:

    So I haven’t been here in soooo long and have to surrender my nuffer crown to the many folks who freaked last week at the *will-not-mention-again-rhymes-with-pity-in-flender post* but came back to totally LMAO at “We’re on dead red pandas now …. keep up.”

    Ya know, I wasn’t sure what motivated that …. other one… but geez … where’s the imagined mailice in THIS? Loving mom…impossible situation … but still charming and sweet.

  74. Cats suck!

  75. i love cats! cats are great!

    [Your tribute, combined with your screen name, is perhaps a mite unsettling – Ed.]

  76. Thats really cute

  77. Panda’s so LAZY! They are eating all the time and sleeping the rest! Anyway they are extremely sweet!!!

  78. Cats are unable to show meaningful expression due to lack of facial muscles so interpretation would be meaningless. Nature gave most mammal mothers strong maternal instinct so adoption is fairly common. Still, interesting to animal lovers.

  79. Augdra, “meaningful expression” in cats isn’t all about the face. Even if it were: EYE SQUEEZES.