THIS JUST IN: A kitteh with eyebrows

What brilliant Japanese person drew these on?

Ximena H., that is groucho-riffic.


  1. His name is Maro! I prefer Maru, but I will take Maro and his concerned face any day.
    I also like that his TAIL looks like one giant eyebrow.

  2. “he felt a strong sense of destiny when he saw this cat. He can’t say the same about his wife”.


  3. ohmy! he looks so concerned! poor lil fella, i just wanna snuggle him right up!

  4. This is something I’ve only seen on Japanese cats. I saw it first in anime, and I thought the artist was just being cute, but since then I’ve seen more and more real eyebrow-cats.

  5. kabukitty!

  6. Lol, no need to be so concerned leetle one!

  7. This kitten is a much toned down and gentle-ified version of the Lady Macbeth character (Asaji) In Kurosawa’s Macbeth (Throne of Blood):

  8. I love his tail as much as his eyebrows! It looks like he dipped it in black paint by accidents :)

  9. OMG LMAO!!!

  10. do not want….

  11. Nom Tom, a replacement avatar picture for you?

  12. I LOL’ed so much I knocked my cup…

  13. binky-mama says:

    Awwww, kitteh is in a constant state of concern! It’s otay little guy!

    Anyone else have the urge to draw a leetle ‘stache on him? *blush*

  14. lmao.. the lilttle guy look so cute plus the tail is black too!

  15. Heather in Oregon says:

    Omg, that kitteh is so being emotionally abused, everyone is staring at him and laughin…everyone is going to run out and buy only kittehs with eyebrows now! whaaaa
    lol, its 3am, I’m a bit silly. :)
    Love the site, love the cute, love the wacky peoples

  16. Justahannah says:

    I love the last few seconds, where he’s makin’ the extra-concerned-about-pouncing-on-something face…kawaii!

  17. so cute she is

  18. Related to the Japanese dog with eyebrows that was posted a few months ago? Why is it that they always have Groucho Marx eyebrows?

  19. Awww
    He looks like he’s sad all the time…

  20. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    It looks like he’s terribly concerned about EVERYTHING!
    And the afterthought tail, omg…

  21. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    They surely won’t last long what with everyone touching them to see if they’re real. They’ll be rubbed right off. Poor dear….. ;-)

  22. The eyebrows make the kitty look perptually wistful. That, combined with the dipped-in-paint tailhave cause my brain to explode and leak out of my ears.

  23. Kitty had one too many face lifts now he always looks suprised!


  24. Am I the only one who upon seeing the kitty thought they looked like horns, not eyebrows?

  25. Mamamclain says:

    He looks so surprised to me! Not concerned, come on everyone, life is a constant surprise, not something to be confuzzled about! The cutest thing by far is the little girls in the background going, ” Oooohhh!” That cracked me up more than kitteh.

  26. Kitteh looks perpetually sad! Then again, if the eyebrows were sloped downward and inward, kitteh would have looked perpetually mad. hehehehehe
    So cute!

  27. I also found the bit about his wife truly hillarific…*snort*

    Loving the eyebrows! He totally needs a little ‘tache too :D

  28. Gosh this is so cute it hurts! I couldn’t agree with Smarsh more- he totally needs a little moustachio. :) Perhaps one of those diablo beard/’stach combinations would be cute. :D

  29. Too much the cute! And thanks to whoever subbed the video for us!

  30. I used to watch this show in Japan because it didn’t need any translation. They’d just show amazing stuff and their celebrity guests would get really excited. I sorta miss it. Thanks for posting this!

  31. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I’d also like to offer props to whomever selected the music & edited the vid so that it felt so DRAMATIC when lil kit turned his face toward camera (altho most likely that person is Japanese & CO wouldn’t have any way to communicate it to them).

    A bit of competishe for the (ominous music here, please …)
    DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK ??? (repeat ominous music / optional here)

  32. Von Zeppelin says:

    Those are not Groucho brows. Those are Empathetic, Caring Therapist brows. “I can see this was really hard for you. Why don’t you tell me about it?”

  33. Stinkin’ cute.

  34. We need TV shows like that in North America! No fair! :P

  35. @Kittykye, you mean “Shaq Vs.” isn’t sufficiently cute? :mrgreen:

  36. I think the reason the Japanese audience got so enthusiastic is that Maro-chan looks just like a medieval Japanese lady. They would completely pluck their eyebrows and apply cosmetic very high above the eyes. Wish we had TV shows like that here.

  37. monkeylina says:

    What TV show is that? A TV show just about cute stuff or what? We need that around the world to promote world peace!

  38. This is way cuter than a kitty in a blender… and far less disturbing. Sweet story to go along with it :)

  39. Kabukitty frowns upon the whole blender kitty kerkuffle.

  40. I like the way he is crazy slapping the pink teaser wand at the end and then, in true kitten ADD fashion, suddenly forgets all about it and starts cleaning his face.

    I also am charmed by the way he suddenly falls over on his side near the start of the video and begins attacking the blanket, for no apparent reason.

  41. mz. twinkletoez says:

    wow! i’ve never seen that before! but it’s cute though.

  42. perpetually worried kitty!

  43. @ jayjay – thank you for the link – was thinking the same thing. the kitty is a sad, soft version of lady macbeth.

  44. Little fella comes with free Kawaii.

  45. Nope those are clearly not real eyebrows. They’re little black caterpillars sleeping on his forehead. I can tell by the pixels.

  46. AlbertaGirl says:

    This immediately made me think of my favouritest disapproving rabbit ever… Iggy!


  48. AWW :D What a cutie :D I am SO glad that little kitty, Maro, has a loving forever home :D May you live into your 20s, Maro :D

  49. If I recall correctly, eyebrows like those were called “moth eyebrows” (I love very old Japanese art!).

  50. Kitty can use those eyebrows to raise quizzically at the latest Dr. McNinja comic, which features… rainbow unicorn poop.

    My own eyebrows are currently fighting over which one gets to be quirked higher. It’s making my forehead ache.

  51. Back in the Heian era this kitty was a PRINCESS. :D

  52. She is so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing

  53. lavishmango says:

    I’m with Lucy’s Mommeh eyebrows cute. Afterthought tail AWESOME!

  54. DaytimeDeb says:

    monkeylina 09.03.09 at 9:36 am
    “What TV show is that? A TV show just about cute stuff or what? We need that around the world to promote world peace!”

    Riiighht. Because cute TV shows and cute websites and such NEVER cause commontroversy.

  55. The narrator says at one point: “certainly, the cat looks like he’s worried.” Poor troubled kitten!

  56. Kittehs with eyebrows and doggies with hearts on them–clearly Japan is kicking the rest of the worlds tocks in the cute department!

  57. patwashburn says:

    I am completely slain by the cuteness of this kitten. Should I attempt to revive myself, the incredible silliness of Japanese television production will no doubt return me to the realms beyond.

  58. Awww, kitty can be best friends with the DOGGY with eyebrows!


  59. Tblue.. he’s a two month old kitten.

    They need a reason to be hyper and ADD in turns?

  60. Silent Meow says:

    OMG! This is the FIRST time I have EVER seen eyebrows on a kitteh! *keeling over from the lethal cuteness factor*

  61. Cute cute kitteh looks to me like a Turkish Van:

    This breed is notable especially for its love of water and actual swimming. I took care of my neice’s Turkish Van cat Caspar for a while. He loved hanging out in the bathtub.


  63. sunshine_mae says:

    Nogrinnin, you are totally right! The kitteh is a cutie Turkish Van and has similar marking to my sweet baby kat! I’ve owned other breeds but this one might be my all time favorite. They are just so smart and sweet! My baby is now seven and I still have no idea how she keeps her fur so super white!

  64. wow these ppl get excited over a cat …. WAT AM I SAYING HES ADORIBAL WHERE CAN I BUY ONEEE

  65. hay i love the pics

  66. love it!! :-)

  67. hey! maybe he has those eyebrows because he is a turkish van like mine but with smaller spots on the head, they are supposed to have them:

  68. This just in says:

    THIS JUST IN: Cute Overload doesn’t follow basic blogging etiquette, doesn’t even link to the source of its videos.

  69. OH MY GOSH!
    he’s a definite cute overload….
    those eyebrows are amazing!
    he looks so concerned….
    like “Trixie” said, i don’t mind Maro or Maru….
    so CUTE!!!
    if ever another video of this adorable cat comes on Youtube…
    be sure to post it in here!

  70. um,,,,,,,it doesn’t look like a cat >///<

  71. Um.. PUD..?

    You know what a cat looks like don’t you? Becuase that obivously is kitty.


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