No, You Really Didn’t See This Picture

This page never happened.  You didn’t see anything.  We were never here.


(OK, before you flip out, note that the cat goes all the way to the bottom of the pitcher, which means that the blade unit is not installed.)



  1. Wow NTMTOM…you’re just baiting the Nuffs aren’t you? But I’m glad you put the disclaimer at the bottom b/c for a second I thought you were out of your ever lovin, cotton pickin mind!

  2. Stupid!

  3. CoconutCheez says:

    OMG KITTY~~~ NYUUUUUUUUU the consequences that the power cord mite be connected is VERY FRIGHTENING T^T
    But very cute kitteh >.<~~~

  4. Do not like! Do. Not. Like.

    Disclaimer or no disclaimer it gives me the willies. And I never nuff and nuthin.

  5. HAAA! is that a vitamix? :p

  6. awww too cute XD

  7. lunacydress says:

    Cats in stuff=cute, usually. Not in this case. I don’t even like *looking* at this picture. Too disturbing, sorry.

  8. Just say no!

  9. KatieZientek says:

    Oxygen level..depleting..

  10. Toe Beans!!

  11. The secret ingredient in a ‘Fuzzy Navel’ ??

  12. I agree with lunacydress- this is too much! Disturbing. I’ve been linked to videos (maliciously) that were similar to this photo, so thanks for reminding me of that traumatizing moment. 😦

  13. no likee… 😦

  14. This is my first NUFF ever! But it had to be said…NO…NO…NO. Bad picture,bad picture.

  15. that’s awful!!!!!! I can’t like it. esp since that sweet calico kitteh looks like mine did when she was wee


  16. oh noes! i’m with coconutcheez …. kyoot kitteh, but =X eeek!

    NOMTOM, methinks you knew what you were getting into. “impending doom” indeed hehe

  17. I’ve never nuffed before.

    This pic, NOT cute.

  18. don’t like, @kibbles- that is really sad, i am sorry you were tricked into videos like that 😦

  19. yup…i agree about this being disturbing…disclaimer or not. Really don’t see the humor or cuteness in this at all. I’m actually on “not funny overload”. Sorry.

  20. ::Flips out anyway::

    ::mentally photoshopping image::

    findahappyplace! findahappyplace!

  21. thanks for the info in brackets below the picture. i was about to flip. guess no tantrum today for me. oh wait, hubby left the toilet seat up AGAIN!…

  22. What part of “linking an animal with the concept of a cruel death” is cute? “Let’s put a rubber knife to a puppy’s throat – how cute!?!” Sick concept, sick photo. Epic empathy fail. Recommend removal.

  23. Happenstance says:

    I usually mock the nuffers, but not this time.

    (1) “Technically” okay is bull. It’s a cat in a blender. Are you stupid?

  24. Even though you don’t think so, you really glorify this kind of thing by just posting it.

  25. NOT COOL!!!!

  26. I agree with this being disturbing..disclaimer or not! the poor kitty looks a little frightened. i feel like I’m on “sad overload”.

  27. I dunno… I’m usually not disturbed but this one just isn’t very cute. Maybe it would be different if they hadn’t put the lid on or something, but… *shrugs*

  28. Nope!

  29. concur with pliny. way to encourage, guys.

  30. I think that even posting this picture is unethical. Despite the supposed absence of the blade, the picture suggests that this image is somehow entertaining and I argue that it is something about the blender (and not just that it is a random object the cat is in) that people find amusing, which is highly disturbing. I am very disappointed in this site and its ability to understand the power of imagery in respect for animals. I don’t understand why people find things like this in any way amusing let alone “cute.”

  31. since you seem to like simulating grotesquely abusive situations – heres an idea for you…..
    why don’t you climb into a kitchen oven (if you’re small like me you probably could) and have someone take your picture, then put your little disclaimer saying that the heat wasn’t turned on….
    still repugnant!!!

  32. oh what the h… I’ll throw you a tantrum anyway. Take that kitteh out of there and say sorry.

  33. First time I post but I had to say NOT CUTE. Poor bitty kitty is trapped the lid is on! Why would stuffing and locking a baby animal in a small place considered cute?

  34. NOT FUNNY. Smarten up…. Is it only me or does it seem that more and more often, poor judgement is used in posting pictures of animals who are clearly scared and upset.

    Smarten up…one more and I am off this site for good..AND, I will email all the advertisers and post a complaint.


  35. Stephiedactyl says:

    I don’t get the warm and fuzzies when I look at this picture. I mostly feel sad. Cats don’t belong in blenders. That’s all I really have to say.

  36. poor thing has a look of terror in its eyes 😦

    i really wish i didn’t see this picture

  37. Not only do I recommend removal but I recommend an apology and explanation to viewers (particularly children) that this is NEVER OKAY.

  38. This is not cute or funny!

  39. That was very very bad taste…

  40. Sorry – in spite of the disclaimer, this bothers me

  41. earlybird1 says:

    Agree with all the nuffers. And does that blender look like it’s plugged in?!?!?! Even without the blade, eeesh! Not my fave. Get that kitteh out of there!

  42. Cat Skyfire says:

    I’ll take the kitteh margarita, blended…

  43. Nancy (orig) says:

    It was a million to one shot, Doc. Million to one

  44. Allison has a good point about this being unethical. Anyone care to report to WordPress (site host)?

  45. I don’t care how safe that cat is this picture is disturbing. I do not like it enough to make this my first post ever on cute overload. Why not put a puppy in an oven and just add the disclaimer that the oven is unplugged. Horrible picture.

  46. posterkitten says:

    OK, so NOT COOL that the lid is on. Not funny, not cute, just cruel. That kitty looks so scared.

  47. I hope they named her Margarita

  48. L. Stevenson says:

    I highly doubt that some random psycho is going to see this picture and think “Brilliant! I have a kitteh AND a blender! What a great idea!” The moderators of this site aren’t stupid and I’m sure that if there had been ANY chance of this picture looking harmful to the kitty, they wouldn’t have posted it. Think of all the crap happening in the world: gay marriage rights, universal health care, Korea and Iran potentially having nukes, et all., and THIS is what you’re upset about?! Come on….

  49. I’m with kozzymom.

  50. This is not cool at all. This picture is in no way cute, or funny. It’s disturbing and I never would have thought that cuteoverload would post a picture like this. Please remove it. It makes me sick and want to cry!!!

  51. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, so the photo made me pause, too, but where do you people get off DEMANDING that the photo be removed and that apologies be made???

  52. Sigh. Insert nuff comment here. 😦

  53. It’s funny how contributors on websites eventually get bored and resort to trolling the regulars. I’ve noticed this three or four times on other sites in the past few weeks. Just quit if doesn’t push your buttons anymore. No need to push everyone else’s.

  54. that is NOT cuteoverload. That is awful. The poor baby looks scared.

  55. that’s one REALLY cute kitty. she’s HALPLESS.

  56. that’s mean! Putting a kitty in a blender! And they also put the lid on!

  57. I thought this was “cute overload” not “sick, evil overload” No matter the disclaimer, a child could see this and really do it.

  58. Get a life. Seriously. says:

    That kitteh has a little pendant of some kind.. that’s how loved/spoiled he/she is,.. and y’all seriously think her people would stuff her in a blender and scare her or hurt her or let her suffocate? Seriously? The look on her face is cute.. the toe beans are cute..she’s really in no danger.. cruel psychos loooking for ideas are not looking here for them.. so although this is not my favorite, I think it’s fine. Regards to CO hosts. “Lighten up” to the rest of y’all.

  59. Whether some nutjob “gets ideas” from this kind of image or not is not the point. The image is disturbing to reasonable, rational people. Sure, throngs of 11-19 year old boys might find it amusing. If you like that sort of thing, it is an amusing photo. But on CuteOverload? Frankly I’d rather see smut here than this sort of thing.

    I’m not a nuff, I’m not a nuff, I’m not a nuff.

    Okay. I am a nuff.

  60. came for the comments. am leaving satisfied 😉

    will be back for more later.

    /no child in their right mind would EVER put a kitty in a blender, and those that aren’t in their right minds have probably already thought of this (and worse).

  61. hamanahamana says:

    I despise nuffers. I have never found anything on this site that wasn’t cute, and have never been offended by any content posted.

    Until now.

  62. nano's mom says:

    I don’t see that kitten as scared. I look at that kittens eyes and see “you have to sleep sometime” That owner could be in a lot of trouble.

  63. The problem with a photo like this is it encourages people to “top” it – possibly endangering animals. There’s a big difference between cute and sick. Please don’t post photos like this again.

  64. Lars Gundersen says:

    Knock it off, Jerky.

  65. NOT cute + not funny + creepy = cuteoverload EPIC FAIL

  66. Oh, I hate to nuff, but I’m afraid I also find this image to be the wrong pic for this site, please do consider removing it. Thanks.c

  67. this i do not like.

  68. what a saw first was an adorable kitty with squished up toesies! i love this site and i find it ironic that “first time posters” take the time to comment on something they DON’T like instead of all the 99 out of 100 times they see something here that makes them go AWWWWWWW and don’t comment on that. Better to focus on the good/beauty/happy stuff before sad/wierd/i-disagree-with-you stuff….just my opinion, and yes, i have posted here before and submitted my own doggie for a pic on the site..thank you…*stepping down now*

  69. still a cruel image to post.

  70. Bunny O'Hare says:

    That isn’t cute. FAIL!

  71. wow, I can’t believe everyone is nuffing this! Really peeps, a chill pill prescription is in order for all. I suppose it’s alright to look at this and still find it disturbing, but no kittehs were harmed! I thought it was pretty cute, and I’ll even go so far as to say it’s cute because it’s a little disturbing! Jeez, relax.

  72. I think this post was brilliant, the image and the writing of the post are nothing special but all the insane nuffing is hilarious. BEST. THREAD. EVER.

  73. a.) get off the internet
    b.) threaten to email all the advertisers, report site to wordpress, post an epic comment demanding apology, cry self to sleep.

    hm which is more reasonable….

  74. Look at the kitten by himself and he is very cute. Kitty in a blender…it’s an unsettling thought sure, but clearly no harm has come to the him. Unethical to post the picture however? Please people, save your self-righteous moral outrage for something that actually deserves it.

  75. I have to agree with DogEared. I didn’t see cruelty — just a kitty that got into a container. My cats once got into the fireplace, and I took a picture. It didn’t mean “Let’s burn cats!” It just meant “Haha look what silly mischief they’ve gotten into.”

  76. You have Jumped The Shark. Sad, but true.

    [You haven’t been here very long, have you. – Ed.]

  77. Not cute at all. FAIL

  78. I find this picture in poor taste whether or not the blade unit was removed. Thank goodness it was removed! I think it should be deleted from the site. The cat looks terrified and I question what everyone was thinking in taking the picture and posting it. Awful!

  79. No kitties may have been harmed in the making of this photo, but it still doesn’t mean it won’t give some sick idiot(s) very bad ideas…

    The pic makes me feel really uncomfortable & a bit sad.
    Pic FAIL.

  80. Apologies? Unethical? Demanding this picture be taken down?
    This post is worth is just to watch everyone freak out.

  81. Not cute at all.
    Disclaimer doesn’t matter.

    I know that no kitties were harmed in making this photo, i don’t think ANYONE really thinks that. It’s what it represents – REAL cruelty towards animals, not just ‘play-pretend’cruelty. There are people out there getting slaps on the wrists for nuking kittens in Microwaves, showing things like this sort of condones it by making it, labeling it “cute” . . . just wrong, bad . . . stupid.

    And definitely not cute.

  82. i guess i’ll have to cut out all the “monkey” pictures in my Cute Overload Wall Size Calendar since i “don’t like monkeys”….sorry Meg……geez i hope one isn’t on the day of my birthday…..dang….wouldn’t that suck….*snort* *snicker*……..

  83. i haz the heebie jeebies! Reminds me of the *humor* behind bonsai kittens.

  84. I hate nuffers, and I’m not usually affected by very much, but this picture made me extremely uncomfortable and sad. And made me give my kitties hugs.

  85. This picture makes me sad 😦

  86. I agree with the “murderous glare” observation. Someone is going to get it when that baby gets out of there.

  87. Don’t think of the blender as an instrument of torture – its just a CONTAINER people! The kitteh just wanted somewhere fun to curl up and its owner thought it would make a cute pic and put the lid on and took the pic. Think of the MOVIES we watch that depict dangerous and upsetting situations for animals – we know its OK becuase they are actually posing for the camera and in NO real danger. They have owners that love them and would never hurt them! Please try to put this in perspective peeps!

  88. “HALP!” 😀

    I suppose all these people are offended by this picture too?

    Same thing.

  89. Awww kittyan looks quite calm 2 me, and slightly,
    “sheesh take the pic already willya?”
    pic would be a blurr of scramblin kitty trying 2 get out if not
    (but that’s just *my* opinion)
    I think she looks sweet, enough 2 drink! 😉
    Don’t need no alcohol added though, this drink’s got its own kick!

  90. A. Non Ymous says:

    Love it. Hooray for free speech! Thanks, NMTOM.

    PS – I hope all the nuffers are vegetarians . . . “meat” animals go through horrendous torture before they become your turkey sandwich or sausage.

  91. I love the hovertext, even though I’m sure lots of people won’t. Although, for it to really work, the kitty should be an orange kitty not a calico!

    (Aside: I had forgotten that was really called “alt text” because I’m so used to seeing it called “hovertext” here.)

    That is a very pretty kitty. He/she deserves lots of treats for being so patient with his/her silly owners.

  92. Um… with a name like “Julius” it would seem more fitting were it a marmie. 😉

    It’s just a picture. It’s not saying “Rush out now and put your kittens in blenders”. If you are actually hearing that, you have bigger probs than a post on a web site. Oooh, speaking of which, I haven’t been to Bansai Kitteh in a while…

  93. I don’t actually comment on this site ever…. but, you knew this was going to get a reaction when you decided to post it. If a picture needs a disclaimer than maybe its not that cute. Yes potentially cute, but the lid is on and that cat looks like *what the heck* , aka posed. but whatever, its the internet.

  94. not funny
    not cute
    doesn’t belong in this category at all
    I am surprised that you posted this
    very poor taste

  95. Ahhhhahahahaha, the comments on this post are amazing. If you’re this upset about a picture of a cat who was at the very most slightly uncomfortable for the three seconds it took to snap a picture, it is time to exit your browser and spend some time in the real world.

  96. I’ve rolled my eyes in the past at people who get all indignant about stuff on here, but this image is disturbing and not cute. I wish I hadn’t seen it. I don’t dislike it because I think it will inspire someone to blend up cats. This image is just upsetting to me.

  97. lauraewaddell says:

    Really disappointed in Cute Overload for this one.

  98. geez louise. I’m with Lisa–think of this as a container. Maru choses to put himself into confined spaces all the time (see last video, for example) and we love it.

  99. Still not funny. I don’t think CO should post pix like this – it shows support and amusement for some VERY bad judgment.

  100. You just lost a loyal viewer if you don’t recognize the inappropriateness of this photo. The disclaimer is useless. Don’t give idiots ideas. This is NOT cute.

  101. @ Erin Koble

    “it is simply the worse picture ever.”

    You really think that?

  102. NOT FUNNY. sorry, but not. just not. I can’t even look at it.

    And yes, btw, I am a vegetarian. 😛

  103. Hovertext made me LOL. Yay to 80s mall reference. *whistles and walks away*

  104. Ok, I have a joke. And if someboby already made this joke, I apologize, but I can’t take nuffin’ today. What’s black, white, brown and red and goes a hundred miles an hour? Kitteh ina blender!

  105. MollyMouser says:

    I don’t like this photo and wished it hadn’t been posted.

  106. Noooo! Get that baby out of there!

    “Can’t. Breath.”

  107. This is awesome. The reaction as much as anything else. A lot of these nuffers must be the same people who think the existence of condoms encourages teenagers to have sex. Love it!

    Also, Queequeg up at #11 wins the internets.

  108. Commander Killbot says:

    Don’t care that the blade isn’t installed.

    Not funny.

    Not cute.

    And no, I’m not a vegetarian.

  109. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said, but I also want to voice my opinion that this photo is in poor taste. It doesn’t matter that the blade is removed; the “humor” comes from the idea that it could be there. The cat looks scared, and there’s nothing cute about it. I’ve never posted on here before either, but this post is enough to make me consider ending my visits to your site. I hope you feel bad about posting that.

  110. I would like a kittenshake, please, extra whippy.

  111. Angelbeast says:

    All of you people freaking out about this SUCK.

    Just look at something else.

    And maybe try commenting as much on the things you do like instead of bashing one photo you think might be bad.

    And all you “OH THE CHILDREN” people need to grow a pair and actually explain things to your kids like ” in the instance this was done someone was right there with the kitty. Ad No you never do this with a real blender” And explain to them why is dangerous. Sorta like explaining to your kids that not everything they see on TV is safe or responsible to do.

    Its Meg’s Blog. If you don’t like it shut up and move on”. Certainly, her membership is the reason she has paid advertisements but the membership is the reason she needs paid advertizement. Web hosting charges are based on traffic.

    Heaven forbid someone not like something on someone’s blog.

    I think its cute and I want a fuzzy navel. And Toes. And I’m not sure where you Nuffers are seeing the terrified look cuz it looks pretty mellow to me.

    I for one am a total fan of this blog. The Nuffers can go DIAF. For all I care.

  112. Does that blender have a “Purr” cycle?

  113. What Kate B said.

    I come on this site for cuteness and giggles and this picture is completely awful.

    NOT cute.

  114. DO NOT WANT. This isn’t funny or cute.

  115. Very upsetting -regardless of if the animal was in any danger.

  116. Wanted to add my opinion to the others. Most likely kitty is not scared, suffocating, or anything. I don’t think it is coming to any harm. But, still –DO NOT WANT. 😦

  117. I think we are going for a Cutecontroversy record here

  118. Just add milk..

  119. Still not cute 😦

  120. Meg – make the call and side with the people that don’t mind looking at cat’s in a blender, or side with the people that do.

    I’ll subscribe/unsubscribe to your blog based on that.

  121. Don’t think I can visit this site anymore…this is a disturbing photo.

  122. Actually, forget it. I’m ending my subscription to your site. Bye.

    [ *waves* – Ed.]

  123. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Oh for the love of dog and all that’s holy, why is it so difficult for some people to separate their emotional response, triggered by imagining a “what if”, from the reality of what is right there in front of them?! Stop being so damn frightened and lighten-up!

  124. Janice of the Nine says:

    I feel disturbed but even more I feel manipulated. Meg, Mike, et al KNEW what kind of a reaction they would get by posting this picture, and that the resounding majority of the comments were likely to be negative. But anything to keep the page hits (and advertising $$) up, right?

    Sure, the kitten is cute. Name me a kitten that *isn’t* cute! And if the blender container was laying on its side, away from the motor, we could have had a cute “Maru” type moment. But the setup the way it is unavoidably suggests the awful thing that could happen and I can’t find it a cute photo at all.

    But I clicked thru and commented, which is what this photo was really all about. I really, really hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Cute kitten in a closed microwave, anyone? Hey, it’s not turned on! What’s a matter, you don’t have a sense of humor??


    [Or, perish the thought, Toonces driving over a cliff! 😯 – Ed.]

  125. how does one subscribe to this site? I want a subscription.

  126. Please no more pictures like this …. its not funny – its not cute.

  127. I have never seen this many nuffers. It’s like someone threw a rock at a wasp’s nest.

    FWIW, I think cute things in mock-dangerous situations ARE cute. Same principle as the dog in the hot-dog bun.

    Just as a few have mentioned they don’t understand the appeal of this, I don’t understand people who get so worked up over some good old-fashioned pretend-scares.

  128. Not a nice photo. Just gives creepy people ideas. People are capable of horrendous things.

  129. I’m pretty sure Meg doesn’t mind losing any of the people who would leave based upon one photo. Especially when this website delivers top notch stuff like 90% of the time. Bad taste? Yeah, I’d have to say so. But honestly people, go throw your fit where it warrants it, and don’t make me have to list all of the human atrocities occurring right now as we speak to direct you since some of you are quite misguided…or just oblivious. So many things that make this look like cotton candy and yet I doubt that most of you have spent as much energy as you did just now objecting to them.

    Get your priorities straight. I didn’t realize that you nuffers were so perfect that you never made any errors in judgement in which someone could have “unsubscribed” from you.

  130. hahahaha…i find it disturbing the stores put the milk WAAAYYY in the back so you have to walk thru the “profitable” stuff and “may” buy something else even though you only wanted MILK….

    also..i find it disturbing the “wet floor” signs unavoidably suggest that awful picture of a person “falling”…

    sorry…i’ve had a very long day #131….but if we were all the same there wouldn’t be 131+ comments now would there……?

  131. Why do so many people nuff stuff? If you don’t like it don’t look at it. There are thousands of blogs of cute stuff online. Find one that suits you better!

  132. I have always loved the content on Cute Overload but this is too much and I have to make my first comment on this picture. Yes, the blade may not be in the blender but the kitten is still likely to be frightened, having been squished into a confined space. The person who did this is sick, prefering the glory of a poxy photo to the welfare of the kitty. I personally prefer animals to be photographed in natural circumstances.

  133. do not want.

    [first nuff evah]

  134. ...really? says:

    …really? This is going to inspire thousands of kitty blender deaths? I think people get inspired by just about anything these days. People are disturbed because they want to be. It probably took two seconds to take that picture and the cat probably jumped right on out. It’s still cute, and people are just too sensitive.

  135. LunaChickFringe says:

    Sounds like a mutiny to me. Good riddance to bad nuffers, IF they actually make good and leave. Get a life, get a job…better yet start our own blog. Of course you are entitiled to your opinion but you are not entitled to run someone else’s private enterprise. I am usually happy to be a looky loo but what is ruining CO for me is this ridiculous garbage. You know what I do when I see something I don’t like? I stop looking at it. Go Meg, Teho and NTMTOM!

  136. Ilikeanimals says:

    Really upsetting. A nightmare kind of picture, Michael Vick will likely make a poster of it.

    [No no, he’d use puppies, duh – Ed.]

  137. Heh. Cute! The cat’s going ‘hey, what’s going on?” reminds me of when my parrot would try to play in the toaster oven when I had it open/unplugged for cleaning, or when said parrot tried to wedge himself into the toaster slot.

    Ignore what the others say Meg. Children shouldnt be on the internet unsupervised anyways, and I dont see anything ‘terrifying’ or ‘horrific’ about the image.

    As the great Comedian Mel Brooks once said: This moring I cut my finger, that is a tragedy. A man falls into an open manhole and dies. That’s comedy.

  138. ...really! says:

    …really? – You are so right!! There is no freaking way that this picture will lead to thousands of blended up kitties! I have no problem with one little kid trying this out for himself and then saying “I wonder what this button does” Dennis the Menace style. Wheeeeew I was overreacting there for a second but your logic has done wonders for me. One kitten harmed is totally doable, I just thank god it won’t be thousands.

  139. I want to know who the heck lets children play with BLENDERS anyways. I may not have kids but aren’t those things supposed to be on high shelves out of reach of unsupervised littles?

  140. … what you guys? what?
    yes, it’s a cat in a blender, but do you see it being blended? there isn’t a blade in there. seriously. i didn’t ACTUALLY think there would be an abundance of people nuffing about this picture, but wow. i doubt whoever put him in there is going to leave him in there for any period of time, and i also doubt that someone is going to see this picture and go kill kittens in a blender. i think we all know that’s bad, and if someone doesn’t, then i think they’d do something like this without seeing the picture anyway… (not that i’m promoting it, i’m just explaining — if someone could actually do something like this, a picture has nothing to do with it. they’d do it regardless.)

    P.S. if you think this kitten looks scared, then you’ve obviously never seen a scared cat.

  141. “One kitten harmed is totally doable, I just thank god it won’t be thousands.”

    goodness gracious! just because the cat is in a blender – WITHOUT A BLADE – doesn’t mean that the cat was going to be blended. you are over reacting!

    [Yeah, totally different website. That poor iPod… 😦 – Ed.]

  142. Rather than weighing in on whether this is an “appropriate” picture for Cute Overload, I just want to say to all the nuffers, if you’re not vegetarian, you have no moral high ground to stand on. I try very hard (in my real life) not to be preachy or judgemental about vegetarianism, mostly because it doesn’t accomplish anything, and also because no one is perfect, including me, etc. etc. But the nuffing on this picture just pisses me off too much to let it lie.

    This is not a picture of a cat actually *being* harmed; it merely suggests to you and causes you to imagine the terrible harm that *could* befall this kitty. How about spending a little time imagining the harm that ACTUALLY comes to all of the animals you eat? You know, the stuff you don’t like to think about. Because it’s upsetting. There’s a video circulating at the moment of baby chicks being dropped alive into a grinder. At a meat processing plant. Right here, right now. Every day. How about getting outraged about that instead?

  143. I don’t find the pic particularly cute or amusing. It’s kind of “meh.” What sort of frustrates me though is that the pic was obviously posted to get a commentroversy going. How artificial.

    [On the contrary, it’s 100% natural and organic. – Ed.]

  144. Hear hear JohnnyJohnny (#130). We still love you NTMTOM, you sick, hilarious b**tard. Keep em’ comin’. =^.^=

  145. Poor kitty looks scared. Not cute.

  146. karla lombardi says:

    wrong! this makes me not want to visit this site anymore

    [Well, OK… – Ed.]

  147. I hope the nuffers never find the failblog. Some of the photos there are worse…

  148. shahinrani says:

    My mind is completely boggled that people seriously, genuinely think a child will see this and as a result immediately stuff a kitten in a blender.

  149. Sha: exactly. And then plug it in, and then play with the buttons, and close the lid… Too improbable I think.

  150. animallover says:

    sad 😦

  151. way to overreact, y’all. sheesh.

  152. …ah i don’t know shahinrani…i SO wanted to dress my doggie up as a cat when i saw the post from the Conan show…………*snort* *snicker again*…..sorry. too much wine tonite.

  153. I come to this site every day for cute, not for “controversial photo.” Got enough of that elsewhere. Do this again and it’s off the bookmark list.

  154. shahinrani says:

    Horsetuna: plus, who leaves their blender assembled? Mine is in several pieces, in several drawers and cabinets, and I don’t think a child could FIND all the pieces, let alone put them together in working order.

  155. What is going through my head right now is “If people would actually raise their kids instead of letting TV/Internet/Video games do it, this would be a complete nonissue.”

  156. I go to cuteoverload to get away from stuff like this 😦

    [Where do you work that regularly blends cats?? Me, I’d quit. – Ed.]

  157. How funny!!! As a recording engineer we frequently refer to the “cat in the blender” sound.

    This makes it offish.

  158. Sha: that too. Mine when I had one was alawys in several peices, or at least loosely put together (Ie, set on base with loose bits inside so they dont get separated), But then again I live alone and dont have people over (and if kids do end up coming over they are not going into the kitchen without an adult).

  159. hahahaha this is madness, I love it. Kudos to the parents that let their children browse the internet unsupervised and see this pic, and INSTANTLY run to blend up their cat. Because that’s what kids are doing these days, right?

  160. Ok “Ed”…I totes snorted light beer out of my nose holes at your response to Ilikeanimals (#136). That’s it…my keyboard is ruined. I’m never visiting this site again!

    [You need this. – Ed.]

  161. This photo reminds me of bands that are doing really great pop music, but then one of the lesser members decides they need to get more edgy. FAIL

  162. …crap..i can’t RIOT right now….i’m in my pj’s and i have to work early tomorrow….

  163. Who is Ed?

    [ *sigh* A horse is a horse, of course, of course…? – Ed.]

  164. Beakybird – What, is this site your child to discipline?

    S – Are you actually serious? [Not while I live. – Ed.]

    The amount of useless arm flailing and empty threats from the people put off by this image is astounding. No one is making you look. And I’m sure the threats have them quaking.

    Add another to the tally of people who think it’s cute / funny / non-offensive for me.

  165. You show very poor judgement in posting this. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It send shivers up my spine. I view your website every day, and if I see anything like this again, I will never come back.

  166. BakonCheezburger says:

    I understand why people are upset. I mean, I can’t even look at this picture without some quesiness and have not looked at it since the first glance. I also think there are fair, decent people, regular visitors, who have been commenting and are upset, nay, angry that this picture was posted. I empathize with you. I love animals, hate animal abuse.

    This was my situation a few months ago, come to think of it, on THIS site!

    I have a crippling phobia of caterpillars. I’m a 30 year old woman and should not be scared of something so harmless. I know rationally that they don’t move fast, are no threat to me at all (please don’t tell me if there are poisonous ones). I cannot even think about them without feeling panicky (I’m nervous even now). It’s an emotional and physical response – my fight/flight thing kicks in, and I get the hell out of dodge.

    If you’re a loyal site visitor, like me, you saw the CO picture of a green caterpillar several months ago. Well, I glimpsed it then immediately shut down the entire browser, every tab included. I stopped coming to the site for a while. I considered taking CO down from my Bookmark toolbar.

    It never occurred to me to ask Meg to remove it. I think we can all agree that if I had, I would have looked and sounded ridiculous, first off. More importantly, I don’t WANT her to remove it. Meg decided to put it up, and it’s her executive decision on what goes on the site.

    I am STILL very wary of this site and no longer open it straight up, right away. I check to see what the headers of the pictures are in the live feed bookmark. If the header even comes close to implying caterpillar, I don’t go, and sometimes I just give it a break for a few days if it’s that upsetting.

    But I remember all the good days. All the kitten pictures, the puppy dogs, the hammies… I don’t want to miss out on the work I DO like. So I’m still visiting the site every day, just now with some preventative steps before opening the site up.

    Again, I know, sounds ridiculous. But the issue was on my side, and I took steps to deal with it.

  167. I think the Cute Overload crew like to occasionally play around with the hair trigger sensitivity of their visitors once in a while. And I can see why! *evil grin*

  168. (closes door, backs away) Oh pish. No witty repartee’ party tonight.

    Very cutting edge NOMTOM.

    [Wait, did you just say that?? – Ed.]

  169. Not funny, not cute. Bad taste.

  170. Blender > Barbies

    Oh wait… I wasn’t a moron and my parents educated me about safety.

    I just bought my first blender as a matter of fact. I’m 20…is that sad?

    Somebody educate ME on some good recipes!?

    [Fresh apple cider, light on the rum, heavy on the raspberries, and use a strainer – Ed.]

  171. A crippling fear of caterpillars? Attention ho? God, get a life people!

  172. Also, way to go back and edit or delete your comments. Pansies.

    [Gentle advice: Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, because that lets me know what you don’t want me to do, and then guess what my choice is gonna be? It’s like the Big Red Button labeled “DO NOT PRESS” – Ed.]

    BakonCheezburger – Sure you’ve got an irrational fear but you’ve got an wonderfully rational approach to it. It’s good to see someone who doesn’t agree with the picture being so adult about it.

  173. All this talking about kids going and putting kitties in blenders.. makes me recall a story.. my friends 4 year old son was in the bathroom with the door shut.. this is the conversation that ensued, with mom on the outside of the locked door:

    Mom: Joshua, what are you doing?
    Joshua: Nothing…….?
    Mom: Then open the door..
    Joshua: I’m busy
    Mom: Doing what??
    Joshua: Cleaning
    Mom: What are you cleaning??
    Joshua: The Cat…….

  174. not cool. do not like. post’s like these are terrible.

  175. BakonCheezburger says:

    Sorry for frustrating you, cmom. I related that story to make a point.

  176. I’m not taking sides but my cat Princess took one look and said, “Meow! Meow! MRRROOWWW!!” So there!


    Sorry, the clean the cat story is hilarious I think. Not sure which side you were on or tryign to make a point about but i can see myself doing that as a kid too. (I loved my pets and took good care of them.)

    I didnt get a blender till 25… and used it three times, then gave up when I couldnt figuer out how to make a milkshake that didnt turn to just foam.

    [Blenders aren’t great for milkshakes, actually; not the real thick ones. Those are made with specialized mixers. You can approximate one by simply adding more milk/cream than you think you’ll need. – Ed.]

  178. OMG really? I know not all of you are vegetarian/vegan so I don’t know why you are freaking out so much. YOU EAT ANIMALS!!! What’s the difference?

  179. GrammaNature says:

    We don’t care that the blades are not in place ! THIS IS STILL A BAD IDEA !!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!

  180. @Bakoncheezburger
    You’re not alone. I have a major insect/spider issue. MAJOR.
    Can’t stand 2 look @ them @ all. BUT I do not complain when they ocassionally crop up here on CO. I just avert my eyes as quickly as I can. And am extra cautious when scrolling down to view a photo for a while too.

    Once in a while I might post an “Eww” or “shudders in fear” type comment but not in a complaining sorta way. 😉

    But this? This is not anywhere near as threatening as a lot of these commentor (I suspect many might be different names/same commentor?) are crying about.
    If anyone were to do this in real life, they don’t need 2 draw on CO for their inspiration, they’ve got it all up in their own heads with no help a’tall. That’s like blaming real life violence on video game violence. Real life violence was around long before and will be around long after.

    Ok, nuff said. Can I please play with the kitten now? Please? I’ve got the microwave door all cleaned up and everything! 😀

  181. “Ed” is short for “Edit”

    I thought it was more disturbing that some person thought it would be amusing to stuff their cat in a blender. I know the cat’s not in any danger, but the owners sure have sick minds. I can’t imagine doing something like putting the cat in the oven, closing the door, and taking a picture. The oven may not be on, but it’s still sick for someone to do that. *sigh*

    There could be a lot worse things that the owners could be doing to this kitty, though.

  182. of course, i do often joke about putting our cats in the clothes washer….

  183. @Golden! OMG, something so similar happened 2 me just recently.
    I related it here.
    My son. My darling 6 yr old son. And still alive 2 tell the tale. Gave the cat a bath.

  184. Mmm, cat smoothies.

    [Welcome back, Mike-who-isn’t-Not-That-Mike-The-Other-Mike. Now it’s a party. – Ed.]

  185. While I understand that this photo does not actually put the cat in danger, Kitteh-in-a-blender reminds me of all the Pedo-bear crap floating around on the internet… it’s masking an otherwise disgusting concept with “cuteness” to get laughs.

    I doubt the ASPCA or PETA would find this funny either.

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Gandhi

  186. Not that Meg the other Meg says:

    This picture SUCKS. And you suck for posting it.

  187. @Ed. – i always do the “wet paint” test….is it? is it not?…..

  188. AmaSoma, thanks for disciplining me for my opinion. Actually, though, I’m talking to Meg and CO as businesspeople about straying from the brand. Your (wow, how new, I’d never thought of it) ‘no one is making you look’ is exactly the point. Do they want me to look, or not?

  189. “Not that Meg” — aw, you hurts us feewings.

  190. I love the dude upstream who posted at 5:41 that he didn’t like the pic. Again at 5:46 giving Meg an ultimatum. And again at 5:50 stomping off in a huff. Like, Meg you had NINE MINUTES to lose a reader! And you LET HIM GO!! OMG!!!!!11!

    And if my kids saw this and tried to put one of my two newish marmies in a blender, they’d fall victim themselves to the 5 pointy ends. Probably end up more blended than the cat. (Of course, I give my kids credit. They’re smarter than that. Other people must have some dumb children.)

    Best. Nuffbait. Ever.

  191. First of all, I’m not afraid anyone is going to do this to an animal based upon the picture. But I have seen abused animals before, and this kitten certainly looks scared. And even if I wasn’t positive of that, how can anyone out there say they know for sure that this kitten ISN’T scared? Which brings me to my next point. Look at the size of the kitten, now look at the height of the blender. How did the kitten get into that blender? Every blender I know of would have fallen over had a kitten tried climbing inside (especially as the pitcher part is made to come off the blender, and it’s not that hard to do so)…which leads me to believe that this kitten was put into the blender. And even if you don’t think it was, how can you tell us all positively, unless you are the one that took the picture, that it was that kitten’s choice to go into the blender?
    Now, I have to kittens of my own and I know how they are. They love climbing into the smallest spaces they can find. So perhaps the kitten did climb into the blender. Now, did the kitten also put the top on? If you saw your kitten inside a blender, would you say “huh, I better grab the lid and secure it on before I take pictures of my kitten”? There are way too many animals out there being abused every day to think this is cute. Whether or not this kitten is loved and cared for properly, it’s just not right to think something like this is funny when animals do get abused every day.
    I honestly cannot see why anyone in their right mind would think this is cute in any way. And I can completely believe that a lot of people that visit this site have problems, so I’m not surprised by the amount of people approving this picture.

    I honestly could care less if you take this down or not. The damage is done, and I honestly hope this site loses the majority of its viewers over this. I know I won’t be coming back.

  192. Beaky — the Cute Overload “brand” you mention has always been much more Looney Toons than Disney. Put another way, we’re PG-13 and proud.

  193. I can not believe Cute Overload would post such a horrific picture blade or not.

  194. justliketheocean says:

    this photo literally makes me feel like i’m going to throw up. I know the kitty is in no actual danger, but just the thought of it is so disturbing. In fact I can’t even type any more about it or i might cry.

  195. Accept might be a lil’ bit disturbing at first, but that feeling can’t last more than 3 seconds on a normal person once you got yr brain working and notice that the kitty is perfectly safe!!

    I don’t see why so many ppl are making such a big deal out of it. The kitty looks so dang cute and helpless as many others posted on the web. And she/he wouldn’t be in danger otherwise wouldn’t be posted here. Honestly kinda feel sorry for you… Should be difficult for you to leave in this world if such a gourgeous n cute image disturbes you that much.

  196. I must be a murderous beast who takes out my anger on helpless animals because I think this picture is cute. That’s right. Because I think this is cute, I support any and all animal abuse, right? Right? Come PETA, make my day.

    [Always the PETA card. Please. Have you or anyone else here ever spoken with PETA folks? In my experience — which I’ll freely admit is limited, but it does exist — I’ve found them to be *GASP* not actually stupid. – Ed.]

  197. What this photo reminds me of is the fact that Meg doesn’t have pets. This kind of cute fetishism is absent of any empathy, the kind of empathy one nurtures when caring for or loving animals.

    I agree with Marl that this was clearly posted to incite commentroversy and not to make readers squee with delight. Honestly, it makes me think Meg must have had a very bad day to spit this out at her readers because it really reads as a “F*** you” to those who would *dare* to nuff.

    Also, the discussion of vegetarianism is completely irrelevant here. I may eat dead chickens and fish, but I don’t kill and eat my pets. This is why many of us in the States would never eat cat, dog, or guinea pig (despite its presence on the Peruvian menu): we recognize these as animal companions and not food for the table.

  198. i’m very upset by this picture. very poor taste, meg, whatever you’re trying to get–attention, ad $$, controversy–by posting this on your site you acknowledge that this kind of behaviour is ok. IT’S NOT.


    [I could try to explain it, but I very much doubt it would help, let alone change your mind, so as you please… – Ed.]

  200. You people seriously need to chill. This site is fun and cute. If you don’t like the pic, go on to the next one. The kitty is fine, everybody’s fine. Shhh.

  201. I am am not horrified, disturbed, or saddened by the sight of this photo at all. In fact, I thought it was the type of photo that I would like to show my other friends.

    However, I agree with the people who think that posting this picture up was a bad idea. I won’t bother elaborating on this.

  202. spice_must_flow says:

    nobody even got the reference?

  203. I dont think this picture is bad at all… she was just taking it cause she thought it was cute

  204. Buy this magazine, or we’ll shoot this dog.

  205. To my darling Ed. — haha no, I’ve never talked to PETA people, and I haven’t really ever used the PETA card….I am, however, known to be ignorant on purpose to provoke more comments. I love the controversy.

    [I think this might be where I say “touché” – Ed.]

  206. Theo – turning this argument into the plot line from Footloose doesn’t help.

    [OK, I never actually saw that movie. Yeah, I know. But I was a nerdy high-school freshman at the time and didn’t see appeal. So, long story short, this just confuses me… – Ed.]

  207. mockingbird says:

    Plz to be removing this awful awful pic! Not funny, nor cute, even with a disclaimer…. kthx.

  208. Beakybird – Perfectly rational. However, your original comment (and the current one, to a lesser extent) comes across as a threat and implies you personally hold power over CO. That in itself does not seem to be a way to talk about business.

    Editor – I apologize for any offense. My comment was directed at what seemed to be Beakybird altering his/her own comment and S deleting his/her own comment. I did not realize that may have been your doing and I meant nothing disparaging towards the the editor or establishment by it. Sorry.

    [Wow, apology totally not necessary, but thanks anyhow. Carry on. – Ed.]

  209. Enuff already, people!

    BTW, I now have a huge hankering for an Orange Julius. Damn. Thanks a lot NTMTOM.

  210. David Spor says:

    Are you serious? You know you posted this because you enjoy the controversy.

    [Oh right, because that’s the yardstick we hold ALL our posts up to. Not a lot of people know this, but Meg is actually Ann Coulter in real life, and I’m Rush Limbaugh. Shhh!! – Ed.]

    […and NTMTOM is Stephen Colbert, no lie, but he REALLY doesn’t want that generally known – Ed.]

  211. It’s a cat in a blender. How can you condone this? AWFUL picture.

  212. There are other websites full of cute pictures. I don’t go to them often. The reason I come to CO every day is because it has an edge. Bravo CO. Keep it sharp.

  213. This is idiotic.

    [Well, duh. SOMEBODY GETS IT. – Ed.]

  214. Amanda Marie says:

    Gosh, will everyone just lighten the f*ck up, please? How fragile and pathetic can you be if a photo like that disturbs you so much?? The kitten is clearly safe. And you know that. So what’s the issue?

  215. Ahahaha! This is a GREAT photo. There was no blade, so it’s FINE people. It’s like small animals in coffee mugs — none of you ever flip out and say, “BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS HOT COFFEE IN THAT CUP? UNACCEPTABLE!”

    There wasn’t, there isn’t, there won’t be a blade in that blender, so chill. And as for controversy — this is way better than the whore with the hedgehog crawling down her bra.

    [Tsk. You were doing so well up to that point, and now look at you. Pathetic. – Ed.]

  216. The cat does not look at all happy. And the lid is on!!! There is very little air in there. What kind of people have nothing better to do than stuff there kitten in a blender and take a picture of it? Get a life. Get a decent life.

  217. Nano's Mom says:

    I tried to post back 40 comments ago, but my DH stepped in something the dog shouldn’t have done and we had to clean up. Now THAT’S disturbing. This is just an wonderful example of how to separate the too literal from the rest of us. Love the Looney Toons comparison. Now I’ll get my wine and watch the count go up. Any one think it’s get close to B***y?

    [Hey, you got enough to share? – Ed.]

  218. K…the pic does give me the creepy crawlies, but you know what I really found offensive, this post from L. Stevenson 09.02.09 at 4:26 pm

    “…Think of all the crap happening in the world: gay marriage rights, universal health care, Korea and Iran potentially having nukes, et all., and THIS is what you’re upset about?! Come on…”

    Way to work in your homophobic, hyper-capitalist, right wing douche baggery on a completely unrelated forum. Asshat. Take your hate somewhere else. And frankly, if anyone was going to be the cause of a nuclear war, it’s the U.S., so get off your high horse for a minute before you start criticizing other nations. You may want to study geography a bit too – Korea? North or South professor?

    [Wait, what?? I must’ve missed that one… – Ed.]

  219. Quit crying about it losers

    [Gee, that totally helped. I can smell it. – Ed.]

  220. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh people. Find something real to direct your frantic energy towards; There are many real tragedies and travesties in this world that could use your attention. It’s a cat in a bladeless blender, and he was probably sitting in there for four seconds for the picture, then taken out so he could continue the rest of his life pleasantly and happily. So again, protest something that actually matters. Please, I mean.

  221. Q. Frostine says:

    It’s not the cutest thing, but it’s nothing to get up in arms about. Also, if one is going to act entirely offended, one should at least use proper grammar and spelling, not “omigosh thish is schoo offensive, get the kitteh ouuut!” is not the most constructive criticism of a particular point.

  222. By posting this stupid photo, you just lost a fan (who also happens to have bought multiple things from your advertisers…and…ehn…the C.O. calendar just got thrown in the re-cycle trash.)

    Thanks for ruining a good thing.

    [I approve of recycling. Do you have those nice co-mingled bins in your area? – Ed.]

  223. i am an animal lover and i know everyone on this site and the owners of this site are. that being said i think this was in poor taste on this particular site. no i wouldnt have laughed at it had i seen it elsewhere and no im not going to “flip out” but i my first thought was that the kitten looks very scared. the lid is fully on and very little air is getting into that container. if someone did this to a child and posted it theyd be arrested for child abuse. there is nothing funny about the potential death, and that is the only outcome of this picture, of a defenseless animal. i recently stopped being a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles because they hired Michael Vick. i take the safety of animals very seriously and this kind of picture is never ever funny. it wont stop me from coming to this site because i know the owners are animal people but i would ask that you please refrain from posting stuff like this.

  224. does this mean I should not post my picture of me throwing my cat in the air and trying to catch it blindfolded while on a unicycle?

    [Um, you can do that? – Ed.]

  225. Kitteh looks scared. NOT cute. Sorry Megster, ya get a Fail Whale on this one.

  226. Also lots of blenders have a plug in the lid that can be removed so that you can insert things while blending. I’m sure that plug is out, because I seriously doubt whoever took this picture is purposely depriving the kitten of oxygen.

  227. @Amanda Marie- The “issue” is that it’s cruel. Would you put your kitten in a blender with the lid on top? Kittens (and their full grown counterparts) do cute enough things on their own without their owners using them as props. The cat might not have been harmed, but it certainly doesn’t look happy or comfortable.

  228. Wow, NTMTOM is Stephen Colbert? That explains a lot. 😉

    [SHHHH, I SAID! Jon reads this blog too, y’know! – Ed.]

  229. This picture is like the equivalent of Lil’ Kim’s nipple pasty at the MTV Video Music Awards like 10 years ago. *Watches Diana Ross jiggle the kitten in a blender with one hand* Saucy.



  230. I don’t like it at all 😦 Please take it down.

  231. You may do as you please here of course, but the mental images this photo has caused to run around my mind, I could do without. Just… ugh. This kind of stuff just gets to me.

    But I’ll leave it there. Carry on.

  232. David Spor says:

    Ohhhhkaaaayyy then. Nothing like overreacting there, ed.

  233. To be honest, you are all making hay about this being posted because they like the controversy. If that’s your problem with it, then why post at all. You’re only adding to their pleasure. Let’s face it, half of you didn’t even have an issue with this till you read the first Nuff. And I say that because neither did I until I did at first. Then I read on and realized how completely ludicrous this all is. The cat isn’t in danger and nor does it look like a scared animal, it looks like a cat in a small space like most cats tend to find themselves in regularly and often by their own doing (I’m not trying to say this kitty wasn’t placed, I’m just pointing out that cats squish themselves in to worse places frequently) . And if you’re annoyed because you think it’s possible it may have been put in there. I direct you to the Cats in Racks portion of this site so that you make get your high and mighty kicks from declaring the dangers of suffocation there, cuz who are we kidding; most of them are put in there for our squeeing pleasure, but no-ones made a you-tube video of a cat dying from it yet – so that’s okay.

  234. I gotta say i agree with kagc, talitha, and all the other “nuffers” on here. My cute overload calendar and other merchandise is also in the garbage…
    I’ve loved CO for such a long time, it used to really brighten up my day. this pic though, is really just too much for me. Not something I can be okay with….my kitties would be mad at me for liking something so mean.

    How about we post a pic of a human baby in a blender with the top on guys….would that be cute? If you don’t think so, then why do you think this is okay?

    [Have you been around for any of the times when we HAVE posted a human baby? Dear Lord it’s like the Hurricane Katrina of nuffery and talk-first-think-later. Seriously, even if it’s just somebody’s kid who likes popsicles. I’m not even kidding. – Ed.]

  235. Commenting for the first time to say that I have to agree with the nuffers. Now, I don’t think the kitten is in any real danger, obviously, and while I guess it’s possible that some kid might see the picture and take it as inspiration, I think actually bothering to pay attention to kids and discuss things with them is the responsibility of parents- censoring things to “protect the children!!!” is just stupid, and not anyone else’s obligation.

    And while the kitten looks, at the least, uncomfortable and I think the very subject matter of the picture is in very, very poor taste, that’s not the main problem I have.

    What I’m wondering is, why go to all the trouble of creating a website that many, including myself, grow attached to and visit daily, and then deliberately and mean-spiritedly provoke your viewers? As you can see from the comments, it’s not just a few ridiculously sensitive nuffers who found this offensive, but a LOT of people, perhaps a majority. Giving people adorable goodness week after week, then suddenly turning on them and posting something you KNOW most of them will hate or even find traumatic just to get personal kicks makes you look like manipulative jerks.

    Yeah, I know, it’s your site, you don’t owe anybody anything, they can just not look, etc. etc. But if your site really is just for your own personal amusement and not for people to actually look at with the expectation of seeing something delightfully adorable every day, you sure did a good job of hiding it until now.

    [You really don’t get it. This isn’t mean-spirited. Twisted sense of humor, absolutely. Poor taste, OK, I can see how you’d say that. But mean? To our readership in general? Not the case. – Ed.]

  236. Seems like this post will get more comments than any other one posted before.

    [Maybe more than the other posts this week, but not ever. Trust me. – Ed.]

  237. you guys are making a big deal out of nothing. Cats have 9 lives

  238. David Spor says:

    Wow, Nate. Good points.

  239. Magic and Mischief says:

    Everyone needs to relax! It’s dumb that people are saying they’re not going to visit the site anymore just because of this picture…ahhh some people just need something to complain about as usual!

  240. Oh, Ed., you are a wise one. Ever think that I wasn’t saying “Oh, CO please post a picture of a baby on your animal website,” but that I was actually making a comparison to prove my and many others’ point? I’m pretty sure no one on this site would ever post a picture of a baby in a blender, even if you DID post pictures of babies. Maybe YOU should head your own advise and think before talking…oh wait, if we’re going to get technical I never actually talked, did I?!?

    [Heed, not head; advice, not advise; wiseass, not wise one; etc. You can’t out-pedantic an Editor. 😎 – Ed.]

  241. Q. Frostine says:

    You guys who keep repeating how you’ve thrown out your C.O. calendars are really ridiculous. I mean, I guess it’s your money you just threw in the garbage after a few days of use. And all the threats to never come back. More than likely, every person who said they wouldn’t be back will be. It sort of reminds me of when I worked in a library, people would come in annoyed over having to pay their .10 fine, and then tell me, “Well, I’m not coming to this library anymore!”

    I’m still getting your tax dollars, regardless of if you chose to use it or not.
    She’s still getting the ad revenue- regardless of if you buy things from them or not. And the site will still remain rather popular, regardless of if you come or not.

    [Y’know, I think that was one person. – Ed.]

  242. shahinrani says:

    Nate, why on earth would you assume that posting the photo was mean-spirited or deliberately provoking? Simply because you and a bunch of vocal people don’t like it doesn’t say anything to NTMTOM’s intention.

  243. All I’m gonna say is I looooove torbies!

  244. RE: The Lid, think about the blender lid, its 2 pieces, the white part with the big hole in it so you can pour stuff in (remember??) and the part that plugs the hole which is about 2 1/2 inches thick. (the part that’s missing!!) no air flow issues here and kitty could probably fit thru that hole. to me kitty looks pissed off

  245. Not cool. not funny. I thought the site had been hacked. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people.

    [That’s it exactly. The site wasn’t hacked; we were. 😛 – Ed.]

  246. People are not trying to find something to complain about. I agree that this picture is not cute, but kind of disturbing. While not visiting the site anymore may be extreme, I think that this picture should be removed.

  247. Peter Upright says:

    Sick! Sick! Sick!
    Even the kitty looks sad. Probably can’t breathe too good in there either.
    Cuteoverload needs some new admins.

    [I beg to differ. *ahem* – Ed.]

  248. Magic and Mischief says:

    I agree with Q. Frostine! No one cares whether you complainers come to the site or not! Many many people visit this site and won’t be deterred because of something like this. Complain about something that really matters…like the economy. Not the cat. The cat will live. Worry that people are losing their jobs and not what someone posts on Cute Overload.

  249. Cats are innocent creatures full of joy and laughter and rainbows Fur, whiskers and eyes and they are my favorite animal. One day I would love to own one, but please do not get mad at me for saying own one. I meant pay for one to live with me, I see how sensitive everybody is on this site.

  250. Q. Frostine – You took the words off of my keyboard.

    PS: Gingerbread supremacy.

  251. Nano's Mom says:

    “Ed” – plenty of wine, glad to share.
    BTW love the logic upline “No I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s okay to actually hurt those animals (as opposed to this staged picture) cause I don’t have to see them being killed and anyway they’re not little and cute” Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  252. [Heed, not head; advice, not advise; wiseass, not wise one; etc. You can’t out-pedantic an Editor. 😎 – Ed.]

    I think you mean “out-pedant”.

    [Well, I did consider phrasing it “out-pedantic a pedant,” but that usually confuses people. Anyway, I’m a descriptivist. – Ed.]

  253. What the heck happened to CO today? First a post that is clearly intended to incite a controversy, then comments being deleted, and you’re finishing off with snide, baiting comments by ED. Perhaps I will have to reexamine my loyalty to this site and its merchandise. And no need to *wave* ED, I get it…my traffic isn’t needed or wanted and neither is my $10 for the calendar. I’ll be sure not to let the door hit me on the way out.

    [Ten bucks for a 2010 calendar is a good deal. Where’d you shop? – Ed.]

  254. Well, whether or not I properly spell check my posts before sending them doesn’t change the point of those posts, nor does it change the fact that you just weren’t smart enough in the first place to understand what I wrote in my original post.

    [Or maybe — now here’s a thought — I didn’t judge the substance of your comments to be worth a response. Hmmmmm. – Ed.]

  255. As I said earlier, I don’t care for the photo at all, like a few others that were posted before (pomeranian w/ a chick in it’s mouth)… but I still love CO and will be back 😀
    I really hope though that photos like this won’t be the norm.

    [If you’ve been a viewer since at least the pom-with-chick post, then you already know what the “norm” is, don’t you? No worries. – Ed.]

  256. yeah this is really bad . . .cute is cute sick is sick -cmon.

  257. Overreact much? Walk it off.

  258. Q. Frostine says:

    Re: Ohboy
    Calling someone not smart enough for not being able to sort through poor spelling and grammar isn’t really a fair assessment, is it?

    Ed: I read a few people said they threw out their calendars. I just think that’s hilarious and sort of pointless.

  259. The nuffers have no idea how much you are protecting them from TRUE ooh-scary things. I noticed you took down that post about Lockerbie and 9/11 and Baby Brianna.

    [Yeah; while I appreciated the sentiment, the details were a little excessive. – Ed.]

  260. I LOVE ED

    [Thanks. To be fair, it’s partly the caffeine talking. – Ed.]

  261. Dear Ed.,
    Thanks for sending us this collection of your witty rejoinders to comments on Sadly, there are no openings currently at We’ll keep your “humor” in our files! Good luck!

    [You’re not from Gawker, you’re Beakybird from upthread. But thanks for the idea. – Ed.]

  262. Magic and Mischief says:

    I LOVE ED TOO!!!!

    [Good grief… again, thanks… not really about me, y’know… – Ed.]

  263. “[You really don’t get it. This isn’t mean-spirited. Twisted sense of humor, absolutely. Poor taste, OK, I can see how you’d say that. But mean? To our readership in general? Not the case. – Ed.]”

    I’m not sure if you’re saying that you didn’t realize how negatively most people would respond to this, or you’re saying you did know but consider it a harmless prank. Either way, if you say you didn’t mean to be mean-spirited, I’ll take your word for it. I guess my point is that nothing positive seems to have come of it- nuffers feel digusted/betrayed/outraged, and people who liked it are annoyed by and derisive of the large negative response. As for me (not that it really matters), I’m not going to leave the site over one picture, but I feel like it’s produced an awful lot of negativity on what is normally a very upbeat, happy site that’s a bright point in the day of many viewers.

  264. I think that just may be CO’s problem…this site can’t properly judge what is and isn’t acceptable in our society. And, by the way, where is the creator of the site? Hiding behind her computer, no doubt. I guess what the people that made this site what it is today just aren’t important enough to do anything more than insult. Luckily, there ARE sites out there than realize the importance of their fans and understand that the title of the site implies what the site is going to be about….you might want to consider a name change if posting such twisted pictures is going to continue happening. I’ll be going now, ED., so you’ll have one less person to insult.

    [We’re all hiding behind our computers, y’know. And I took you for bantering in earnest; it seemed that way to me. If you weren’t, OK, I’ll leave you be. You are not the problem. – Ed.]

  265. Is this so I can take my kitty cuteness with me on the go?

    (Sense of humor, people. Get one!)

  266. Not cute 😦

  267. **Fishes around in the bowl, finds nothing but old maids**
    Hang on, peeps. BRB. Gotta make more popcorn.
    OK, I’m back!
    **Settles down to continue watching fur fly**

    (BTW, NTMTOM, the post is genius as usual. I LOL’ed heartily).

  268. I do not have cats–do they get into these cups, jars, wine glasses, blenders, bowls, etc. by themselves…….?

  269. Totally WRONG! NOTHING CUTE about this photo!!! What are you thinking? Your sense of humor needs an adjustment…………….

  270. Overloaded with cuteness

  271. CaptainPoseidon says:

    I remember as a child, being upset at a movie where there was a gun fight, and several horses seriously looked like they had been shot in the neck, and then it showed them laying very still on the ground, eyes closed, ears laid back. I started to cry.

    Then mom said the horses were just acting and playing ‘dead’ like a dog would. They were never in real danger.

    One of my favorite TV series involves a cat being put into a ‘disintegration chamber’… which looked like a microwave. No, they didnt turn it on or anything, or kill the cat, but the entire scene of this cute black kitten peering out from inside a microwave with a ‘what’s going on? Ooo, this is so exciting!” look was hilarious.

    Bad taste? Maybe… its British comedy, and they will lampoon anyone.

    But seriously. Its a picture… just like the actors in Saw aren’t actually getting horribly tortured, or people laughing themselves to death because of Joker. Its a picture, its a movie, its a story.

  272. thecomicalpig says:

    This made me sad. Meant to be cute, but all it made me think about was the blender’s intended purpose. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease take this photo down. Dumb people see this site too, and I can promise you one of them is *just dumb enough* to try this with the blade in and plugged in. PEOPLE TRY THINGS THEY SEE ONLINE!!! AND THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO BE CAREFUL!!! As such a heavily trafficked site, you have a responsibility to not pass on bad ideas to idiots.

    [Try telling that to a politician. – Ed.]

    An earlier commenter used the oven analogy…I don’t think you took it far enough. Add *forcibly placed in the oven with the door held shut* and you’re there.

  273. Without some sort of story or explanation, I have my doubts that the cat got into the blender by itself.

    It’s cute when cats get into stupid places (linen closet? ^^) by themselves and you find them and take pictures, but it really seems like the owner shoved it there, which is cruel.

  274. catsrcool: “Cats are innocent creatures full of joy and laughter and rainbows.”

    I have one tabby-striped minion of Satan who would like to disprove your theory!

  275. With all the incredible cruelty to animals in this country, who would think that photo is even remotely funny? Call me a nuffer, whatever.

  276. Q. Frostine says:

    Re: Pheas

    I agree. My cat can be a furry little asshole. Vindictive, too.
    I love him anyway though.

  277. I think Nate articulates very well the problems with this post.

    Moreover, I’m also finding the Editor’s retorts annoying and defensive to the point of denial. If the majority of viewers have a problem with this picture and you don’t, isn’t it reasonable to consider that the problem may not be with the viewers but with you?

    Regarding, specifically the Editor’s response to Nate’s comment:
    “[You really don’t get it. This isn’t mean-spirited. Twisted sense of humor, absolutely. Poor taste, OK, I can see how you’d say that. But mean? To our readership in general? Not the case. – Ed.]”
    My response: I think *you* really don’t get it. Your comment here is simply a reiteration of the defensive posture you take with the title and the introductory remarks: “No, You Really Didn’t See This Picture. This page never happened. You didn’t see anything. We were never here.” Such defensive gestures indicate a high level of self-awareness in how this picture launches an offense or “attack” on its viewers. As a result, yes, you really do look like a manipulative jerk.

    Is it all about the cute? Really? Because, honestly, this post seems to be more about your admitted poor taste, twisted sense of humor, and a desire for attention in the form of commentroversy.

    [Except I’m actually in a position to know what “the majority of viewers” actually means, statistically, and it isn’t a few vocal folks in the comments. As to the rest of it, look at it however you like, I guess. – Ed.]

  278. Magic and Mischief says:

    Hey anyone who is not coming to the site anymore and who said they’re going to throw out their calendars I’ll take one! I’m coming to this site more now!

  279. Obscenity is not a quality inherent in a book or picture, but is solely and exclusively a contribution of the reading mind, and hence cannot be defined in terms of the qualities of a book or picture. ~Theodore Schroeder

    The test of democracy is freedom of criticism. ~David Ben-Gurion

    We also often add to our pain and suffering by being overly sensitive, over-reacting to minor things, and sometimes taking things too personally. ~ Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama quotes

    Girl, don’t go away mad, just go away ~ Motley Crue

  280. JohnnyJohnny says:
  281. CaptainPoseidon says:

    Broken link.

  282. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Well, I screwed that up.

    [I tried to edit that & fix it, but I’m stumped. “Cornify”? What’s it supposed to be? – Ed.]

  283. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Let’s try that again.

    [OK, this time I could fix it. Gotta put your href tags around your text. – Ed.]

  284. doglover1234 says:

    You got a problem? Start your own website and do not allow the pic. This is not your website so if you don’t like it DON’T LOOK!!!

  285. Will It Blend?

    (What, really? No one said it yet?)

    [I sorta did. It was embedded. – Ed.]

  286. I have never nuffed. And no, absolutely not funny 😦

  287. What amazes me is that anyone here actually believes that the Ed/Meg care what you think!! I’ve never seen them be polite to a complaint or concerned about anyone else’s feelings. Why would they start today?

    [There are so many layers of assumption here, I’m reminded of the story about the princess and the pea… – Ed.]

  288. JohnnyJohnny says: is a link to click that renders lovely unicorns and rainbows across a web page allowing the page viewer to calm and filled with joy.

  289. What is seen can not be unseen.

    A positive image with extremely negative undertones.

  290. kibblenibble says:

    Oh, my! What a variety of personalities suddenly made an appearance tonight. I have to say my biggest laugh was the insulting name coined in comment
    # 218. “Asshat.” Tee hee. Can’t wait to use that on someone I don’t like.

    *tiptoes away, tittering*

    [You’ve really never heard that before? How about assface? Assbeef? Ass on glass? Tripping the light asstastic? Does my ass make this dress look fat? – Ed.]

  291. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Thanks Ed.

  292. I’m really disappointed CuteOverload.

  293. The operators of this site have the perfect right to post whatever they wish on this site, however stupid.

    The visitors of this site have the perfect right to:

    1. approve
    2. disprove
    3. continue to click CO
    4. stop clicking CO

    That said, I choose 2. and 4. I have more important things to do with my time than view animals forced into small spaces.

  294. Goodness there are alot of people with a firm sense of direction for this site’s content! If you’re not keen on whats chosen for the site, wouldn’t it just make sense to go somewhere else and/or make your own site? You may not like the choice of decor in one mans house but you shouldn’t feel you can direct him on how to re-decorate. If I don’t like something on here, I just come back another day and hope for something better. It doesn’t destroy my world or tear me up in pieces. It’s just a website that I choose to visit that for the most part is fairly entertaining. Bigger fish to fry out there.

  295. Although it was touched upon, I’m still surprised nobody called ‘Pasickie’ on this commentroversy.
    And Teho – do get some sleep. These comments will all still be here in the morning.

    [Yeah, but I have no hard-and-fast morning deadline; I’ll stick around a while yet. – Ed.]

    [That was NOT meant to be some kind of euphemism, btw. – Ed.]

  296. I have to say, I don’t really even mind this picture. It’s not my taste in humor, but it’s not a cruel picture in itself, really. As long as the cat didn’t actually get hurt. However, I think the way the Editor is acting towards everyone is a little ridiculous. Isn’t NTMTOM the one that posted this, not you? I was under the impression the Editor is Theo. If I’m wrong about that, then disregard this, but if I’m correct…what in the world do you have to be so defensive for? I mean, from what I can see, there are an awful lot of people upset about this–maybe not the majority, but certainly a portion of your daily readers. Why not just leave it alone and wait until a new, cuter picture is posted? If anyone hated it enough to leave, well then they’re gone, but at least everyone else can get over this and move on.

    On another note, that website was a little bit creepy…

    [You’re not wrong. – Ed.]

  297. Anyway, I’ve been wondering what the people at the healthcare town hall meetings do after they go home for the night. Now I know!

  298. I’ve never posted on this website before, and I must admit I’ve been an avid fan for years and usually enjoy what has to offer. However, I’m studying to be a lawyer, with a focus on animal law, and I have to say this post is disappointing. While it may not be animal cruelty per se, it is clearly demonstrating a negative idea that for human amusement we can do with animals whatever we choose. Was this cat hurt? No. But would you be equally amused if it was a human child? No. Animals deserve equal respect and anyway you shape it, this is an offensive and ridiculous post.

    Also, it’s not even an original idea, anyone remember the traveling exhibition with the fish in the blender? People were allowed, and DID blend the fish in the exhibition – so while you say this post won’t inspire animal cruelty, its been done before.

    [link removed – come ON! sheesh – Ed.]

  299. Oh, for goodness’ sake, you nuffers should go write letters to Bernie Madoff instead. He’s a worthy target, whereas people who produce entertainment for free like CO aren’t.

  300. If the majority of viewers have a problem with this picture and you don’t, isn’t it reasonable to consider that the problem may not be with the viewers but with you?

    Given the popularity of CO, I’m pretty sure the majority of viewers are simply not commenting in the first place, thus making it difficult for anybody to know whether they have a problem with this picture or not.

  301. doglover1234 says:

    Let ED sleep please, we need him tom.

  302. kibblenibble says:

    ROFLMAO! I guess I AM sheltered. As a first grade teacher, things like “stupid” make the bad word list. I spend most of my time with six year olds. I’ll add your words to my list of insults I can use when I’m not at school! 🙂

  303. KittyLover says:

    I do hope this comment won’t get deleted, but I would just like to offer that anyone no longer interested in cute overload should check out the itty bitty kitty committee’s website….and you can also donate to the humane society through that site!!

    While on the topic, I would like to propose that everyone should consider donating to the humane society if you are really concerned with animals in danger. Even if everyone on this site only donated one dollar each we could certainly help animals more than most on here are doing now….and isn’t that better than arguing online?

    [Heck, I wouldn’t delete this; I love IBKC myself. Kitten fostering and good photography! – Ed.]

  304. Get that kitty out of that blender NOW 😦

  305. Great point, Kittylover :).

  306. Kittylover, I think your idea of donating to the Humane Society is a wonderful and very productive idea.

    [I would go further & say donate to your local Humane Society or no-kill animal shelter, or volunteer there, whether or not it’s formally affiliated with HSUS. – Ed.]

  307. Nevabeenanuffer says:

    Not cute at all. I remember way back when CO was just a simple blog of cute animals that made me smile. There was no viewer geared high dollar advertising, no webby awards, no invites to meet Martha Stewart.
    This post crosses a line for me and I never thought I’d say that about this site.
    Remember people, the advertisers you see on the sides of this page PAID to be seen by you, the viewers of CO. Visit their site, write them a brief note and tell them why you won’t shop with them – because they’re supporting a site that posts things you find disturbing.

    [If anybody’s here from the ICHC crew, I’d say this calls for the Sad Slow Head Shake – Ed.]

  308. JohnnyJohnny says:

    @Anne – Yea, I was hoping for the Conify javascript link to be here in the comments so by clicking it, little unicorns and rainbows would appear on the screen. There’s a link there, under “Cornify any website” that you can drag to your bookmarks and then use it on any web page. Oh well, best laid plans of cats in blenders, and all.

    [That doesn’t sound like Robert Burns to me, somehow – Ed.]

  309. @Jezebel: RE:”But would you be equally amused if it was a human child? No.”

    If it was a giant-sized blender with a kid inside? Yes I would be amused. In fact I’m amused just imagining it!!!!! LOL

    @copswife: RE: “I have more important things to do with my time than view animals forced into small spaces.”

    You’ve never met a kitten have you?

    Dear goodness people calm down. The kitten got/was put in the blender and the lid was put on for the sake of the photo. You can tell the middle hole in the blender lid doesn’t even have the top on because you’d be able to see it. So he can breathe. I doubt it’s even plugged in. Honestly.

    I suppose pictures of cats in boxes are out now because it could be animal cruelty to put a kitten in a tissue box? especially if there is a hole in it! Oh noes!

  310. Uh, it’s not like the cat knows it’s in a blender. It’s in an enclosed place, sure, but boxes are enclosed, and cats love those. It’s not as if the cat is thinking, “My God! If the blade was attached and the blender was plugged in, I could be seriously harmed!” The cat is fine. Chillax.

  311. Rainbow*Star says:

    Eep. Commentroversy. *hides in bomb shelter*

    Optimist Version Of What Happened:
    Owner: I need to wash my blender. Hm, the manual says to wash the pitcher and blade unit separately. *disassembles blender* *washes* *sets out blender parts on counter to dry*
    Kitteh: Ooh, a nice cozy place to crawl into. *crawls in*
    Owner: Aw, how cute. *snaps picture*

    Pessimist Version Of What Happened:
    Owner: Mwahaha! Because I am evil and love to torture animals, I will stuff a helpless cat in the blender and turn it on! *does so* Now I can take a picture and show the whole internet how cruel I am! *does so*

  312. @JohnnyJohnny, ahh that would have made more sense. and would have been much cooler.

  313. Eh, the kitty is cute, but the ‘joke’ is gross and not amusing. I almost always find this site amusing, but this is indeed a bit much. I’m not at all worried about the safety of that cat, but I don’t find animal in a blender jokes funny.

  314. No, not fun at all, it’s cute to take photos of your pets when they play but this kitten has no fun at all

  315. @sas and @Mo, I have an orange marmie named Julius. 😀

  316. I think the funniest thing for me was the person who was nuffing their wee brains out who’s name is “bunnystew”. Oh, the irony! *rolls eyes*

  317. This is just NOT CUTE or funny.

    I hope you take this picture down, because while THIS CAT might be fine, some idiot might try to RECREATE this.

    Bad all around; I’m considering not coming back to this site.

    [While we’re at it, better take all the cop shows off TV; some idiot might try to commit murder. – Ed.]

    [Hmm… you know, I can’t say that I’d miss ’em too much… – Ed.]

  318. @Kim
    lol, I think you’ve said the best what all of us non-nuffers are trying to say.

    I’ll say it again: if you think the cat is distressed, then you’ve obviously never seen a cat in distress.

  319. I can has piña calicolada?

  320. Even just the THOUGHT of what might happen if the switch is turned on…is what makes people feel nauseous. I know CO is what I escape to when I want to get away from the nasty, sick world…not catch a glimpse of what happens in it…

    CO, you have FAILED.

    : (

    [Funny; it feels less and less like failure, the longer this goes on, y’know? – Ed.]

  321. >300 comments?! oh, my hat.

    I imagine there would be <3.8 comments if it were a frog in the blender (insert old joke here). Can we track how many nuffers SAY they'll never darken the website again, then come clicking back tomorrow? With apologies to Groucho Manx, would that be called a-minute-and-a-huffnuffing?

    If we get enuff write-in votes, perhaps since bull-baiting's been banned for centuries and Michael Vick may have stopped dog-baiting, that NUFFBAITING BE THE NEXT OLYMPIC SPORT!!!

    In the meantime, all hail Meg and CO.

  322. Now I know how Gary Larson felt when he published his “Cat FUD” comic….. and his “Bobbing for poodles” and his “tether cat”….

  323. The editor notes are HILARIOUS! I’ve been scrolling down and just reading the notes HEEHEE!

    [Hmm. Maybe I should see if Meg is amenable to paying me per meta-comment. – Ed.]

  324. dear editor of cute overload ~
    what a bummer. i have recommended this site to so many people, and so many young people, because i thought this website was consistent in its message and content. then, i open up your home page to find a small, scared-looking (pupils dilated), defenseless kitteh crammed into a blender. did she climb in there herself? it doesn’t matter, she’s stuck in there, and her owner would rather put the lid on and find his camera than hurry to help her out. that’s not the message we need to teach people, especially young people, wouldn’t you agree? i regret that i have recommended your website in the past. i’m not looking for unicorns and kenny g. but it’s nice to have a website that is positive, entertaining, and happy on a regular basis, that’s all. lots of us love and treasure animals and i assumed this was the primary objective of the folks behind cute overload. this photo surprised many of your “regulars”. what a bummer. do you have guidelines for folks who want to post? maybe you could re-visit your mission here. thanks for your consideration…

    [Nobody is looking for Kenny G. – Ed.]

  325. …goddammit, I just googled Kenny G. 👿

  326. One way to get comment hits … put a kitten in a fake blender… haha!

  327. Ah well, one man’s cute is another man’s um….nevermind.

    So does this mean I should write to the advertisers when next there is
    a post of a (shudders) cute hairy spider with a happy face?

  328. Dear Editor-

    You are entirely disrespectful of the people who are expressing their opinions here, which is annoying.


    Not your biggest fan

    [Yeah, well, I’m not for everybody. – Ed.]

  329. //You really don’t get it. This isn’t mean-spirited. Twisted sense of humor, absolutely.//

    What, you don’t think posting what you pretty much admit from the get go was a controversial picture for the sole purpose of provoking people, then taunting those who decide to raise their opinion, mean-spirited? *sigh* Have you no sense of decency, sir/miss, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? Tell me, what is the point of this website, is it to flaunt your ‘twisted sense of humor’? Is it to nuffbait? Please, no jokes, you owe it to your readers to give an honest answer.

    [“No jokes”?? After THAT comment? THIS IS TOO HARD – Ed.]

  330. that’s your response? alrighty. i’m sad for you. maybe you are kenny g…

    [Actually, I gather he’s kinda rich. There are worse afflictions. – Ed.]

  331. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Great! Now I’m gonna dream about Kenny G. being put in a blender!

  332. Wow. Just wow.
    People who think that this picture will inspire the killings of thousands of cats, just listen for a minute. Who’s caring for those children who think “cat+blender=fun”? Do they not have parents who have taught them to be nice to animals? And that cat that they would blend, do they have no love for it at all? Have they not watched educational programs on T.V.? Do their schoolteachers hate animals? Most children are at least taught once in their life that animals should be treated with care. And what if Cute Overload posted a picture of a dog that had been in an intentional dog fight, trying to help a cause, would you comment and say that it was inappropriate because it promoted dog fighting?
    It’s just a cat in a glass container, people. If you watched Animal Planet for five minutes, you’d see things ten times worse than that, but probably wouldn’t even write a letter, much less demand that the program be cancelled and apologies be made.
    Keep up the good work, Cute Overload.

  333. PS Just got to the posts about nuffs throwing away their calendars: hilarious. I think a Hollywood blacklist, anti-American House COmmittee and a good ole-fashioned calendar-burning are next on the nuffs’ agenda.
    We’re half-past popcorn: pass the puddin’ and get the pasickie on standby…
    Off to dumpster-dive.

  334. Mike, did you seriously just pull out the McCarthy hearing quote? Seriously? A cute kitten in a blender’s jar for 3 seconds is comparable to McCarthyism?

    This website has never been pure as the driven snow. This is The Muppet Show, not Sesame Street. Sometimes there are going to be jokes and pictures that some portion of the readership isn’t going to like. Sometimes the editors are going to know that and post them anyway, because they like them, and they know a different portion of the readership will, too. And when some of the ‘dislike’ portion of the readership goes absolutely, hyperbolically insane over it, yeah, it’s reasonable to mock them. It’s not rude, it’s not indecent, and it’s certainly not comparable to m***********g McCarthyism on the Great Scale of Heinousness.

  335. Great! Now I’m gonna dream about Kenny G. being put in a blender!

    Best. Idea. Ever. I think you just won the internets away from Queequeg, Johnny.

  336. Toe beans!

    And to all the nuffers: Get a life.

  337. P.S. Also, some manners.

    P.P.S. Dear Ed: You rock!

  338. Eh, lame.

  339. Oh, this site always makes me smile. Not necessarily the pictures, but the priggish commenters always brightens my day a little. It makes me feel a little better about myself.

  340. I love that somebody (properly!) just used the word “priggish”.

  341. @ Sarah: Yeah because you’re clearly an upstanding example of goodness right now aren’t you?

  342. I dunno, I’m usually a fan of animals in cookery (like the guinea pigs eating salad on the wok) but something about the composition of this photo isn’t very cute. Perhaps it’s because the kitty is in a tight space with the lid on top. I’m not worried for the kitten’s safety but I understand where a lot of the “nuffers” are coming from.

    That said, I’ll be back to cute overload like a good little lemming, but I have adblock, so it’s no skin off my nose. 🙂 Most of the stuff on here is pretty cute. I usually ignore the captions, unless they’re Meg’s.

  343. Teehee…Teho you’re naughty…you just wanted to have fun with extra metacomments, me thinks! Anyway, most blender lids have a hole w/a stopper, so you can add extra stuff (moar cats!) as you’re blending, so I’m sure kittayn is breathing just fine. Kittayn is prolly thinking “mmmm comfies, this clear box is…now go’way!”

    As for an earlier comment that people wouldn’t think it amusing if a child were in the blender…um, are you serious? I’ve seen plenty of photos of kids who crawled into an open oven door and is peering out grinning, or is popping out of a dryer, or is sticking his/her head into the maw of a lion statue, or… or OMG LICKING A PIG’S NOSE!

  344. Editor:

    You FAIL because…your post was totally un-CO.

    CO is the warm, cuddly part of the interwebs. The part where nothing is wrong, ever. You just brought me back to the real world…thanks a looottt.

    So, a popular website called “Cute Overload” that posts this freakish picture? F A I L .


    [I don’t really object to your opinion, but your view of Cute Overload might be a little too narrow. – Ed.]

  345. @Estella — eurrrgh, that thrice-posted photo of the kid licking the pig is NOT my fave. And no, I’m not linking to it.

  346. A.N. Mouse says:

    Am I the only one that is wondering where that plastic thing that sticks up out of the middle of the blender cover is? Without it, that means that the “suffocating” kitty actually has a big air hole.
    The kitten is adorable. (toe beans!) And if your kid is stupid enough to see something on th internet and try to replicate it, maybe they shouldn’t be on the internet.

  347. Everybody Sucks! says:

    You all suck!!!

  348. We suck! WHEEEEEEE!!!

  349. Everybody Sucks But Me! says:

    Everybody sucks but me!

  350. (and this is probably too obscure, but if anybody else is a fan of the band Ape Fight, I have just the song for this occasion)

  351. Everybody Sucks But Me! says:

    [I don’t really object to your opinion, but your view of Cute Overload might be a little too narrow. – Ed.]

    Okay…I’ll stop comin’ round… 🙂

    [I’m just saying, Lori, one cannot live on Qte™ alone – Ed.]

  352. Okay, somebody PLEASE pshop Kenny G in a blender. I don’t have the time tonight…I iz tie-tie. (But, JohnnyJohnny, I WILL dream about it. Good times.)

  353. Everybody Sucks Including Me! says:


  354. Also, I have an overwhelming urge to adopt a pair of marmie siblings and name one Orange and the other one Julius. Then my life will be complete!

  355. The Artist Formerly Known as Lori says:

    [I’m just saying, Lori, one cannot live on Qte™ alone – Ed.]

    WTH?!?! srly?

    [Here, have some bread. It’s homemade. Well, in the bread machine, anyway. – Ed.]

  356. I think I understand. People are up in arms because if this blender is not properly washed out and disinfected, a pregnant woman could be infected with toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease transmitted via cat feces. Thanks for lookin’ out for all the preggos, nuffers!!

  357. Oh, one more thing: has no one considered the fact that if that cat really wanted to get out of that blender, it could tip it over, push off the top, and/or generally destroy it. I guess none of them have cats.

    And just one more thing:
    I LOVE ED!!

  358. I giggled when I saw this– IT’S FUNNY!!!


    No one is going to “try to top it” by wedging a kitten into an unplugged toaster. Geez. The culture of moral outrage sickens me. It’s like you’re all trying to outdo one another by how enraged you can be.

    I laughed. If that makes me a monster… well… I’ll see you on 4chan.


  359. //Mike, did you seriously just pull out the McCarthy hearing quote? Seriously? A cute kitten in a blender’s jar for 3 seconds is comparable to McCarthyism?//

    I honesty care less about the picture, that’s not my problem, my problem is the editors doing this on purpose to provoke people and dismissing reader’s objections to the content on this site. Asking them about whether or not they still retain a shred of decency for their readers is appropriate.

    //This is The Muppet Show, not Sesame Street.//

    Err, I hope you realize that cats, dogs, and so forth are living creatures and not muppets.

    //Sometimes the editors are going to know that and post them anyway, because they like them, and they know a different portion of the readership will, too.//

    They like pictures of cats in blenders? You like pictures of cats in blenders? *ugh*

    //And when some of the ‘dislike’ portion of the readership goes absolutely, hyperbolically insane over it//

    There have been a few to take it overboard on the dislike side, yes. You do have to admit that there are those who are going overboard on the like side and are taking pleasure in watching the discomfort of others, are these people getting mocked.

    //It’s not rude, it’s not indecent, and it’s certainly not comparable to m***********g McCarthyism on the Great Scale of Heinousness.//

    [Looks like somebody got a little tock hurt, it’s just a little reference *giggle* 🙂 🙂 -Mike.]

    Yeah, see how you like it.



  361. Katfighter says:

    For crying out loud, I can’t believe I just read through all three hundred and something comments, the majority from self-righteous prigs who spew nonsense about how they’ll NEVER visit CO again and will throw away their merchandise! Oh dear, call the cops, lock the doors, the “I’m OFFENDED” brigade is out in full force.

    For those of you brainiacs who unable to read, Meg didn’t post it, NTMTOM did. It’s posted right below the heading, as it always is.

    Second off all, as has been pointed out numerous times, if you think this kitty is distressed and terrified, I have a bridge to sell you. Cats get themselves into all kind of bizarre situations, many of which make for funny photo ops. Right this second, one of my 5 cats is lying in the bathroom sink…OMG! If I TURNED THE WATER ON, HE COULD DROWN!!! Spare me the righteous indignation. Immaturity or ignorance of cat behavior, I don’t know which.

    Third. GET OVER YOURSELVES. This isn’t your site. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out (assuming that stick that has embedded itself isn’t preventing that in the first place).

    CO has never purported to be family friendly, non-offensive, or cater-to-the-masses sunshine and rainbows. Twisted humor? Sure. CO has never claimed to be anything more or less. Yes, its a free country and you can say what you wish, as can I. The difference is, I don’t try to tell people what to post on their blogs. Don’t like it? Don’t look. Simple!

  362. I need teepee for my bunghole!

  363. I have to wonder what the purpose of a post like this is. I mean I can’t imagine dead hamsters and cats in blenders would boost readership in the cute-loving community. It seems to have upset a lot of people, probably a lot more than have commented here today, and though you may get a temporary bump, you’ll probably lose more than you gain in the end. And by your comments, you knew it would make people mad. The Ed. even seems to be provoking people. So, um, why? It’s like a great restaurant that serves a disgusting dish once in a while to see what will happen.

    [CakeWrecks, which I love, along with my whole family, is all about the good-natured schadenfreude. Why am I explaining this to you? – Ed.]

  364. Ed., do they warn you before they post something like this? 😉

    [ *meaningful eyebrow* …I’m not sure how, or if, I should answer this. – Ed.]

  365. Goddamn. You guys all need to chill out. Throwing away your CuteOverload calendars? Really? Why don’t you burn your Elvis and Beatles records and copies of Lolita and Catcher in the Rye while you’re at it? Still blaming Marilyn Manson for Columbine? I, for one, appreciate a little dark humor every so often. And if children are being exposed to some dark humor I say GOOD!

    CuteOverload, you have my full support.

  366. zanderjames says:

    Really it makes me laugh how many people on here say that seeing that picture will make kids do this. We live in a society where everything has warning labels and we sue over the stupidest thing (I’m speaking about America at least), we’re not teaching people to be smart anymore. Even as a very young child, I knew knives were sharp, stoves were hot, and it wasn’t smart to jump out of the top of the trees I climbed. I’m only 22, I’m not that old, so it wasn’t that long ago I was young. I knew not to stick my hand into the blender because I’d lose a finger.

    If you haven’t taught your kid these sort of basic things, well then I’d have to say you’re an overprotective or crappy parent. You shouldn’t be allowing your kid to have a pet then if you can’t trust them to take care of it and treat it correctly. As for other people who would actually put a cat into a working blender as teenagers or adults, they wouldn’t do it because of this site, they’d do it because they are cruel people who don’t have a conscience. Or if they didn’t do the blending cat thing, they’d do something else.

    I know this wasn’t the most tasteful joke out there but lighten the heck up. It’s not bringing ’round the end of the world that I know of. And if it ends /your/ world, can I have your car? I mean after your rapture, you’re not going to need it anymore and I have college loans to pay off and can’t afford one.

  367. Geezy Peezy, I am away from my computer for a few hours and THIS happens? Maybe I’m a sick, twisted individual, but I’m finding the nuffing comments more hilarious than the picture… which I also thought was pretty darn funny. The kitty is cute. The blade is out… the plastic splash plug thing (that goes inside the lid) appears to be out. And look at his TOESIES! He’d probably have about 2 minutes in there before he conks out ;).

    Do I condone kitty-blending? No. But the pic made me chuckle. I guess I better go repent- I’m surely going to hell for it.
    Cute Overload isn’t some vicious site that promotes animal torture. Not that they even need defending; but I think if people don’t like it, they should just NOT LOOK AT IT. It’s their site, they have a right to put up whatever they want.
    This pick IS cute. I’ll take any unwanted CO calendars. 😀

  368. wow there are a lot of sick people who frequent CO… to look at this picture and automatically *see* the kitten being blended, complaining of the horrifying images this picture put in their head… guess my mind is too pure and innocent to think that way. all i saw was a kitty in a non-functioning blender…

    I LOVE ED!!!!
    (and just on a side note: though the Looney Tunes comparison is pretty perfect, Disney ain’t saints either… no one seems to remember the fact that Tinkerbell tried to have Wendy killed. A lot of little girls out there are technically walking around with a homicidal manic on their shirts.)

    [This is funny. Tinkerbell was dinner-table conversation this evening, at our house. Tink’s flawed personality was J M Barrie’s invention; Disney just animated it. – Ed.]

  369. not cornholio says:

    yannow, net celebrities who go out of their way to insult their fans and piss them off often get mocked on encyclopedia dramatica. fyi.

  370. not cornholio —

    oh no, not encyclopedia dramatica! i don’t know what CO would do if they got an article on there! life couldn’t go on!

  371. Aly:

    I already burned my copy of Catcher in the Rye. But that was because I was pissed that I wasted money on it. 😀

  372. My sense of humor is plenty twisted, but this isn’t cute. It gives me a stomach ache. And you knew it would upset people. That’s a lame business model, but you can (obviously) do whatever the hell you want.

  373. not cornholio says:

    somebody somewhere would bitch. probably fans. and that would end up there, too. maybe the internet would explode. either way, it’s bad publicity.

  374. tert-butyl:

    Dude, you’re supposed to SHOPLIFT Catcher in the Rye, didn’t you know? It’s the #1 most shoplifted book ever!

    I bet J.D. Salinger would like this picture. I wish he’d come out of hiding so we could ask him.

  375. Uhm Excuse Me Caleb! says:

    Do not use my name! You suck!

    Oh Yeah And Your Comments Suck Too!

  376. no one actually takes ED seriously. if they do, they need some help.

    [They take me seriously when I’m being serious. Like, when they need help. – Ed.]

  377. Yeah but it’s Cake Wrecks. We thrive on the twisted and the weird. Your demographic is mostly normal, sweet, well educated women who cherish all things cute. I just can’t imagine that this appeals to them. We’ve pulled stuff that was way less controversial, but Jen and I don’t generally like negative comments. I love CO as much as any straight guy can but I’m always curious about the thought process behind a decision like this. Now I shall butt out. Best of luck.

    [Dude we do twisted and weird too, on occasion. Icing on the cake. 😉 – Ed.]

  378. Hmmmm….

  379. Perhaps some of you would be happier if Kitteh was in a regulation sized casserole dish?

  380. Aly:

    I bought it for 50 cents at a garage sale. I thought that was cheap enough, but I still feel horribly ripped-off. :c

  381. whoops, sorry for having the same name as you. guess i gotta go get a name change now.

  382. This is all just TOO TOO. I’m with you, Lilitu, where does Mike get off comparing cute Calico blender pic to the horrendous darkness that was the McCarthy era?

    But, aside from all that… I too was reminded me of “What’s Black and White and Red all over?” jokes– you pick the answer: Penguin in a blender? Machine gunned nun? A Newspaper?? Funny? gross? both? Personally, I get more of a kick from the comments. Amazing how many “long time viewer, first time commenter”s there are out there who were happily watching and buying and all, from a distance,until that fateful day which shall be known henceforth as “Kitteh-in-a-blender-gate”. And now they all want to toss their calendars? Why not burn them? It’s better symbology. Like… bras… and books….

    I do like the sound of a pina calicolada… Mmmmm…..TASTY!

    One last thought. I don’t think I could take ethical/aesthetic advice from anyone whose screen name is PooPants. Maybe not the best source.

    Oh, and Ed? I love you too! AND Meg! AND NomTom! AND CO!! (time to crawl into beddy-bye with my own honey grey tabby;I need some super soothin’, fer sure)

  383. LunaticAardvark says:

    Agree with the 1,033,242 posters. This is soooo not cool. All it takes is some asshat in a clown suit to try this at home and before you know it, there are suffocating kitties everywhere. In fact, I can’t even look at the picture without feeling short of bref.

    Not cool at all.

  384. JohnnyJohnny says:

    @john (the hubby of Jen):
    Wow, dude, “as much as any straight guy can?” Is there some limit heterosexual men have toward feeling or thinking how cute an animal can be. Or is the limit just that you don’t want anyone to know how sensitive you are cause, they might think your soft or, god forbid, gay? Seriously, a cat in a blender pic is the least of your problems.

  385. JohnnyJohnny, just let it go.

  386. (NTMTOM & I are straight guys, y’know, as is Sparky)

  387. Sorry JohnnyJohnny,

    It’s just that my many gay friends mock me because I tear up at CO pictures. Ah well, no offense intended.

    Ed. You can take my comments down. They were really just for you.

  388. are we done yet?

  389. CaptainPoseidon says:

    technically the discussion wont be over until Godwin’s Law is invoked.

  390. crap.

  391. JohnnyJohnny says:

    No prob John. I shouldn’t have hit submit. Delete away Theo. Night everyone. A happier day for all of us tomorrow.

  392. One more thing, and not a lot of folks know this: My first comment ever on Cute Overload, long before Modship and [Ed.] privileges, was a criticism about the content of a post. I thought it was too cutesy & it made my teeth hurt. This was well before anybody thought up “Nuffing”.

    (my second comment was along the lines of “…but actually, y’know, this other thing by the same person is awfully impressive”)

  393. Simply not cute. The title of the blog is “Cute Overload.” This picture fails in that regard.

  394. LOL! John’s the Str8boi!

    er wups.

  395. technically the discussion wont be over until Godwin’s Law is invoked.



  397. ED – this I know, but Disney did choose to put it in the film…
    Apparently kittens in blenders I’m OK with, but for some reason, Tinkerbell is what strikes a cord… Odd that.

  398. zanderjames says:


    Sure the title of the blog is Cute Overload but who’s to say the picture fails in that regard? Some have found it cute. It’s like the color blue, what I call blue, you may not. While you didn’t find it cute, that doesn’t disqualify anyone from finding it cute or it qualifying for this website.

  399. Cat nazi!? That bastard!

  400. (little-known flamewar fact: Just like rock beats scissors, South Park beats Godwin.)

  401. CaptainPoseidon says:

    shouldnt that be Basterd?

    [Wow, up-to-date AND anti-Nazi. Well played, Q. – Ed.]

  402. This was a hilarious and adorable picture. I don’t think the cat looks terrified or angry, just…a little bewildered. And to the person who said this reminded them of Bonsai Kitties: I agree! Can you please tell me why that’s a bad thing?

  403. Now, if only all of the people threatening to leave would actually do it.

  404. Had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

    Absofarkinglutely amazing ~all the hair pulling, wailing, gut wrenching posts!

    I don’t see blood, I don’t see entrails… I don’t see vomit… I see a little cat sitting in a blender…

    OH lordy that sounded ridiculous *snicker*

  405. I don’t think the kitty looks scared. Just confused.

  406. Our kitten likes to jump into the dryer or microwave when the door’s open. I would never, never close the door and photograph the kitten because it’s “cute,” even if there was no danger of actually turning the appliance on.

    I feel the same way about sticking a kitten in a blender, putting on the lid, and photographing it.

    It’s not cute. It’s cruelty to animals and its dangerous.

  407. zanderjames says:

    It’s neither nor, the kitten wasn’t in danger, there wasn’t anything particularly. I’m sure it was picked up and fussed over for being cute afterwards. If you read the other comments and the bottom of the post, I’m sure you’d notice that there is no blade and there’s a hole for air if you know anything about blender lids.

  408. I love CuteOverload and I will always be coming back for more. This picture doesn’t make me change my habits (read: obsessions), although I didn’t find this kitty picture cute, just meh.
    I’ve slowly learned over the years that even though I don’t like some pictures about pugs for example, I don’t have to post my thoughts. It’s not what this site is here for.

  409. What is wrong with you????

    It’s obvious there is no blade, but it still gives a person a heart attack before they notice that detail!!!

    Not. Funny. At. All. It’s about as funny as sticking a fake squirrel tail under a tire….



    [ 😕 – Ed.]

  411. How about a hamster in a cuisinart for a mini nuff-off tomorrow?

  412. Wow. Quiet. Was it bedtime for all the nuffers?


  414. I love CO for what it is: cute/funny pictures and Meg’s dark sense of humor and witty commentary.

    I read CO from my feed reader but I had to click through to read the comments I knew was coming. Did not disappoint me! Haha.

    To the people who left or unsubscribed from this site because of this pic– BYE!

  415. Heather in Oregon says:

    Honestly picture isn’t that cute. Am I horrified? no. Do I expect little non-adults to do stupid things, yes. Do I expect their parents to teach them and not rely on the internet to do it, YES! If your child does everything they see on the internet or tv, you are a BAD PARENT! Stop procreating!
    And for all those who are on their high and mighty horses about being all Vegetarian, excuse me…but at least animals have a chance to run, most don’t, but at least they have legs and a chance…. Vegetables feel pain, and they can’t run. Its a scientific fact. They produce ultrasonic sounds that can be measured and when they (plants) are cut, they emit a high pitched sound= to our screams of pain. So stop eating the poor helpless plants! They can feel you eat them!!!! 😛

  416. If this picture causes your moral outrage center to go to DEFCON 1 then I seriously don’t understand how you can make it though a normal day without your sad little weak willed little brain exploding. To say nothing about how you can possibly survive a visit to the big bad internet.

    And for the BS idea that this is going to “inspire” the legions of animal haters out there, which I guess in the ‘Nuffer’s universe have been standing by with kittens and puppies and baby pandas and pygmy marmosets held over blenders just waiting for CO’s permission to drop them and hit puree, please cut the crap. I grew up on a steady diet of Tom & Jerry and Roadrunner & Coyote cartoons and I have yet to try to shoot an ACME rocket up a Roadrunner’s butt because of it.

    Come down off the cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.

  417. And let me add the Meg and Theo’s at times dark sense and humor is one of the best parts of this site. Cute does not equal Safe.

  418. Please to remove stick from public’s anus. Thank you.

  419. Wow. This has turned into a regulation Blamestorm!! Good lord.
    I interrupt this commentroversy to make the following comments:
    1. When I saw the post I immediately thought of Dan Aykroyd’s Super Bass-O-Matic–“MMM, that’s good bass…”
    2. Re-post the Jamin picture and you’ll get all of the ladies to change topics poste haste
    3. Theo, you’re the best.
    Carry on.

  420. Is it sad that I went through the entire comment section just to read Teho’s Ed. posts? I thought the picture was fairly lol-worthy, but Teho, you had me cracking up BIG TIME.

    (Now time to go dumpster diving for tossed CO calendars as I’m a poor college student and can’t really afford anything like that right now.)

  421. QWERTZwerker says:

    Even if only one stupid child on this planet takes this pic too serious, there’s at least one poor kitten on this planet, facing a cruel death. And that’d be more than enough.

    Funny or not: The humour of this picture doesn’t outweigh the consequences that could occur. But as everyone can see looking at the number of comments – it generates a lot of clicks for the operator. Sucks.

  422. I find the idea that the other 6+ billion people on the planet shouldn’t be able to enjoy something because 1 person might possibly use it as an excuse to commit an inappropriate act completely unreasonable. We can’t let the worst amongst us hold our actions hostage via their reactions to them. If someone hurts an animal, it’s THEIR fault, completely and totally. CO is under no obligation to post nothing that might possibly give someone an bad idea.

    And I still find it amazing that people actually believe that all the psychos out there are just waiting for permission to do something. “Well I wasn’t going to tie this pony to the railroad tracks, but since I saw a picture of it I guess I will now!”

  423. The Shazinator says:

    Okay, I thought I would take an amusing picture of one of my rather…er…large kitties sitting in the blender jug with the lid on her head in response to this post – “This post has made me do it!!” Yeah…well…I obviously did not think through the logistics of this endeavor…

    Not to worry...

  424. eh not exactly a horrifying picture, but it’s not cute enough to be on a cute site either. the glare on the pitcher makes it a poor quality photograph too. make it the cover of the next calendar and see if it sales go up or down

  425. I’ve just been to a news site looking at the pictures of the Wackenhut hazings at the Kabul embassy. If people have insufficient personal skills to cope with a single good-natured and not very technically skilled posed picture of a kitten, I don’t see how they can be responsible citizens of a democracy dealing with pictures like the ones that are coming out of the embassy.

  426. Would you point an unloaded gun at your child’s head for a photograph? I might have to give up on Cute Overload. Sorry, but you ain’t what you used to be.

    [Ah, the good ol’ Slippery Slope. You go right ahead, but I’ll be taking the well-defined steps, thank you very much. – Ed.]

  427. If *I* were a psycho cat-blender, the comments in this post would inspire me to blend not just one, but TWO kittens.

  428. I_did_it_for_teh_lawls says:

    You people are ridiculous and need to get a sense of humor and a life. You cat fanatics are crazy. Everyone just comes here for the lawl, and omfg thats way too cute factor. I have the feeling no one who visits this site is capable of doing harm to anything that cute. Sure it may be overly sensitive for some, there is a disclaimer, it is not the posters fault that your own brains took it too far. Its not like they made a pun about delicious lol cat smoothies. [1 part cute, 2 part lawls, 3 parts..oh c’mon its just a joke] The people who said that posted pics like this gives ideas to others…you’re just retarded. That is like saying cannibals got the idea from zombie movies. Turn off the t.v., do some real parenting, stfu, and lighten up. Life is too short to be taken this seriously. Although I clicked on the comments section, just so I could laugh at the hilarity that would ensue. And honestly..its okay to laugh at the cat jokes about the dog being put in the dryer, but this is too far? Cats are pets, they are cute, they are entertaining, demanding as all hell, at times obnoxious, but they are not to be worshiped you loony people.

    I love CO, and the poster has my full support!
    Keep the lawls coming.

  429. I usually enjoy your blog but this is the second questionable picture you’ve posted which really left a sour taste in my mouth and I just want to know – WHY? Is it really necessary? Surely you know a lot of people don’t find this cute (as evidenced by the majority of comments on here) so it just strikes me as a pointless exercise in getting people ticked off.

    [Only the second??? – Ed.]

  430. Noo.. not cute 😦 Actually really horrible photo. That just made me sad. I wish I didn’t see this photo even knowing that there are no blades.

  431. Um…NO. Just not something I can deal with right now.

  432. I knew when I came here there would be people clutching their pearls and frothing with self righteous anger.

    Well played, Meg, well played.

    On a more serious note, because I am tired of people using this falsehood: A person is not going to look at this picture and suddenly, out of the blue, want to blend a cat. A person who would blend a cat has probably already hurt animals and would, regardless of this photo, hurt them anyway.

    And to the parents? 1) Monitor your kid’s internet usage. Meg is not your child’s nanny. 2) If your kid is old enough to use the internet without supervision, but hasn’t yet learned not to hurt animals, you’re a failure as a parent.

  433. Can you people please put on your big boy and girl panties and learn how to deal with life?

    Just look at the delicious paw pads and calm down. ::nibble::

  434. To make it worse, it’s not that easy sticking a cat into a small place. Try sticking your cat into an empty washing basket and watch the legs stretch out!
    This must have taken some effort, that poor poor kitty 😦

  435. Oh, here’s a Hurt Feelings Form for all those who need to fill one out:

    It’s military, but you can cross out Army and write your job instead. Unless you don’t have a job because you are too hurt.

  436. Aww… the funniest part of this whole “controversy” is the editor’s need to respond to the bulk of these comments. I defend this post and get called ‘pathetic’ — nice. To me, pathetic looks more e-biting those on your side. Go lash out at the haters, buddy. Thanks. ;D

  437. First of all, to all of you who feel like giving everyone “perspective” and saying “look at all the real suffering and tragedy in the world….get a life…blah, blah, blah…” we don’t come here for “real life.” we come here for cute-ass squeal-inducing pictures of our furry animal friends. So why don’t YOU get some perspective and realize that this site has a purpose (and it’s not the world news at large) and in this purpose it has utterly failed today.

    Secondly, yes this is Meg’s site and she can post whatever she wants but she also has a comment section and as much as she is allowed to post whatever, we are also allowed to voice our opinions whether they agree or not with each other. So if you’re pushing free speech try not to have a double standard about it, m’kay?

    And thanks for your oh-so-helpful advice to “go somewhere else if you don’t like it.” Yeah, sure, we’ll do that…thing is…WE ALREADY SAW THE DISTURBING PICTURE! That is the point. If someone said, “Hey, there’s a creepy and disturbing photo on cuteoverload today, I highly recommend you pass on it today” and we still went to look, then fie on us, yes. But what most of us are saying is that we wish we could have avoided this altogether. It’s because we trust this site to continue to provide the great pics and captions it does 99% of the time. Of course, there will be a gaff here and there but obviously, OBVIOUSLY, they knew this was one at the very least was on that grey line and posted it anyway. So, is that brave? Probably more stupid than anything.

    Thirdly, just a quick note for those who think the cat actually crawled in there on it’s own. Are you mad? Sure they like comfy snug places and can get into the tiniest places but this cat would not be butt-in first if it went on its own. It was placed there by human hands. lidded-up, and then had its picture taken.

    Knowing it would get this sort of reception, the picture was posted anyway. Kind of boggles the mind, actually. A bit manipulative, if you ask me and a tiny bit wanting to get their rocks off and laugh at the ensuing furor for their own amusement. Getting bored at the office there, guys?

  438. QWERTZwerker says:

    I work for an ad agency and we lately made a campaign for an electricity provider company for their green eco-power. The key-visual was a child looking at a socket, with the following headline (rough translation): “Dad said, there’s coming sun, wind and water out of it.” On first sight, this picture isn’t questionable. The child stands some metres away from the socket, looking around a corner. And every family in this country has safety-sockets installed, to protect the children. At least it should be so. BUT this ad has initiated a huge wave of protests. Many people wrote complaints to local newspapers. Even the directorate for advertisements has been involved, verifying the campaign – in the end there was no need for stopping it. But we’ve learned from it. There’ll be never such a questionable campaign again. With a reason.

    It RAISES THE CHANCES that stupid kids could do it! There are enough frogs and hammies that ended up in a microwave already. Yeah, this sounds funny and I’ve lot of humour too – but this still isnt funny. I personally can laugh about the picture. But I can’t deal with the consequences.

  439. Space Cowgirl says:

    I highly suspect the kitten was investigating around the kitchen and stuffed himself into the partially-dissembled blender – liking, or at least exploring, spaces that look overly cramped to us is typical feline behaviour, a la boxhab.

    Of course it took a human to smoosh the lid on for a moment to get a pic, but since the blade isn’t in, there’s no danger to kitteh unless they just left him that way for hours.

    Hard for me to understand why this post caused such an outcry when it’s obvious nothing sinister is going on and we’ve seen cats in cooking pots etc. before here.

  440. Not cute, and not funny, even if the blades aren’t in there. This kitten isn’t being harmed, but it is implied, and you’re still laughing at the idea of animal cruelty. Of course it’s your site and you can post what you like, but don’t expect those of us who really care about and respect animals to be amused by something like this.

    There’s lots of venom in the comments directed towards those who don’t like the picture too – why all the nastiness just because we don’t agree? I guess it’s not surprising that people who find this kind of picture acceptable can’t be civil to their fellow humans either.

  441. Space Cowgirl says:

    There’s a lot of venom being directed at the site and the people defending it too – guess being uncivilized isn’t purely the realm of people with a sense of humour.

  442. Starlinguk says:


    And LOL.

  443. Poodlehead says:

    I’ve been coming here for over a year now, pretty much on a daily basis, and this my first comment.

    The picture is cute *and* funny. One of the best things about this site is that it isn’t always crapping saccharine rainbows – yes there’s cute, but as far back as I can remember there’s always been a bit of quirky darkness around the edges. One of the longest running jokes around here has always been about eating various parts of the cute animals posted, or the animal in its entirety if it is sufficiently small or one is sufficiently gluttonous. That’s a little bit freaky too, no?

    I am with Judy 100% in what I find disturbing – I see a cute cat in a blender looking mildly annoyed. (I have three cats, so I know “mildly annoyed” very well.)

    What the hell kind of person is sitting here imagining what would happen *if* the blades were in, *if* the blender was turned on, *if* the kitten suffocated, etc., etc? Sitting around thinking about that kind of thing is the really sick stuff. Bad stuff happens, sure, but how on earth is sitting around imagining it doing anyone any good? Cut yourselves some slack – you’re gonna have an embolism.

    CO crew, I am so buying calendars from you now. You guys rock.

  444. QWERTZwerker says:

    You can cross a street when the red lights are on. Even when kids are watching you doing this, possible there’s not one car hitting you and nothing bad happens. But you SHOULDN’T cross the streets under red traffic lights while kids are watching! And that’s the difference: Responsibility!

    [Once more with feeling: The internet is not for young unsupervised children, and Cute Overload is one of the PG-13 places. Period, end of sentence. – Ed.]

  445. as (supposed) animal-lovers, i am disapointed to see that you find this to be funny or cute. this is a disturbing photo, regardless of whether or not the blender has the blade unit installed. i wish for your taste in humour to improve!

  446. p.s. reading the comments, i see that some wonder why there wasn’t an outcry when animals were shown in cooking pots, etc. these photos were equally disturbing (remember pork & beans – the piglet in a tin can? what a cruel joke for him, seeing as this, most likely, really was his fate), & i propose that those of us who were silent until now, cease being so.

  447. I am removing the bookmark. Good bye.

    [Cheers – Ed.]

  448. This is DEFINITELY NOT cute. I think it should be taken down. I find if offensive that someone would purposely put any animal in this sort of situation (even without a blade) just for an amusing photo. This is the first time have been disappointed with the content of this website. NO NO NO!

  449. Maybe there is a lull in the number of acceptable pictures sent in? Maybe she gets paid per comment? Maybe she gets off on pushing people’s buttons in a predictable way? This sort of post, like the dead hamster one, recurs periodically maybe it’s the time of year or a drop in attention to the site. And you all fall for it, including the people who think they are defending something worthwhile. This post is like the GI Joe bird post…just meh…not cruel, not cute, just not worthwhile, a submission from a bored and unimaginative amateur with a camera, probably a friend of the site owner? Who knows but I think most people come here to take a gander, smile and get on with the business of their day. Posting this stuff knowing that it is going to be exasperating for some of the regular visitors, just makes me wonder why intentionally do it unless you get off on it?

    [“Paid per comment” is an interesting business model — how would that work, exactly? – Ed.]

  450. This isn’t cute.

  451. I don’t know whether I should be dismayed at the impending “pain and suffering” and “mental anguish” personal injury suits, or overjoyed for all of the poor psychiatrists in the world who are going to get rich off of people needing to visit after seeing such a disturbing image.

    … it’s a quandary, really…

  452. I look at this picture and basically think of it the same way I think of any kitty in cookware. It doesn’t bother me because in all likelihood the owner just popped the lid on for a second and snapped the photo, then took it back out. I just think of an adorable kitty with nommable toes!

    If you want to leave the site because this picture disturbs you, fair enough. But all the complaints of how children will see this is ridiculous. Keep in mind, several times this site has been described by Meg herself that it’s not quite a G rated site. Knowing that, any parents who show their children the pictures on the site would should be monitoring them first and deciding which not to show, like this one. Hell, even if they pictures aren’t objectionable, the text might be, the odd time. I don’t imagine too many parents would care for their children going around the schoolyard shouting “beeyatch!” If a kid is old enough that they surf the Internet on their own, it should have already been drilled into their head that they don’t do this stuff. If someone does goes and do something like this, obviously they’re not sound of mind. A picture like this isn’t likely to be what pushes them over the edge to commit such an act, and holding CO responsible is just… well, foolish.

  453. KatieZientek says:

    Well, seems like Cute Overload just lost major points with the majority of its fans. Question is, what will they do about it? What CAN they do about it? Nothing! Hahahahaha! Sucks to be them! *pointing and laughing* Website FAIL!!

    [Nice unsubstantiated “majority” there. Debate FAIL!! – Ed.]

  454. firsttimeposter says:

    I’ve been reading this site every day since 2005 and this is my first post ever. STFU Nuffers. Srsly. *Your comments* make me want to cry. I am a vegetarian and volunteer for the local humane society.

  455. Not funny at all. Poor cat.

  456. I ran out of pudding a long time before I ran out of hilarious comments to read. *snort* Julius….. I wonder if there are any OJ stands left in the world…. OMG, I’m old. And amused. And cute. And done.

  457. The best part of all the “OMG, THIS IS SO TERRIBLE!” comments is that there’s been equally so-called “abusive” scenarios depicted here that everyone loved. Holding a kitten in a particular pose for a camera? Abusive! The photographer who thought it was adorable to take a picture of a cat half-way stuck in an aquarium instead of helping the poor soaked thing out? Well, that’s clearly abusive.

    Hypocrisy ftl. Just enjoy the pic if you like it, and ignore it if you don’t. Problem solved.

  458. like sam said, really nasty animal cruelty implied. not funny, not cool, not cute. if it is harmless, why does it remind me of the recent news story about some kids shutting a kitten in an oven and turning it on? bad judgement to post the photo.

  459. ShonaSquee says:

    No no no 😦 Don’t like this one at all. Makes me feel sad.

  460. @QWERTZwerker — Wow, way to generalize. I’m interested though, particularly as I’m not from the US myself. How exactly do Americans perceive violence, and how is it different from how you and your countrymen see it?

    Well, I’m off to search for kitties to turn into hotdogs 🙂

  461. JoeBentley says:

    I think some of you need to learn the difference between “Cute” and “Safe for your Psyche.”

  462. Not cute, not funny, and yes it will encourage idiots to do it for real. Those who think otherwise haven’t met enough idiots.

  463. Catsup anyone? LOL!
    Jeez I can’t believe how many people are offended by this *tut*

  464. Happenstance says:

    You can always tell a real idiot by his or her obstinacy; the troll, for example, who delights in the amount of s*** he can kick up.

    For the VERY slow, here’s the difference between this pic and a picture of a cat in a pot or a piglet in a pork-and-beans can: the lid. The cat in this picture is trapped. The lid of a blender is normally airtight.

    [Yes, normally, when the little measuring cup is inserted in the center, you know, the one that sticks way up & is highly visible in profile? That one. – Ed.]

    Get the hell out of my bookmarks, CO.

  465. Someone looking for me? Would’ve got here sooner only I was stuck in a blender.

  466. Yep, I’ve had enough. Everybody makes mistakes, which is what I think posting this picture was. But to not correct it by removing the disturbing picture compounds the issue.

    Yes, CuteOverload, you’re banished from my bookmarks and favorites. I’ve really enjoyed your website but I can’t find a reason why this picture is okay, or why you haven’t removed it when it obviously missed the mark. Worse, perhaps it hit the mark – I hate to think that you’d post something like that just to create controversy and get page views.

  467. Why is this on here? I started visiting Cute Overload about a month ago, and have loved it so far. Then this creepiness appeared. Ew. It made me sad, and I can’t get the image out of my mind.

    A good way to vote “no” would be for those who dislike it to stop visiting for six months, and let it affect traffic and ad revenue.

    This isn’t why I come here.


    Somebody call the bawwwwmbulance. HURR DURR DERP DERP

  469. I respect that so many of you are offended but I am not. In fact, I think the picture is cute – also twisted, warped and weird – but isn’t that part of the charm of this site? The humor here always has a slight (or severe) bent to it. It’s a huge part of what keeps me coming back several times a day.

    I really don’t think any of us has a right to DEMAND anything. It ain’t our site.

  470. Nano's Mom says:

    (wanders in with cup of coffe and bowl of cereal)
    Don’t mind me, I’m just here for the show. Carry on.
    478 huh?, not bad.
    (pulls up comfy chair)

  471. Guys – I think its time to disable comments. Stheriously.

  472. I can’t believe I missed this. Nano’s mom, I have some fresh Maine blueberries to go with your cereal.

    *sits next to N’s mom with a cup of vanilla chai*
    *ignore’s comment after N’s mom*
    *waves to DKN*

  473. that’s just mean

  474. I KNOW the kitten is o.k but I still found this picture disturbing so guess what I did?
    a. posted an epic nuffing rant bringing up references to torture, Hilter and socks with sandels
    b. immediately started to picket Meg’s house while holding a sign saying “Think of the children”
    c. moved on to the next post

    The answer is “c” – always “c”

  475. Heather in Oregon says:

    I love the person who talked about “shocked”, seriously…shock? About a kitten in a glass container? thats shocking? haven’t you looked at the local newspaper lately? All the ick in the world, and THIS shocks you? I seriously doubt there is anything left on the internet or in the world that has the capability to shock me.
    Like I said before, meh…it wasn’t particularly cute…but disturbing or nightmarish or cause for insane nuffing….no.
    And then they posted a video of a kitten with eyebrows, and the world had peace and all was right. Everyone started loving each other and no one had guns cause they all turned into kittens, and all the bombs turned into bunnies. Yeah! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  476. You should make a rule for cuteness where you sincerely ask yourself, “does this picture allow the helpless animal its dignity?” If not, you should really ask yourself if it’s worth posting at the expense of offending your readership, your customers.

    [There it is again, somebody telling me what I should do, which usually means to keep doing what I’m already doing, gods do I love irony… – Ed.]

  477. Heather in Oregon says:

    browngrl, LOVED your answer! C C C~!~

  478. You know what amuses me from all of this? I can figure out what time Teho went to bed !!!!! WAKE UP, ED!!!! Time’s a wastin’!!!!!

    [Yeah yeah, still haven’t had coffee… – Ed.]

  479. QWERTZwerker says:

    Maybe CO should make a deal with Sanrio for inventing a “Hello-Kitty-Blender”. Kids will love it.

    [Too late, we seem to have missed that boat – Ed.]

  480. Last time I checked, none of you are paying to see CuteOverload so please, kindly get off your high horse and stop acting like CO OWES you something. There are plenty of non-prudes who will gladly read and squeal over a kitten in a blender. Believe it or not, you nor your opinions are really not that significant in this world.

  481. bookmonstercats says:

    I think that anybody who would *gags at the mere thought* put a small animal in a blender for real:-
    (a) would have already worked it out for themselves without any prompting, since it’s hardly a new idea, and
    (b) wouldn’t be visiting Cute Overload anyway.

    @Caleb, we all take ED very seriously. He’s one of the three other reasons (Meg, NOMTOM and the witty comments from the regular and occasional contributors) that brings most of us back every day.

  482. This picture should be removed – it might give some sick person very bad ideas!

  483. I find it kind of funny the number of comments saying this picture was posted just to provoke controversy… when the comments themselves kinda seem to be aimed at just that purpose. O.o

    Personally I don’t see it as any different from this or this or this. Except the blendercat seems to have an expression of “oh this did not go well at all.”

  484. (while everybody’s fussing & blustering, removes lid, scoops out kitten) Bit clawstrophobic in there, li’l one?

    Never get into something you can’t get yourself out of.

  485. *hands Ed. a big,big cup of delicious, Costas Rican coffee*
    *shakes head at nuffers*
    *leaves quietly*

    [Oooh — is this a light roast? – Ed.]

  486. I don’t hold Meg responsible for this, she doesn’t vet NTMTOM’s postings I imagine. Nevertheless ***if I were in charge*** (ducks pudding shots) this would be sufficient evidence to fire NTMTOM immediately. Sorry, friends.

    So, welcome or not, I will come back every day for Meg’s postings and just skip the other ones.

  487. Don’t give psychos any more horrible ideas than they already have! You really goofed on this one.

    [How many psychos are regular Cute Overload fans, do you think? That’s one metric which doesn’t appear in our WordPress stats. Hmm. – Ed.]

  488. This picture is not disturbing at all. I’m not sure why so many are so shocked. It’s kind of a cute picture. Not the usual CO stuff but cute none the less as anyone who was really looking can see the blade isn’t in the blender.

    So much drama over one photo. The kitten isn’t dead? What’s with all the crying?

  489. cute kitten, but only amusing to those with a Beavis + Butt-head sense of humor. and if that’s you, by all means, enjoy! not my cup o’ tea.

  490. (gives Theo a cup of coffee so strong he can stand on it)

    [Well, this day is going to be interesting… *chews* – Ed.]

  491. I think we’ve found the next episode of “Will It Blend?”. LOL

    “Look of terror” – I think people are reading too much here. It looks more, to me, like a look of discomfort – which is basically the look any kitty has when it’s doing something it doesn’t want to do. Sitting in a blender, or not being fed every five minutes – that’s the look.

    “Gives people ideas” – worst reason for censoring an image ever. Kind of excuse people use to try and ban violent video games instead of parenting.

  492. Can I haz a Pasickie for breakfast?!?!?!?!?

    Can you invoke Rule #34 for the pic as well? 😉

  493. It’s funny – every mildly controversial image has a slew of people swearing they won’t visit the site again. Yet the very next image still generates hundreds of nuffer comments swearing they won’t be back.
    Do nuffers breed asexually? Considering how long this site has been active, wouldn’t we eventually be purged of all the nuffers?

  494. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Petalover-blindfolded, on a unicycle? Fereal??? Hell, yea, I want a photo!!

    D. Cheryl, loving mama to seven well adjusted, non-abused cats. Gotta git me a unicycle….heeeeerrre kitty….!!

  495. Long time listener, first time caller….

    I love this site with every ounce of my being–it never fails to brighten my day. Honestly, kudos to CO a thousand times over. That being said, this photo just kills me. I know nothing I say will change anyone’s mind in the “cute” category (I’m with the NOT CUTE folks), but the truth is that people out there do despicable, *unthinkable* things to animals. While no one could ever know that this photo caused someone to harm an animal, the very minuscule possibility that it might even seems too great to me.

    Perhaps I’m feeling a bit jaded this morning, though. I woke up to a front page article about a mob of young men making a game of clubbing animals to death with spiked clubs [link removed – Ed.] Unfortunately, it seems like a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about some new, unspeakable act of cruelty on an animal.

    I know this post isn’t the end of the world, but I still think CO should have thought a little more about the ramifications. I’m not saying CO is condoning any kind of violence, but I’m also not saying there aren’t plenty of sick idiots out there who would think CO is. The world is full of some very twisted people…


  496. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Thought 1: HA!
    Thought 2: Holy s…. take cover — it’s going to be a nuffer field day. (And sho’ nuff, there it is. )
    Thought 3: Next time they use that blender, they’re SO going to have fur in their margaritas.

  497. I think the photographer made the margaritas first. Maybe quite a few!

  498. Rainbowbaby says:

    Mmkayy. People, that kitteh is completely safe. He has been in there for merely seconds. And people that have stopped coming to this site over ONE picture!!!! What the heck? It’s a single picture. GET OVER IT. And those who want it to be taken down: Just don’t look at it! Some people think it’s cute (including me). But seriously, calm the heck down people! A lil bit of nuffing is fine, cuz I agree I feel bad for this kitteh for the few seconds that he was in there. But this is overboard. Ending subscriptions(sp?), leaving the site, reporting the picture? Really? Thats just stupid. This is an alright picture. Not the best thing I’ve seen, but it’s still cute. This is outrageous.

  499. DaytimeDeb says:

    @Lizzums from post #459, Orange Julius is still around, live and well at a mall near you. And I say thank goodness, since it was a major craving of mine whilst preggers. Which reminds me, I need to go remove my baby from the blender…

  500. Wow, this picture sure generated a lot of extra page views for the site – if nothing else, that’s helpful. You should post stuff like this more often – y’all could get new cars.

  501. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh, and Argyle Donkeypants, my first thought was “Who’s gonna have a hairball now, hmmm?”

  502. Not a nuffer either, but it gave me a sick feeling of impending doom. NOT CUTE. What if someone thought it was funny and …well you know. There are SICK people out there. Once again…NOT CUTE…

  503. Auntie Meme says:

    CO has a business model????

  504. First-time nuffer here! Sure, the cat’s not in real danger. But the idea behind it (granted the violence that has been actually done to cats and other animals this way in the past) is just foul and brings up some very bad feelings all around.

    I believe it’s the same reason you don’t put a hamster in a (broken) microwave or (pretend) to set your puppy on fire. It’s the idea itself.

  505. Just out of curiosity, are we attempting to break the number of comments record still held by the infamous CHOMP pic?

  506. Susan Coburn says:


  507. to B: The difference is, that any of the other kittens can get out at will – the blender has a lid on it. Also, cups don’t have chopping blades in the bottom that could mame/injure/kill kittens. You wouldn’t put your finger in there would you?! Now, even with the blades removed, it does not create a favorable image or feeling to the viewing audiance who are tremendous animal lovers and are very aware of the cruelity that happens in this world. Please don’t think that some disgusting human has not ever actually “blended” a kitten or other small creature. I put my money on it that some one has. This is why all the nuffing on this picture.

  508. This is awful, that poor kitty squished in a blender. The cat is NOT a toy and was not meant to be put in a blender. It is disgusting and cruel!!!!!!!!! Not funny, Not cute, it’s wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you teaching your kids?? That’s it’s okay to stuff kitties in all sorts of places they don’t belong? Are you that bored that you have to entertain yourself with things like this. That kitty does not look happy and why the top on???? Not proper air flow either. I use to like this site but am thinking it’s not for me anymore if posts like this are suppose to be funny and cute and okay. It’s not okay. It makes me ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  509. OOOOOO, I think we may have hit a boundary here, NOMTOM.

    Hi Turtle Girl!

    Let us all remember all of the cute things that NOMTOM as brought us and forgive him this trespass into “ewww” and go on, OK? Everyone needs to know he/she is valued. Next.

  510. No. No. No.

    Do not like. Not cute.

  511. sarequarles says:

    Thank you for posting this CuteOverload. Maybe it’ll get rid of some of the supersensitive nuffers.

    I guess I’m a terrible person because I’ve laughed at a photo of a puppy in an oven and a kitten sleeping in a washing machine. They were cute.

    If you believe that anytime an animal is slightly upset or disturbed it is animal abuse, then you had better never leave home, because your pet might be lonely. What if there’s thunder while you’re gone? Have you ever put a hat or costume on your pet? Some of them find that very upsetting.

    I’m not a fan of the defense “there are worse things happening so this is ok,” but in this case, I think it applies.

    Go to FuglyHorseOfTheDay and check out some of those horses. That is disturbing to me.

    Off topic of this photo: I also took issue with the idea one poster had that it’s ok to protest this and still eat meat because you’re only eating things like chicken and fish and pork which aren’t companion animals. How many people have pet fish? Have you ever met a pig? I used to have one that would follow me around and sit on command. Chickens are hilarious. My friend had a flock of ten, all with their own personalities. I still eat meat but I HATE the idea that it’s ok because food animals aren’t companions, as if they have less love to give and less personality than our pets. People in Europe eat horses, and in the States it is illegal because we consider them pets.

  512. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    this is Meg’s blog, but not her post.

    even without the blade, the pitcher is mounted on the base, which could be plugged in and thus could cause danger to the kitten,

    I’ve never been offended by the snarky “-Ed” comments before, but I am now. they are nasty and uncalled for in this instance.

    epic fail

    [I give as I get. Welcome to life. – Ed.]

  513. Hi Katrina ! You’re right. Let’s not fire NTMTOM, just a rap on the knuckles and never again and would Management please pull this picture and make everybody (well, almost) happy.

    “Next” seems to be a bunny in the dryer ! I think I detect Meg’s wry sense of humor in action here… 🙂

  514. Y'all trolls says:

    ITT: trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls

    [Gimme some bass & drums and we’ve got ourselves a groove – Ed.]

  515. Cute. All you folks need to take a chill pill, for realsies. It’s a cat in a CONTAINER people. Move along.

  516. Wowser….

    I think it is “photoshopped” so everyone can relax now except the peeps that get upset over that!

    Chill…peace and love.

    Note-it is for real people…but it is OK.

    [Oh for petesakes… no it is NOT a doctored photo – Ed.]

  517. i love my pretty kitty girls says:

    Oh come on, the blade’s not in there. All this over-the-top negativity is out of line and unnecessary. There are thousands of movies with violence that isn’t real, and we watch those without a problem.

  518. Re: Snarky Ed.’s comments.
    I think it’s Theo’s schtick. And as the saying goes, schticks and stones…

  519. If you dont let him out I will kick you!

    [Hard to do that, y’know, in a still photo – Ed.]

  520. Funny & Cute both. I laughed muchly, once I read the disclaimer that is. All the people out there with their panties in a bunch over this need to just relax and move on. It’s just a photo. Besides, kittens are good eatin’, or drinkin’ in this case.

  521. good old whatshername says:

    …I leave you guys alone for a couple days and this is what happens?

  522. Oh Pyrit,
    You never cease to make my day with your witty, witty puns. 🙂

  523. Chet Ruby and Miaoux’s Mommy : 535 and 538, my sentiments exactly. 538 is the reason I’ve left off commenting… not anybody’s loss, bien sûr, but just haven’t being feeling so comfortable in the comment section anymore.

  524. Been. Bleen. Whatevs.

  525. So maybe I shouldn’t submit my picture of a cat in a dishwasher?

  526. I agree it’s the idea that makes it disturbing. On a “Cute or Sad?” scale, this tilts waaaaayy to sad, at least for me.

    But as others have said, getting verbally abusive or aggressive, or threatening to leave the site, get rid of your bookmarks/subscriptions, or throw your calendars in the trash is just silly. I mean really. How can anyone throw all those cute, cuddly kitties, puppies, hammies, birdies, etc., away? I can barely do that with this year’s calendar pages once the days are past! I know next year will be the same.

    I love 99% of what I see here and will always be back. Those things I don’t like, I’ll skip. Yes, I can’t not have seen this picture, but I won’t attach a dark backstory or future forebodings to it. And I don’t always get Ed’s comments, but I don’t see them ever as being mean — just honest.

    So yes, I’d rather not have seen this picture, but it’ll pass. I’m just grateful that CO is here for me to peruse at my leisure. Thanks to everyone! Now on to “A kitteh with eyebrows”…. yeah!

  527. The Shazinator says:

    I find it interesting, and rather disturbing, that many of those complaining about this picture and saying it’s cruel, put horrible images in their minds etc, then go on to either link to or describe instances of real and horrible abuse. Is this not just as disturbing? Moreso because it is real? Geez, people, if you’re disturbed by this, do you really need to upset people more by reminding them of the real things that have happened?

    And for those who think this kitten is upset, they obviously don’t have a kitten. Her look is very similar to my Abbie in this photo – Oh, the horror!

    And if she were upset, she could easily headbutt that lid right off. She’s just sitting there looking a touch bewildered, not upset at all. Upset kitties do not sit still.

  528. Did you ever see that movie Toyland? They did that with a hamster… I still have nightmares.

    [So, it was a movie, then? “Alien” gave me nightmares – Ed.]

  529. LOL@ all the major entitlement complexes here. Yikes. Scary.

  530. Starlinguk says:

    Awww, Meggums, now look what you’ve done! All the nuffers are removing CO from their bookmarks! Now the comments will be boring!

    I think we should appoint a “nuffer of the week” (chosen from the non-nuffers) every week, just to ensure things stay fun. Payment in carrots.

  531. BeckyMonster says:

    Babies are too big to put in a blender, sheesh, everybody knows that!!!

    Also, don’t leave your houses cause you might get hit by a meteor, don’t listen to music because there are hidden messages, don’t take things with a grain of salt because YOU PEOPLE NEED TO RELAX!!

    Has anyone said “Meowgarita” yet?

  532. Starlinguk says:

    “Babies are too big to put in a blender, sheesh, everybody knows that!!!”

    Yeah, I bet Anne Geddes tried 😉

  533. Tempted to make a macro out of this now.

  534. The kitten is cute, and I am not offended.

  535. Disturbing!

  536. Sickos didn’t need images to do sick things. They’ll do them without help, mmkay? Let’s not be too dramatic.

  537. See NTMTOM, I told you so. I think this post holds the record for most comments and certainly the record for the most Nuffs.

    [It definitely doesn’t. Go ask these folks. – Ed.]

  538. TrixandSam says:

    Ed., ‘fess up. You’re really a conservative right-wing extremist and you did this to show God all the people He should leave behind during Rapture.

    *peeks behind curtain…*

    […and I’m still addicted to black-market prescription painkillers – Ed.]

  539. westingtown says:

    NUFF. FAIL. ‘nough said.

  540. Blech! Cute depleting picture!

  541. Someone sees this, they will try it. Bad, bad ideas to give people.

  542. @pyrit – you bring the coffee, I’ll bring the donuts.

    @BeckyMonster – “meowgarita” LMAO! Te-kitty-la is the purrrfect quality for our meowgaritas. No salt please.

  543. NUFF seems to be a bad thing and this is definitely bad and uncute.

    My first visit to this site, first page, and this is what’s up? WTF is wrong with you people? BAH.

  544. we know sickos don’t need step-by-step instructions with illustrations (or photos) to do their thing. however, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, this particular photo represents/implies cruelty towards animals. and who finds that funny? if the kitten had gotten in the blender under it’s own steam to sleep off a catnip hangover or whatever, then yeah, cute, but in this case i’m pretty sure he didn’t put the lid on top. having said that, i am sure the kitten is safe and i don’t quite feel dramatic enough to flounce off never to return… but still, not cool.
    starlinguk – anne geddes, heh.

  545. NUFF

  546. lol cat in a blender

  547. So Sherry, are you trying it? I mean, how do we know you’re not a total sick freak posing as a nuffer disguise?

    Most sick freaks think of plenty of harmful stuff to do without help from posted pics. And I bet they’re not lurking CO to get ideas — not that it would matter.

    Give me a break. Or give yourself one from CO. Whichever.

  548. Now you’re obviously just trying to stir up sh*t. No pun intended.

    Not cute. 😦

  549. Not cute. At all. Even in jest.

  550. CaptainPoseidon says:

    It seems there are a number of posters/nuffers/trolls who try to find something ‘cruel’ in every picture posted.

    When my parrot eating macaroni was featured, everyone was ‘how stupid is the owner’ and ‘omg, my parrot nibbled on cheese and DIED OMG’ and stuff, and I was called ‘cruel’ and a bad pet owner.

    Since we do not know the situation behind the picture(s), then we have no right to accuse anyone of abuse or anything. The animal is not in duress, it is not ‘stuffed’ (it looks rather roomy in there. Roomier than my washroom at least), and its definitely not in any real danger.

    Meg, i wont ask you to take the picture down but maybe its time to invoke Godwins’ Law and shut down comments?

  551. It can’t breathe in there with the top on. I don’t think we should condone that.

  552. I like cheese.

  553. and crackers.

  554. Lesli Ritchie says:

    Please…let’s not give the nutcases out there any ideas. Usually this site is awesome, but I, like many others, do not like this posting at all. Not cute and certainly not funny.


  556. I call thumbs. Bring back the thumbs.

  557. This is my second post – I figured everyone’s still reading it and I can use the hits on my blog! (nyuk nyuk!)

    Anyway, just wanted to add – serious question – I’m totally not nuffing but am just curious as to the mechanics of the photo. Wonder how long the kitten was actually in there before she decided, “OK, that’s nuff! I’m outta here!”, reached up, pushed the lid off and jumped out? The photographer probably had to set everything else up first and put the kitteh in last!

    Also, is anyone else reading this old enough to remember Dan Ackroyd’s “Bassomatic” commercial on the original SNL? For some reason I’m reminded of that!

  558. ya know…all these people crying “oh no, the kitten was stuffed in there against his will” have obviously never tried to stuff a cat somewhere it i didn’t want to be…lol I’ve tried to put a cat in a carrier…i think i still have the scars to show for it too. I don’t think that kitten would just be sitting there looking at you if it wanted out. I see the picture and think that cat was in there for about 2 seconds…just long enough to get the pic. I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this in the almost 600 comments.

  559. Do NOT think this photo should be published. Not funny. Not cute.

  560. I think it’s interesting that people are demanding for NOMTOM to be fired. Man, I wish I was that conceited to think I actually had that much influence to demand people lose their jobs.

    Also,Teho is hilarious! I, too, mostly skimmed the comments to find the editor’s notes. Don’t let any of these j******s tell you you’re not funny. 🙂

    As for the picture, I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. Some of you are making it sound like this is where they force kitty to live or something. I imagine it happened like this:

    “Oh look, honey! Kitty is trying to climb inside the blender! He’s so cute! We should take a picture of him inside it!…Awww look at him! OH! Where’s the lid, I’m gonna put it on for the picture. *photo click* *lid comes off and kitty comes out* We should totally send this to CuteOverload!”

    Seriously. Kitty was probably in there all of 10 seconds and probably got a treat afterwards! I guarantee you the blender wasn’t plugged in and these people love their pet and take great care of him/her. If they really were raging animal abusers, do you think they’d take the time to send in a picture of the “abuse” to CuteOverload?

    *group hug* I love all of you!

  561. is it over yet?


  562. Whatever human did this needs to be put inside a human size blender with the lid on and see how funny it is then! I wanna save that poor little kitty 😦

  563. Well now you’ve gone and pissed Robin off. She will not tolerate this nonsense and you WILL listen to her. NOW.

  564. Please don’t do this to pets. How would you like to be put in a bottle and closed lid like this? Even without the blade, this poor kittie looks frightened.

    This is definitely NOT Cute!

  565. I never get why stuff like this is considered cute. Having worked with animals that are abused/investigating animals that have been killed, these pictures always conjure up bad memories. I know that these pictures are not created by the same “type” of sad, insecure, and psychopathic (to use that term broadly) person who would actually kill an animal out of cruelty. Still, I don’t get what’s funny or cute about a kitten in a blender (even taking out the bad memories that may be specific to my profession). I guess it’s cute because it’s in a confined space? Cats in boxes can be cute… but come on I’m grasping at straws here. Kitten in a blender just seems like lame humor, if there’s any at all. Worse still even for the average person, it simply must, must, give rise to some intimation of the idea of the animal’s demise in a blender even where, as is the case here, the blades here have been taken out, the symbolic connotations remain the same. So why publish it if you like animals so much? It’s (barely) cute for a second, not really funny or clever, and then it makes me shudder. Yuck.

  566. animaluver says:

    this is plain mean to do to a kitteh! it’s one thing when a kitty/cat wanders into places it doesn’t belong a falls asleep but purposely stuffing a kitten in a blender blade or not is messed up. Is this cute to you? Putting animals in places they don’t belong and thinking it’s funny and taking pics? Is that entertaining for you? Hey I think I’ll stuff my kitten into a jar today cuz it’s not like I’m hitting them or abusing them but it’s funny right? WRONG! People on here are not okay with this because animals don’t have a voice to say, I don’t like this, I can’t breath very well, or stop this is uncomfortable, we are their voice and we need to behave like adults and be smart enough to treat animals as precious gifts instead of amusement toys. It’s poor judgement and could be teaching stupid people bad ideas. Please don’t do this again.

  567. Cats sticking their heads in jars of their own volition? Funny.

    Cats wedged into a blender? Not funny.


  568. This picture is just sick and sad. Nothing cute or funny about it.
    It’s even sadder to realise that it’s STILL on the blog!
    What was the aim of this? To get as much comments as possible?

  569. Is this photo helping or hurting your site exposure and new calendar sales? I suppose whether it comes down or not will be determined by $$$. It’s a shame.

    People come here to see happy, cute pictures that bring a smile to their day. Trust me, they aren’t looking for a reminder of how cruel the world can sometimes be. A little bit twisted and little bit sad… nothing cute about it. Another person (CO’s webmaster) ruled by sensationalism. Shame on ya.

  570. Seriously, you guys should take this down right away. You are giving sick people ideas of what to do to cats.

    It is not funny or cute.

    A poor helpless kitten stuck inside a blender is not amusing. It is plain cruel.

    We come here to see innocent, cute pictures not pictures of a kitten being tormented.

    What a damn shame!

  571. Well, now I’m off to
    –> at least it’s CUTE and FUNNY

    [Sometimes, sure. – Ed.]

  572. Whoever allowed this picture to be put up on this site has pretty poor judgement and can’t obiously be a true animal lover.

  573. I demand that you delete the comments to this post immediately. If my eyes have to be assaulted by the inane ramblings of one more self-righteous nuffer again, I personally swear that I will never visit CO again. More over, I do not find these posts to be cute or educated. FAIL….blah, blah, blah…

    (Do you nuffers see how silly you sound yet?)

  574. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:


    Laura S. that’s not the point! you don’t have to read the comments; however, in the words of LOLcats everywhere “What has been seen cannot be unseen!”

  575. This is not very bright!!

  576. I think this image is very sad. Acts like this compromises the love of living things for the amusement of others. This is part of the reason why many people within the world have become desensitized to cruelty. Although some would not consider this to be cruel because the blades are not present within the mixer it is the thought that is planted within a persons mind that makes this very wrong.

    This has always been such a nice clean site. A place a child can visit and those kind of sites are not easy to come by but I would not want my child to see an image like this. I do believe the moral thing to do would be to remove it from the site as many have already requested but we are not in charge of this sites content.

    Some may even think we need to lighten up but the truth is, that is the main reason we are in this mess of the world today because too many people jumped on the lighten up wagon. One thing leads to another and it only takes one bad seed to create a field of bad food.

  577. How do you make a cat float?

    1 scoop cat, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream

  578. Personally I think Mr. Kitty’s expression says ‘WTF dude? You seriously need a girlfriend’.

  579. Someone’s in need of blenderhab.. Poor kitty, so young and so addicted already!

  580. Peeps, the pic is obviously not going to be removed. It’s been up since yesterday afternoon, despite all the protests. So move on already.

    I commend the site’s owners for not removing the pic. You can just not visit the site anymore. I doubt anyone is that pressed over your incessant clicking and lame threats.

    @ Jen: I volunteer to be put in a human-sized blender, sans blade. Just don’t make get nekkid, OK?

  581. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    i wish we would hear from our fearless Cute Leader, Meg!

  582. anon –
    am i wrong to not dig the picture and yet laugh at your joke?

    beckymonster –
    i was eagerly awaiting rachel’s reply (“na – i kiss your mother with em!”) and the ensuing friendly debate…

  583. No Cute, No Funny…FAIL!

    *looks over at Cute Overload Page-A-Day cute black kitty with milk on face. I will miss this calendar next year*

  584. Jess&Friends says:

    Can I haz my kitteh smoothie with whipped cream? : )

  585. Have we all forgotten the title of this post?

  586. Not that anyone is going to read past comment, say, 495 or anything, but I’d just like to say that all of you who SWEAR to never come back? Oh you’ll be back. Yes you will.

    I’d also like to add that my kitteh crams himself between the wall and couch and sleeps quite comfortably. So please spare us the “poor kitty crammed in a blender!” speech–if you have a cat, then you’ve seen him smooshed into weirder and tighter places than that by his own doing. To a cat, that blender would be nothing more than a transparent box!

    That said, is this is poor taste? Probably. Funny, though? Abso-freakin-lutely. Sign me up for 5 calenders!

  587. @Kim – Well said. This site has been a bit of a let down lately and I’ve been a follower for awhile. This picture is not funny. I too usually let my kids check out this site with me but not anymore. You’ve lost another follower CO. And while I’m at it, the picture of the bunny hanging from a clothes drying rack…not funny. But CO probably won’t even post this…anytime I’m a “nuffer” they don’t post my comments.

  588. @thecomicalpig – I totally agree.

    Don’t like the pic at all, but I also don’t think its going to inspire mayhem and don’t care if its taken down or not. Really surprised and disappointed by “Ed”s tone and responses. That, I think, is the most negative thing about this whole commentroversy.

    [You try standing in my shoes with everybody flinging all this malarkey at you. Run or stay? – Ed.]

  589. I HAS A OFFENDED!!!!

    Just kidding…

    Me thinks this kitteh has a chocolate/vanilla swirl taste! (too far?)

    Seriously as long as the little guy wasn’t hurt, which I trust that he wasn’t, I don’t have a problem with it. But that’s just me….

  590. The “think of the children” excuse is getting old. Try parenting….what a thought! It is absurd that your child would get some idea from this had you taught them basic concepts of safety, dangerous items, and animal care….or just had a mildly intelligent child capable of common sense. If you procreated an imbecilic child, then first and foremost I’m sorry for you, but additionally you should be ashamed for letting them use the internet without supervision because we all know there are MUCH worse things to be found.

  591. Holy crap, CO. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many comments on a single post before! It’s amazing how angry all those out-of-shape nuffers get when confronted with how to make a delicious and healthy kitten smoothie.

  592. oh cool…a cat in a blender, what an awesome idea…..c’mere kitty kitty….I wanna try this too. How fun. Hey they are usually crammed in wierd positions so why not cram them in one myself….they are just cats so who cares Bhhaaaawwaahhh. It’s just a clear box right…..hahahaha……hahahaha……


  593. Haaaaaaaaa says:

    I love this photo. But more than that, I love the amount of freak out this caused. I love it so very, very much.

  594. Emily S. You have got to be kidding right? Take a look at your comment and read it again because the ADULT who is suppose to have been taught common sense to begin with, put an animal into a blender and took a picture thinking it was funny. Where were the parents in that case?

    And for the record Did anyone say they allow their child to use the internet unmonitored? You are right there are far worse things to be found on the net but that is not the point. The point is, I was complimenting on the fact that this site in particular was kid friendly. My comment had nothing to do with any other sites.

  595. figgylicious says:

    I love that there are people throwing out their calendars. Yeaaaaaaah, that’ll show them! That you’re throwing away something that…YOU paid for. And that they’re using the money to torture more poor innocent animals by stuffing them into blenders so that they shall remain there….for ETERNITY. Oh, the humanity!

    This is the most fun I’ve ever had reading CO comments. The level of overreaction is beyond hilarious. Because of COURSE taking a 5 second photo of this cat means that he was locked in there, with the lid ON (OMGOMG THE LID NOT THE LID) for hours and hours and hours, and the owner surely does this at least ten times a week. Tragedy of tragedies.

    UNFOLLOW’D! I demand you take pictures of yourself sobbing into your hands over losing one of five gajillion readers you have. DEMAND.

    Oh, people. Get some perspective.

  596. Emily S., I agree.

    I wonder if people just have nothing better to do than to complain.

  597. Yeah I kinda gotta say I’m not lovin’ it, either. The whole cat in a blender thing is a little creepy. I know that this particular cat is (probably) completely safe etc, but the whole idea of it is just not particularly… cute. I don’t get it. It’s not even a particularly cute picture of this cat, besides the whole blender thing.

    I don’t like it. And I, too, am not a nuffer.

  598. That’s a huge turn off.

    [As opposed to a huge turn on? Excuse me?? – Ed.]

  599. If I’ve learned anything from this, it’s that I’m not the only one who hates Catcher in the Rye.

    Also, CakeWrecks and the hurt feelings form were awesome.

  600. But the point of this sit isn’t to always be kid friendly. Nobody ever advertised this as a safe place to bring your kids. It happened that it frequently is, but on the day that you decide it isn’t it becomes your responsibility to educate your child that you don’t agree with what was shown. Although what was shown isn’t anything to get your panties in a wad about to begin with. It was a staged photo. Perhaps your best bet is to lecture your child on what the difference is between staged and real since you seem ever so concerned with them mistaking the two. And several people mentioned being concerned about their children coming and seeing this, but if you’re monitoring your child you can step in and give whatever corresponding lecture you wish to make it a non-event then can’t you?

  601. Emily S. way to assume & judge that some of these parents are not watching what their children are viewing or that they are not parenting responsibly by supervising and teaching them properly. Anyone who is a parent knows that children will make stupid choices occasionally even though we try our bests to teach them what is right and what is wrong with any subject. Yeah some people need to parent better and some unfortunetly let their kids have free access to whatever they want which is sad so why give those children any ideas or some adults for that matter.

  602. not funny. not really at all. even with disclaimer and i love this site! come on!

  603. do not like the picture, person who took it and person who posted it…

  604. Look the point I’M making is that it’s a non-event if your kid sees this in the first place because they can probably judge that this is staged and doesn’t exactly look too exciting in the first place. I’m just saying to those who are upset about their child finding this that if this is what upsets you then you should definitely be with your child at ALL times while using the internet.

    No hatred, I promise.

  605. =(
    Sorry CO, I have been a LONG time follower. I literally have seen EVERY POST… but I have been going back and forth about removing you from my bookmarks for a while now. This appears to be “the last straw”… I think I’ll just stick with icanhascheezburger, they post cute and funny pictures only (not sadistic ones). and their comment sections are not angry war zones for every post.

    [Bull****. You haven’t seen “every post” at ICHC, then. – Ed.]

  606. Not seeing the humor. Some laugh at others pain – usually bullies or wannabes. Bullies want the bullied to laugh too – then no guilt or consequences. Hoping this is not a trend at CO moving away from soul-lifting cuteness to exploration of imagined cruelties shamming as cute. Perhaps someone could start a new cute site that doesn’t edge into stuff suggesting the ASPCA legal caseload. Am hoping (wish I knew for sure) this kitten is well-cared for and the photographer squelches their dark undercurrent of imagined violence. Were it not for the sealed blender/implied suffering, it would be very cute photo of a very cute kitten. Please go back to 100% cute!

  607. Blade or no, this picture is frightening…

  608. Wow – soo… many… comments…. (in more ways than one! : )
    1) that kitty has a “fine, you’re being weird again – as long as you give me a treat after I won’t have to claw your eyes out tonight” look
    2) ❤ ❤ ❤ "- Ed." 🙂 … "Now why would you go and do something like that? Didn't you see the sign that said 'DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON!'? How will we finish testing with the self-destruct mechanism active?" "MEDIC!"
    3) my daughter got a CO calendar in her Christmas stocking last year – I'm going to let Santa know that we're hoping she gets another one this year.

  609. Cindy Simpson says:

    Sorry – disclaimer or not this just isn’t funny at all.

  610. Day two…..
    Wanders down the nuff Aisles shakes head in bemused wonder

    OHHH TEHO… Where are you!!!! I got a nice hot Mocha lattee for you with an extra shot.

    [OK, that’s three extra-strong coffee drinks in the space of an hour, I love y’all but seriously I need to pace myself – Ed.]

  611. @ Estelle Yeah Right How long have you been going to Cheezburger??? LOLOL

  612. Can’t believe all the references to ICHC in the comments here!

    It surprises me that someone who is a fan of ICHC would even visit CO. ICHC is corny and not funny. It’s the “Everybody Loves Raymond” of the Internet. And their comments are horrible, too — they’re all written in that horribly awkward pidgin English. Seriously, the idea that people sit around and write in that nonsense is way creepier than a staged blender pic.

  613. @Tygress22 =”all these people crying “oh no, the kitten was stuffed in there against his will” have obviously never tried to stuff a cat somewhere it i didn’t want to be…lol I’ve tried to put a cat in a carrier…i think i still have the scars to show for it too. ”
    Oh yeah! and then tried to get him out at the other end – scars from that too!

  614. Even if the blade isn’t installed, how would you like being stuffed in a human-sized blender with the lid on? Poor cat!

  615. Okay excuse me aparently this thread just breeds snarkyness … Wanders off to look at the bunny.