Puppies dressed as kittens on Conan

Just when you think you can’t love Conan ANY MORE THAN YOU ALREADY DO:

Tonight_Show_video_linkVia Sparkaru!



  1. Heather in Oregon says:

    I can’t see any puppeh or kittehs! I must barooooooooooo!

  2. Stephiedactyl says:

    Fix it! I must see the puppehs!

  3. They must be dressed as INVISIBLE kittens!

  4. Well, Conan is, by his own admission, pretty pale and he’s even joked about this on his show. Are the puppies blending into the white background?

  5. but but, i want to seee…… 😦

  6. We have stealth pups?

  7. No pictures here!! Sadly 😦

  8. Heather in Oregon says:

    stealth pups, hehe and INVISBLE kittens…you guys are funny! 🙂

  9. white kitten-puppies in a snow storm.I see

  10. You can see it here until it gets fixed in the post: http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.com/video/#mea=1152865

  11. zanderjames says:


    Thanks, patience is so not one of my virtues…

  12. Wow, WordPress reeeeeeally doesn’t want to embed this video. Still trying…

  13. You can view the puppies dressed as cats on Hulu!!!!! And he did two nights worth of it… on the second night, a puppy-cat breaks character and starts to lick Conan!!!!!

  14. …OK, I think that’s as good as I can get it. You can now click the photo, which will take you to the Tonight Show website; you can see the video there.

  15. Heather in Oregon says:

    lol Moira, I love it…now, off to Hulu!

  16. kibblenibble says:

    The pups looked a bit confused. I think they were sleepy. Cute, though.

  17. that was fantastic–especially the theme song

    and my cats lick me all the time, so it isn’t breaking character for a puppy-cat to lick conan

  18. Here is where you can watch the whole bit, also the whole episode, Hulu FTW!

  19. Remembering Jay. No animal dress-ups for him.

  20. animalluvr says:

    i cant stand it 2 cute n absolutely redo-onk (sing-song)!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooo cute!!!!!!

  21. Awwwwww! They looked so cute and confuzzled!

    Course it would never work the other way; or rather, it wouldn’t work the same. The cats-dressed-as-puppies would be either glaring or struggling to remove said garments as quickly as possible, if my boys are any indication.

  22. This is very Puppy Bowl-esque. I watch the Puppy Bowl every year waiting to see who ends up MVP – Most Valuable Puppy! But this could be a new addiction I wouldn’t have to wait 12 months for!

  23. Love how the pups are so complacent. Like, huh? That would never work the other way around, ie, kitties dressed as puppies.

  24. There’s one that can’t see out of his cat suit. He just about the cutest…*sigh*
    *fall over* *ded*

  25. I love that the costumes have a tail built in, so that that they puppies are left with 2 tails at their backside!

  26. instituteofanimalhaberdashery says:

    I consider it my life’s ambition to put animals n animal costumes… or any costumes at all. Love this!

  27. Poor babies! I’m with Leno on this one.

  28. Heather, he’s the one who caught my eye too. Holy crap, the cuteness!! *thud*

  29. Do angels really do not ungrateful cats ?

  30. I really like cats – rabbit. Grumpy baby, but they are harmless. I think both of them:)

  31. OK Conan generally just annoys me, really, but just the pic of the pup with his brown kitteh outfit falling over his eyes is cracking me up!

  32. Poor puppies, they look so confused. When puppies are involved, who needs costumes?! PUPPIES=LOVE!

  33. Puppies as cats! I saw this when it aired. I love me some conan!

  34. Sorry…but I find this more unappealing than the kitteh in the blender photo.
    Just sayin’.

  35. Ohh! that is sooo mean! Cute, but mean! Poor puppies!

    Love the music, though. Who wrote it?

  36. Conan needs to do puppies dressed as kittens dressed as bunnies. That’s the turducken of cute.

  37. That is soooooooo cute!! Did the dogs like it?? Normally I dont like dogs but that..that is to cute!!lol