Attention Marusketeers

M-A-R-U! Put your Maru hats on! Gather around. It’s Maru spending 30 seconds on his box habit!

Jorden C., I can’t believe I watched that…



  1. I was delighted when he figured this out.

    Maru is *such* a clever pussy.

  2. Hey, where do I get the pattern for my Maru hat? Or can you buy them online?

  3. It’s a threadjack (sorry) but I figured y’all would be interested:|aimzones|dl5|link3|

  4. OK, it’s official. Maru is smarter than me.

  5. Maru, my friend, you have a problem. We’re offering a once in a lifetime chance to go to a beautiful place in Palm Spring for some boxhab. Please take us up on this gift for you to regain control over your life…

    (Yeah, I watch too much Intervention on A&E).

  6. No wimpy cardboard boxes for Maru, no sir. He gets state of the art plastic boxes.

  7. [resized]

  8. This box should be labeled NTR – no thumbs required. 😉

  9. lol! I love Maru!

  10. Maru has got to be the cutest cat ever. He’s the only cat who’s videos I actually get excited to watch lol!

  11. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I say we send Maru a Rubik’s Cube. He’ll have it solved in 5 minutes, max.
    And then give a disapproving “pleh” facial expression to indicate how “beneath him” this was as a challenge.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    I love my kitties, but they could never do this. Maru has it all…brains and beauty, plus a human who shares him with us all. 🙂

  13. Maru has his PHD in Boxes.

  14. Maru, you are the love of my life. I want to own you and your chubby cheeks forever. My little fat kitteh would be jealous, but she would come to love you as well. I have an endless array of boxes for you to play with. Come away with me…

  15. Maru is teh awesome

  16. long live Maru!

  17. I LOVE MARU. He is the cutest, the most clever, the plumpiest, the most watchable cat in the whole wide world.
    Fuzzalina: I shall have to duel you to prove that I am the worthier suitor! Maru, Cat of cats!!! I must have him!

  18. kibblenibble says:

    I HAD to watch this again. Somewhere between 19 and 25 seconds in, he figures out that it is some kind of box, and that one could enter it, if one could solve the puzzle of it. He immediately heads for the other end, and by 45 seconds in, he has it open. At first I thought he must have opened it before to figure it out so quickly, but if so, I think he would have gone straight for the handle. Kitteh’s a genious! 🙂

  19. We’re all simpletons next to you, Maru.

  20. That’s pretty amazing for a cat. I love how he’s like “Ok, now that I’m in the box, what next?”

  21. It’s like the raptors in Jurassic Park! Next thing you know Maru’ll be able to open doors.

  22. berthaservant says:

    Always so interesting to see the many ways in which boxes can hypmotize the mind of the Maru. It’s not all about haunch splayage. Sometimes it’s just a puzzle to solve.

  23. Ah…I love Maru. I long for the day he becomes our pudgy overlord.

  24. ok– seriously, that cat is too smart as in scary smart.
    must not let my kitties watch this video or they will be getting ideas
    and I will have to get child safety locks for all my cupboards. lol

  25. if my bike was as smart as Maru I would win more races!!

  26. @Ryan: my cat already can and does open doors.

  27. @benpanced : a respectful request to see the fun going on at your home with said smart cat.

    Hover text is accurate! I felt so calm after watching this. Maru usually does leave me feeling pretty good. Wonderful!

    I also want to know what is used on those floors…

  28. HAAAALP. Somebody.

    Does anyone have any advice or expertise on how to position a very spoiled and unreasonably nervous cat to orally get his medicine. My mother has a huge baby on her hands who is very ill. He needs to take his antibiotics regularly along with some pain-killers. Unfortunately he completely freaks out when given the medicine. I can’t even begin to explain how he behaves except he somehow gains the strength of the hulk and starts to moan and cry like a newborn (you know the sound). Yesterday Roscoe was so scared he peed on my brother who was holding him. This has never happened in 12 years. It’s scaring the crap out of the other cats and totally upsetting my mom (who is not a wimp). The worst part is he ends up spitting out or coughing up most of the medicine, so it’s just a massive failure on all points. We have tried holding his scruff, holding him down and swaddling him. Nada is working. Please does anyone here know how to handle this type of situation? She has another two weeks of this. Thanks so much.

  29. Am I the only one to see that this proves cardboard is a gateway box? What next? Kitchen drawers, filing cabinets, a cockadoodie STEAMER TRUNK?

  30. Marie – she may need to get a technician at the vet’s to show hersometricks. It sound like you’ve used the tricks I would suggest. Can the medicine be made into a pill? Then you could use pill pockets.

    Maru is very cute, but this video reminds me of my moving nightmare yesterday. One of my cats disappeared, and I was worried she had escaped when the movers were around. I was frantic and looked everywhere. She showed up at 1 am outside the window of the new house. Clearly managed to crawl into something, hitchhike on the truck, then escape when no one was looking. I’m glad I didn’t accidentally pack her! Cats + moving = bad, except for the box-love.

  31. How does Maru’s owner/videographer not laugh hysterically whilst filming Maru? I would not be able to control myself!

  32. I notice how Maru doesn’t even acknowledge the human taking the video. As in most of his videos (doesn’t he have one where he wears a bag on his head and walks around?) he hardly notice the human. The box fixation is strong in this one!

  33. I have child locks on my cupboards and a bungee cord on my fridge. Yeah, my cats are too damn smart – but only when food is involved. This would be of no interest to them unless there were treats inside.

    That said, Maru is freakin’ awesome and I follow his blog everyday. He is Teh Qte Overlord.

  34. When Maru can close the draw behind himself, we might as well exit the planet.

  35. omigosh. that was great.

  36. Who needs opposable thumbs when you got Maru?! 😉

  37. Maru is 1. Smart, 2. Flexible. Impressive!

    Marie: My cat is IMPOSSIBLE to pill or give oral meds in any way. He’s on insulin and depomedrol, and I do everything via subQ injections. The vet showed me how, it’s quite easy, and for whatever reason, the injections don’t freak him out / piss him off like oral meds do. He even meows when I uncap the syringe because he knows he will get a treat with his shot.

    However, if Mom doesn’t want to do that, there are special labs where they will mix meds with lamb, chicken, or the flavor of your choice. Tell her to ask her vet.


  38. I love Maru, but I didn’t think it was so smart for a cat to open a drawer?
    My cat opens all my drawers, my cupboard, my wardrobe AND my fridge! ;_;

  39. Marie

    You have to wrap him firm in a towel with just head out. and/or a pillow slip too. whatever is best to contain all the legs from flaying about. ear plugs, for you, would be good at this point.
    the syringe of stuff needs to come from the side of the mouth. when they open to complain, you get in quick and get right in to the back, over the rise.
    cruel to be kind.
    good luck.

  40. Houdi'sMom says:

    I love Maru, too, and follow his blog. And today I found what I’m pretty sure is a Maru-inspired design/t-shirt. You have to scroll down a little to find it.

  41. You know, for a stocky cat, Maru is surprisingly fleet of foot.

    I just adore that cat.

  42. If Maru HAD opposable thumbs, world domination would surely be only a moment away. And we would all probably be a lot better off following his lead!

    Marie–See if there is a pharmacy in your area called People’s Custom Rx ( I think it’s a chain). They can compound just about anything into something more user-friendly, including veterinary meds. I recently discovered them after facing a similar situation with my 2-legged child, who, unfortunately, has no neck scruff to grab! But all the other traumas you mention–superhuman strength, wailing and moaning, spitting, wrestling holds– are painfully familiar. At least he didn’t pee on me . . . .

  43. I really wish I had a tail to swish.

  44. I would gladly settle for being half as smart as Maru. Or half as gorgeous. He’s really just. too. much! *wild applause*

  45. darling creature says:

    Folks, Maru has his own blog:

    And you can leave comments on his comments page:

    And, adoring fans, yesterday his book was published:
    I am Maru (ISBNISBN 978-4-04-895128-9)
    available here:

  46. Hey – Maru has a book. It is called “I am Maru.” Check Maru-Mommy’s blog :

  47. @ Marie – I have no advice about your cat problem, sorry. I have no cat experience – but I just wanted to offer some sympathy and understanding for the situation. I have to believe my muscles are bigger and stronger than my bird’s and yet when it’s time for any kind of “bio-maintenance” procedure involving me holding him, fogeddabowdit. Before he came into my life, I never would have imagined how deep and forboding the growl of a parrot could be. All I can say is that it takes two people, both hard-of-heart and braver than spartans, with a large towel and some time to kill …. and I still often end up looking like I’ve been mauled by a tiger.

  48. Marie;
    My orange tabby was very sick as a kitten and had antibiotics a number of times. The only thing I could get down in him was the liquid formulation. Tablets were barfed out no matter how far down the pill shooter went!
    Vary the times (if possible)/routine so kitteh is not anticipating the medicine via your actions. Pounce on him, wrap in blanket (towel was too small, they can get out of it easily, but an earlier poster suggestion of pillow case was good – just swaddle him good and tight so paws cannot be used as weapons of mass destruction). Ignore piteous wails, threatening growls, hisses indicating future loss of your limbs, and otherwise unearthly noises you never heard from any living creature. Grab the head from under the chin- place forefinger and thumb at opposite side of the hinges of jaw and pry open – you will get about a 3 second window of open-mouth time, so be fast and put the dropper in (make sure to have the dropper prefilled before even starting this process) and quickly shoot out all the antibiotic. Ther liquid form is usually 1-2ml dose, so you can get it all in in one try. IMMEDIATELY clamp the mouth shut (FYI, liquid antibiotic stains and you cannot get the pink spots off of the wall – my cat taught me this! :D). Stroke the throat until cat swallows or makes horrible noise indicating the antibiotic was swallowed. Wait a few seconds just in case, and also to give ear scratches and rubs to calm cat down. Release the cat and run for your life.
    Sounds violent, I know, but after practice it takes about 10 seconds to get it done and kitty will be much better and your personal health care bill will be lower.

    Good luck and please let us know how kitty is doing! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  49. Sorry about the double post. 😦

    Here is Maru’s blog
    There are pictures up of Maru next to his book.
    There is a linky there to order to the book, but it is from Amazon Japan, and is not in an English version yet. Ammy Japan also does not translate fully into English, so I could not figure out how to order it as I do speak or read Japanese.
    Feeling sad. 😦 If anyone can figure out how to order from mazon Japan, I would buy this even though it is not in my native language.

  50. Marie- we had the same problem with ours, including the other cats getting upset. We started mixing her medication with chicken broth and giving it to her before mealtime, when she was hungry. She drank it all, twice a day for 2 weeks, no problem. Hope some of the suggestions here help you!

    I’m with alexa– My kitties must never see this video. My day is now made.

  51. Words cannot express my love for Maru.
    Marie~you have my complete sympathy! I still remember vividly a period of two weeks that took place long ago, it still exhausts me to think about the medications AND the cone!
    Sometimes it really can be impossible to do yourself. This probably sounds like a worse nightmare logistically, but sometimes the vet will let you bring a cat or dog by the office so a tech can medicate, no appointment necessary. Even though most animals hate the vet, they can be surprisingly docile when they are out of their own environment. I wish you & your family the very best of luck!

  52. HI Turtle Girl! I’m thinking of you! I hope today is a good day for you! K.

  53. “Maru hats.” There are Maru Hats? Send me one immediately!!!

  54. Maru is so sweet and smart!

    @Marie – Our vet gave us a device for giving pills to our late kitty. I don’t know what it is called, but it looks like a syringe, but without the needle part. You draw back the plunger to fill the tube with water, then place the pill in the tip (which is rubber and split in half, so it clamps on to the pill). Open the kitty’s mouth and quickly place the tip toward the back of his throat and push the plunger. The water propels the pill to the back of his throat and prompts him to swallow. Then, lots of petting and loving to the kitty, along with a treat or two. Good luck!

  55. @CathyDee – Maru doesn’t need opposable thumbs, we are already his willing servants. What’s that Maru, it’s time for our weekly Container Store shopping spree? Yes, I’ll fetch the car right away!

  56. Maru is amazing. I swear he was thinking, “Now if I could just CLOSE the drawer behind me…”

  57. @Marie: I have 2 special needs kitties – one of which gets 2 pills every morning and evening. If you get some brewers yeast (you can get it pill form at wally world and then grind down) and make it into a paste and coat the pill they don’t taste the pill – don’t have a clue that you are shoving uky stuff down their throat (I will warn you though that is is sticky0. Luckily for me, Trouble, my kitty who gets the pills is so used to pill taking I don’t have to do anything but open her mouth….of course she wasn’t all nice when I started this…

    I love Maru!

  58. @Marie – I found like others have mentioned you have to be,seemingly,cruel i.e. hold them tightly, if they sense any relaxation of the hold, they’re off. It seems like you are hurting them but your not, they’re tough buggers.

  59. I thought… just momentarily… The BOX had gotten the best of Maru. I was HORRIBLY WRONG! Drawer opening with such poise and grace – Maru is just delectable!

  60. @Marie: I prefer giving liquid medications while keeping the cat’s mouth shut. Keep the cat on a table, wrapped in a blanket, face pointing away from you, cat’s butt pressed against your chest. Empty the syringe little by little in the muzzlepowche as far in the back of his mouth as you can, without stretching his lips too much. Obviously doesn’t work in hissing or growling cats… 😦 Aggressive cats are next to impossible to medicate by force.
    Meds given as injections (like someone already suggested) or inside something delicious might work. If you have EasyPill paste in you country, try it with ground pills. My sister’s cat eats her hyperthyroidism meds like candy with EasyPill.
    Hope any of this helps.

  61. Hi Marie a couple more suggestions.. and you have my deepest sympathy and understanding

    As mentioned before grind the pills up and mix with tuna juice or chicken broth… or even butter(the real kind.. not margarine) They love it and it works best as mentioned if you feed it to them right before they get their regular meal.. This works best if you do not have free food down all day and they are only eating two times a day.


    If you want to try to pop it down kitties throat. a good thing is to be nonchalant..(yes I know how ridiculous this sounds.. just wait till you are trying to do it and try not to giggle which is a dead giveaway)

    hold pill hidden in your right hand approach kitty from the side so that her/his mouth faces the hand with the pill. This works best if they are sleeping in their basket or favorite nap place.
    begin by petting and scratching in kitties favorite places for a few seconds.. then while you are scratching under kitties chin. pinch at the hinge of the mouth from underneath or above it will take a few times to perfect your technique and (this is the part sounds violent) as soon as mouth opens DO not wait stick pill in kitties mouth and push it with your index finger as far down the throat as you can while you are inserting it. then clamp mouth shut and stroke kitty down the throat and around the ears.

    IF you have one of those marathon cats that holds it for a minute or two and then spits it back out you may have to hold kitty and pet and scratch her/him for a bit or follow up the pill with a favorite kitty treat.

    Good your family and I hope kitty is on the road to recovery soon.. if it continues to be a struggle next time request the liquid…. if it is available sometimes it is easier to deal with although I have one who can and will spit the liquid out too.

  62. Von Zeppelin says:

    Maru: reverse Houdini (or, I guess, iniduoH). He can get into any closed container. Next video will show him getting into a trunk underwater while shacked with chains and padlocks.

  63. Forgot to mention the sneak attack always works best on recalcitrant kitties..
    I have had a few.. if they know or suspect what you are up to .. the gig is as good as done and three people will not be able to get the pill down kitties throat…

  64. i didn’t read all the comments so pls forgive if already mentioned, but maru’s got a book coming out (in japan) – i’m dying for it to be available in the states!

  65. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    My Lucy is a drawer freak. If one of my dresser drawers is just the teeniest bit open, BAM! There she is, pawing to get in it. I should get a drawer setup like Maru has and see if she could get into it.

  66. Maru makes me smile. If elected Empress of Earth, I will clone him. One Maru for every household!

  67. This is not something I think other than dupe flat ad

  68. I really like cats. Grumpy baby, but they are harmless. I think both of them:)

  69. I heard a shriek of excitement when he got the box open! It scared me. Then I realized it was me.

    That scared me even more. :-/

  70. I used to have a cat that delighted in digging in dresser drawers. If one was left open, even a tiny crack, I would come home to ALL of my clothes in a pile on the floor. And she always looked up at me looking so proud and expecting praise!

  71. Noelle (the First) says:

    OMG! No way! That Cat did not just open that drawer! Holy %$@*!! That’s one smart kitty!

    This just made my day! Maru’s people must have a hard time finding hideing places for his treats 🙂

  72. All I can say is, it’s a good thing Maru doesn’t have thumbs! Imagine what he could do with a set of those…

    And for Marie: You’ve gotten plenty of good suggestions from the other peeps. I hope that at least one of them works for your mom and her cat.

  73. My vet preempts give-the-cat-a-pill nightmares and just injects antibios. Can’t the vet do that for Roscoe, Marie? It’s more effective too.

    Our cat hates those drops you put on the back of the neck (so much for “it’s easier than a pill”). Somehow he manages to pull his head in so far his neck disappears …

  74. Maru rocks. I love, LOVE how the “videographer” was filming him as he figured out there was a box-like object that he will figure out how to get into. They know his boxhab issues firsthand. Maru is so adorable!

  75. Marie: Have you tried grinding the pill(s) up and mixing it in with some wet food?

  76. Marie, I remember reading about vets “wrapping a cat.” Not sure if this works but here’s some instructions.

  77. so much for that html code. here’s the plain link.

  78. I WUV him!!!!!!!!!!
    and dang! them floors are clean!

  79. he is gorgeous! and such a pretty face!

  80. Are our Maru hats all made out of crabshells too?!?

  81. I’ve said it before…I love Maru. He’s simply the best kitty out there. I can feel my blood pressure lowering as I watch him infiltrate the “box-du-jour”. Hearts to his owner for sharing him with all of us.

    I want the Maru book !!!! I will never get another lick of work done in my life, but who cares?! It’s MARU!!!!

  82. If Maru, Winston, and Charlene Butterbean all decide to work together, they could easily take over the worl.d But would they use their power for good or evil?!?

  83. They would use their power for Nap Time, I’m betting.

  84. That’s right, even if they do become evil overlords, it wouldn’t take much to overpower them during the 16 hours of the day they spend napping. And even if they are awake, we can always lure them into boxes.

  85. Heidi H Christensen says:

    Hmmm looks like he has been reading too many Joe Grey Mysteries! LOL!

  86. Hi dear people. I had nearly finished another post and my computer friggin froze. I couldn’t copy the text cuz I couldn’t see it. I’m annoyed as all heck right now because I was trying to thank those who offered help and sympathy. You have made us feel tons better, especially my mother. I think Roscoe is responding to all the prayers as well because he’s seems a bit more lively today. I went to visit and he nibbled on my hand, which he hasn’t done for a couple of weeks.

    Your advice is awesome. Just what I needed. Thank you so much. ❤ I did neglect to specify he's on liquids, so I'm sorry for the confusion. But Mom definitely has a bag of tricks to dip into and we're all going to help her as much as we can (all except my brother, understandably – lol!). You guys are super-funny and truly helpful. Thank you and hugs to Woland, Birdcage (Mom does look mauled), fft5303, Lady Darya (you are incredibly patient), Berg, Starlingguk (neck does disappear), Vistaro, Miri (Ros is not eating very much), Lil (will make towel tighter!), CathyDee (Lol on the 2-legged. People's Custom RX? awesome), Saffron (throat rubs, thank you!), KatieKat, Jorden (was told he was veeery behaved at the vet!), Hon Glad (His wimp act is Oscar-worthy), Janni (muzzlepowche – got it.), Kitty Adventures (Mom tried the nonchalant act, but swears Ros is psychic! And he is a spitter!), Kar (thank you for the link.).

    Oh and here's a pic of the little bugger. This is his "Hiding Chair" in plain sight act. Notice the woeful look in the eyes. Like I said – Oscar-worthy. Ay yi yi.

  87. Oh whose a clever puss? It’s purrfect for a puss too …. until someone shuts it. Mind your tail.

  88. i just happened to be listening to astor piazzolla’s “camorra II” while watching that video, and i think i enjoyed it all the more for it, if anyone wants to try…it seriously amplifies maru’s apparent intelligence.

  89. Marie, My cat was on antibiotics for a long time too and one thing that really worked was Convenia. It is a long acting injectable antibitic that lasts for 2 weeks. It eliminates all of the stress then. The other thing that I found very helpful was a suggestion I found on on a website is to mix it with (meat based) baby food. I never thought it would work, but she loved it.

  90. @ Marie, Roscoe is gorgeous! I love cats that colour! Luckily I have never had to medicate any, though I can sincerely empathize with the person who had to dose a parrot ( I have a cockatiel, and he is bad enough to try and hold… I shudder, shudder, SHUDDER to think of anything with a larger beak/ longer, stronger wings!)

  91. OMG…i am addicted to Maru! I have a cat twice his size that does the same thing! I cant wait until Oliver Elvis has his own website! what a wonderful distraction to the work day!
    my fave is his CRAB SHELL HAT!

  92. cats are so effing weird… i love it.

  93. lol…i can’t believe i just watched it either

  94. The video brings back a question that I sometimes ponder. Do cats have bones…any bones at all? When they aren’t all noodle-y, what holds them upright, if not bones?

    I need to go home and closely observe my kittles some more.

  95. LOL I hope he doesn’t get stuck!

  96. Stilton I cant believe you said “cockadoodie” Really takes me back! Anyway, isn’t it cacadoodie? Caca be Spanish for doodie.

  97. Thank you so much for the new footage of Maru. He is a very smart and entertaining cat. I am always happy to watch his new box antics. Please keep them coming!!

  98. LongJohnS. says:

    He is the most interesting cat in the world.
    Stay thirsty, my friends.

  99. Ok, Maru wins. I tried to hold out. Tried and tried. And then he jumped into pepsi boxes and wore them. Still, I held out. Kittehs do these things. But…. Maru opens drawers and climbs in?!


    xoxox’s for Maru- Somebody pass those on please =]