That’s 112 in dog years

16-year-old ‘Tyke’ was surrendered to a rescue for a second (and hopefully last!) time. Adopter Susan G. snagged his hiney right quick saying: “I am so lucky to have gotten him. You would never know he is such an old man.”


BONUS: TriTongueHance!

three_big_tonguesOle Man photos by Megan G.



  1. A.K. Strong says:

    Can a brother get a tongue-hance?

  2. Oooooooooooooooooooo-aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a sweet face! I call for tounge-hance, tooo, please!

  3. loff the lop-sided ear action (and tongue of course)

  4. super cute! way to go susan g! this dogger looks very sweet indeed.

  5. 16! Wow, looks like a puppy. Congrats to his new family. So cute.

  6. I have such a soft spot for old doggies– I have a 12-year-old who is blind, one-eyed, and spends most of his day bumping into things.


  7. Aww! He looks like a mix of pomeranian and some kind of terrier. You know, a “pomme de terre.”

    I shall call him potato. Or French Fry.

  8. Old dogs are **the bests**!!

  9. I am so glad you ‘dopted him! Look at that sweet face! I wanna give him a snorg right behind that lil lopsided ear! ❤

  10. Mooooh the cuteness!! I feel the last portrait should be an avatar. “I am Qte, surrender…”

  11. The tounge is just Killing Me!

  12. Adorable! *squee* 😀

  13. I am SO glad you adopted him! It makes me feel just awful when people surrender dogs especially one that old. How could you get rid of a part of your family?! Well Susan G. KUDOS to you for taking this little gizmo into your life! I am sure he is super appreciative! Just look at that tongue! ADORABLE!

  14. Susan G. I’m so glad you adopted this little love bug! I know you will bring each other lots of joy!

  15. nice face

  16. I second what Taranormal said: Good for you, Susan G., and shame on Tyke’s former owners! I understand that things beyond your control happen, but I can’t imagine many acceptable reasons for surrendering a 16 year old dog…

    That said, I agree that a tongue-hance is in order.

  17. I also have a soft spot for old doggies. They ooze love and loyalty and have that “wise” feeling about them. EVERY dog deserves to live out his golden years in a comfortable home, surrounded by love. It breaks my heart the the families so many dogs have spent their whole lives “protecting” and loving just discard them when they get old.
    I bet Tyke enjoys his new home! He’s darn cute!! 😀

  18. So glad little Tyke was adopted. Hooray for old pupsters! (My own cockapoo is 14 years old, stone deaf, and arthritic—and I wouldn’t trade her for anything!)

  19. He’s probably not 112 in people years… the 7x calculation assumes a linear conversion which isn’t true (puppies age faster in their first year than in any other time of their life) and doesn’t take into account dog breed (small dogs live longer).

    The Pedigree calculator says this gentleman here is roughly 80 in human years- still a ripe old age for a pooch! (

    Glad to see an older dog get a forever home, however. He’s a cutie.

  20. Copperbat says:

    What a sweet face he has. 🙂

  21. freetomato says:

    Lucky Old Pup! One of co-workers found a very old, toothless 3 lb chihuahua abandoned on a dark country road in the cold (some people really suck). The vet thinks she’s at least 14. It broke my heart but lucky Granny Mouse (as he calls her) has a loving home to live out her days in now. I swear if I lost everything I’d be living in my car with my dogs.

  22. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I hereby declare today Official Floofiness Day (O.F.D.) in
    CuteOverload Land (C.O.L.).

    Don’t argue with me here; My Mind is Made Up on This.
    Carry on.

  23. Actually Tyke is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. Some of the Chinese Crested dogs have a full coat of fur. I do have 3 of the hairless variety too. Tyke has only been with me for 2 weeks, but he has become such a well-loved member of the family. He is sweet, playful, and just such a happy, little dog. What else can I say except that I am totally in love. I hope that others are willing to give a senior dog or cat a chance. I am here to say that there are older animals that do not have “baggage”.

  24. Theo! Please! We must have a tongue-hance!! We . . . must!!!

  25. SO CUTE! I never thought about adopting an OLD dog. That was great. I’ve had cats continuously over 20 years, they seem to procreate, but after having cats fixed and finding homes – I’m down to one cat who’s getting pretty up there – so maybe after she goes I’ll adopt an old dog.

  26. Super cute floofage! What a little sweetheart.

  27. Pomme de terre. I love it. But don’t tell the designer dog breeders!

  28. When 112 years old you reach, look as good you will not!

  29. To those nuffing the person who had to give up this dog- it’s quite likely that the owner was an older human being who had to go into an assisted living type facility that doesn’t allow pets. I’ve known several people who’ve adopted animals that had been given up for that reason.

  30. Awww! Still has plenty of love left in him! 🙂

  31. Old or not, he’s one of the best looking Chinese crested’s I’ve seen. Even the young’uns of them cresteds can look a little freaky.

  32. LOVE HIM. Thanks, Susan G, this made my day.

  33. I already commented but in response to Susan G.’s post, I want to add that I hope people will consider consider adopting a special needs pet. Last fall, I adopted a 2-yr-old kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia, which basically means that she’s clumsy! Her back legs don’t work so well, but she can get around like a champ, even though she does fall over a lot! (I’m not so graceful myself!) Her health is good and she has a normal expectancy. She is a honeybun and I wouldn’t give her up for anything!

  34. He looks adorable, no wonder you snagged him!

  35. Tyke’s owners divorced, and for whatever reasons decided they could not keep him. I feel like their loss was my gain. Tyke was surrendered to a no-kill rescue, so he was in no danger. I have worked in rescue for a long time. I have come to understand that often the best thing an owner can do is find a competent rescue to place their animal. It is the owners who continue to keep an animal and abuse or neglect it that really angers me. I have another rescue dog that I have had for 8 years. He was abused, and he will never be a happy dog.

  36. I adopted “Tiny” from a shelter after his elderly owner died. He is a 4-pound, very cute, long-haired chihuahua, and is about 15 years old–we’ve had him 2 years now and he is a joy to our family. You can see him at “his” blog.

  37. I tend to judge people by how they treat those that can give them nothing of monetary/power value. So when you adopted this dog you moved into the “wonderful” catagory in my books Susan G!

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    What a sweetie. I have an elderly cat (96 yrs. according to Cat Fancy) and when she’s gone I would like a dog and another couple of cats.. and expect to get all at least middle aged or so. I do love the babies but would like to help an older one out .. not to mention, I’m getting up there myself.

  39. What a sweet little face. I just had to put one of my senior citizens to sleep. It’s heartbreaking. I’m so glad this old guy has a good home in which to grow old(er).

  40. Hurrah for adopting “senior” pets. There are so many 10+ year old kitties in the shelter where I volunteer and many people don’t want to adopt them. Thanks to everyone who opens their hearts and homes to these wonderful animals.

  41. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Folks, maybe Tyke’s previous owner was equally elderly, and passed on, or just couldn’t care for him any longer. Let’s not immediately assume the worst! I want to think that sweet expression on his face comes from many years of being well-loved, and I’m sure he was available for adoption only because of necessity. Here’s to many happy years with his new forever family!

  42. How was this little darling “surrendered” to rescue twice? I can only assume he had an elderly owner who passed away, because who could give him up? What a cutie pie.

    BadKitty: I am so sorry for your loss. Many of us know how much it hurts. (((Hugs)))

  43. I’m so happy for this pup! It’s always so heartwarming when an older animal gets another chance. He’s a lucky baby, no matter what age he might be.

  44. OK, the tongues have been ‘hanced!

  45. So adorable! Glad he’s finally got a good home.

  46. Teho Extra special Hanced Woo hooo pretty doggone fancy

    Thank YOU!!!!!

    Bad Kitty… ((((HUGS))) I recently had to put Magneato (our torby kitty) to sleep it broke my heart..

    Regarding adopting older kitties I am all for it I adopted my Mom’s two kitties when she went into a care facility. They have been nothing but darling girls..

  47. LOL a Trifecta of tonguehance!!!!

  48. earlybird1 says:

    Cutest. old. man. ever. Glad he has a warm, nurturing home for his final happy years. Ahhnnnn.

  49. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Kisses on your little nose, Susan, for adopting an older animal. You are tops in my book. Tyke, you are a lucky, sweet old dog and you deserve the best. Kisses for you, too!!!

  50. What a sweet pup and how lucky to be adopted. He needs warm blankets and good food.

    I lost my baby Meg this year – she was 18, well, 18 1/2. That’s the trouble with dogs – when they go it breaks your heart.

  51. Von Zeppelin says:

    The old doggies always pinch my heart a little. I’ll never forget my sweet Goldie, a lab-Pyrenees mix that left us at the age of 15. She always waited at the door for me when I came home from work. Now my feisty little Sam, the dachsobeagle, is getting gray around the muzzle and ears.

    God bless you, Susan. The old ones need our love more than anyone.

  52. Susan G, bless you for taking in that darling old guy. It just warms my heart to know that he won’t have to adjust to yet another home. I am proudly accompanied by my dobie who is 12-13 yrs old (not exactly sure, she was a rescued stray), so I have a real soft spot for old dogs.

  53. That baby clearly has Yorkie in him.

  54. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, what a cute old dog! And yay for tongue-hance!

  55. “Old” puppehs need luvs and homes too!

  56. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    whaddya tryin’ to do, KEEEL MEEE?

    a triple-tongue-hance?


  57. littledogrescue says:

    Precious! I want to keeeees his floofy-powder-poofy cheeks !!!
    Teaching moment:
    As a rescuer of small (and usually older) brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs, I am compelled to share a common reason for the permanent tongue-itude.
    Dogs who have been fed a cheap and unhealthy diet, and those who haven’t had regular veterinary care lose their teeth to decay. Often, they lose all their teeth.
    Without teeth, they can’t keep their tongues in their moufs, to wit: Mister Winkle. It’s cute, yes, but very often it’s a tragic reminder of abuse or neglect.
    Additionally, some dogs’ tongues hang out all the time because their faces are too short for their tongues, as seen in many irresponsible brachycephalic mixes.
    But we love them all. Tyke is a perfect example of the joy and reward of senior dog rescue. Woof !!

  58. Susan G congratulations on bringing Tyke into your home. You did a great thing! Senior Citizen Dogs are wonderful companions. Seeing his sweet face and knowing he’s safe made everyone very happy today.

  59. Oooh it’s a happy day!

  60. What a good-lookin’ little gentleman! Thank you ever so much for the tongue-hance–that really made my day. And thanks to littledogrescue for the lesson; I appreciate it, even if it does make me sad.

  61. What a sweet face! He looks a right little doll. And at least his owners placed him in a rescue, and did not just dump him in the country. I live in the country, and the number of cats/dogs wandering around is heart-rending.
    Good on you, and enjoy him however long you have him.
    We had 2 poodles for around 16 years, and let quality of life be the deciding factor.

  62. Thank you, Theo. Now we can give that little tongue the appreciation it deserves. (Gives standing “o” for teeny Tyke tongue)

  63. moistenedbink says:

    Oh, Susan G. how good you are to bring joy to an animal’s final months or years. I am so happy that he will be in a loving home as opposed to a cage, even if the cage is at a good shelter because it is still a cage and not a home. He looks like a sweetie and I am sure you will each enhance each other’s lives.

  64. I’d live in a car with my cats before giving them up but let’s be fair guys. Thankfully this guy landed with a new forever home regardless of what happened with his prior family.

    The shelters say that’s the hardest thing to see these days. Guys come in who’ve lost their jobs, their houses, their cars, everything. Then they’ve got to give up the dog, their last friend. Apparently seeing grown men cry over a pet is sobering.

    However, that’s a chinese crested? He seems to have more hair than I’m used to seeing with this breed. Or was that a comment about his coiffure?

  65. kibblenibble says:

    freetomato: I know what you mean about saying if you lost everything, you’d keep your doggies with you. As a teacher in California, I was worried last year that I’d get laid off (many of my colleagues did) and maybe even lose my home. I didn’t, thank goodness, but I must say that the fear of job loss made me realize what was important. I knew I could go back to living in a rented room, as long as I could keep my two kitties. That was all that was important, when I boiled it down.

    As for Tyke and Susan, they are family now. 🙂 I won’t nuff on Tyke’s previous humans, because I don’t know the circumstances. I will say that I once adopted a 14 year old kitty (actually removed her from an abusive home.) I got to have her for three more years before she passed away. Since I knew she had been abused, I tried to spoil her rotten. She had some good quality years at the end, and I’m grateful to have spent those years with her, my little Peaker.

    Thank you Susan, and CO, for sharing Tyke’s story with us. 🙂

  66. kibblenibble says:

    BTW Teho, awesome triple tongue-hance!

  67. Kar, Tyke really is a Chinese Crested. There are 2 varieties, the Hairless and the Powderpuff. The Powderpuff has a full coat of fur. There are almost always both varieties born in a litter. Most people who are not familiar with the breed have not seen or heard about the Powderpuffs. I also have 3 of the Hairless Chinese Cresteds and am just in love with the breed. They are sweet and funny dogs.


    I adopted a 10/??? year old Pomeranian from an LA shelter and she looks almost exactly like Tyke!


  69. OH yes, and my Pom (Kea) has no teeth either

  70. Aww, he’s gorgeous in the third photo! I notice he’s sticking his tongue out though, why are animals so rude these days?

  71. Heather, I am located in central Florida. Tyke does look like a Pom or a Yorkie, but he is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff.

  72. What a precious little old man! I have a soft spot for elderly animals. Well, all animals 😛

  73. Congrats Susan,

    It’s wonderful that you rescued this wonderful little angel. However, there is no excuse good enough for me, divorce included, for dropping off such an old man at a rescue centre. It makes my blood boil, poor little man. I hope you give him a wonderful life now, filled with treats, small walkies, toys and lots of love. Give him lots of kisses from me, bless him.

  74. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,what a cutie.

  75. awwwwwwww……he has the same face as my little “senior citizen” Jay the papillon….he’s also a roadside-rescue and has a tongue that sticks out from a lack of teeth…..honestly it just adds to the cuteness! Way to go for taking in such a wonderful old soul! Rescue’s are the greatest! 🙂

  76. Lesley Dailey-Altomare says:

    OMG! This little guy is adorable. The lil’ bit-o-tongue is the best part. I am so pleased to know that he will be able to live out his remaining years in a safe and loving environment. Rescues are awesome – if you need a new companion, please consider a rescue first. Back in April, I adopted a 10-year old, deaf and nearly blind Lhasa Apso. She is the best dog I’ve ever had and the love of my life (please don’t tell my other “babies”)! Shelters are overloaded with maximum cute just waiting for love. Please don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die.

  77. theloveofisis says:

    Susan, bless you for takin’ the old man in. He’s abso-frickin’-lutely adorable. WANT KISSES! Bless all mommies and daddies who take in shelter pets… my two cats are shelter pets and I don ‘t know what I’d do without them… they really are my babies! I am just so thankful for all you adopters out there… Much love!

  78. Awww, good on ya, Susan!

    Lookin’ good, Mr. Tyke!

  79. The tongue? Yeah, okay, that’s cute, but THE HAIR!!! OMG, I want to go to THAT hair stylist!!


  81. What a lucky doggie, and lucky doggie mama. He’s as beautiful as can be, and Susan G. you are too! Congratulations to you both!

  82. doublemint? meet troublemint!

  83. nicefrenchgurl says:

    dear susan
    thanks for rescuing tyke
    after losing my beloved 16yo mutt, i adopted a senior dog in a rescue, and have been bitting my fingers ever since. thats what happens with previously abused pets.
    but thats not the point of my mail: i think u should check tyke’s heart condition, even though i know chihuahuas whose tongue is too long, it usually is a sign of heart disease

  84. Susan, you are my new hero!! Bless you and your new little man. I wouldn’t have been able to resist him either – I’m finding it difficult enough to tear myself away from the screen now. 🙂

    A few years ago I adopted a 12 or 14 year old chi boy rescued from a puppy mill – cataracts on both eyes, severe heart murmur, half deaf, unable to walk without falling over, had to have all but 3 teeth removed. The joy I got from loving him and being able to make him feel safe and happy cannot be expressed in words. My sweet Ozzy only lasted 10 months but I feel I gave him the best 10 months of his life. Nobody can ever take that feeling away from me. If you ever have a chance to adopt an older animal, please do so. You will never regret it.

  85. nicefrenchgurl, I have had Tyke checked by my vet. Tyke’s heart is in good condition for his age. His tongue hangs out because he is missing some teeth, which is a common problem in Chinese Crested dogs. Tyke is deaf and has a stiff back leg, but he is a active, happy little dog.

  86. So much wisdom in his eyes. The stories he could tell !!!

  87. freetomato: “Granny Mouse”? That is precious and perfect for a senior Chihuahua.

  88. YAAAY Susan G! What a treasure Tyke is and what a wonderful human you are! That is just the sweetest little guy.
    And thanks to the mods for the triple toungue-hance. Waaaaay too adorable! My day is shot now as it will take hours to recover from the thermonucula…sorry, thermonuclear blast of cute.

  89. Wow, He really does not show his age in those pictures.

  90. Old dogs are the best, most elegant companions ever!

    This dog is so cute that my heart turned instantly to jelly. Congratulations to the new family!

  91. He is so cute!

  92. Dog bless the kind heart who adopted Tyke in his golden years. I can’t imagine what circumstances would lead a person to get rid of a beloved companion dog in his elder years. This makes me cry.

    ALL: please consider adopting an adult/elder dog. Love and care in their waning years would be such a blessing, and your soul will be enriched by the kindess you sow.

  93. Theo- please have someone give you belly rubs and sweet nosey-kisses for that triple-tongue-hance. Excellent work, (Ed.), outstanding. Only you.

    Wait, why is there dog-slobber on my mouse? THEO!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Way to go Susan!!! We need more adoptive parents like you! He looks so yummy cute….he has a loving home!

  95. She is 16 in dog years, and 112 in human years. Scheesh, it seems people are always getting this wrong.

  96. Susan – you are a wonderful and kind person to adopt a senior dog. Hope you have plenty of time to share with him.

  97. Oh well, Susan, too bad we aren’t closer! My pooch needs a playmate that isn’t a rowdy and rambunctious puppy!! 🙂

  98. What a cute little guy! Bravo to you for adopting him.

  99. Rainbow*Star says:

    The world’s oldest goggie died today at 21 (147 in dog years). Her name was Chanel, and she was a wirehaired daschsund dachshund.

  100. I am so in love with little Tyke! I don’t know why, but seeing him made me choke up a little. Maybe because he found himself needing a home at such an old age. I don’t know why he was put up for adoption, but that had to be hard on him. I’m so happy that he now has a loving person to take care of him in his senior years. That’s where he needs to be, with someone who loves him, gives him a warm and comfy place to sleep, and good food for his tummy. Not stuck in a shelter. Such a sweet face! Susan, you are a true hero!

  101. I am so happy he got adopted at 16! Thank you for doing so, Susan!

  102. Old dogs are the best dogs! We have a dog in our building 23 or 24 years old named “Puppydog” I call her the oldest dog in California, she is so sweet you’d get a toothache just looking at her!

  103. Yay for Susan and Tyke! If I ever adopt an animal, it’s definitely going to be a grown-up dog. I just don’t have the patience for infants. Of any species. And a sweet little senior like Tyke would be perfect, because all they want/need is a comfy place to live and lots of lovins and pettins and snorglins and spoilins.

  104. Thank you for the close up of that sweet little tongue. Lucky Susan G and lucky Tyke. Have lots of fun together. I would LOVE to adopt an older animal when I am again in the market for another dog. Just think….you already know exactly what the animal is going to look like, you know exactly what size it is, and you can see what type of personality and intelligence it has. Add in the lovability factor and I am sold on a grown-up dog. Smart for older people who want to adopt too, IMO.

  105. You know what LOVE is.
    Tyke is very lucky.
    Have a sweet life together for ever……………….

  106. You know what LOVE is.
    Tyke is very lucky. And so cute !!
    Have a sweet life together for ever……………….

  107. Dear Susan – Tyke is adorable and obviously irresistable! I adopt “Super Special (Needs) Senior” Yorkies. I adopted my oldest Yorkie, “Miss Paras”, at age 18 and she passed away last week at age 20. Her beautiful, elegant face and tribute photo is on the 8/31/2009 and 8/24/2009 entries of my animal blog Also check out my photo of “Dylan”, my newest 12 year old blind and paralyzed Yorkie, “working it” in his new doggie wheelchair. Special Senior Doggies Rock!! 🙂

  108. I adopted a senior Bichon named Toni whom I called “Toni, Baloney Flavor” in honor of my favorite late nite show, Iron Chef (the original from Japan). She was 13 or so, was blind, had diabetes and couldn’t “hold it” for very long. She had enough personality to fill a stadium. Her owner passed away and her daughter was going to drop Toni off at a shelter before leaving town. I took her on originally just to foster her until a placement could be made, but she ended up staying for what ended up the rest of her life. It wasn’t for very long, but I still tear up thinking about that growly little dog ruling my household.

  109. Susan G, TrixandSam, Tina Ann Byers, and others like them,
    There is a special place, right beside the Rainbow Bridge, just for you. You Rock!

  110. I adopted a senior beagle. Belle is my sweetie! She had been abandoned out in the country, and I found her at my local shelter. She needed some rotten teeth removed and that was expensive, but worth every cent. She loves to cuddle with me. I am so glad to be able to make her happy the rest of her life!

  111. Thanks to everyone for their comments about Tyke. I think it is wonderful to hear all the other stories about adopted pets and especially senior pets.

    Tina Ann, I love your animal blob. I was touched by your story, as I was inspired to adopt senior animals by a couple who used to go to my vet. They adopted senior Yorkies too. I was so impressed by their compassion and commitment that I decided to try to adopt seniors when I was able.

  112. That is so sweet ! I am glad Tyke gets to live out his senior years with a loving family !

  113. awwwww! the inocent look

  114. Our 13-year-old gentleman cat Toshi retired to a life of comfort and ease with us (and far from two awful children who drove him to claw and bite — not that he EVER did that to us, even when we’d treat an occasional abscess) for five very good, too short years. We still miss him.

    Thanks to everyone who remembers and loves the very grown-up pets.

  115. Old dogs are the best. It takes a special heart to take them in. Thank you!!!!

  116. I’m so jealous of Susan, getting to take this adorable little old man home! Especially in that last (pre tongue-hance) photo, I just want to hug and luff him!

  117. animalluvr says:

    sooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the tongue-hance 😛 ily tyke!!!!!

  118. bless your heart for taking in an older, twice-homed dog. I hope he rewards you with all the love in that cute little face…..

  119. v I really like cats. Grumpy baby, but they are harmless. I think both of them:)

  120. At present I have 10 cats – all strays – all wonderful. I am waiting til I retire to adopt a doggie or two. I’ll look for older ones like Tyke. The older critters deserve 2nd or 3rd chances. Good for you Susan.

  121. The pet owner was blessed having this cute little dog at his / her side. It can takes your tires away. Haist. I want to have a pet like this.