I don’t think this occurs in nature

At least, prolly not that often.

“Fennec fox gets a good scrubbin’ then leaves in a huff” was sent in by Alice W.



  1. kittehs lurve to give bafs ❤

  2. i call matchingks!

    how sweet… both of dem!

  3. I’d probably leave in a huff, too, if I had to listen to that music. Very cute on mute though! 🙂

  4. Fennec takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

    Check out the wrestling hold the kitty had on the fox. That fox was going nowhere.

  5. @Samantha: I agree about the music. That was dreadful. 🙂

    My first baby used to do that with our other cats. Pin them down and force bathe them.

  6. Jess&Friends says:

    Later does the cat give the fox a mani-pedi?

  7. I think he heard trumpets :-X

  8. Look at that thing bounce!

  9. I call “I shall leeek you!”

    I love how kitty has a death grip on foxy so that foxy cannot get away. Although, kitty had major nomming opportunity on those ears and totally did not take it. Bad kitty!

  10. The fox has had enough baff time:P

  11. “I EENSEEST I clean your ears.” And so much ears to clean!

  12. Lick-a-fennec

  13. I love the headlock kitteh has on the fox! Then he gets distracted by his own paw and forgets all about the poor lickee. 🙂

  14. I enjoyed that as much as the fox did! Even the eccentric version of Tchaikovsky!

  15. Those ears!!! Mmm, monch monch!

  16. I never seen that before. Very cute.

  17. @Samantha @Blondie Awww, usually I hate the background music on these videos, but that had me rolling. (Though I hafta admit, I have a sick fondness for all those songs with the cat & dog sounds mixed in.)

  18. That’s the “Jingle Cats” cd in the background, and yes, it IS quite annoying. A friend of mine gave it to me for Christmas one year, and I wondered what I did to her to make her so mad at me. 🙂

  19. D’awww ears need rubbing. 🙂 And licking. And the occasional chewing.
    Was there an ensemble of cats meowing along to the background music?

    Anyway, we’ve featured you on our blog here as per Blog Day tradition!

  20. That’s awesome!

  21. this has actually been posted before, but isn’t any less cute, that’s for sure.

    I agree, the death grip kitty has around little fox is the funniest part.

  22. Leslie (NTA) says:

    El fox DOES have rather an ….annoyed express. on his countenance …..

  23. OMG who has a fennec foxie on their couch?!!??? WANT!

  24. That’s what happens when you forget to wash behind your ears!

    Even Fennec foxies have pseudo-mudders who check and clean der ears.

  25. skyweaver says:

    Okay, I know this a wee insane. But when Mr. Fennel took off the kitty looks JUST like Gene Hackman does in Young Frankenstein where after the monster storms out he says “Wait! Don’t leave! I was going to make espresso!”

  26. OMG, haven’t even watched this yet (stupid slow network at work slows down Youtube), but the writing reads: interspecies love, my cute children, the fennec’s mother is a cat! That alone’s giving me a toothache right there.

  27. A Young Frankenstein reference is always welcome. Foxy is not exactly all “Oooooh sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!!!”

  28. violetgreen says:

    Think the fox was in a huff from getting upstaged by kittie’s own paw. “Hey! Why’d you stop?! Oh…!. Hmmph!”

  29. That should be MY fox and kitteh on MY couch doing that!!! I love the fox spaz-out after kitteh is finished her lickings. Fox seems a little bit overstimulated!

  30. Fennec is all: “HALP! I’m being repressed!”

  31. Leslie (NTA) says:

    squirming fox, authoritarian/ licking cat and ref’s to both Young Frahnkesteen & Monty Python (LOVE the “being repressed” line) …..pretty wonderful combo for a Monday !!! That almost competes with some Fridays for fun!!!

  32. Felicityanne says:

    For the British…’everyone’s a fruit and nutcase…’

  33. fireflyez says:

    I thought this video looked (and sounded) familiar. All of the nuffer comments came screeching back to me (i.e. re: “why do you have a fennec as a pet?!?!?!?”).
    So cute though! I love eet!

  34. Tony James says:

    They tried to get me to go to wash-hab
    But I said no, no, no.

  35. Kentucky Kitty says:

    *LOL* you can see by the 45 second mark that Mr. Fox is completely done with all this … but kitteh is “in the zone”!

  36. The kitty is used to the jingle cats (mine are…) but the fox is like, where the heck is all that barking coming from? Run away!!!

  37. Posted before… but still cute 🙂

  38. Kitty’s first mistake: getting distracted with his own grooming.
    Kitty’s second mistake: loosening his death grip.
    Foxy saw his chance to scram and took it!

    Moral: NEVER loosen your death grip!

    @ Skyweaver: Gene Wilder maybe? Hackman would never have been able to put the right spin on that line. 😉

  39. I can hear the fox now… “Moooooom, stop iiiiit, I’m already clean and I have to gooooo.”

    Kitty: Oh no you’re not; just look at that fur– oh dear, I need a new manicure.

    Fox: Be at Katie’s house taking your car kthxbai.

  40. Fennec Foxy is like O_<

  41. love foxes

  42. Dammit, there’s so much of these ears to clean!

  43. Ed McMahn should recruit that kitteh. That is the best death grip I’ve ever seen in the WWE, the WCW or even the ECW.

  44. The music is Jingle Cats. It’s one of those things you really regret buying for your kid.

  45. kibblenibble says:

    Ooh, JB, you NEED to watch Young Frankenstein! (Or watch it again!) Skyweaver refers to my favorite scene in that entire film, which is nothing but great scenes! Perfectly executed by Gene Hackman and Peter Boyle.

  46. Poor kitty, so unappreciated !

  47. wildviolette says:

    I think foxy loved every second of it! He didn’t bolt until kitty started licking herself. Once he wasn’t getting any more attention, he got annoyed. Those foxes! It’s ALL ABOUT THEM!!

  48. Yorkie_gal says:

    According to IMDB it’s Gene Wilder. I need to see that movie again – it’s been soo long. Kitteh is Oarsum! Kitteh is all I shall leeck you!

  49. Funny vid! Annoying muzac.

  50. Joan carlson says:

    Feline: “The ‘problem’ Pansy – oh – Oh! I must have Fennec!”
    Fennecq de Qte: “Ti-yad, ti-yad of being ad-miyad…”

    I agree that Skyweaver’s “Wait! Don’t leave! I was going to make espresso!” line was an A+ reference, sync’d perfectly to the cat’s expression.

    Hmmm, so it seems many of us have a similar palate for The Funny, as well as The Cute…

  51. Trying not to sound like a broken record – that is really cute…

  52. OMG! Somebody else has the “Meowy Christmas” album!!! I thought I was the only one in the world LOL. 😉

    And those two doing interspecies snorgling just *kills* me. Soooooooo adorable.

  53. Wild, schmild. There’s NOTHING a mamma cat won’t wash if it hold still long enough.

  54. So cute. My kitty often licks the top of the dog’s head when she gets snuggly. It’s so funny to see.

  55. I had a Cat that sat on the back of the sofa, above me and restyled my hair. I still miss Gladys, sob sob.

  56. wantruseelingkat says:

    So THAT’s what showbiz kittehs move on to after they’re fed up with doing those Meow Mix commercials! =8-O

  57. Definitely an encore prensentayshe – but still cute!

  58. OK, OK…. after seeing this little video, I realize that someone put cat-nip on Foxy.

  59. Sooo adorable, I love how the kitty is cuddling the fennec fox and giving him a bath, and the fox just looks slightly concerned. That music was freaky, but made me laugh! I love the fennec fox’s random spaz at the end. Also, I was confused as to why a fennec fox was on someone’s sofa, but made it all the more wonderful! Yay for kitties and foxies!

  60. JB, Skyweaver, and Yorkie_gal, Yes, Gene Hackman has the surprise comic cameo as the blind (and very lonely) hermit who gets a visit from Frankenstein. He is very sad when Frank has to leave suddenly. That movie is a wondrous work of art on many levels.


  62. Too cute! My cats manage to get their whole faces in each others’ ears, and then they make that potato-chip-eating noise…what exactly is IN there?? I think my littlest cat would disappear down the rabbit hole if she started cleaning some fennec fox ears!

  63. @HonGlad – I have a sweet kitteh who does that *now* – must have been a hairstylist in her former life…..

    And hugs to you about your darling Gladys. :>{

  64. Oops! Thanks SoCalSis and kibblenibble for the correction of my correction (apologies to Skyweaver). It HAS been a long time (about 30 years) since I saw YF. I’ll have to see it again soon. (blush)

  65. My cat sometimes begins an ‘I weel leeck you’ on my hand that turns into a ‘grip and bite’ with optional Rabbit Kick of Disembowelment (on the soft inside of my forearm). I have never worked out what flips the switch from leeck to bite, but I am glad this kitterson doesn’t have her quirks.
    The silicon chip inside her head
    Got flipped to overload
    And nobody’s gonna get licked today
    She’s gonna bite them…….. like a toad?

  66. You can see no reasons, ’cause there are no reasons.

  67. And what, may I ask, was going on with that kitty & pup accompaniment to “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” in the background???

  68. Theo, I see you don’t like Mondays.

  69. I’ve been wanting a fennec as a friend for my cat forever. but alas, they are not legal as pets in colorado. 😦 but seriously. they would have been best friends — like these two.

    also further proof that cats suffer from serious add.

  70. Haven’t we seen a ‘Cat Licks Fennec’ earlier? The music is a very cheesy… variation of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Danse des Mirlitons’ (Nutcracker). I love how the cat makes sure Fennec Fox is not going to escape, well, till the end, that is.

  71. Holey moley look at those big dumbo ears! sooo bleepin cute…sigh….

  72. Too cute! I love the enormous ears!

  73. hehehe i love the death grip that kitteh has

  74. For anyone that didn’t get it, the fox didn’t mind the grooming, but panicked when it heard the dogs barking on the CD, thinking they were real.

    Very adorable.

  75. OMG I thought I was the only one who had the Jingle Cats album. Its been around forever! My parents got it for me as a kid and I still have it on cassette tape! THATS AWESOME!
    And the video is so so cute.