That’s right. Baby hammie with strawbeshie.

Have I told you all the one rule we have for accepting submissions onto the site? It’s simple really. If a photo (or video) elicits a squealing sound from our team of reviewers, it’s IN!

I give you exhibit A:


And B:


Sender-Inner Leila J. says: “Our office hamster, Peaches, is a bit of a trollop, and somehow managed to become impregnated and birth a litter of 11 without us noticing she was “in the family way.” It’s a happy-ending story, though, as she didn’t eat any of them and instead instructed them all in the worldly delights of noshing on fresh pattypan squash and strawberries. (related story: anyone want a hamster?)”



  1. Why are there no hamsters in *my* office? I protest! *sniff*

  2. Seriously. An office hamster? My new goal in life: an office pet. I think we are guinea pig people.

  3. Man oh man-this is TOPS!
    Dear, dear hammie, enjoy your summer strawberry, then it’s naptime for you!

  4. squealing all the way…
    WANT (both)

  5. OMG!! Toooooo cute for words! You just want to eat them up (the strawberries, silly 🙂 me love hammie!!!

  6. Looks like a miniature Cappi Bara (however you spell it?)

    [I usually just spell ’em “W-U-M-P” like Bill Peet – Ed.]

  7. Bebeh hammie sez:
    I eez a shrubber!

  8. Now this is cute. Classic cute – teeny morsel of hammie eating a strawberry bigger than he (she?) is! I would like both in my mouf please.

    I call Rule of Cuteness #14:

  9. She is so cute! The same thing happened to me way back when in my 1st year of University. I was in residence, got my 1st pet – a hamster – then 13 days later she had 11 babies!!! She did eat 4 of them. I had to help them grow, then sold them back to the petstore (made them pay for the extra food and bedding too). The clerk informed me that hamsters are only preggo for 2 weeks – so she likely got knocked up the day I bought her!!

  10. two silver cats says:

    It’s always a good day when moms don’t eat any of their children.

  11. Awwww. What cute little hammie! LOL at having to point out she didn’t eat her babies – a depressing truth about rodent mommies.

    Meg, I’m sorry for being a linguistic prescriptivist, but my English Teacher Oath requires me to point out you’ve used the wrong form of “your” in the hovertext.

    [Oh my stars and garters yes, that will never do, my my my my my… just one quick edit aaaaand… done! *whew* That’s sorted. 😉 – Ed.]

  12. Tempted to make an “I’m Not Going To Eat You” tag for this one, but I do recognize there’s a fine line of propriety and decorum here. Somewhere. Presumably.

  13. I took my niece out for her first milkshake last month. She had much the same expression. ‘What is this? Does it taste nice? (sips) IT DOES! It does taste nice! Well, this is mine now, and I’m going to make a right mess of myself with it, which Uncle Edward will not have to clean up, because that’s what mums and dads are for.’

    [LOL! 😆 Classic! – Ed.]

    [Do you get “Family Guy” on TV over there? I’m thinking of the episode where Stewie gets his first bite of pancakes… – Ed.]

  14. A strawberry is bigger than that little mite. Wild.

  15. Wump World!
    The best.

  16. You know what would be even crazier?
    Strawbeshie Pasickie. 😛

  17. Little hammie has it right: red = awesome. (Can you tell red’s my favourite colour? 😉 )

    [I tried to turn your comment red, but apparently span tags aren’t included in the subset of HTML that WordPress allows in its comments, more’s the pity – Ed.]

  18. Love the Monty Python hovertext. The last line of course is “I fart in your general direction”.

    Little hammy is too busy eating strawberry to do the last step. Perhaps he will condescend to emit a tiny *burp* but that is probably all.

  19. Aw, they missed the obvious follow-up picture.. little hammie muzzlepouches smeared red with strawberry mush.. or little cheeks pooched out, stuffed with strawberry.. both accompanied by that same blissful, glazed look seen on the bottle time kitty a few days ago.

    [I dunno, Sue, that kinda strays into Vampster territory… – Ed.]

  20. tonight! on Dinner: Impossible! can a hamster feed 12 with just one strawberry!?

  21. OH tiny hamster…
    with an even TINIER TAIL!

  22. It always amazes me when someone can give birth (to 11 babies at once) and no one ever notices she’s pregnant. She must have had some great maternity clothes that hid her belly well.

  23. Tsk, tsk Peaches.

  24. Oh little hammie is soo redonkulously adorable! Fart away, little hammie, in my direction.

  25. kibblenibble says:

    Picture 1: *Paw up, tentative, hesitant. Sneefs.* “What is thees thing? Dare I step closer?”

    Picture 2: *paw placed firmly on strawbeshie* “Smells delish. ‘Tis mine!”

  26. In the second pic, he looks like a tan baby panda.

  27. Yup, we got three ‘bonus’ guinea pigs that way.

    Oh, please tell me that the babies will be put in different boxes, sorted by gender, really soon, because they become um -active- very early in life and you may have a very full cage very quickly-anybody remember the Rug Rats- “the (cellar) floor is moving!”

    Beautiful pictures and congratulations!

  28. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) MOST loved the use of the term “Trollop” !!!!!!!
    (“heaving bosoms”, dontcha see? ;))
    2) also LOVE the MP insults hovertext…perhaps the single MOST memorable MP/ HG line
    3) Anyone else notice the recent feast o’ Critters sampling strawberries?

  29. Jess&Friends says:

    I’ve always been petrified that if I had a new mommy ham she would eat her babies. I think I would carpet her home with food and be too afraid to touch her or anything in her house until the babies were older.

  30. +1 for Monty Python quotes.

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Peaches eating strawberries?

    Isn’t that like dogs and cats living together?

    Ya know…MASS HYSTERICAL!!!! 😀

  32. I wonder if the sender lives in North GA. My niece recently lost her hamster and she still misses him. I think a baby hamster would cheer her up.

  33. Katrina – me too (bonus guinea pigs). And they were really really really cute!

  34. I’m with Leslie (NTA), I think we might need a Strawberry tag soon! 😉
    (jest joshin’!)

  35. I want a HAM!!!! (hamster!) can U email me plz?

  36. Not noticing animals are preggers seems to happen to people I know fairly often. For instance, I have a friend who is an animal person to the core. She keeps finding kitties with no home and taking them in.

    Once she found a wet and fightened kitten that looked vaguely siamese and she brought it home. A bit later as I was talking to her on the phone she mentioned she had not found it’s owner and so she was keeping it. My friend knew it was happy with her because the kitteh was getting fat.
    A few weeks later that fat kitteh gave birth. My friend was very surprised, but over came her shock enought to try to get me to take a kitten. I wish I could have.

  37. Oh plus I had a friend in college who later gave birth at home to a full term healthy baby that she was totally unaware about it being on it’s way. She and her husband were delighted but totally taken unaware.

  38. LOL @ Teho’s Hover text Fix.

    And OMG I did Squee and Gasp when I saw those pictures.
    Classic Cute Overload!!!!!1!!!!!

  39. Man, this really makes you squeal, it really does! I keep going back to look, trying not to squeal. Impossible! :::squeal:::::

  40. I had a hammie named Peaches. She died of wet tail – I was told it was incurable. 😦 Cries sometimes for her.

    […what? 😕 – Ed.]

  41. Thanks for the memories, my first hamster’s name was Peaches. We called her Peachy-Poo. I loved that little hamster!

  42. I wanntt one!

    too cute!

  43. The dainty placement of the paw in the second picture is too much.

  44. @Hon Glad, I usually just spell it R.O.U.S. 😉

  45. Claudia C. says:

    Have you noticed the shape of the hammie nosicle is nearly identical to the bottom end of the strawberry?

  46. Wow, thats amazing, it doesn’t look anything like an adult hamster, i would have guessed a baby gopher.

  47. Roisin, that happened to a couple who lived downstairs from me once. Wife gave birth without ever knowing she was pregnant. Can anyone explain to me how that could happen? I’m still baffled.

  48. Cactus Wren says:

    The stawbeshie is AS BIG AS HE IS.

  49. This is not helping my willpower against getting another hamster. My last hamster died 6 months ago and every once in a while I want another one, but it is really not fair in my tiny apartment that is also home to a cat. (and I really hate cleaning the cage)

  50. Theo, you could always have a strawberry tag.

    [Nah. Allergic. 😉 – Ed.]

  51. Well… a squealing sound emanated from me as well 🙂

  52. Yep, I squealed too! And before I read the text. 😛

  53. Anony Miss says:

    It’s adorable, but for some reason the word “Strawbeshie” makes me want to rage. Why couldn’t you have just said strawberry, really?

  54. Oooo…squeal….yes it did elicit that immediate reaction. I shall have to send in my baby wattie pichures soon, lol. I just wanted to hold it and squeeze it…well, not too hard…is so wittle.

  55. papagenothehedgehog says:

    Agony Miss,

    It’s because those of us who remember the whole “pasickie” debacle still want to have the last word.

  56. Our office pets are a buffalo, Samson, his little goat friend, Clyde, and a large flock of ducks…but I wish we could have some guinea pigs, too! They’re a little more lap-friendly.

  57. @ Caitlin (#45) — Yay for The Princess Bride! My favorite movie…. 😉

    And how prosh that the background is red to go with the berry and perfectly frame the little hammie. Go photographer!

  58. Kris10-yeah, and I bet the buffalo eats all your movie night popcorn, too. That must be one crowded couch. Bummer, that. Show off. (snerk!)

    If I had an office I’d have office bunnies; several big, honkin’ Flemish Giants, to have free run of the waiting room. And a small refrig of bunny/people snacks. I bet I’d have a lot of clients, whatever it is I’d have an office for!

  59. LOL My favorite local Rockery (Garden Supplies) has 4 Retrievers and 2 cats roaming the premisis. Of course I am a Loyal Customer.

  60. Dude my law firm totally needs an office pet. “Why, yes Mr. Client, that’s right, we can’t win your case, but look at this cute hamster!” Client: “OMG CUTE!”

  61. I would love a hamster. I haven’t had one since I was little.

  62. A lot of people don’t like the cutsie-poo lingo around here until you stay a while and you find yourself cooing and babbling like a cute overloaded mush-head! Like the rest of us.

    Robbah the shrubbah! I deal in strawbeshies and raspbeshies…..

  63. Kristabelle says:

    Great upclose photography!

  64. Lol Diana.

    I love “strawbeshie.”

  65. Oops, I meant Midori. I wasn’t laughing at anyone’s longing. Sorry.

  66. Sender-inner LeilaJ here …

    The hamsterbabies have set off into the world to seek their fortunes, but we still have our true blue (green) office pet, Grundle the turtle.

    Here he is as a wee one – he’s about 4x this size now. My co-worker (and photog extraordinaire) Marie snapped these, his infant pics. (“Snapped,” get it? Brrmp che.)

  67. aww watch out he might choke on that

  68. I recently quit a job I hated. I probably wouldn’t have hated it if we’d had an office hamster. Employers should look into starting office hamster programs to build company morale.

  69. ZOMG adorable. I had no idea ‘Peaches’ was such a popular hamster name. I adopted a hammie from a shelter named “Fuzz”, and changed the name to “Peach Fuzz”, or “Peachy” for short, since the other option would’ve been “Cheezit, the Fuzz”… XD

  70. @LeilaJ – I love the look on Grundle’s face with the skull. It’s sort of ” I’m sorry those teefs don’t impress me at all” Infact I think we could sart a category of Disaproving Turtles. What say you Ed?

  71. Cutie Pie 101 says:

    omigawd it is sooooooooooooooo cute i cannot even fathom it!!!! :DDDDDDDD

  72. I’d call her Gertle the Turtle.

  73. In that second picture, the hammie appears to be calling dibs on the strawberry. “Dibs! I call dibs on the strawberry! You guys, I call dibs!”

    Well, there are 10 other siblings. You gotta call dibs, man.