Bunday Nightcap

It’s 11PM on a Bunday. Will you come up for a… Bunday nightcap?

Come on… [beckoning motion]


Stay for one more, won’t you?

[Turns on iPod to Smoove Moves Mix]


Seductress Katrina L. says Pipi, Poopie, and Socky like their Johnny Walker Blue neat.



  1. So THAT is what a Bunyip is!

  2. victoreia says:

    I like this nightcap!

  3. Just what I needed on a Monday morning 🙂
    (Or is that Bounday? Like that Sunday and Monday combined, with bunnies.)

  4. Aren’t Pipi and Poopie kind of scatological names for bunnies? Or for anyone, for that matter?

  5. Cute ones

  6. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Well, Theresa, since the POINT of the story, is that said bunniekins are SOLICITING us to “come up & see their etchings”, so their reputations of moral purity ARE already somewhat in question….Not that I have any actual PROOF of these allegations of moral turpitude, but ……….you see where this is headed……

  7. doomchild says:

    Well… I really should be going, but I think I might just be able to stay for one.
    Just one, then, please.

  8. these bunnies disapprove of their own salacious behavior. moral turpitude, indeed.

  9. a knightcap?


  10. Those bunnies are soooo cute. Too early in the morning for a night cap for me. But thanks anyway.

  11. these pictures make my nose tickle.

  12. The first pic looks more like a guinea pig to me…You sure he’s a bunny ??? Ahh..piggie / bunny…they all look the same after a bundy !

  13. Whoa. That first pic…it’s a rare Siamese Bun!

  14. metsakins says:

    I’d follow those beady brown eyes anywhere.

  15. Yes. Yes, I will come up for that nightcap. The fact that it is Monday morning will certainly not stop me. I can’t resist a come-hither ear.

  16. I’d love to see the floofy etchings!

  17. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Katrina: …hmmmm…must admit, the idea of “floofy etchings” is rather entrancing …..never thought of the combined effect before !! Good call!!

  18. Smoove Moves! Sure…why not!

  19. Leslie (NTA)- glad to help!

  20. I think I could snorf that first bun. And the second bun looks like he done did snorf heem alreadeh.

  21. I absolutely LOVE Bunday. <33 A kajillion nightcaps, please.

  22. That first chap looks liked the famed but hapless Civil War General
    Ambrose BUNside

  23. That first bunny looks as though he is missing half his head!

  24. ♥ Angora nightcap ♥

  25. haha aww Poopie didn’t make it to the Bunday nightcap, but Pipi and Socks sure look cute =)

  26. I really like cats. Grumpy baby, but they are harmless. I think both of them:)