More Snow Leopards on Caturday

The Snow Leopard footage just keeps coming, Folks. I wonder why?

First we have:
Snow Leopard Weigh-In and Chirping

Next up:

A Day in the Life of the Enclosure + Pop song that mentions snow

Thirdleh, some beautiful snow leopard shots (over at National Geograhic, natch) shot by Steve Winter over a 10-month period. Here’s how he did it.

Picture 11

All footage sent in by Marilyn T. over at National Geographic. Deanna R. and Pat O. are the zookeepers over at Woodland Park Zoo and was produced by Ryan P.

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  1. i am dead
    look at them wobble omg

  2. MoonCatty says:

    *best Crow T. Robot impression*


    Magnificent cats. Their coats and markings are so luxurious… great big paws for padding around in the snow. Beautiful, natural enclosure. They look very happy and healthy.

    No matter what scale of cat, from housekitty to tiger, the “kittens” play the same way. Little hunters in training, rambunctious, still learning coordination, simply a joy to watch them being them.

  3. Such thick fur — they’re downright woolly! And *seriously* muscular — all the way down their gorgeously-marked tails!

  4. Oh my stinkin’ gosh!!!! So stunningks!!

  5. Couldn’t make it through the yodelling to hear the snow leopard reference.

    Here’s the more manly less yodelly Lyle Lovett:

    Balld of the Snow Leopard and the Tanqueray Cowbody

  6. Technical wups [blushyface], had just pasted the web address. Sorry

  7. Snow leopard kitties esploded my bwain!!!!!

    Guess I can’t go to work on monday 😉

  8. CO, you killed me. D-E-D Dead.

    Those kittens in the movie look about the size of large cats. I’ll take 2.

  9. Oh gahhhhhhhhhh… *is ded*

  10. That is some SERIOUS spottage.

    And, I would just like to say that would pay just about anything to hide in that hay and have little snow leopard kittens walk all over me. The zoo could make so much money if they did that!

  11. their beautiful tailios always remind me of this:

    The wonderful thing about tiggers
    Is tiggers are wonderful things!
    Their tops are made out of rubber
    Their bottoms are made out of springs!
    They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is
    I’m the only one

  12. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I would simply like to point out the following:
    (EXCEPT for in any setting where a big mean predator can hear/ see them)

    Kittens + squirming+ chirping = Always A Good Thing x 1,000,000,000,000,000 (or so.)

  13. I am hoping for similar cuteness on Windows 7 launch day.

  14. Watching the second video, I think it should be mandatory for all kittens (regardless of type of cat) to come in at least twos….What fun is it being a kitten if you don’t have a sibling to wrestle with?

    Also, is it fair to say that snow leopards have the longest tails of any of the cat species?

  15. Okay, just watched the video at National Geographic on the link, and snow leopards *do* in fact have the longest tails… Apparently the use it to balance when making vertical leaps up the rock in pursuit of prey. So beautiful!

  16. Those are some SERIOUS tail-i-Os.

  17. It’s not caturday, it’s leopar-day.

  18. And don’t forget these wonderful folks who try to keep teh big kittehs in their natural surroundinks:

  19. Mah favorite!!! If I could have any exotic pet in the whole world, it would be a snow leopard. SO CUTE! The mews are killing me!

    BTW, I once got to pet a snow leopard pelt – it was part of an educational “Suitcase for Survival” of illegals items confiscated through US Customs – and they really are as soft as they look. The fur looks WAAAAAAAY better on the living leopards, though.

  20. Oh, and the softest, most wondrous part of all was the tail. I wish everything felt like snow leopard tail…

  21. tricky way to get more visitors on the day Snow Leopard software was released.. LoLz

  22. I just wanna hold one SO bad! Man, I’m jealous of those zoo workers.

  23. omg i would NOT want to be the one handling those bebehs in front of “Helen”.

  24. It makes me sad to think that my daughter may not get to watch video of chirupping baby snow leopards, who are in the same world she is, when she is my age (which shall remain unnamed). But the joy in watching the babies learn how to use their tailios to balance outweighs that sadness.

    So Cute! So bravely exploring the hay. I just want to cuddle them, and snuggle them, and snorgle them… and then I see their Mommy, and I’m all like ,”No, ma’am, I weren’t thinkin’ of takin no liberties wifs your chil’rens, no, ma’am, I sure nuf wasn’t!”

  25. gatita bonita says:

    I am so grateful for the effort Woodland Park Zoo is putting into re-populating a beautiful, endangered species. I am impressed by mom: she is quite patient and attentive to the little ones.

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    That was just gorgeous, I want a snow leopard kitteh of my very own all except the part about having it out of its natural habitat which I know is NOT the right thing to do, no matter how temptingly snorgable they look. Does anyone know the name of the singer of the second vid. song? Sounds familiar but I can’t place it.. and it’s driving me nuts…

  27. I love love love snow leopards, thanks for the post. Mary, the music sounds like Brandi Carlisle.

  28. Excuse me, ahem, Brandi *Carlile.

  29. Thinking of adopting a snow leopard, or an entire family of them? You can also adopt wild snow leopards, just click on the link!

  30. CO, you´re KILLING US! But it´s a death I gladly die any day. :DDD

    Them two playing together is the cuuuuutest thing, and their tails!!! I love those tails. People, *do* watch the National Geographic video (&pics) as well, it´s fascinating and beautiful….

  31. Oh, teh tails…an teh spots, an teh sqeeks an teh fur…

    I love it when they’re at that stage where they want to explore, but are like, “head so heavy…can barely hold it up…”

  32. I would like a job weighing and picking up baby snow leopards. Where can I find this?

  33. Blueheron says:

    I’m soooo in love with these babies…

    And I was JUST AT THIS ZOO IN JULY and was wondering why the Snow Leopard enclosure was empty… Because she was being a MOMMY! Yippee for Baby Snow Leopards… but so so sad that I was so close and did not get to see them…(tears, boo hoo)

  34. I would never have imagined, that the kits chirp.

  35. The snow leopard is one of the most beautifulest animals on the planet.

  36. RuffianSuz says:

    Am swooning. Mama leopard is so gorgeous it makes my heart hurt. Also, kitten-play is the BEST. Must adopt two kitties NOW.

  37. Gary Eveland says:

    Who does the song? (First one)

  38. Gary — it’s Brandi Carlile.

  39. annie_okay says:

    Ooohhh… one of my favorite Brandi Carile songs – written by her guitarist Phillip John Hanseroth – who also penned her big hit “The Story” – awesome lyricist.

    Oh yeah.. and snow leopards – squeeeeeee! (Getting my new mac sooooooon).

  40. No tail-chompage? I’m surprised, with such magnificent tails and all.

    [You might be thinking of this. Lion cubs, not leopard, but you get the idea. – Ed.]

  41. I love all these snow leopard postings but I wonder if this is some kind of marketing scheme apple is doing to promote their new snow leopard OS. Hmmm…

    [Not directly, no. Though I can’t say we’re entirely un-affiliated with the Cupertino crew. – Ed.]

  42. Catsquatch says:

    Snow Leopards and Ocelots, simply the most beautiful felines on the planet.

  43. Luna Tuna says:

    I know the video was highlighting the adventures of bebeh leopards, but LOOK at Mama’s TAIL. Your fingers could sink forever into that fur… (assuming of course that Mama didn’t give you a well-deserved mauling for such irreverant treatment)

  44. snorglepup says:

    Fine filming of friendly feline frollick.

  45. Here’s an amazing footage of snow leopard chasing a mountain goat on what looks like a 75 degree cliff (from BBC’s Planet Earth series):

    @Catsquatch – don’t forget the clouded leopard:

    I think they’re the most exotic looking cats: the coat looks like a combination of python and cat.

  46. Beautiful song, and amazing footage! I love when behbeh slips off the ledge…OOPS!

    Only, as an ecologist, it’s sad for me to see them out of their natural habitat, especially with Mom panting in the heat in the second vid, and knowing that behbehs will not at all (between the petting and the warmth) be equipped to survive in the wild… Climate adaptations happen fast!


  47. ahh! i just went to woodland park zoo and got to see them first hand this weekend and they were incredibly cute. i feel very lucky. adorable babies and beautiful mom!

  48. Kristabelle says:

    OMG, the 2nd video – 1:08-1:09. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!
    Two snow leopards are better than one!!!

  49. Cuteness too overwhelming. Must. . look. . away. ., can’t.. resist. . the. . fuzziness. . (passes out. .)

  50. gravyboat says:

    They are just fuzzy piles of paws and tail! I’ll take four, please!

  51. awwwww!! i love love love leopards!!!! ; )