Now, For Some Reason, a Snow Leopard

Woke up this morning and thought: “You know what I’d really like to see?  A baby snow leopard.  That’s what I’d like to see.  A snow leopard would be awesome.”


No special occasion, really–just in the mood for a snow leopard, for some reason.  You know what they say: When you gotta have a snow leopard, you gotta have a snow leopard.  I’m just saying, that’s all, hum dee dumm, loot de dooo…


Oh look!  There’s video, too!  Wait for the squeak at the end!

Photos and video by Tambako the Jaguar.



  1. SO cute! I just want to gnaw on those back paws lol

  2. I was thinking Snow Leopard, too!!!! wonder why?

  3. OMGTHETAILIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SPLODE*

  4. There’s a cute little “meow” at the end. don’t skip over the video!

  5. What a DELICIOUS, kissable, snorglable angel baby!!! I want to get my lips on those back paws too LisaL!!!

  6. Poofy tail!!

  7. Stunbunny says:

    That Snow Leopard wants an Apple! I’m tellin’ ya! 10.6 of ’em to be exact.

  8. P.S. I see what you did there *shifty eyes*

  9. I saw what Katiedid there. 😉

  10. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I actually got the joke! It’s ’cause I just got my first Mac about a month ago, so now I get all the MacPeople jokes! (But I’m still waiting to see how other people like it first. So tell us your impressions when it’s up and running, NTMTOM!)

  11. harlemgrrl says:

    and *this* is the picture that unites my love of macs and c.o.

  12. Argyle Donkeypants, congratulations on getting the joke and becoming a Mac person. I love my Macs (plural) as we have 4 of them in my house (and only two people). We won’t count the iPhones and iPods

  13. LOL Argyle I gotthe joke becasue .. well I just went to the Apple site looking if they had any job openings. And it is all over their front page … NOT a job though at least for me.. Now if you are an engineer that is the absolute place to be checking things out.

  14. Andi from NC says:

    oooh so vewy, vewy scawy!!!

  15. OMG the paws are ginormous! He’s like a big ol’ fluffy one that needs some serious snorgle time! Snow leopards. Best. Big. Cat. Evah!

  16. I’m a PC. But I like snow leopards too.

  17. Here are some gigantic snow leopard wallpapers courtesy of Apple:

  18. I’m now a Mac person and so go the joke RIGHT AWAY! I’m soooooo proud of myself! Also, I have a friend who calls me “Uncia” (part of the Latin classification of this creature), so I was extra-chuffed at the Mac announcement.

  19. Krystyna Olsiewicz says:

    Oh, little pumpkin still doesn’t know about “privacy tail” yet. The handler kindly showed him how.

  20. Actually, you DON’T NEED a REASON for a snow leopard. The furry kind. We have a new snow leopard exhibit in Manhattan!

  21. PS on vid, modesty tail fail @ :20 :mrgreen:

  22. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo: did you mean to say,
    “I saw what Katiedid” DID, “there” ?????

    (or is that, like, a “double-negative” type situation, grammatically speaking?)

  23. skippymom says:

    In the first picture he’s all wistful and stuff.
    In the second picture suddenly he’s all: “Yo! Down there! Bitches! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. Listen up, now!”

  24. Leslie (NTA) says:

    BTW: In case anyone’s about to ask, the lingo sprechen in da vid est Deutsch aka German (or some dialect/ area with tons of German rootwords & similar grammar. As of yet, I don’t detect any vocab that I actually understand in his description. I never was anywhere near as skilled w/ German as w/ Fr; but I did study the grammar & vocab for about 1 1/2 yrs in college/ took a minor in it…)

  25. Camille LOL your comment is so full of WIN!!!!

  26. Aww…Love the Stimpy of the eyes.

  27. @Theresa – I went to see them two weeks ago. One of them is shy and mostly hides, but the other one likes to sleep right next to the glass (high and offers shade). She is awesome, has the longest, puffiest tail you’ll ever see.

    Oh yeah, they have red pandas there too.

  28. (d’oh! My bad. Can’t blame it on PIMF, cause there *is* no preview 😉

    Allow me to re-write NOT using greater than/less than signs.

    Aww…Love the “Stimpy” {blink} {blink} {blink} of the eyes.

  29. For anyone wondering what kind of mumbo jumbo you are listening to, I think it’s Austrian. But you’d have to ask Arnold to make sure. 😉

  30. victoreia says:

    Here’s the conversation somewhere in the middle of the video you didn’t hear:
    Snow leopard: “You idiot! You’re holding me wrong! No, not the front paw! Hold the hind paws! This is so undignified!”

    (from a PC person, who took awhile to figure out there was a Mac joke….)

  31. Kristabelle says:

    Leopards! My favorite!!!!!!!

  32. ooh ooh ooooooohh

    When the Santa Barbara Zoo got Amur leopards about 12 years ago, they lived in a very leaf-infested environment, so it took some effort to actually SEE them. My then-BF and I proposed a t-shirt campaign that said “I spotted the leopard at the SB Zoo.” Get it? Get it?

    Loved the almost-privacy tail. It’s definitely a boy, no? (comparing with my housecats)

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Love the flailing at about :10 ! Love the outstretched feets following that! and the squeak!!! I would hug him until he squeaked REALLY loud, if I had the chance!!

  34. I totally want to nibble the back paws too! And the squeak just about did me in. Reminded me of Simba from the Lion King.

  35. Any reason is a good reason for a Snow Leopard spot.

    [LOTS and LOTS of snow leopard spots – Ed.]

  36. @ Leslie & Han: it’s Schwyzerdütsch, Swiss German. And some (Swiss) French inbetween.

  37. Jenna (from Germany) says:

    Hey guys.

    I read the comments because I was sure that someone was going to ask about the language in the video. It’s from Switzerland, where they speak German with an accent. 😉

  38. Leslie (NTA) says:

    We sure have some internationally linguistic, assistive & helpful peeps here @ CO. BTW, I did hear the guy say something about “the mother of” the baby animal; but couldn’t understand what it was he said ABOUT the mother of/ baby. That’s all the vocab I could pickup.

    From Jacksonville, FL, where — I hear that — (Human, football-playing Jaguars are a big deal (if I was someone who gave even one fig about feetsball.)
    Now the *animal* Jaguar; I can get motivated, on THAT topic …Yeah, the zoo here has some Jags & certainly there are a few of the automobile variety here as well (Jaguars) …

  39. You know, I was thinking about a certain Snow Leopard for some reason too. I might just go buy the mall and pick one up.

  40. I pre-ordered, so the nice FedEx lady dropped it off this morning around 8am.

  41. Snow leopards are rare, rare, rare. I hope that this little guy is not part of some family. They belong in the wild or in well-tended zoos that know how to care for this delicate breed of beautiful animal.

  42. Von Zeppelin says:

    Apparently, Schwyzerdütsch and Snow Leopardese are mutually comprehensible languages. Just after the Snowsqueek at the end of the video, the handler briskly replies, “Ja!”

  43. I love the little howl at the end. This one is going to be feisty!

  44. lifecoach says:


  45. 🙂

  46. Kitty!!!!

  47. this post rocks! this mac user loves eeet!!

  48. Awww how I love these creatures. There is an awesome documentary I saw made by a Pakistani journalist about where they live and they are amazing.
    Fell totally in love with them when I went to Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney and saw a family of four…yes two babies…so cute!
    Just want to cuddle them forever! In LOVE!

  49. Autumnsong says:

    It is a beautiful kitty. The new OS is great too!

  50. @fluffybutt – For snow leopard, you may want to check this DVD out:

    Animal Planet supposedly had a nice documentary too.

    @Leslie (NTA) – for jaguar, this is the best documentary I have ever seen: shot in 35mm film, it’s just hypnotic.

  51. Nancy (orig) says:


  52. pcflamingo says:

    My personal computer technician (my son) installed my new snow leopard today and it’s runnin’ just fine. Nice tie-in with the cute little beastie.

  53. I want to bite those toes! Gently of course. Why are they so nibble-isious?

  54. I’m the Mac rep at a big box electronics store that shall remain nameless. Last night before I left, I set the desktop backgrounds to snow leopards so they’d be ready for this morning. Of course, then the store effed up the order and the company effed up the sales numbers, so very few people actually got a copy of the Snow Leopard software, but didn’t the computers look pretty!

  55. Blueheron says:

    I was wondering about the language too, but I thought I heard the word “Ebay” in there… I hope this isnt a story about someone buying this leopard on ebay?? I just visited an awesome big cat sanctuary in Central PA and learned all about what happens to animals bought on the black market. This little guy is SO sweet, I love him. 🙂

  56. Blueheron, don’t invent trouble where there isn’t any. Bad idea.

  57. optimistic ocelot

  58. I also felt like seeing a Snow Leopard today. And whadda ya know–the nice FedEx man delivered one to me right around noon. Today. August 28th. Imagine that!

  59. Love the fuzzy kitteh face! The snow leopard coverage on the Planet Earth series is the best fracking piece of nature documentary ever made. If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it.
    And yeah, can’t wait to upgrade to the new OS. Its on the list of things to do this weekend.

  60. E.A. McCrary says:

    @Blueheron Don’t worry. According to the YouTube post, this baby snow leopard was born in the Eichberg zoo in Switzerland. (So, yeah, Swiss languages… it’s supposed to be the zoo director, saying that the 8-week-old cub still drinks mother’s milk, but its paws and teeth are already big.)

  61. @wuyizidi: thanks for the link! However, it’s interesting that the desktop pic of the snow leopard you linked to has a bit of blood on the muzzle. However, when you look at the same pic on the Apple front page, the blood is mysteriously missing. Someone must’ve ‘chopped that pic a bit after they released it to the developers.

  62. Mrs. Darcy says:

    That tail will get long enough to wrap over his nose to keep him warm when he’s in his little snow cave (well, if he were in the wild, that is).

    Snow leopards are one of my faves–and soon my Mac will know that too!

  63. I want to snuggle it so bad.

  64. There’s Snow Leopard
    Like Snow Leopards
    Like Snow Leoprads I know
    Everything about them is appealing
    Everything the traffic will allow
    Soon enough you’ll get a happy feelng
    when they are stealing that extra bow……..

  65. So, um, I don’t get the mac joke.
    Anyone care to enlighten me?

    [Start here. – Ed.]

  66. yes, we are the cutest! *fluffs*
    congratulations for making it into cuteoverload, tamby!

  67. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Thanks for the (Jag) headsup !!!
    I have often become entranced with episodes of that series Nature…they’re often even more amazing than NatGeogr. I’ll look out, for that one. Thx again !

  68. The language here is Swiss German. I know, because I understand everything of it 😉
    He translates some to French though too and also tries to speak “normal” German at the beginning. It starts with “he still drinks primarly milk from his mother”. Then he goes on: “Even though he is that small, this (animal) is not a cute fluffy housecat, but a predator, as you can see when Tamara (the assistants name I suppose) shows his huge paws with all those claws.” Well, it’s for the kids I guess so…not very informative XD But veeery cute snow leopard. Awww.

  69. Ah and to add: Don’t be afraid for this cute fellow. He wont belong to some private evil guy or anything. Switzerland has one of the (if not the) most strict animal welfare law in the world. I think this little guy is from the zoo in Zurich because I read that a baby was born there back in 2008 (if I remember correctly, and I don’t know of any other zoo that has snow leopards in Switzerland anyway), and those cats there have a nice big cage. This here is probably just a showing for the journalists and the visitors like they do with most zoo baby animals at some point.

  70. i love the exaggerated *PLINKPLINK* in the video.

  71. Oh, squee, damn it.

  72. Get that kitty some sunglasses! He’s all squinting from the brightness…either that, or he’s wincing at the syntax. 😉

  73. now that would be something, private evil guys surrounding themselves with cute fluffy snowmeows on their way to world takeover!

  74. How furry and entertaining. I don’t spose this is an original thought, but I’ve always wanted to hold one of them baby furries (or a tiger) …y’know …

  75. Blinkage!

  76. Hmm. The snow leopard my husband brought me yesterday is not as cute and cuddly as this one…maybe I just have to install it.

  77. @ Von Zepp, yep, I can confirm, anyone whose German is of Southern origin, like Swiss and Bavarian German, can understand Snow leopards perfectly.

  78. By the way, the book The Snow Leopard is a wonderful read. I don’t like to see someone holding what should be a wild beast.

  79. @Jenna (from Germany) An accent? Geez! It’s not an accent, the Alemannic language family (of which Swiss-German is the most widely used) is its own.. well.. language family.

    Grammar etc. is very different to (High-)German. Saying it’s just an accent is almost like saying Dutch is German with an accent 😛 Swiss-German doesn’t even have a genitive.

    Have a look at Alemannic German sometime 🙂

  80. And it’s only 30 bucks! 😀

  81. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Ramon:
    Very interesting to me esp as I am an avowed language Geek; I majored in French (& have rec’d compliments on my French still recently both from folks from France & folks from Haiti or French-speaking areas in Africa) ….& completed college minors also in both German & Russian (altho’ I found both of those less innate for me) ……However, while I knew about the ideas of High & Low German, I had never heard the term Alemannic German. Allemand is the French word FOR Germany & Switzerland & France are neighbors; so that all makes sense.
    Also, in the “Dumb Human” category — It felt GREAT to hear, that there are specific, particular reasons WHY I couldn’t figure out much of the (leopard kitten) handler’s commentary, even though I supposedly know some basic German vocab & sentence structure. I had felt SO inadequate as a student of several languages in colleges !! Thanks for the info & also thanks for providing me some reassurance that I’m not necessarily the dullest pencil in my German classes !

    (for the monolinguistic CO’ers here ….aka those who only know the Engrish langwige… “Genitive” is one of several “cases”/ similar to “tenses” into which ya gotta put certain endings on nouns/ verbs, under the grammar rules of each language)

  82. Sharon Wilson says:

    I was thinking the other day that they’d never posted a snow leopard on this site! That’s uncanny!

  83. @Leslie Wow, didn’t know that little comment might have such an impact 🙂

    If you’re ever near Switzerland, you owe it to yourself to check out Swiss-German. I don’t know how we survived without a genitive for so long, but it seems to work. We just say “am Hans sin leopard” (= “dem Hans sein Leopard” in German i.e. “of the Hans his leopard”) Also, there are many other non-German special features in our language. So not understanding a word of it if you’re coming from High-German is just fine, they’re different language families, nothing to worry about.

    The guy in the video says “huusbusle”, for example. What a creepy word! Basically means “house kitty-cat” in several Swiss-German dialects, but my own home dialect doesn’t have that word (it doesn’t even have “busle”, we just say “katz”). I know what a “busle” is (it’s the same as a “büsi”), but I’d never use that word myself.

    One of the problems we have in Switzerland is that they’re ashamed of their own language, so the “official” version of the language is High-German. Therefore we don’t have any official written Swiss-German and there’s no way to really learn it unless you’re in Switzerland 😦 That’s why you wouldn’t find “huusbusle” in a dictionary.

    Oh well!

  84. Sadly I cannot see the vid cause Im at work but the second picture is WOW FIERCE!! lo

  85. wuyizidi Thank you so much for both those links.. any big cats are my favourite them all they are such precious creatures!

  86. Ooooh, cute, tiny, AND ferocious.

  87. Synesthesia says: