Friday Haiku: Outta the Pool, Fool

Fish are friends, not food
But frankly, felines and fins?
Far from a fine fit


Tanks a million, Maria N.



  1. Poor little wet cat
    Is that the jaws theme I hear?
    Hope you can swim fast!

  2. omg…poor kitty! Way too cute. Thanks for the smile, Mike!

  3. “Felines and Fins” is
    Similar to “Cats ‘n’ Racks,”
    Only much wetter.

  4. Be careful kitteh!
    Teh orunj wuns r poyzun…
    Oh, wait. So are you.

  5. He must have a really fluffy coat, look at how much water he soaked up!

  6. i have a book with this picture on the cover…”cats behaving badly” I believe it’s called? very cute book and this is a very cute kitteh 🙂

  7. But a wet butt
    was ever thus
    poor Puss.

    Sorry I still can’t get a handle on Haikus

  8. LOL! I’ve had this happen before.

    Cat in the Hat?
    No, the cat’s in the tank.
    Cat & fish – freaked.

  9. Kitty has now realized that “proper planning” doesn’t always result in “proper execution” of the plan.

  10. oooh! Bonus points for excellent alliteration!

  11. anonymous says:

    aww, sad kitty…

    and i found a cute overload reference in a guest comic at Dork Tower

  12. Distress all around
    Wet cat and frightened fish
    Not a happy friday

  13. Soggy wet bottom
    The Hunt did not go as planned
    Damn fish…stop laughing

  14. @HonGlad…do what I do…count out the syllables on your fingers. 5-7-5. 🙂

  15. @anonymous…HILARIOUS strip. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Fish look innocent
    but are dreaming of dinner
    cat a l’orange?

  17. And of course some nimrod is taking a photo instead of helping the poor kitty….

  18. Getting your sealegs
    Trying to be a catfish
    You’re doing it wrong!!

  19. Looks like Two Lumps is doing the Friday Haiku thing too.

  20. @cindy , do you use tidy with mozzila to look your blog source?

  21. It’s Ralph and Alice
    Alone in their little world
    Blind to the danger

    Splash? You’re hearing things.
    I warned you about it, Ralph.
    To the moon, Alice!

  22. cat paw reaches out;
    goldfish swims a bit deeper –
    clouds across the sun

  23. YES! 100 points to Lindr for The Honeymooners reference!

  24. When we said “Feed us”
    We weren’t expecting so big
    And so furry. Pleh!

  25. Bravo, Suzanne.

  26. bookmonstercats says:

    Poor kitty is wet.
    Fish regarding self in glass
    Will not be captured.

    (Counting like mad, @Suzanne)

  27. My ornj cat, Jasper,
    would be taking cop’ius notes
    had we a fish tank

  28. I meant to do that!
    cats are so dignified so
    do not laugh at them

    my very first try
    at haiku and I suck but
    please don’t laugh at me

  29. Stunbunny says:

    The foodtank is filled
    With unexpected wetness
    I hates you foodtank!

  30. In planning his coup
    Did not account for wet stuff
    Ergo, epic fail

  31. I can haz gold-snackz
    Turned, in millisecs to a
    I will hez towels

  32. catloveschanel says:

    My mama told me
    You Better Shop Around – BYE!
    Goin’ to next Store

  33. Original plan:
    Sneak up, eat them in their sleep
    That kinda backfired

  34. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Est-ce qu’on peut poster si on ne connait/ comprend comment faire Haiku?

    “Where’s the two-legged person owned by le/ la Chat & les poissons? Cet/Cette Chat/Chatte made WAY too much progress in his/her fishin’ expedition !!!”

    PS: didja like, the way “fishin’ expedition” rhymes, didja, huh????
    Does THAT give me a few points for poetry altho’ ’tisn’t Haiku??????

  35. Marmalade failure
    Now all three share the same thought

  36. Ohhhh you all are so good at this. I am not so I just enjoy yours.

    @Brinn Four paws Up. Way up!

  37. Maybe not white
    But I swear! T’was Moby Dick!
    Call Captain Ahab!

    Something touched my leg!
    Everyone out of the pool!
    Eeee! Me First! Me First!

    *GASP* Two *GASP* Minutes!
    My new record holding bref!
    What u think I do?

  38. NOMTOM.. LOL at A team reference.

  39. Yummy people food
    gives kitty bubbles inside.
    Will share with fishies.

  40. Andi from NC says:

    Did not kill the sweet kitty
    But it sure soaked him!

  41. Poor little wet cat.
    The evil fish pulled him in.
    Hey ! that’s not a worm !!

  42. Too funny!

  43. Don’t know what happened
    Wishing toes were suction cups
    My butt’s not fish food!

  44. @Leslie…gives you beau-coup points for doing it in FRENCH. Tres impressed!

    @ceejoe – your first attempt at
    haiku very very good
    counting fingers helps 😉

  45. Not what it looks like!
    Am new poster spokesfeline:
    “Hang in there, baby.”

  46. Soak, soak, soak my tail,
    Gently in the goldfish tank…
    “Merrily,” my ass.

  47. No dignity here
    Kitten’s fear is realized
    Laughed at on the web

  48. Haiku en franglais?
    Les poissons et chat oranges
    Sont en eau chaude.

  49. Theo, breeeliahnt. :mrgreen:

  50. Time to panic, now
    My life hangs in the balance

  51. Silly kitteh cat
    Uses his butt as fish bait
    Worms are less risky

  52. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Suzanne : Thx !!!! We try fervently, all these many yrs later !!
    @ Dub1: Niiiiiiiice !!!

  53. Leslie (NTA) says:

    BTW, the Dork Tower comic re COverload that Anon posted very early above, is akshually quite worthwhile !!! It’s about the whole controv. over Joe Average Guy getting/ not getting the wonderfulness of CuteOverload. Eds: be sure to show it to the Megster !!!!

  54. Another way to look at things, Rhea:

    And of course some nimrod is taking a photo instead of helping the poor fish….

  55. darkshines says:

    I am orange too
    I want to join my brothers
    But now I am wet 😦

  56. ROTFL at Teho’s latest haiku. Co-workers wondering what is so darn funny.

  57. Way to go [Ed.].

  58. Hilarious, pic and Haikus both!
    Please to pardon my poor attempt:

    Cat in fish tank thinks…
    never mind the stupid fish,
    this water is cold!

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    Fish: “You try to hide
    In gold fur. But your swiming
    begs credulity.”

  60. Wants sushi right now
    Curse ye, water refraction
    So not worth the jump

  61. berthaservant says:

    Ren-fest dunking booth
    Auditions were not so hot
    No Marmies made it.

  62. Wet toe beans do not
    give you as much traction as
    you think they would — fail.

  63. wannadance says:

    cindy: yours about the clouds is just splendid….

    actually, they are all splendid. i am thinking blankly, where is my blankie?

    cat tried CPR
    fishies born to breathe water
    samaritan wet.

  64. “All I did was wave my pour in the water, I wanted to make friends with the fish, honest, but they’re stronger than they look!… OK maybe I did tell one of them I ate his Mum….”

    anonymous : Hello, nice comic reference, made me grin. 😉

  65. I meant to write paws not pours.

  66. they looked so tasty
    optical illusion? not
    fishies win this one

    ply me with shimmer
    dunk me like a wet rat
    zee fishies clever

    godzilla kitteh
    attacks helpless sushi-ites
    not how he planned it

    the big green house plants
    makes kitteh think he’s hunting
    for tasty gold snacks

    african queen? not
    finds prey in clear jungle stream
    cant bogart these guys

    hang in there kitteh!
    while i get my camera
    -see you on youtube

    embarrassed kitteh
    your video went viral
    thousand hits an hour

    talk like a pirate?
    get me out of here -meow!
    who’s a wet bilge rat?

    my brother tricked me
    said fish would sit there, not move
    wait til I find that guy!

    cat-apulted puss
    gets wet for all his troubles
    wont join the circus

    i’m mr (kit) t
    b a baracus by name
    pity this wet fool!

    I am sooooo ashamed!
    -for wanting to eat my friends
    where’s that parakeet?

    darn that putty-tat
    your name is not sylvester.
    yikes! here comes granny!!

    [Good grief — I hope somebody gives you a beer, or if not, something you’d rather have, for sheer persistence! – Ed.]

  67. Those tempting small and darting fish,
    Appear to zip along in flight.
    What scrumptious nature of a dish!
    Would make their little forms tonight.

    But alas, fly they do NOT,
    But swim through liquids most unkind
    To cats for whom a wa’try blot
    Will spark a frenzied lick of hind.

    Those devilish little sca’led runts!
    For after all my lickings done,
    You’ll rue the day you got me wet.
    So keep your smiles; enjoy your fun.

    For I’ll be back with scuba gear,
    Like Cheshire: grinning ear-to-ear.

  68. …darn i messed up one of the rhymes. Oh well >.>

    [No big deal. It’s the Bs in ABAB that are more important, sez me, and anyway that rhyme was wandering into dangerous territory. 😉 – Ed.]

    [Also, HEROIC COUPLET FTW 😀 – Ed.]

  69. greed’s not good

    [Um… OK, and neither is cholera 😕 – Ed.]

  70. Hmm… me thinks gillian just tossed her haikus. You’re excused. 😉

  71. BabyOpossum says:

    Oh hai fishersons
    Thought you’d like a close look at
    My privacy tail

  72. tuxedomom says:

    Kory, I loved your poem, it was wonderful!

  73. They look so tasty.
    Just a little jump away.
    Splash, foiled again.

  74. Kitty is saying “Ok, I thought I could play with the fishes INSIDE of the fish tank.” 😈

  75. @gillian – I enjoyed your poem! I read it as a whole piece. Very clever and fun to read: “Cata-pulted puss,” and “who’s a wet bilge rat?” LOL

    @kory – wonderful sonnet – awesome couplet! So much talent here!

  76. A million from gillian. Three from me:

    Moral of the tail
    Water, water ev’rywhere
    Hairy drops to drink

    New use for cat butts!
    Why didn’t I think of that,
    Cleaning fish tank scum.

    Well, see you next *fall*!
    You have a nice fishing *trip*!
    And *drop* me a line!

    [Hehehe – Ed.]

  77. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Kory: add me, to your fans; esp enjoyed the first set (4 lines).

    Aaaaaaand, of course, as ever, Pyrit accumulates 500 points from me (as if I were any legit judge) — esp for your middle section.
    Generally I’m enuff of a stick in/ mud, that I get alienated with the use of the term ” butt “; however your cute lines left me enjoying the mischief, instead of feeling indignant.

    YAY for kitties, goldfish, haiku, Friday creativity, Kory, Pyrit, Meg ……oh, heck, I guess “Yay for CuteOverload” sums it all up !!!!!!

  78. Always training for the summer olympics
    training in whatever pool is available
    if not going for the golds, then
    the golds comes after you

  79. cheekypinkxx says:

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr how sweet

    i loive it

  80. aww i gots fishys but my kitty never fell in darns it lol that’s way too cute.

  81. …and someone had the camera at the ready…..

  82. Leslie (NTA) – If you were any sweeter, my “middle section” would be quite wide by now.
    The thought of an indignant Leslie (NTA) delights me. However, your comment has been duly noted, and I shall henceforth only use “butt” with cutemost care.

  83. gail the second says:

    OMG I have that exact same photo at home!!!! Someone emailed it to me in April.
    And I’m noticing a bit of repetitive de-ja-vu here, cos EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY HAIKU has been about two different species either kissing, hugging or looking ridiculous.
    So here’s my haiku poem. Read it as a whole because it continues the story.

    In a tank of fish,
    Kitty looks ridiculous
    Trying to get out.

    Tocks are sticking out,
    Wiping algae off the glass
    Like a tank filter.

    “I won’t eat the fish!”
    he says, scrab’ling with his paws
    This is getting sad.

    “Get ‘way from my fish!”
    says mum, pulling kitty out
    from that cold water.

    Now he wants the fish.
    Like when it’s cold, you wish
    for hot and vice vers.

    (Sorry, I had to take out the a in versa to make it fit. 🙄 )

  84. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:

    (Blushing FURIOUSLY, & feet pointing toward ea. other) “Aw, shucks !!!”

  85. kibblenibble says:

    Poor soggy kitty
    The embarrassment-it stings
    Goldfish are laughing

  86. I wanted to fish
    OOPS! forgot my fishing pole.
    I’ll just use my paws.

  87. littlekoshka says:

    This picture is original posted at several years ago. Always my favorite.

    [Got a link? Or maybe a name? – Ed.]