Yes, Please

(… OK, play it cool now; let him keep dangling it for a bit… just wander past nonchalantly… look interested, but not too interested… then just casually stroll over and oh who the hell am I kidding I want it I want it give it to me it’s my birthright as an adorable woodland creature dammit it’s mine all mine!!!)


Now I’m wondering what he’d do for a Klondike bar, Maria N.



  1. I am loving the tag “Greed is Good” 😀

  2. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Sqwirrel: “Can you say ‘cha-CHING’?????” (wink, wink)

  3. Von Zeppelin says:

    The guy holding the peanut is apparently unaware that another squirrel is about to whack him in the back of the head with an aluminum softball bat. Then the two squirrels will have the whole BAG of peanuts. Ahhh–adorable woodland creatures.

  4. Ehn! Geeeeve eet!
    What an adorable shot. 😀

  5. One Eyed Daruma says:

    From the look of that cheek, this isn’t his first score of the day.

  6. …also, re: my reply to Holy Cuteness — if anybody can definitively source the original photo, please do let us know & we’ll add a line crediting the photographer. Awesome shot.

  7. Wow, so squirrels can make grabby hands too…

    […and raccoons, and possums, and house elves, and overcaffeinated squids… – Ed.]

  8. Feeding squirrels up close like this is a good way to see their knobby little paws and the skull beneath the skin of their little heads. You then realize this is a wild animal and not some cute little *thing*.

    Black Ur Squirrels, piranha of the forest floor. Many a huntsman has heard their rustling and then heard no more.

  9. CoconutCheez says:

    LOL love the caption NTMTOM. Too funni, almost spit water through my nose.

    and yes, AWESOME SHOT OMG

  10. I love the blur of the gimme gimme gimme paws. Great pic, great post!

    And call me crazy, but I am feeling a distinct need to squirrelize this…

    [meta-LOL – Ed.]

  11. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I was WOND-ering if & when someone would do the “Squirrel-izing” suggestion. I d’int think of it, until *AFTER my other post, & di’nt wanna be uber-pushy & decided to wait & see how long it took someone else. Congrats, Berg !!! Just about an hour.

  12. Something like this, you mean?

  13. Pogopuschel says:

    Gimme Gimme Gimme! ….. or I’ll kill you! ^.^

  14. @Theo–That’s even better than what I was thinking!

  15. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ohmigod I literally cannot keep myself from typing this (so much for attempting restraint) we forgot that the original squirrel/ peanut pic would be happy to get a tag of “I’m going to eat you” ????!!!! Wouldn’t it??

  16. You really ARE a librarian, aren’t you? With the cross-referencing & all.

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    chanpon: “…and house elves, and overcaffeinated squids…”

    Stop giving the Squid coffee! The merpeople are starting to complain!

    [YOU try keeping it away from him. sheesh – Ed.]

  18. Von Zeppelin LOLOL yep and don’t forget how they run military maneuvers.

    People have no Idea.. they always fall for t he cute squirrel facade

  19. Mr. Grabby Paws! He reminds me of me around chocolate!

  20. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo:
    (Bachelor’s– French,FSU: 1984; MLS –1985) and then just a few minutes less than 20 years, working as a Ref. Desk Librariologist in big-city urban libraries, mostly in Florida. Thank you for the Tag Add !!

  21. Cute pic! But… peanuts aren’t good for the tree kitties. A good bet is mixed, unshelled nuts. Peanuts are beans.

    [“Tree kitties”? Squirrels are rodents, not felines. 😕 But yeah, peanuts & beans are both legumes. – Ed.]

  22. MoonCatty says:

    Very adorable pic, and I have to giggle because I have resident squirrels that I feed every day. They’re a bit calmer though, cuz they know I won’t pull the walnut away and they’ll get their treat. I rescued and raised a couple of orphaned squirrels so the critters have a special place in my heart.

    Now usually I groan when people write this, but this pic looks ‘shopped. That hand and peanut may very well have been there and in another shot, but it looks like it was cut and moved so as to be closer to squirrel critter. The little critter is leaning and grasping too desperately for a peanut being held that close… methinks hand/peanut was originally further away. Good trim job around the hand, but there’s a very slight halo effect that could be a sign of an added element.

    So a bit of digital manipulation may have been done to maximize photo cuteness and funny factor.

    Not nuffin’… just observing, and I could be mistaken. Either way, it’s still a great pic! 🙂

    [“Halo” might be partly due to me scaling it UP to size, while simultaneously trying to keep it from looking all blocky and artifact-y… – Ed.]

  23. I saw this in person walking to class the other day. A woman was doing a squirrel call with her mouth, and the little squirrels went scrambling down from the trees and across the sidewalk to get peanuts from her. She would hold it out to them and some would grab it with their hands, like this guy, and a couple just took it in their mouths. I’m like, OMG, I can’t possibly have a bad day now. I go to Wichita State University by the way.

  24. Why don’t I get to see squirrels being hand fed on my way to work in the morning? (Of course, I go to work so early in the morning, I’m beating the birds out of bed these days! )

  25. I once saw squirrels that were obviously very habituated to humans. They got very excited at any arm movement, and they congregated near people having lunch.

  26. Melissa H. says:

    Dogs go “squirrel!!!”, squirrels go “peanut!!!”

  27. victoreia says:

    @Theo: I can see how keeping the coffee away from the squid might be difficult…..just be glad he doesn’t like catnip, too! [shuddering at the image]

  28. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Ok — how many of us — or our parents — fed skwirrelz? My mom fed one (or, for all she knew, it might have been a series of random but matching skwirrelz) who she called Charlie, for 8 years, when we lived in VA (within 30 min driving distance of DC).

  29. juanita garcia says:

    just give me the damn peanut already!

  30. Nancy (orig) says:

    Remember that video of the cow who tried to cross the stream full of piranas? Does recalling it make you think twice about walking through the woods after eating the peanut laden Kung Pao Chicken?

  31. KatieZientek says:

    Epic “ehn!”.

  32. kibblenibble says:

    I teach at an elementary school that shares its campus with many squirrels. The squirrels come out after the children eat lunch, and pick up things they may have dropped, or even get food out of the garbage cans. It isn’t unusual to see a squirrel sitting on the grass holding one of those tiny, kid-size raisin boxes, munching away, or climbing awkwardly up a tree carrying a half-eaten apple in his mouth. Sometimes you even see one holding part of a sandwich. They are my dose of Qte at work, since I can’t look at CO until I get home.

  33. @kibblenibble

    Oh, you have GOT to get a picture of a squirrel with a miniature raisin box for C.O.! Pul-leeeeeeeeeeeze!

  34. “– it’s my birthright as an adorable woodland creature–”

    LOL. Too cute.

  35. Leslie (and whoever else is interested) my brother once had a squirrel ON HIS HEAD.

  36. and it’s STILL THERE TODAY. 😉

  37. gravyboat says:

    That’s an “EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHN” if I’ve ever seen one!

  38. When appealing looks fail, use main force@

    @Wend – You have my sympathies, I’m up at 5am its dark, dawn is just breaking as we enter Autumn/Winter it will be dark arriving at work dark leaving work and I only get to see my house and garden in the daylight at the weekend. Sob sob.

  39. DaytimeDeb says:

    Anyone see “Up?” ‘Cuz the last few posts remind me of the movie… doggy, doggy, doggy—- “SQUIRREL!!”

  40. Leslie (NTA) says:

    …….Theresa……couldja elaborate, justabit?
    (@ Theo: you have an alternate career as — either– a Camp Counselor or a standup comedian — awaiting you 😉 )

  41. Thank you Hon Glad, all sympathy deeply appreciated. I love the change of the seasons; but every silver lining has its cloud. 🙂

  42. Andi from NC says:

    mad photog skilz!! great action!

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    Good heavens, @Wend and @Hon Glad, what do you do for a living? I’m a lawyer and I don’t get up for work that early…. an hour or so later, maybe..but really??

    I’m still considering how best to keep coffee away from the squid (it’s caught my imagination, you see). What with one long arm to grab the coffee mug, another long arm to smack you down while it does so and another to slap you around the head for even daring to try; it’s still got five left to do heaven only knows what as a follow up… *shakes head* just can’t be done.

  44. By the Serpentine in London, just by the Palace, there is a colony of squirrels that are so tame you could pet them. One tried to climb my leg on the off-chance I had something edible. I did not. He left very disappointed in me.

  45. Yeah! Motion blur!

  46. @ bookmonstercats – ahh, the cushy life of a lawyer. I run the office for a construction contractor – we open at 7:30 – hence my 5:30 rising time. With cats to attend to in the morning (including a new kitten!), my day starts early. By midwinter, I feel like a mole!

  47. Yeah, the peanuts really aren’t good for them to get regularly — something about a fat in them that they can’t digest. I usually use unsalted sunflower seeds…though you’ve got to be careful with those too, ’cause your fingers end up a lot closer to the CHOMP. 😀

  48. I completely see the squirrel saying “AMG!!! MINEMINEMINE GIMME!! MINE!”

  49. Hon Glad! Hi! I missed you! Welcome back!

  50. RE: Squirrel on brother’s head
    When we were kids, the squirrels in Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens were totally fearless and gangsta– they’d run right up to you and try to shake you down. Once one started climbing up my dad’s leg. My dad kicked it off, and it flew through the air, and landed on bro’s head. Yes. Hilarity and years of therapy ensued. :mrgreen:

  51. bookmonstercats says:

    Mucho sympathy and kittayns to yer then, @Lindr.

  52. he looks like he already has a few peanuts in his cheeks. what a mr. greedy.

  53. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Derz (sp?): Did you place your mouse over the photo & click, to see NTM’s hovertext’ dialogue? Mr Skwirrel IS sayin’ “gimmegimmegimme (etc.)” !!

    Izn’t NTM a GYEEEEEE-niyous???? 😉

  54. your pet is very good to jump must love him or her very much.

  55. Leslie (NTA) says:

    And @ Hyura: Hi !! Happy Friday.
    BTW, if ye’re interested,yesterday I did a post, responding to you & Theo, about “snips/snails/ puppydog tails” (under the 3 photos of the grey Weimie puppy); a few different varieties of the rhyme exist, evidently …

    Peace & Cuteness to all

  56. Gimmegimmegimme da skwirrel!

  57. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I just figured out, whut it wuz, tickling the back o’ my alleged brain, about the recent posts. I want to see a parallel post showing the skwirrel grabbing the peanut, beside the shot of the ginger kitten grabbing/ holding the milk bottle as it nurses .
    Oh, Eds?
    …………..We’re WAITING……(hands “akimbo”, ridiculously arrogant & impetuous expression on face )

    (Actually the express. on my face is hopeful & wishful, but in a rash moment, thought maybe I should present the persona of a rushed customer w/ stringent expectations instead. Maybe not.)

  58. Excellent narration, NTMTOM.

  59. jugglegeese says:

    I believe the sabre teeth are missing.

  60. @bookmonstercats and @ Lindr… won’t speak for Hon Glad, but I’m in retail… you, know, one of those places you stop in at on your way to work at the construction site for coffee and cigs and snacks. Yep, it sucks, but not so much in the summer, when I get to hear the birds getting up as I head to work for 5:30 opening.

  61. Surprised no one commented about the Klondike bar line…funny!…nearly made me snort my coffee, whilst I admire my own set of rodents with their ‘gimmegimme’ actions.
    Klondike bar=squirrels brain freezes, and squirrel would re-use wrapper for nesting, then wonder where he got wrapper after recovering from brain freeze. It would be like waking up with a hangover, not alone….

  62. @Katrina – Thank you your so kind.Been ill – depression, it’s starting to lift, thank goodness.
    Love Hon Glad.

  63. “Give us the precious! ::gollum::”

  64. my parents have a backyard squirrel, Charlotte Nutkin, who “accepts” offerings of this kind. they draw the line at feeding her by hand (though it’s clear that she wouldn’t mind), but when she comes to the back door with paws in respectful posishe and says “a-hem”, they put out a nuts for her. they have watched her raise a family and become out-ranked by her grown children (my dad calls them “The Nutkinnettes”), and she has become something of a companion as well; she just hangs out with them on back porch sometimes, not asking for nuts but just lounging nearby, sprawled on her belly. my mom has been going through chemo and, after the death of their beloved corgi last year, has been sorely missing a furry presence in the house but didn’t want to increase my dad’s burden by adding a new pet to the mix. charlotte seems to really cheer them both up!

    Hon Glad – hang in there (imagine obligatory kitten-dangling-from-tree-limb pic)…the depreshuns, they are no fun, i know. glad to hear you’re feeling better!