Rabbit Sprout

Just felt like mixing a little red shag in with all the green grass.  Oh, and a little lop. 😉

They’re creeping up on me, TELLING ME TO POST THEM. I must oblige.


Excellent table leg for scale you taunting beeyatches photographer Sophia R. and Tiffany S. 😛



  1. sweet face. doesn’t even look real!

  2. Loppy bunny is floppy!

  3. Bunlet is sitting in unmistakable Degas pose … preparing to lace up de toeshoos an give breath-takinks puhfawmence in all-bun production of ‘Swan Lake’… (Ah, ze rapturous images in my hed!!)

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  5. ajpoweiOOoooOg wopeuhgav can’t type….brain asploding…. ajpocivhy[iwev mOO

  6. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (raises hand politely)
    “Um, Hello? Where’s Sprout & DO loppy bunnies generally eat baby green beans?”
    (silly snicker)

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. OMG! the cuteness just esploded my eyebalbs

  9. Ahh look, one tocks is on top of the other

  10. Mmlorp! Awsies!

  11. * RELATED *

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Bunneh looks so soft, and has such pretty guy-liner.

  13. KatieZientek says:

    It’s… so…cute..- *dead*

  14. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Best affiliated “Ear”-worm (located in the Comments on Theo’s “Related” item:

    “Do your ….Ears hang low?
    Do they wobble to & fro?”…………(Etc., etc., & so forth).

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Dang, Leslie! I was just gonna post that. 😀 😀 😀

    Little bunneh looks so…pensive.

  16. Ugghhh Ah Am Uddicted
    It’s all over for meah now

  17. I WANT!!!!!!

  18. ok now this one is pretty darn cute

  19. JinxtheCat says:

    … falls over from cuteness…

  20. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Auntie Mame: blame it on the person who posted it, in his earlier appearance….and if ya wanna complete the lyrics, feel free !!!!

  21. No WAY is that a real bunny. *takes stuffed animal bunny, tucks him under her arm and heads to bed*

  22. He seriously looks like a bunny beanie baby someone’s left on the rug!! Squeeeeee~~~~

  23. Such. A cute. Tiny. Bun. X3

    I’m joining in with chanpon’s Squee~~~~

  24. oh my GOSH!

  25. He looks just a little less than completely stuffed.

  26. i just had a cute-gasm

  27. I KNOW this bun…. she’s on fuzzy-rabbit.com!
    This is one of her baby pics… I also have one of her sneezing. She’s a bit older now, but just as round and fluffy!



  29. darkshines says:

    I thought the picture was cute, but then the hovertext killed me.

  30. Aww, at first i thought he was a stuffed toy.

  31. Andi from NC says:

    The ears!!!!!! [*faint*]

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    Not even a hint of disapproval. *Sigh* how they do change as they grow up…..

  33. I thought bunbuns face was sideways there for a minute!

  34. Jeez, this red grass tastes kinda funny!

  35. @Freya, that would be “Bun Lake”, neh? “Cept in the end everyone lives hoppily ever after!

  36. Lightly dipped in caramel. Because she needs to be even sweeter. Very cute.

  37. *faints from da cute!*

    OK people, inkblot time! What image do you see on the bunbuns nosy-wosy!?

    I’ll go first: I see two people having a good laugh! 😉

  38. my god, what a wonderful world we are privileged to live in, that something this cute could even exist!

  39. Lerrinus, I see two black cats hunched over a food bowl.
    If you had asked me in the 1960s, it would have looked like two cosmic entities coming together in peace and harmony in a very groovy and mint way. And then I would have flipped the Hendrix LP over and adjusted the vertical hold on the TV.
    …or something like that.

    Bunneh so tiny, I was looking for the beanie baby tag on its foot.

  40. I WISH I WISH I WISH I weren’t allergic to BUNNIES! It’s not FAIR, I don’t like eet! I want to be able to snorf their fur and cuddle and kees them without having to swell up like a baloon, drive to the ER, and get shots in the butt.
    This is torture! Sweet, adorable TORTURE! (you guys keep me filled in on what I’m missing out on – it’s a bitter sweet thing; I’d love to have a bunny).
    You know? If we were to clone this little guy, and release it’s friends all over the world… *BAM* world peace!

  41. (*_*) What a cutie!! *faints*

  42. Kelsey – Having a housebun is great. My Pepper is free-range in my condo – she uses a litterbox in the kitchen and sleeps under my bed. She loves people – particularly the sloppy kind who drop food on the floor. She’s a ResCute – someone got a fluffy baby easter bunny and then got bored and dumped her in a park – so she’s not cuddlesome, but she likes to hang out in the room that I’m in and will often hop up on the couch with me to ask for some pettins before heading off on her terribly important bunny-errands. She sprawls in the middle of the rug like a fuzzy little speed bump, or stretches out on the cool kitchen floor if it’s warm.

    You have to cover all your wires and cords when you have a rabbit, and anything on the floor is going to get nibbled. She ignores all the toys I bought her in favor of ‘found objects’ like cardboard boxes, phone books, and random small plastic containers. I have also seen her unplug lamps and shove chairs and wastebaskets when they offend her sense of Bun Shui.

    She has a harness and leash for walks in the park for grass nibblings, but who is walking whom is a matter of some debate. She eats a lot of timothy hay with some pellet food for extra vitamins and some fresh veggies every day.

    Most buns do best in pairs, but I took her bunny-dating at the shelter and she really doesn’t like other buns. I’ve traveled with her via car and bus, stayed in hotels and even gone camping with her! (We had 8 people, 3 campsites and 14 bunnies)

  43. you are so cute.

  44. So Cute And LOL that was me with the ears hang low comment in the related link LOLOL…

  45. I dunno. To me it looks like he’s listening to someone tell him a story, and they’re just getting to the good part!

    “What happens then? Huh huh huh?”

  46. Wendyz,
    So they’re basically like ferrets ‘cept not so skeeny as far as michief goes? I had 3 furts so I know allllll about wires and escape/entrapement openings, and other critter dangers. Your rabbit sounds amazingly cute. And it sounds like you are a great owner (though I hate the term- we don’t OWN pets, we adopt them into our lives as companions… they’re not like cars or toasters for goodness sake). I bet you have a bunch of fun with your little buddy.

    Open question: Does anybody know of if it’s possible to acclimate yourself to a pet you’re allergic to? I’d be willing to medicate myself. And as of right now this is just theortical: I have a bubba and am not in a position to adequately care for another little critter- no matter how painfully cute. It’d be nice, but it wouldn’t be fair. Thanks for letting me take up even more CO comment space…:)

  47. Outerworldly cute Bunneeh will disapprove, but it does look a wee bit like Lord Dark Helmet.

  48. Awww… I was going to adopt a bunny but I felt bad I’m never home… currently I have a foster cat but I think she may enjoy a bunny a little toooo much 🙂

  49. My head just exploded from cuteness overload.

  50. wendyz: your bun sounds absolutely adorable and you sound like an amazing bun mom.

  51. Kelsey See your allergy Doctor aboutthose treatments they now have to desesitize you to your allergies

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    @wendyz.. “bunny dating” .. snort!! THis little bun looked fake to me at first.. he seems too perfect.

  53. Wendyz – WOW~! howwwww did you get ur bunbun litterbox-trained??? i didnt know you could do that!! – cuz i wanted a dog, but not much space. so thought.. kitty?? no.. i need something even more low-key than that.. then i thought BUNNEH! .. but instantly the image that came into my mind was lol all the lil bunny pooplets all over the place!! – and i’m a barefoot-@-home person, so yea.. yich!

  54. Tracey — rabbit droppings aren’t really a problem; a broom & dustpan can take care of that (or even a Roomba). It’s the things that the rabbit might chew on with nasty pointy teeths. I mean, lookit tha bones!

    …sorry, got sidetracked there

  55. darkshines says:

    Stop making me want a bunny, I am not allowed them in my uni halls! I already picked the one I want, hes in the local market pet stall. He is an albino lop, and is soooo cute. I want to call him Igor…..

  56. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo: can’t fool US: we KNOW a MP S/HG reference when we read one.
    Wot, the Rabbit?

  57. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo keeeeeeeewwwwwwttttttttt

  58. everything’s coming up bunnies….

  59. awww! thats the cutest rabbit i have ever seen

  60. awwwwwwwww!!!!!! he looks like a little toy!!!!!!!

  61. i wanna give it a kissy and a little huggy 😦

  62. OMG CUTE!!!! says:

    i screamed when i saw this it was so cute!!!!

  63. Too cute! Must – have – one!

  64. OMG…..I have to stop visiting this website….I am getting bunny withdrawls!!!

  65. This is the cutest bunny on cuteoverload ever. Cos I have now exploded with the overload of cute.