Where’s the Fire?

Yee-up, I’m a big-time fireman, and this here’s my big-time fire boat.  Forty thousand gallons per minute of pure firefighting muscle, baby, right here.  Bring it.

So… got any fires you need put out?  Maybe a fleet we can welcome with our cannon?  ‘Cause me and my crew are totally ready… all right, just me, but still…


Sent by Marshall B., who swears he just found the little feller sitting like that.



  1. “I thought I toad you not to play with matches!”

  2. I keep imagining him with a little captain’s hat on his tiny little head. Someone needs to edit that onto this photo!

  3. Riiiight…. MEOW!

  4. Smooooke on the waaater…. (sorry)

  5. I was so busy reminiscing about the awesome toy boat bathtub toy that I had as a kid, that I didn’t see the toadie for a moment. Or froggie. He’s cute, whatever he is.

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    Mr. Toad sez– “There is absolutely nothing better than messing about in fire boats!”

  7. It looks like the boat in Ponyo!

  8. Rescue me Tommy, I mean, Toadie!

  9. I still can’t get over how adorable this little guy is!

  10. P.S. Am I strange for wanting to snorgle him?

  11. Before I noticed the tiny toad, I was all like “okay, so today’s the day CO turns into New Yorker, because such is NTMTOM’s caption-fu, the picture almost doesn’t matter.”

  12. Amazingly CUTE!

  13. GingerBean says:

    LOL wuyizidi! NTMTOM’s caption-fu is strong!
    Frogs are so zen

  14. Oh my gosh! Oh BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  15. (sound of sailor’s hornpipe)

  16. Courtney S. says:

    @Jen- It’s not weird at all! Frogs are highly snorglable.
    Well, except for the poisonous ones in South America. Snorgle them at your own risk.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Is this in a bathtub or where? How could Marshall not know he had a frog in his bathtub??

  18. Ahoy matey!

  19. @ Mary (the first): I suspect our little amphibious friend is in a swimming pool rather than in a bath tub, but I was asking myself the same question. Marshall B., fill us in on the back story, please!

  20. One Eyed Daruma says:

    *swoon* mah heeeeero.

  21. Harbor Patrol! Save us!

  22. AuntieMame says:

    LOL @ Sharon Wilson. That’s one of my favorite books! Although I believe the real Mr. Toad was a bit of a menace in his boats. 😀

  23. Has Ty-D-Bol got a new mascot?

  24. That little feller looks awfully cute, but a swimming pool is not a safe place for him to be for more than a few moments. The water usually has chemicals in it to keep it looking clean, and that’s very unhealthy for someone with water-permeable skin. Chlorine’s bad for him. If you see a frog or toad in a swimming pool, remove it.

  25. skippymom says:

    Frog on plastic boat
    Scans the horizon for fires
    Looks in vain for smoke

    (Oh, sorry–I must be wishing it were already Friday, so I can be on vacation.)

  26. Amazingly CUTE!

  27. Walt Disney’s re-imagining of Steamboat Willie, but with a frog.

  28. Nancy (orig) says:

    um, stick around little buddy, my birthday’s the 19th.

  29. @Claire: Ponyo was the first thing I thought of too! I also found her to be slightly froggy looking. Maybe this is one of her sisters?

  30. Zut alors, le French navy: frogmen!

  31. Marshall, himself says:

    Of course, this was in my swimming pool. And of course I kept him out of the pool after finding the little guy. No worries. 🙂

  32. Awwww. Dream on little guy. Anything’s possible.

  33. Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän

  34. Erm, maybe you could just start with putting this cigarette out.

  35. Marshall, you’re a hero! You saved the leetle frogeeee!

  36. Yer right, Gingerbean, frogs and zen. More cute frogs (among other things about frogs):

  37. Von Zeppelin says:

    Khadija–Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän? Ja, vielleicht. Oder auch vielleicht Nordseefeuerwehrbootmeisterkröte.

  38. This is the best thing ever, NTMTOM! I laughed out loud at the picture, and your text is perfect. Perfectly captures the way that proud little toad is surveying his domain. I like to think he climbed up onto that boat after falling into the pool. (I hate hearing about poor ceatures who fall into a pool. Horrible.)

    We had a pet toad briefly ( named Thaddeus) who lived in a terrarium. We fed him hamburger off a tongue depressor – which he came over and grabbed with his mouth! Then we put him back in a lovely woods.

    OH, and for those of you who can get there, the American Museum of Natural history (NYC) is once again having their display of frogs and toads from all over. Live ones, of course! It is truly fantastic and shouldn’t be missed if at all possible. Thru January – check their site for exact dates.

    Sorry I went on and on. I love frogs and toads!

  39. @VonZep, sehr amüsant. Actually, it should be “Schifffahrt” one of my all-time favorite words, for obvious reasons, but also because it’s the only word I can think of with a triple “f.”

  40. @Theresa, but since the Neue Deutsche Rechtschreibung, we have even more triple “f” words. Sauerstoffflasche being just one of ’em….

  41. Wow, Kallisto, thanks for reminding me of the NDR! In its honor, me and some friends will play Beethoven’s 9th on our ukuleles! (Katrina, take note!)

  42. Marianne from GA says:

    Du Lieber Gott! Die Deutschen sind uberall! I have family in Bremen, so I lean towards the “Nordseefeuer……………” But “Donaudampf……………” is great also.
    Viele Grusse an alle und auch die kleine froeschlein!

  43. “Die kleine Froeschlein”! Sehr hübsch!

  44. I just HAD to find out what you are all on about – good ole Wikipedia came through, GREAT reference, and here’s a pedantic tidbit for you…”Since the German spelling reform of 1996, “Schifffahrt” is written with three “f”, however since the name belongs to a company that existed before the spelling reform, the old form of the name is used, when referring to the company.”

  45. Here you go, Jen! This is for you, by request. 😉
    (hooboy, I have too much time on my hands)
    captain frog

  46. @Kittykye, AWESOME pirate hat!

  47. @Kittykye, that just made my day!

  48. Is this guy trying to compete with the waterskiing squirrell?!

    Frogs don’t get enough credit for being cute, but this one is making up for it!

  49. skippymom says:

    Man, this day is draaaaagggggiiiing with no new post to look at…not that I’m complaining, exactly–I know we’re awfully well spoiled by Meg, Theo and Mike…but just sayin’…………

  50. @skippymom – I know, that left-over paw pic should be saved for days like today.

  51. That is a great looking toyboattoyboattoyboattoyboat…only got to 4. 🙂 It makes me want to jump in that pool and push it around making little toy boat noises whilst the little froggie mans the matey poop deck. Or whatever that thing’s called.

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Thanks Marshall, yourself, for the info. on the froglet. He probably jumped onto the boat to save himself from the harsh pool water. It does make me wonder, however, why there’s a tiny boat like that in a big pool.. or is it a bigger boat than it seems and that frog is actually quite large.. When there are no new posts, my mind begins to obsess over details in the existing posts… just a warning…

  53. skippymom says:

    OMG, Mary, I think you may be right! This isn’t a swimming pool, it’s Lake Titicaca, and that’s a 12-foot boat with a giant frog on it! NOW this is seeming a little more interesting!

  54. skippymom says:

    Oh, Leslie, you’re forcing me to go home and play my CD of The Fantasticks. Thank you. (And I mean that in a good way.)

  55. apotheosis says:


  56. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Thanks Skippymom: that feels a LOT better than being hit w/ a rotten tomato!!

  57. skippymom says:

    Leslie, you’re welcome, but now your first comment is gone. Huh? They’re messing with us….

  58. Leslie (NTA) says:

    It said, awaiting Moderation.
    Are the FBI about to knock on my door? I didn’t think it was THAT outrageous???
    oh well.

  59. Von Zeppelin says:

    Leslie (NTA): As the poet Publius Terentius Afer wrote, “moderatio in omnia”–“moderation in all things.”


  60. Since when are frogs cute?

  61. Hey, my friend had a “plastic island” complete with a palm tree for drinks floating in her pool . One morning, this friend, Rachelle found a mouse who had fallen in the pool and somehow saved his little butt by climbing onto plastic palmtree island. Needless to say, many new plastic palmtree islands are now floating in sweet Rachelle’s pool. Sadly, many creatures fall into pools….bunnies, lizards and mice. (on a happier note the ducks are fine)

  62. MoonCatty says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger toy boat.


  63. Yay, Deutsch! Aber was ist los mit unsern Leitern? Keine neue Posts? Ich hoffe, alles gut geht. Vielleicht gibt es ein grosses Kaetzchen-Party beim Traum-Buero. 🙂

  64. toad on a boat
    fights fire in mire

  65. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (phew; that’s a relief: twelve hours & no visitors from the Federal Bureau of Cuteness…not YET; maybe they’re tryin’ to sweat me out ? IT must be a conSPIRacy !!)

  66. Thank you, Theresa, danke schoen (sp?) Anyway, the 1000 ukuleles should be an inspiration to us all.

    Cutefrogcutefrogcutefrogcuteforg-ok I got up to three.

  67. @Jessi: Since always! You didn’t like Kermit?

  68. It said, awaiting Moderation.
    Are the FBI about to knock on my door? I didn’t think it was THAT outrageous???
    oh well.

  69. Is MEG ok? She hasn’t posted in a few days…..

  70. This pole maybe not safe, it maybe get contaminated by the toad, It could spread their waste at the water,, GoodLuck!!! Captain TOAD!!!! 🙂

    SEO Company

  71. Hello (hello, hello …..)
    Is there anybody OUT there?
    Have we reached the end of cute? Or did everyone get a few days off after calendar launch?

  72. I need my cute fix!

  73. I know Trez.. I’m starting to get a little shakey and twichy myself.. lol

  74. gasp… pant… withdrawal symptoms beginning…

    Maybe they think we’re all too busy looking at our new calendars. But I don’t have mine yet… gasp…

  75. I know I don’t have mine either. I rely on CO when I’m at work to get me thru my day, they won’t let me bring my pets to work! I may have to call in tomorrow, I can’t work like this!

  76. Have the interwebs run out of cute??

  77. Gasping for a nibble, anything….I have enjoyed the frog, am ordering a calendar(s), what else do they want….???????

  78. *cue auto-tuner*

    I’m on a (fire)boat
    I’m on a (fire)boat
    Everybody look at me
    ‘Cuz I’m sailin’ on a (fire)boat!

    Huh. I didn’t know the “T” in “T-pain” stood for toad.

  79. I want my mommy!

  80. OK CO.. I’ve ripped off like 12 days in advance of my CO calendar.. and I’m stuck on bear-kitten.. I need my fix or else bear-kitten gets it!! I’m serious!!! I’ll do it!!!!… just remember you forced me to snorgle this poor, innocent bear-kitten…

  81. 😥

  82. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Rachael (sp): I wish I could send you a bankie, thru the internet !!!!
    I’m the type of person who wants to fix things !!!!

  83. The Button says:

    hewwo? is there any moar cute out there?

    *curls up into sad, sad ball*

  84. Leslie (NTA) says:

    At the risk of further moderation &
    unfortunately, due to subject-verb agreement choices, it no longer rhymes…

    [for any unfamiliar -?- among other sources, this song was a silly knee-slapper -?- from the TV program “Hee Haw”, where it rhymed with the word “me”]

    “Gloom, despair & agony on [us];
    Deep, dark depression; excessive misery;
    If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all;
    Gloom, despair & agony on [us]”

  85. is everything okay in CO-land? i’m worried about you guys!

  86. kittehtyme says:

    wat hapin to teh CO? no mo updatez??? i needz kittehs! meg! ehn!!!!

  87. SURELY you have not run out of cute! The world isn’t supposed to end until 2012- what am I going to do until then?!?!


  88. Von Zeppelin says:

    Let’s see. . . it’s going for 8:30 AM on the west coast. In another hour or so, the CO folks ought to have come into the office, turned on the lights, made coffee, fed the kitties, and cleaned up the tequila bottles and cheez dip from yesterday’s calendar launch party. Time to fire up the intertoobz, people.

    If we don’t see something cute pretty soon, we’re all going to. . . oh, I don’t know–write more whiny comments and beg you a lot.

  89. even in my desperation, the peeps continue to make me chuckle…

    I have been reduced to checking the site like every two minutes now. I am SO going to get busted my boss any minute now…

  90. One Skunk Todd says:

    Somehow I expected Mr. Toads Wild Ride to be a little… I don’t know… wilder. 🙂

  91. Mousesong says:

    I’m more worried than anything else, to be frank.

  92. I think we all need a new blog: http://www.cutewithdrawal.com.

    Or mebbe, just mebbe, the gang is forcing us all into not-so-subtle CUTEHAB.

    They’re tryin’ to make me go to CUTEHAB and I say nyerhe, nyerhe, nyerhe…….

  93. OK, don’t go clickin’ on the link in Post #94 – there is no such place.

  94. Houston, We have a problem…..

  95. Wanders in Lookng at all the sad puddles of Peeps.. Hang in There Peeps it can’t be too much longer till we get cuted out!

    Can it?????

    P.s. Bird cage just as I was about to click on your link LOL I read your next post!

  96. Thank goodness I have two adorable bunnies to look at here at home while I wait for our overlords to ration the cute. Got my calendars today and they are great! So there’s that.

  97. NIKKI>>> Wahhh you have two cute bunnies to look at??? I am so Jealous

  98. This video has been sustaining me during the dry spell:


    Maybe this kitteh wants to be Don Piano when he grows up!

  99. I can’t be productive at work until I get my cutefix for today! I’m jonesin’ real bad!!

  100. Thanks P.! I lurve that slow loris vid; those little fists just keel me ded!

  101. Thanks, P.– what a delish little critter!

  102. PS: “Why you stop?”

  103. @sunnymum

    We can’t go through withdrawal! 😦
    Where’s the daily cute?!

  104. So glad I got my caviomorphs and pages like this:

  105. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Von Zep:
    You, my dear, are witty.

  106. HA! What now, CO? The CO-Users (yes, like DRUG USERS) have taken over your site and are uploading cute things FOR you! Seeeee? This is what you get for keeping us waiting. 🙂 We addicts look out for one another. You cannot hook people on something as intoxicating as this website, and then *BAM* TAKEITAWAY! 😦

    Or, like Von Zep says, we’ll just keep whining about it. 😉

    [You know, we actually depend on user submissions… – Ed.]

  107. Ed,
    I know that… sheesh… I was just saaayin’ 😉

  108. Toad the canons! Wart of the pirates! Hop to it!
    …..frog butts are so cute 🙂