[Throwing you up against the wall]

IT’S CALENDAR TIME, BITCHES! But this time, there are two formats!

OMG!!! Check out the Desktop one!


Here’s what pages look like inside! You get to tear a page off a day and throw it, in paper airplane format, at your nearest co-worker!






And the wall calendar looks like this!

CuteOverload Cover2

Here’s what it looks like inside! Here’s August!

08 Aug Cute Wall_patch

Here’s May!

05 May Cute Wall_patch

And if you thought you’d only see twelve measly photos on the wall calendar, you’d be wrong! You’ll see pictures in the days too! Check this details action OUT:


Which will you choose!? Desktop or wall? Desktop or wall? Act now and we’ll send you a Slap Chop! We can’t do this all day! Now selling WHEREVER CALENDARS ARE SOLD!

Page-A-Day Calendar!

Barnes and/or Nobles!!

Wall Calendar!

Find an Indie Bookstore!


You must have eet. (Obviousleh.)



  1. Mousesong says:

    Gasp! I actually logged in just now to see if there was anything about next year’s calendar up. PSYCHICS!

  2. Babalucci says:

    Normally I tire of calendars so quickly because there are only 12 photos…but with the C.O. Page-a-Day calendar, not only can I accurately read the date, but I also enjoy day after day of cuteness. I can’t imagine my life without it. Thank you C.O. Page-a-Day calendar 🙂

  3. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Holy frak! I’m in for, like, nine of them.

  4. The ADHD in me likes the wall calendar but the cubicle drone in me likes the page a day. It’s like mini frosted wheat…only cute. And non-edible. But it should be…I’m sure CO is an important part of a balanced breakfast.

  5. mom2houdini says:

    I want the wall calendar!

  6. YIPPEE!!!! Thanks a million Meg & Co. for ALL of the cute you bring us day in and day out. You guys really are The Best. I mean it. A bunch of geniuses, all of you. 🙂 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to SHOP for CALENDARS!!!

  7. I’d like to know if Winston appears on the calendar.

    Thank you.

  8. I never realized before that hedgehog ears were nomnomitable.

  9. Meg, I shall call you the Vince of Cute Overlord, I mean Overload!

    Thanks to all the Cutes for dosing us with daily happiness.

  10. I almost snorted coffee out of my nose at “Act now and we’ll send you a Slap Chop! We can’t do this all day!”

  11. marguerite212 says:

    Are the pictures the same in both formats, only rearranged? I see that the kitteh in the pink sweater and cast is January 1st in the desk calendar and May 2/3 in the wall calendar.

  12. HAAAAALLELUJAH! HAAAAAAALlELUJAH! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Haalleeeluuuujah! 😀 Soooo happeeee!

  13. Oh my god oh my god!
    Different cute every day!

  14. Elisha B. says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG……..WOOHOO!!!! Cute on my wall, cute on my desk, cute in my home…… there are SO many options!!


  15. Meg, would you use a racial-based slur to introduce your calendars? Why would you want to use a gender-based one? Not cute. Not cute at all.

  16. @Marguerite212: Yes, the majority of the photos are shared between the wall format and the desk format!

    @Babalucci: LOL

  17. omg, this is like TORTURE – to have it now and not be able to use it for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! eeek!

  18. The baby duck in the hand is from last years. 😦 Does it have a lot of repeats (I only know this because my co-worker and I have wall papered our office with the cutest days. The baby duck sits on my phone.)

  19. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I’ll buy a calendar from Barnes, but not Noble. I just don’t trust that guy.

  20. AuntieMame says:

    I’m scanning my cube to see if I have room on the walls for another calendar, between the astronomy, baby animals, and barns calendars that are already there. I may have to settle for the page-a-day at the office and the wall at home, next to (yet another) astronomy and hunky firefighters calendars.

  21. punkinberry says:

    Well, since Teho worked so hard on the wall calendar, I *suppose* I could reward his industriousness…

    @Andrea: I currently have 12 pages adorning my cube. The one taped to the top of my monitor simply says: “I’m STUNNING!” It’s a great pick-me-up when my work day gets me down.

  22. @punkinberry- I love this! I also turn them into “inspirational” posters for another co-worker and tape them to his computer. One day he was having a bad day and I made the lamest “Hang In There!” kitten poster ever. It was hilarious. The calendar has adorned many a cube in our office.

  23. If it actually comes with a Slap Chop, I’m in!

  24. Pounce — not bad, earworm-chan.

  25. 😯 Is it just me, or does the bunneh on the cover of the Page-a-Day look *gasp!* COY instead of disapproving?!

  26. I’ve got my attorneys trained to read my mood based on what page from the calendar I have tacked up at the entrance of my cube. Now I’ll get to confuse them both with the Mood Page AND the wall calendar.

    atty 1: she’s got the 7/29 Monkey out front – we’re stressing her out!

    atty 2: but there’s a beagle in the hammock for yesterday and today…so she’ fine. go ahead and give her the Dewey Cheatem & Howe briefs to redact and extrapilate. She’ll be here until 7 again, but she won’t mind.

    atty 1: are you sure? The last time we dumped things on her when the monkey was out we got broken golf tees for our birthdays.

  27. 😯 Is it just me, or does the bunneh on the cover of the Page-a-Day look *gasp!* COY instead of disapproving?!?

  28. 😯 Is it just me, or does brinnann think the bunneh on the cover of the Page-a-Day looks *gasp!* COY instead of disapproving?!?

  29. @Suzanne – We are convinced that if the day is extraordinarily cute, it’s set to be an awesome, stress free day. If it’s, say, a day like today (see 8/25 kitty with laser eyes between gross mans legs) it’s going to be a mess of a day. Stupid kitty with laser eyes.

  30. 😆 You know good and well I didn’t mean to double-post, Teho. 😛

  31. You know, I don’t think Rule of Cuteness #34 stands well on its own.
    (but at least it’s better than that OTHER Rule 34)

  32. 🙄 Oh, I just had to Google (bork, bork, bork!) “Rule 34.”

  33. Theo, you seem have woken up on the mischievious side of the bed this morning! Rule 34 indeed. The enormity.

  34. @andrea – that would explain it. Laser kitty = 2 out of 4 attys and the other paralegal on this project out sick today. Project due date? Tomorrow. Volume of “I must have thees!” projects from other divisons? Exponetionally high. *sigh* Stupid kitty with laser eyes indeed.

  35. rapunzel210 says:

    I love my CO calendar (I gave bunches as gifts, too), and I’m happy the new one comes as a wall calendar, too. I’m thinking I’ll need one for work and one for home! One of each, yeah!

  36. apotheosis says:

    I look forward to the merciless torment of my cow orkers.


  37. I have the 2009 calendar and love it!!!! I will be buying another for next year. It’s starts each day with a smile!!!! (Except for thr sloth pix). Is Winston in it this year. He should be the cover kitty.

  38. Apotheosis… “Cow orkers” THIS I am gonna use!!! Love it!

  39. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ***I call: AuntieMame needs CALENDAR REHAB !!!*****

  40. I remember that one bunneh….. it said, “I’m gonna put you down so you can honk shu”

    (don’t look at me like that)

  41. I love the calendar, but what I really want are cuteoverload postcards. Pretty please?

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    @Auntie Mame, your calendar collection is a bit like mine; cute and/or endangered animals, and Hubble Telescope. And on my camera, a bunch of photos of barns that I tood for myself just the other day. As for the CO calendar, I definitely will need another page-a-day. Probably not the big one.. but I may not be able to resist.. we’ll see.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    “tooK for myself…”

  44. Well, we have already purchased 3 copies of the desk and one of the wall – and not just because we have a cute animail amongst the pages – we think it is a great gift too!!

  45. OMG! Can I make a request? For 2011, can you please offere an “ALL HEDGEHOGS, ALL THE TIME calendar? PLEASE???
    And can you tell me if it’s legal to have them as pets in the U.S.? I”ve only seen the photoz you put on Cute Overload and I am smitten.
    Your fan,
    proud minion of elderly cat, Roo, aka “her majesty”
    Oakland, CA

  46. Suzette, unfortunately you can’t have a pet hedgehog in California. But in many other states you can. It really depends on the state. Each state has its own regulations concerning which exotic pets are legal and which aren’t. I know this because I am a proud hedgehog parent living in the US.

  47. I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and then I saw this post. I know exactly what to get at the bookstore on my way home from work to make me feel better 😉

  48. hurray! I already have my page-a-day.

  49. Kristabelle says:

    I have saved the pages from each day on BOTH of my page a day cute overload calendars (one for work, one for home – gifts, both of them), and used them as wrapping paper and cut outs on mailed letters and packages. Gotta send the cute out into the world, ya know!
    I have give 4-5 of the kitten pages to a coworker and she has them up in her cube.
    I have my MOST favorite page (Friday 8/21) at my desk.

    I imagine I will be getting the wall calendar AND the page a day calendar this year – not that I’m complaining!!!!!

  50. Kristabelle says:

    I have GIVEN, not give…sheesh. :eyeroll:

  51. I just ordered the one-each-day calendar 🙂 yay!

  52. Labramama says:

    Must have both. After all, I bang my head on both walls AND desktops from cuteness overload. Need more padding.

  53. I am super-whelmed!

  54. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t need calendar-hab. I need bigger walls. 😀

    My CO page-a-day was a Christmas gift from my sister (hint, hint). The baby animals and barns are freebies from vendors and/or charitable groups, so I didn’t pick them intentionally, but I’m too frugal to toss them. The only ones I actually paid my own money for were the pretty stars and the pretty men.

  55. Just. Ordered. One. Of. Each.

  56. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Golden:

    William. Shatner. Strikes. Again !!!!

  57. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Auntie Mame: you KNOW I meant no harm, yes??? JK & all that.

  58. Why aren’t they available on

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Of course, Leslie (NTA). We both have our tongues firmly in our cheeks. 😛 🙂

  60. WALL CALENDARS!!! \o/
    I didn’t buy the paga-a-day calendar for this year and I’m not likely to buy one for next (I’m not a page-a-day person) but I do use wall calendars.
    I think I’m going to order three of them, one for my kitchen, one for my office at home and one for my office at work.

  61. Yes! Bought both on the way home after a horrid day in the cube farm…and I HAD to open the page a day! So wonnerful…I be in luff! Thanks to all of you Overlords!!!

  62. Great! I order three, one of each!
    Cuteoverload are traveling to Brazil.

  63. [squints at calendar sideways, rubs haggling-chin]
    I don’t know.. I like to buy those depressing kitten calendars from the 99-cent store. The ones where the cats look kind of shocked and depressed, like the photographer showed them sardines and then flipped them the bird.

    [Ah, that’d be the MyCatHatesYou book. Another fine choice. 😉 I really think one of the Cute Overload calendars would do you some good though, a little bit every day, and you KNOW I have only your best interests at heart… – Ed.]

  64. I must have one! 🙂

  65. i got the page-a-day version for 2009 but for 2010 I ordered the WALL SIZE…! thanks Meg! And i’m assuming from all the typos in the comments, we are ALL a little overwhelmed by the CO of them all…..just sayin’….

  66. Hee Hee (rubbing paws with glee); I already have mine! I have looked thru eet!!

  67. Squeeeee! and Yippee yahoo – pony pooh! Now my loving hubby can buy me not 1, but 2 COL calendars for next year. It’s the cheapest workplace therapy going – and I often pass the pages around the old sweatshop.

  68. I didn’t know CO made a yearly calendar!! Definitely want one! 😀 Do any of the proceeds go to animal shelters or anything?

    [We do set aside a portion of the proceeds for the US Dept. of the Treasury… – Ed.]

  69. I arrived at work this past Monday to find a 2010 Page a Day CuteOverload calander on my desk!! My coworker was with me last year when I bought my (first) 2009 one, and she said as soon as she saw the 2010 version, she remembered how happy I was 🙂 *But*, now that I see there is a wall version as well, I will have to see if I can get one of those as well!

  70. One thing I really, really don’t like about this website is the writing. I understand that other people like it, and I understand that captions can completely change the meaning of a picture. I DO ignore the text on this website and just look at the pictures.

    However, this is not so easy to do on a calendar. I’ll have to give this a pass.

  71. Michael Claymore says:

    Looks great, will it be avail in Aus though?

  72. Hey! What about Borders on the list for the Desk Calendar? You know, the bookstore that’s going out of business slowly, unlike stupid Barnes and Noble…
    Also, I’m hoping that the samples shown here are close to representative. I love, but I didn’t buy the 2009 calendar because the cutesy spelling and made-up words kind of wear on me after a while.
    This one looks adorable! 😀

    [Well, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly disappointed, then – Ed.]

    [Oh — and the Borders links are here and here, just FYI – Ed.]

  73. AuntieMame says:

    Um…Reibear, seriously. Why do you even bother coming here then? There must be dozens of websites with nothing but cute pictures. Then you don’t have to ignore anything. (And then maybe you wouldn’t feel compelled to be such a sorehead.)

  74. I’m totally going page-a-day! I’ve been using the pages from this year’s (the ones that I don’t plan on using to wallpaper my bedroom door with – yes, I’m 26 going on 10) as notepaper when I send people presents in the mail. Then it’s like a bonus present of a little cuteness too! But it’s torturous to not peek ahead to the next day, and the next…

  75. Drunken bunny on my birthday AND cover buns? It’s like a slightly belated/extremely early present.

  76. Wooheeee!
    The old calender is alarmingly thin already 😀
    My husband wants one kitty-free with lotsa bunneehs.

  77. I would really like to see the proceedings (or at least part of them) go to some animal rescue organisation or another charity.

    MEG, how about it??? You didn’t do it last year, so why not this year???

    I’m sure your animal-loving readers (aka the ones who contributed ALL the calendar content) would appreciate this!!!!!!

  78. Now my life is complete. I’m not really a page-a-day calendar person, but at last I can have a CO calendar.

    I’m not sure if folks have noticed this, but this website is a lot of work to maintain. It’s almost like a–a business…what’s wrong with the proceeds going to help maintain the website and Meg’s extravagant lifestyle? 😉

    How about at the same time we buy a calendar to enjoy the cute, we send a check to our preferred animal rescue organization?

  79. This is a very cute calendar and cheap… i said… must be something like 89,99 or 99,99 $…. but no…. very cheap and very cute and very A+

  80. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Bryn: You suggest a very classy alternative/ strategy in a gentle manner.

    Yee-HAW for Bryn & Meg & NTM & Theo and ALL THE OTHER CO’ers whose names we don’t know !!!! (oh, AND for the anipals o’ cuteness)

  81. LilMissCutieVA says:

    I luve eet! Gonna goes to my Target and get eet again!! 😀 My life feels complete! My 2009 CO calendar ees too thin. 😦

  82. Ordered and ordered, sir!

  83. Oh noes, I will hafta wait until closer to the end of the year to get mine. Otherwise I’ll be tempted to peek!

  84. @ Ed. : No need to get snippy, huh? It’s not like my “powshe gets old” comment is the rudest…or the first… 😦

    [I like getting snippy, especially when I’m insulted. But OK, I’ll ease off. – Ed.]

  85. *adding to x-mas list* I love my current one! Awwwww….David Bowie Kitteh is rockin’ it today!

  86. berthaservant says:


    Needless to say, “It makes a great gift,” particularly at holiday gift exchange parties.

    I think I’m going to stick w/ page-a-day for me-self, since that way the cute is doled out slowly.

  87. toffiffeezz says:

    Hey Canadian, actually does have them! I ordered last night 🙂

  88. CoconutCheez says:

    @toffiffeezz: i got both from too! so happy xD
    can’t wait to start using them! in the meanwhile i will restrain myself from flipping through every single page and spoil myself the surprise and fun xD

  89. You can get the page-a-day on Amazon, too. Which I did. There, Xmas shopping all done! :::clapping hands::::

  90. milenkokonut says:

    ORDERED!!! woopppyyyyy-doooo!!!! :oD cant wait to get them already! XD

  91. *sigh*… I really wish we could just erase the word “bitches” from the dictionary… I’m so tired of hearing it/seeing it everywhere, especially when girls refer to other girls with that awful term.
    Anyway, cute pics, as usual.

  92. Kristabelle, the wrapping paper is a great idea! I was wondering how many people have actually papered their cubicles with the pages. I saved the cutest, because we underwent an office remodel with lots of moving from desk to desk, and when we reached our permanent seating assignments were told to keep stuff that was pinned to the walls to the absolute professional minimum. So what I did was pin several memos to the walls, with important info on them….and tape the Cute to the blank bottom half of the sheet. 🙂

  93. Okay, I’m buying my usual Mrs. Haversham’s Home For Hopeless Pets (♥my fave charity♥) calendar for the kitchen, but I will also fill the bathtub with CO desk calendar pages and swim around in them like Scrooge McDuck (no relation).

  94. I somehow doubt Meg is getting rich off these fabulous calendars. Me? She had me at January 1 with the kissable little marmie belleh.

  95. Bryn wrote: “I’m not sure if folks have noticed this, but this website is a lot of work to maintain. It’s almost like a–a business…what’s wrong with the proceeds going to help maintain the website and Meg’s extravagant lifestyle?”

    I’m not sure if you have noticed this, but this websites contains a lot of advertisement which is designed to pay exactly for this purpose.

    Ed wrote: “[We do set aside a portion of the proceeds for the US Dept. of the Treasury… – Ed.]”

    Oh, REALLY? Just like the rest of us (or anybody who sells anything for that matter). -.-
    What’s wrong with you guys? It doesn’t hurt to give a little, you know. Are you animal-lovers or what??? Why not send an appropriate message?
    This is really beginning to bug me (and already did last year). As i said before, you are making this money largely with content created contributed by OTHER PEOPLE.

    Now here’s a suggestion: why not ask your readers (aka the people who sent in that content) whether they want part of the profit to go to a shelter??

  96. @Rafi: I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Did you see the Amazon ranking position of last year’s calendar? She should get “rich” enough to donate at least a small portion of the profits… Most charities/shelters I know are glad about every penny they get.

  97. gravyboat says:

    This is such a great Christmas gift! I bought a page-a-day for my mom last year and we spent a cozy hour slurping wine and thumbing through the calendar whilst squealing and pointing. Getcho self one!

  98. AuntieMame says:

    Anna, how about YOU run a website and show us how “easy” it is to get rich off it.

    Then maybe you can dictate to Meg what she should do with HER money.

    Until then, make your own donations and stop harping at Cute Overload.

  99. I’m pretty sure ASPCA and WWF must make calenders. If you would like to buy a calender who’s profits go towards animals, you could always buy one of theirs….

    Meanwhile, I am very happy with my CO Page-A-Day and Wall Calendars….

  100. @Anna I don’t know Meg from a load of hay but I do know that putting together not one, but two, calendars must have been a huge amount of work. Meg is entitled to pay herself (and Teho) for the time she (they) spent working on this. That pay comes from the proceeds of the calendar.

    Y’know Meg also has a day job so she does all this in her spare time. I can barely get my laundry done in my spare time.
    One thing I know for sure is that CO brings a lot of joy to my life and to the lives of my coworkers. Hardly a day goes by that we aren’t squee-ing about something on CO.

    One more thing. Takes a lot of nerve for you to try to tell Meg (or anyone) how to spend her money. Also? How do you know she doesn’t already donate a bunch to charity. Maybe she just keeps quiet about it, like a normal person, and doesn’t parade it out for your approval.

    I think you should let it go. And now I will do the same.
    Have a wonderful day peeps.

  101. Bought the desk one a couple of weeks ago, and I demand my free Slap-Chop! AND the Graty.

    Anna – how about instead of buying one, you donate the money you WOULD spend to a shelter? Then you can stop irritating people online and we don’t have to listen to you. Booonus. By the way, I think I have Stephanie Meyer’s cell number, you should call and demand she donate her bajillion dollars from the Twilight books to the Humane Society.

    (Not that I’m knocking donating money to animal-related charities or charities of any kind – I do it regularly.)

  102. Heh heh….Ed’s joke went right over Anna’s head. That’s highly amusing right now.

    [I’m sure it’ll be less amusing come next April. 😛 – Ed.]

    but yea, how do you know exactly how much profit is made from this website or from the calendars? How do you know what the bank account balance is? How do you know what the charity donations are? I think that’s a wee bit on the presumptious side to make such assumptions and to then make demands without actually knowing what may or may not be done behind the scenes.

  103. Okay, that’s it. Christmas is DONE.

  104. It’s not like we expect other websites (that don’t have anything to do with cute animals) to donate to charity. Besides, most of the time, websites/businesses/products/whatevers that do “contribute” do it only to increase their sales. Can’t we just buy some cheaper stuff, then donate to charity ourselves? It’s like that $2 bottled water they sell at Starbucks that donates like 20 cents. Bwah?

  105. FYI, Cute Overload remains a spare-time/part-time endeavor for all of us behind the scenes. It ain’t exactly anybody’s money tree. But that’s OK. It’s fun.

  106. Yeah well, I kind of expected the flamewar… *rollseyes*
    I stand by my opinion. It would have been classy and a nice gesture to donate parts of the proceeds and communicate this openly. It also would have encouraged readers to donate, too.

    As for the “joke” … it actually didn’t “go over my head”, Vampy, but it wasn’t even funny. I’m glad you found it amusing, though. 😉

    To everyone who suggests I should donate myself: whoever said I don’t…? But that wasn’t the point I was trying to make.

  107. i found it funny… hehe hehe. and i’m gonna buy both calendars and i love that the money goes towards continuing this website that makes me smile so much. but all this whining about donating or not (when so many of us cute-lovers prolly do already) is a bit tiresome – let’s all lay off huh?

  108. Red Rider says:

    The Swifferke for the win!

    We love our wall calendar and are plugging the hell out of it.

    Good job!

  109. gravyboat says:

    Oh brother. I hope Meg does “get rich” from this calendar. She has brought a heap of joy into the world and she would deserve every penny.

  110. Yo Anna….what I found amusing was your reaction. Kinda a ‘laughing at you’ moment, ya know?

    And for the record, I don’t need anyone to encourage me to donate to any charity. I’m a big girl with a brain in my head. I can encourage myself thanks.

    Your ‘point’ was a demand, face it. And demands don’t go over well here. It was also a tad on the snotty side, so I’ll be sending you some tissue.

  111. Vampy, once more: glad to have put a smile on your face. Just keep pretending I didn’t get the original (lame) joke. 🙂

    Encouraging people to donate is never a bad thing – charities do it all the time. And sometimes people need a reminder – both people with a brain and those who claim to have a brain but hardly come across as Mensans… 😉

    As for the “demand” – we haven’t even touched the whole issue of content ownership here but judging from the replies so far this isn’t getting anywhere near a discussion on topic (Then again, what was I expecting? Unpopular opinions don’t seem to go over well on CO either as such threads *always* end in a flamewar). Don’t bother to start yet another side-discussion on tone (or language – I’m not a native speaker). I feel strongly about this and expressed myself accordingly.

    I will let it go and you should, too. 😉

    [Yeah, any time now would be good, both of you – Ed.]

  112. Yay! Our honk-shu bunny is May 4th! That is a guaranteed sale to all of the family members! My ten year old daughter’s arms are ‘famous’!! =) Soooo cute!!

  113. YAY!!!! I want/need a wall calendar- I’m glad to hear this!

  114. YAY! I bought it! I found it in a library here in São Paulo, one of my best buys this year! Cheers from Brazil, this is my fave website ever.

    [Sweet! Boa vinda! – Ed.]

    […well I hope I’ve just said “Welcome” in Portuguese, anyway – Ed.]