Can’t Talk Now. Bottle Time.

Don’t bother me.  I’m in the zone.

Grmley and bottle 1

Bottle Time requires absolute Zen calm and concentration.

Grimley and Bottle 2

One must not merely drink, one must become one with the bottle, nourishing the soul as well as the body with its creamy beige goodness…

Grimley and bottle 3

Ah, that’s better. Now, what was your question again?


Awesome foster-mommying, Jennifer S. (and photographer Melissa M.).



  1. …aaaaand, I’m wrecked for the rest of the day.


  2. *Thunk* Ded.

    Lethal cute.

  3. Bliss.

  4. check out the size of those paws! i’m in love…

  5. Rainbowbaby says:

    Yeesh ded before noon. You guys are goood.

    I love the eyes in the second pic. Tewtally glazed and zoned out

  6. Oh my giddy aunt! That’s me done for.

  7. and to think i felt sorry for my baby cause he was the runt of the 7-kit litter and had to be bottle fed…

  8. Awww, that brings back memories of dropper feeding my baby (who’s now 15+ lbs) because his nose was stuffy and he couldn’t suckle so his mommy cat abandoned him in field. A little bubblegum penicillin and he was all clear.

  9. Look at the size of those paws. He’s gonna be a horse!

  10. You’d think the red nail polish would clash with the orangey gooey goodness of that wee marmie overlord, but it actually works…

    Love the bebeh kitteh and his/her big pawsies!

  11. His paws are the size of his sweet little kitty face!! Peace out, stoned kitty..

  12. His giant paws add quite a lot to his cute factor! I think he looks like a polydactyl kitty! Love it! 🙂

  13. I had a marmie bottle baby once. This is flashing me back something fierce.

  14. That little kitten has thumbs!

  15. How about repeating the sequence with that other little guy on the striped towel?

  16. This is pure ebil to unleash such power on unsuspecting souls 1st thing Moan-day morning.
    I am powerless against such forces. Now what use will I be?
    Wait, I’ll force everyone in my office to look @ this post and then they’ll all be rendered inoperative for the rest of the day as well. Then they’ll never notice.
    Now if only I could move. How does one move when you’ve become a puddle of goo?

  17. Oh my GOD.
    Those pictures are TOO sweet-they remind me of Fern giving a bottle to Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.
    His giant paws holding the bottle are impressive!

  18. He has a gazillion little toes!! Are there like 10+ tiny paw pads??

  19. Oh my goodness, that’s a polydactyly, isn’t it?! It’s a little hard to see in the photos, buy my little marmalade has 7 toes on each front paw and those tiny, tiny extra thumbs make the paw look huge and stick out in the same way as that guy’s thumbs.

    So much love for polydactyly marmies!

  20. Absolutely adorable. However, when we were bottle feeding our babies(abandoned by their feral mom), the vet told us it is very dangerous to bottle feed baby kittehs unless they are laying on their stomachs. It is very easy to aspirate the milk and develop pneumonia. I hate to be a buzzkill but that baby is too cute to not send a warning.

  21. Isn’t that kitten old enough to drink from a saucer?

  22. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    The wee back paw sticking up under the letter “K” has keeled me!!!! You know what that means don’t you? It means that there are microscopic ‘tocks tucked into that lucky lady’s hand. DO WANT!!!!!!!!!! DO WANT ‘TOCKS IN MY HAND TOO!!!!!

    Maybe I’ll just sneak in and steal the stealth kitteh in piccy #1. No one will notice!

  23. At this point I can only talk like William Shatner, which means you. put. a. period. after. every.word. excepttheonesyou. run. togetherSpock.





  24. omg, the hovertext on pic #2 is hilarious!!!!!!

  25. He’s a little bit too cute to be homeless. He’ll find a home fast. Enjoy the cute kitteh.

  26. hey look at the little guy in pic#1 at the bottom right. he’s like “hey, what am i?, chopped liver???”

  27. jen: Me thinks he is next for Zen bottle time.

  28. Zu, came in to say the same thing… little kittehs like that should never be leaning backwards while they are bottle feeding.

    That being said, he is very, very cute.

  29. now a short kit-nap and then back to being a marmalade tornado

  30. BeckyMonster says:

    I knew I should have gotten that living will thing updated, cause now I’m in a Qte Coma!!!

  31. saffon: lol.


  32. Kristabelle says:

    Toooooooo cute for a monday morning!!!

  33. Notice the teensy claw action… that causes “kitten rash” if you don’t keep your paws clear of his paws! They get so excited when they see the bottle they get a little grabby!

  34. [nursing a travel-mug of iced mocha with both paws]

    slrp slrp slrp

  35. Mary Jane says:

    Should’t this have a Cats ‘n Racks tag?

  36. girliegurl says:

    kitteh is in a milk stupor in photo 2 – and look at the feets on little dude – OMG!

  37. Relaxing in my favorite Chair … who we’ll Call Jennifer Snicker…. LOL aren’t we all just their favorite Chair.
    I may just b ea puddle of Goo all day long like Metz!

  38. Hey, a Milliken sweatshirt! And a kitty!

  39. @Zu
    Definitely, but I had a bottle-baby once who wouldn’t take it any other way. I’d give it to him the proper way, and he’d grab the bottle in his four paws and roll over into a sitting position just like a bebeh monkee.

    This little guy looks like he’s near weaning-age, anyway.

  40. Saffron, you are SO funny. PERfect William Shatner impersonation. Definitely the lingo to use when brain is melted.

  41. Oh. My. GOD! Okay, I am breathing into a paper bag now — completely undone by the redonk cuteness of these photos and the text. In photo 2, his little eyes are so glazed over! What a great way to start a Monday. (That is, if you don’t intend for us to get ANY work done…) *resumes deep breaths into paper bag*

  42. Von Zeppelin says:

    This may be a Zen kitty transcending the constraints of the natural universe. I, however, would like to know what’s in that “milk.” That kitten looks pretty toasted to me.

    I am told my mother used to slip a spoonful or two of brandy into the formula bottle for me and my siblings from time to time. Made me the man I am today.

  43. I agree — behbeh kittehs don’t nurse that way naturally. (And natural is always purrfect, after all.) But hey — better the upside-down bottle than no bottle! Now for the saucer of kitteh chows soaked in Cat Milk©. 🙂 Nom, nom, nom.

  44. Caroline B. says:

    Wow, check out those pawsicles. So adorable.

  45. he’s so cute it hurts.

  46. The ears…the baby blues…those paws…. W-A-N-T…. *sigh*

  47. Labramama says:

    Kitteh’s on his back so he can’t do the “I’m toasted” knead with those mondo paws.

  48. Oh my! OH! MY! OH! STINKIN’! MY!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. PS Watch out for those teency kitten klaws!! They is deadly!

  50. catloveschanel says:

    Mary Jane, I think it should be in Cats-n-Nails category. Saffron – lol.
    Ok, so back to me. My marmy Dudley went to the Little House on the Prairie version of kitty heaven 3 years ago, and I couldn’t ever get over it. The reaction I had to this kitten makes me think I need to. OW, the angst. This is cuteoverneed. I think I might be ready.

  51. The third picture is so pretty he looks so evil and concentrated lol and im not a cat person

  52. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo:
    Whenever I see that a new entry is by/ from NTMTOM, I *always* read his beginning text & attempt to process that, before viewing the first pic…so as to entirely enjoy the contrasts/ puns/ doubleentendres & other assoc. silliness.
    Once I had drifted below NTM’s beginning text lines for this entry & saw that the catpix were of marmie kittens; my first thought was “OMG I wonder how Theo’s doin’?” …..
    Glad to see that you posted immediately, as to your well-being !!!!! Now I don’t have to worry, ‘cuz it sounds like you ensured that there’s a wheelchair or at least an easy chair nearby for any tripping that might occur ……I’m holding a new pkg of Ace bandages; call if you need any !!
    L (NTA)

  53. skippymom says:

    Ouch those claws look sharp! Um, the kitten’s, I mean….

  54. Okay…. Da feeeeetz! Those itty bitty feetz, holding da bottle.
    And the earsies.
    And, and, and… *dead*

  55. alwayscataddict says:

    If I could only achieve that level of zoned-out……

  56. harlemgrrl says:

    :: speechless ::

  57. DaytimeDeb says:

    That is the same glazed look my kitties have when they use the litter box and need some “privacy.” They need to go to a happy place in their head to forget what they are really doing, and that they are not alone. It’s like they want me to leave the room or something. Don’t worry, I make a run for it!

  58. Did y’all notice da udder kitteh on da flo’ in da first pic?

    NO? Wonder why not. Hm.

  59. skippymom says:

    Deb, you’ve reminded me of a shameful story from my childhood. When our mother’s cat Alexandra, would get in the litterbox, my brother and I would crouch down and stare at her really hard. She would do her business with a freaked-out look on her face, and when she was done would take off at top speed. Now, of course, I wonder how on earth we ever thought this was funny. Kids are cruel!
    The boycats I have now don’t seem to mind at all if I’m right there when they use the box. I think they kind of like me to watch, actually. Hmmm…..

  60. victoreia says:

    @Saffron: *snicker* That’s. just. perfect. SaffronYou’vecaptured. him. quitewell.

    Marmies. are. like. tribbles. Adorablebutdeadly.


  61. Too cute – he is not by any chance available for adoption in the Boston area is he???

  62. Ah! Like a little baby.

  63. Aaaaaah! The sweetest EVER!

  64. GingerBean says:

    I can’t stop staring at these pictures! They make me happy 😀

  65. Geeheehee, the back footins tucked in underneath his elbows are to die for!

  66. I hate to make you all jealous but this is how I will be spending my afternoon. I do the lunch shift at the kitten nursery at my local humane society two days a week. (And I socialize grown-up kitties two other days a week.) Ah, the benefits of being unemployed.

  67. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Decca: indeedy, I’m entirely jalouse. However, FOR THE SAKE OF THE WEE ONES…..I hope everything goes well for you & them (grumble, pout) !!!!!

  68. Paunchie-
    Good job spotting stealthy kitty on floor. Said kitty is at potentially equally adorable as the marmie!

    Dang it, why does the DH have to be allergic to kitties?! I ❤ them so…

  69. Aw, it’s paws are so big!

  70. OMG MARMALADEKITTEH!!!1!!!!!1! *splode*

  71. You know what they say about a kitten with big paws, right?

  72. Becky, Bubba's mom says:

    Entirely too prosh. I am in love with this little darling. Thank you, foster mommy. God bless you.

  73. PS: Carrot tail!

  74. WendyPinNJ says:

    Awww. Teeny, tiny baby marmie zoned out on bottle bliss. The eyes. The eyes just slay me. And polydactyl to boot!!!!

  75. Mary (the first) says:

    @Scrubby .. yes.. they need big mittens! 🙂 and this little cutie definitely needs some big mittens. He looks like a lion in training.

  76. D’aaaawwwww… polydactyl/Hemingway kit-ten! 🙂

  77. That Kitten sure is in the zone lol

    WOW just too cute

  78. Eeewww! Creamy beige goodness looks curdled!

  79. I can almost hear the “ehn, ehn, ehn” swallowing sound.

  80. sweet marmie mittens
    tasty tail sharp tiny claws
    squee boom oops thunk ded

  81. jennyankill says:

    Cute ! 😀

  82. Don’t let that kitteh behind the wheel!

  83. *I’d say something complimentary but I am dead from the cyoot so I can’t*

  84. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!

    FUMMS!!!! 😀

    Too bad they don’t have him sucking them or nomming them. That be cute!! 😛

    Plus, that last pic made poor kitty look like he had so much formula he went walleyed! XD!

  85. Mary (the first) says:

    No one has commented on the back right foot that’s sticking up next to the babeh’s face. They are SO limber.. like spaghetti or something!

  86. BeckyMonster says:

    Kitten NURSERY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
    Is that like heaven? I don’t think I could work there though, all the missing kittens, having to get larger and larger purses to hold my “stuff”, the skyrocketing vet bills, etc.

  87. I bet that little guy is purring so loud.

  88. oooohhnnn, there’s another one, in the first photo, trying to hyde from the camera!

  89. I can’t believe no one said “glurp” yet…

  90. be still my heart! what an angel!

  91. EEEEEEP! Loving the thumbs on this little rascal.

  92. AHN!

  93. Oh the paws! The paws!

  94. hic!

  95. Do kittens need to be burped after being bottle fed? BLURRRRRP

  96. awwwwwwww how cute

  97. BeckyMonster, the kitten nursery IS heaven. We currently have 6 litters ranging from 2 to 5 kittens in each. Some are only 3 or 4 weeks old and have to be syringe fed. Others are eating on their own and just need some cuddling and play. I don’t know why they don’t charge us to get in. But yes, it is hard not to sneak one or two into my pocket.

  98. OMG… How precious!! Definitely a poly!

    Back in ’93 I was working all night (live theater will do that to you) and I’d left my car’s top down. I went out to my car after we got done working and there was a box of blankets and all the supplies sitting in the front seat. After moving the blankets a little I found this teeny tiny silver tabby kitten – full of floof and eyes not open. I never found out who put her there, but they must have known I was a kitty protector. She lived 15 beautiful years with my sister. I still have a picture of her sitting in a coffee mug, paws hanging over the edge, when she was about 2 weeks old.

  99. My name is Jennifer, why do ittie bittie kitties never use me for a chair!?

  100. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    So sweet. I’ve just had my first experience with bottle-babies. Two siblings whose mother and another sibling were killed. They almost didn’t make it and now they’re two little “squirrels”–all feisty and full of energy thanks to KRM (kitten replacement milk) and the zen of hydration!! You forget how absolutely tiny they can be.

  101. janet2buns says:

    Decca: OK, that does it. I Must Become Kitteh Nursery Volunteer, there’s just too much kyoot out there for me to resist. (bustles off to find spca volunteer info)

  102. Polydactyls are good luck! And it’s true because the lady in the pics had the good luck to be able to bottle-feed the cutie. Also, zoned as he appears to be, it’s a good thing he has the enormous paws to keep himself from falling over.

  103. victoreia says:

    @feezie: Yeah, he certainly looks ready to flop right over….

  104. Yep, this is STILL as adorable as it was first thing this morning! In fact, it’s possible that this has gotten even more cute as the day has gone on…

    @Turtle Girl, hope this photo set brought you some squeals of laughter today!

  105. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you were able to give that fluffy female silver tabby kitty a forever home, Blondie 😀

  106. I agree with you, Zu 🙂 That the little kitty should be fed on its tummy 😀 Using a towel with one end folded up, one can feed a kitten with a bottle and let the kitten knead to its little heart’s content 😀

  107. @Leenk, yes, they have to be burped, and you would NOT BELIEVE what else. :mrgreen: Anybody else ever bottle-raise a bitty kitten?

  108. berthaservant says:

    GAHHHH!!!!! WANT!!!!

    And yes, Theresa, our very own Theo was bottle-fed (the cat, not the mod!) Turned her into a blasted nightmare (or something did!)

    Srsly, though, I want that marmie w/ extra digits. I’m settled into my new place and Bertha could use a challenge.

  109. the bug man says:

    Theo the mod was probably bottle-fed as well. Though he likely has the standard number of toes.

    [Actually I was, and I do — how did you know that? – Ed.]

  110. I iz so ded. Ded happy. *thud* 😀

  111. Voulez-vous couché avec moi… Baby Marmalade?


  112. Around here (maybe Mew York), there is a company called Jennifer Convertibles- makes couches that presto-change-o into beds.

    Now, that being said, where can I take “Kitteh Jennifer” lessons? Is there a DVD or a kit (no pun, well…. yes, pun intended, why not?) or something I can purchase to become a comfy-cozy Jennifer with a polydactyl puddy-tat?

    HI Turtle Girl! I’m thinking of you!

  113. @Subhangi: Baby Marmalade – LMAO!

    @Theresa: LOL! Try teaching them what the litter box is for when there are no big kitties around to show them! Gah, that was fun…

    @Teresa: Thanks! I probably would have kept her, but every time my sis came over the cat followed her around, sat on her lap… When I had to move my sis took her home, and they were together from that point forward.

    I miss having itty bitty babies in the house. I’d love to volunteer for the kitten nursery, but I’d either sneak the babies home, or cry every time I had to leave or one got adopted out….

  114. bookmonstercats says:

    @Subhangi – great one.

    @Bserv – there are challenges and there are …. challenges. Competition for Bertha? Are you sure about this?

  115. faceInfinity says:

    heeeeeyyy blu-eyed chhunnu-munnu…

  116. Dr. Cyber says:

    That has to be a baby puma!! Look at those paws! When bigger I will promise a job answering phones at my work!! Luvs my Thumby Qitties!

  117. @Blondie – After the 20th foster kitten, you start not crying. Except for the special ones. Every so often there is a special one and you have to cry a little when s/he goes to a forever home.

  118. Just noticed that Jennifer is wearing a Millikin University sweatshirt. She has a heart of gold for lovingly caring for those baby kittehs and has some connection to my hometown! Yay! Have yourself a Krekel burger (*drools*) as a reward for being awesome, Jennifer.

  119. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Ladre: thank you for clarifying: I peered & scrutinized & was intrigued but was unable to figger out, for myself, what university or pseudo university is written on the sweatshirt.
    BTW — in addition to the sugges for cats & nails ; doesn’t one of the pix border on being admissible as a Cats n Racks category???? Ennyone so motivated, please respond to the philosophical qwershtyun. Thanyeverrmuch.

  120. The third photo he looks like the cat from Shrek… with those eyes, he could tell me any lie and i’ll still believe him… hahahahahaha very cute

  121. polydactyl toes!!!

  122. OMG!! ADORABLE!!

  123. Did anyone else notice the iddy kitten in the background of the first picture?

  124. listen closely and you will hear the…

  125. I tottally agree with you, Blondie 😀 I would not be able to foster a kitty without wanting to adopt him or her or they 😀 and they would get adopted be me 😈

  126. emmberrann says:

    *makes grabby hands and smuggles bebeh kitteh in under Picky’s nose*
    *big sigh*
    It was just a dream! [Flash Back to Dallas and the whole “it was just a dream” stuff.
    We have to just be patient with Mr. Picky, he’s quite old, if spry.

  127. Keep it simple,cause I’m kinda wasted after bottle time.
    That’s me in kitten form!!!!!:-)

  128. I wants that kitteh!

  129. Oh, my gosh you guys!!! That kitten is too cute!!! 😉

  130. So cute! Seeing these pictures and finding this site has really brightened my day. 🙂 You can almost hear the purring and burps.

    Saffron: Your post was fab! LOL.

    Blondie: I’m so glad that the kitten found a good home through you. It’s always sad when cats are left like that.

    To all the people who do this for a job: You rock!

  131. omg sooooo cute!!!!! i want that kitty!!!

  132. dcbright3 says:

    So adorable……..

  133. AWWWW!

  134. ahhhhh! love love love orange cats! ahhhhhh!

  135. I just love kittens awwww

  136. Too. Cute. And extra toes!

    “Do kittens need to be burped after being bottle fed? ”

    They do. Was a foster mom.