THIS JUST IN: Pikavatars

Come on, like you’re surprised about this.

You knew this was coming. Right-click, download, and make a Pika your avatar TUHDAY!



  1. The second one is especially redonk.

  2. i love em all

  3. I already love my loris-tickling avatar, or I’d change. They are fantastic.

  4. I will take a few dozen, plx!

  5. SixFootJen says:

    I like the first one. He’s yawpin’ with his mout’ wide open. “HEY!”

  6. Totally an invading army of cuteness
    I surrender!

  7. Jess&Friends says:

    I’m going to stick my finger in the first one’s mouf!!!

  8. a Plethora of Pikas Heheh.. They are very very cute

  9. ehn, ehn, ehn! remember CO posted clip of David Attenborough’s visit to a small community of pikas living among the tumbled boulders of a mountain meadow? Lil’ pikas were so cute leaping from boulder to boulder in slow mo with bouquets of flowers in moufs

  10. first and last are my favs. too cute!

  11. rorschach says:

    What majestic creatures! Hark and listen to the mighty roar of the one on the left. So awesome!

  12. Several decades ago I saw a poster of a pika standing majestically on a rock (kind of like #s 4 and 5) and decided then and there that they are the cutest animals on earth. I still have it and I still melt every time I look at it. (It’s kind of faded, but the little nose and furry little paws still keel me.) Pikas. Impossibly cute.

  13. Pikas are some of our greatest orators, it is time we come to our senses and listen!

  14. Ok. I’m a long-time lurker, and have just recently began posting. I’ve wondered since I started commenting, and will just come out and ask it. How does one create an avatar on one’s post??? There. I did it.

  15. Sorry for the all-caps, but I LOVE PIKAS!

  16. ff5305 to add an avatar go to the top of the page in the grey bar. Click on Account it is at the far left of the grey bar.
    THen on the drop down menu select Edit Profile.
    On the far right of that box is a Change mygravatar.
    Click on it and follow the instructions.

    If you want to use one of these click on the pika of your choice and copy the link address. then follow my instructions above and when you get to the change gravatear part select use link . copy the link address there and you have to scroll through the picture to the correct one then select it and waaa lah you have a new gravatar . or upload one from your own computer
    Oh when the picture comes up you can select part of the picture or the whole thing by making the shadow box bigger or moving it around.

  17. thanx kittyadventures but I am lost at step one – what grey Bar? I will just enjoy the adorable pikas anyway…

  18. EZ Reader, Kitty, FFT —
    These instructions apply to your WordPress account. If you don’t have one yet, they’re free, and they link right into Cute Overload (we run on WordPress these days).

  19. EZReader, methinks you may have to be logged into WordPress to do that.

  20. 😳 *hands Teho a Coke*

    [nursing a bottle of Coke in both paws, slrp slrp slrp – Ed.]

  21. Dear Ben, you’re looking better than ever. Miss you. Love, Willard.

  22. Love the ears!

  23. OOps sory EZ rider I spelled them out that way for the other poster becasue they had a wordpress account already.

    to get one just go to the bottom of any Cute overload page and click on the where it says powered by and go from there by signing up for a FREE word Press account.

    Ohhh Duh or click on Tehos Lnk above :Blush:
    Goes back to being a cuteolligist.

  24. Oh Bother I meant EZ Reader Sorry about that I was channeling the movie obviously. Returns to shuffling papers which is obviously safer than commenting on CO for me today LOL

  25. Ok. I think I got it. Signed up for the WordPress account. Let’s see if it works…

  26. Cool. Thanks all!

  27. Meggy, I remember that episode – is it the one where Pikas collect poisonous flowers to store as food for later? Apparently after keeping the flowers aside for sometime, the poison wears off and the plants become nommy… 🙂

  28. Uhm, forgive this self-indulgence but those little pikas finally drove me to get myself an avatar so I have to try this to see if it worked… thanks!

    Pikas have powerful cute.

  29. (Yay, it worked!)

  30. lavishmango says:


  31. mom2houdini says:

    I love these little guys!

  32. Thanx all, now I get it…hmmm must ponder avatar identity carefully….Ta ever so