Caturday Cinderella Story

Take one GUESS who’s on Pooper Scooper Duty on a Caturday.


Winter 011

The cats are lounging in their hammocks drinking milkshakes and I’m stuck with shoveling their crapulence. I am NOT seeing enough rawhide chew payments for this.

Winter 012

I hate Caturdays Judy G.!



  1. somebody’s gonna find some kitteh crapulance in their shoes with a milkbone next to it. “Get the hint, jerks?”

  2. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Though I would totally hire a puppeh for kitteh box duty. I hate that job.

  3. victoreia says:

    Hey, puppeh, I’ll pay you a steak to do my kittehs’ box, too!

  4. labradoodles get all the scut work! I call fluff-scrimination.

  5. Cute puppy!

  6. kibblenibble says:

    I don’t think he’s done his job. The pooper-scooper is too clean. Just sayin’.

  7. Oh the face in the first picture is darling! What a cutie pie. I’d hire him any day…

  8. Smart puppy

  9. I’ve never known a dog who didn’t love “cleaning” the cat box.

  10. Poor pup! He’s too cute to do that kind of dirty work! (That’s my hubby’s job in our house!)

  11. We tried to get you to join the union.

  12. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Now THAT fellow/ gal (unable to determine gender at this juncture 😉 )… would make one HECK of a French maid !!!!! Pretty elegant, for hired help !

  13. moverload says:

    oh my gosh, that’s the cutest little puppy ever!!!! what kind of dog is it?

  14. Is that a labradoodle?? It’s the cutest!! Please, someone tell us what kind of dog it is– I might have fallen in love!

  15. SixFootJen says:

    That dog is nearly as cute as Mike Rowe!

  16. And afterwards the cats will use fluffy dog to dust the tv.

    I’d unionize….

  17. That nose is very beepular.

  18. Pup + kitty litter box clean up = ew…no matter how cute the little pup is.

  19. He/she looks just like my dog which is a cockapoo (spaniel – poodle mix) Mine is 10 y/o and still looks like a puppy. Very cute dogs but very hyper.

  20. @JR – that comment was a hard act to follow

    My Mother’s buddy had a Cocker Spaniel I loved the thing – those eyes those ears !! Live Dog made of Black Silk, Y was very young then about three years old and I called him a “Cock-Eyed Spaniard”

  21. doomchild says:

    Patito Gigante: exactly. Our dog always mistakes the litter box for a snack stand…

    Patti: ROFL @ “Cock-eyed Spaniard” xD

  22. LisaHoneychan says:

    Awww, he’s not going for the “kitty crunchies” this time around? LOL! While pretty durn cute, this pup’s not better looking than Mike Rowe. Close, but I don’t think puppers could look good while catfish noodling, or breing a pig farmer. That takes a special guy to look good while doing that. BUT..I bet the dog smells better 90% of the time! ^_-

  23. Must beep that nose! 😯

  24. Labramama says:

    I think I’d go slow on the snorgling and nose beeping until I checked his breath.

  25. I agree with the calls for the beep.

    Poor little Doggierella. Stuck cleaning crapular boxes while her doggie step sisters (one boxerdoodle, the other is a dachserwaner) go to the park to romp and play and sniff the b*tts of handsome male doggies. Don’t despair! Soon your Fairy Godmother, played by Betty White, (an AWESOME lady and friend to animals) will come to rescue you from working your pads to the bone. She will outfit you in a beautiful caftan with shoulder pads, and teach you to eat cheesecake and hang out in the lanai…….
    …wait, this story took a wrong turn somewhere.

    [No no, do continue, I’ll make popcorn… – Ed.]

  26. “stuck shoveling their crapulence” LOLOL!

    but EW stop talking about “kitty crunchies” GAH! BARF BARF BARF!

  27. muttluver says:

    Meg, if you “hate” caturday, then WHY HAVE YOU NOT CREATED A PUPDAY????? Every dog MUST have their day!!! They MUST!! Come on!!! Think of the injustice! That poor dog… slaving away while his evil cat sisters have their own special day all to themselves! Justice, I say!!! WE MUST HAVE JUSTICE!!!! Don’t MAKE me go daredog on you!

  28. muttluver says:

    *ahem* Anyway, cute puppeh!! Loves! Not as cute as mine though.

  29. tristabelle says:

    that’s definitely a cockapoo! love those little guys. no matter how old they get, they’ve still go that “rubber puppy” body. 🙂

  30. My friend calls it “Kitty Roca”.

    “Because dogs can’t have chocolate.”

  31. Very cute doggie, reminds me of PABLO!!! Speaking of which why can’t we see more pictures of him?

  32. Loving the term, “crapulence”!!!

  33. Kristabelle says:

    What a cute little fluffy puppy!

  34. LOVE! ❤ ❤ Look at that gorgeous fur and the cute little face! 😀

  35. Corey Lee says:

    I believe that adorable puppeh is a golden doodle (half golden retriever, half poodle). I had one who was the runt of the litter, and it is a spitting image of pooper scooper pup! The runts look like puppies forever because they don’t grow as big as their brothers and sisters:) They are often hypoallergenic, too, and are super smart (although mine was VERY hyper and mischevious!) as they are often trained as leader dogs for the blind. Allegedly they don’t shed, but my house was full of golden pup fuzz! I love this puppy:)

  36. This reminds me of the Stimpy’s Invention episode, AKA the Happy Happy Joy Joy song episode. Ren was wearing a helmet that made him happy, and he was like, “I’m…so happy! Must…go…do good..things!” and at one point, he’s cleaning out Stimpy’s litterbox.