So What’s the Deal With the Turtles?

Our more astute readers may have noticed a slight turtle-y theme in today’s material.  It’s not just for Teh Qte; it’s also a shout-out to the toughest girl I know.

It's not so bad, once you get used to it...

Recently, a relative of mine was badly injured in a car crash.  She’s home from the hospital now, but her crawl to a full recovery is only just beginning.

I'm always ready to go camping...

She’ll be spending part of that recovery in a back brace that, I’m told, makes her look a bit like a turtle.  So I hope you’ll join me in saying “Get Well Soon, Turtle Girl!”

I'm my own Winnebago!

And thanks to slow-and-steady sender-inner Dominika D.



  1. awww, best wishes to a speedy recovery (pun intended)

  2. er, FOR a speedy recovery. 😉

  3. Courtney S. says:

    Why, yes, Turtlito, you ARE your own Winnebago.

  4. adorabuhls.

  5. Best wishes to your relative, NTMTOM, and bring on the turtles and tortoises! I’m a big fan of these guys.

  6. Kristabelle says:

    Speedy delivery…uh, recovery to your relative, NOMTOM!

    This turtle looks to be full of “Ehn!”

  7. Get well soon, turtle girl, if you are reading this!!!!!

  8. Best wishes to turtle girl, and dig those shell-y toitles!

  9. BeckyMonster says:

    I had a friend who went through a very similar situation, back brace and all. I called her my Ninja Turtle! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  10. PS Isn’t that an old country song, “I’m my own WInnebago”?

  11. Get better soon, Turtle Girl! With a friend like NTMTOM at least you will be laughing all the time!

  12. MissKitty says:

    aww… Get well soon turtle girl!

    p.s. I absolutely love those tiny little nosicle holes on that grumpy faced little “ehn!” turtle.

  13. LOL thanks Theresa, now I’ve got I’m My Own Grandpaw stuck in my head.
    Well it did dislodge teh Animaniacs theme (which I actually kinda didn’t mind).
    Guess hearing Ray Stevens in my head isn’t such a bad thing either. Could be worse.

    Turtle Girl. Dear, you are so lucky to have such sweet considerate friends to share your woes with teh interwebz. No really though you are lucky to have such great friends who can bring laughter and joy into your life. Hope you heal well and quickly. In the meantime, milk those friends for all the bright moments you can! 😀

  14. Turtles RULE – get well soon Turtle Girl!!

  15. Get well soon, Turtle Girl! NOMTOM’s jokes are good medicine, but imagine how much better they must be on painkillers!

    When I broke both my hands in a car crash, they were splinted in a double-Spock-salute-position for weeks on end. Folks took to calling me “Lobster Girl,” so I can relate a bit.

  16. thanks for sharing the story with us NOMTOM… i’m glad she is okay and hope turtle girl gets better soon!

    in the meantime, toitles always remind me of finding nemo funnily enough! i wanna tell this guy “wassup dude”

  17. sunflower says:

    Mike, I am wishing your niece a SPEEDY RECOVERY! She is one tough turtle!

  18. Slow and steady wins the race. Get well soon, Turtle Girl.

  19. Get well Turtle Girl!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    Best regards and speedy recovery wishes to Turtle Girl! Many people believe that laughter can help healing .. if so Turtle Girl is lucky to have NOMTOM in her family to keep her laughing!!

  21. *gasps* I can just hear the ehns from here!! Bebeh turtle, oh how I love thee!!

  22. Best wishes to “Turtle Girl”! Tell her to visit CO,,,it will aid in her recovery!

    BTW, I love turtles!

  23. FriendOfPets says:

    Hey Turtle-Girl, Dont feel better soon!! Feel Better Now!!!

  24. Awww…best of luck to your relative. If it’s helpful, I think turtles – mini ones or not – are super cute, so your relative can hopefully take comfort that she probably looks pretty darn cute too.

    I want to give this little turtlito a kiss, if it weren’t for salmonella risks!

  25. Entropy's Bitch says:

    Take care, Turtle Girl. Recovery sucks, but you WILL get there.
    NMTOM would be teh aws to have as a fiend to help recovery. Enjoy the drugs.

  26. Go Turtle Girl, go! Speeeedy recovery!!!!! Turtles are beautiful and awesome and you are too.

  27. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    In all seriousness, is it a “turtle-shell brace”? That’s fer-real-I was an ortho nurse in a prior life.

    Get well soon, Turtle Girl!

  28. Get well soon, Turtle Girl!

    Here are some pals to help you out:

  29. Positive thoughts for healing and recovery to Turtle Girl! Just do like your namesake and take it slo-o-o-o-w and steady. You’ll get there!!

  30. wannadance says:

    hiya, little sister braced one. i am there with ya.

    laugh at your uncle who could cure anyone. drugs are good. let’s see, any other advice?

    nah. just take the light we send you.


  31. DewiCasgwent says:

    NMTOM, pass on my wishes for a speedy recovery, but are belly laughs really that good for Her in that condition?

  32. TO NOMTOMS Niece(Now officially nick named Turtle Girl) Get well soon here is hoping you have a quick recovery and don’t laugh too hard in case it hurts.


  33. AuntieMame says:

    Best wishes, Turtle Girl! I hope your recovery is a quick and painless as possible!

  34. Haiku for Turtle Girl

    Underneath your shell
    Tough and protective, you will
    Heal, dear Turtle Girl.

  35. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) @ Dru: HOW SCHW-EET !! of you to post a link to a TURTLE/ Tortoise/whatev’s IN A LAVENDAR CAST !!!!!! A +++ for considerate peeps !!!

    2) I cannot beat Lobster Girl’s story of both hands in splints… but

    3) I did spend 6 months once (in the heat of the summer) in a full-torso cast (spinal surgery, 1977) …so I def. can provide a stack o’ compassion & empathy out over the ethernet or whatever this system of computers is …the cast truly DID feel fairly turtle-ish; as, after they constructed the cast around my entire torso & allowed it time to dry the glue inside the bandaging; then they took (no kidding) an electric saw to cut away about 6-10 inches each on front & at back, so that there would be at least a bit of air circulation. Lemme tell ya, I wouldn’t want to have been the techs in charge of cutting the brace off, six months after a summer of no full-body showers …..peeee-YEW !!! (washcloth bathing within the edge areas did remove the majority of …stank ….but stilll)…..[sorry about the length of the post; kept the descr. as brief but still descriptive, as poss]

  36. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery, Meg’s turtle-girl relative!

  37. LOL @ the video Pebble posted.
    AWW @ the pink tortoise shell cast.

    Hope you feel better Turtle-Girl aka Niece(?) of NOMTOM!

    I love the turtle trend. Hope it keeps going for a while!

  38. My warmest and most healing thoughts are speeding your way, Turtle Girl! Get well soon.

    Having gone through a wicked crash and spinal surgery myself, I can tell you that when you come out of this, you will be amazed at how much inner strength you have discovered. And when people want to do things for you, LET THEM! They want to help and you should be pampered. Install a bunch of bird feeders outside your window, have your pals bring you kittens to snorgle, and bunnies to pat, and make NTMTOM bring you Big Bowls of Vanilla Pudding!!

  39. Aw, I love turtles! Best wishes to Turtle Girl – may she soon be feeling much better.

  40. Trisha M. says:

    Turtle Girl-feel better and I think your uncle should provide you with all the mashed potatoes and strawberries you can eat…oh…is that only for the little turtle-o’s? If so, then surely you should be provided whatever yummy goodies you want while you recover, like say, chocolate and more chocolate. But that’s just me. Or chips and queso…..

    Luffing today’s turtle show.

  41. Get well soon, Turtle Girl!! In the meantime, eat lots and lots of mashed potatoes!

  42. Get well soon, Turtle Girl!

  43. Thank you so much for today’s posts with the turtle and the inspiration behind them. I was in a near fatal car accident 3 1/2 years ago and am still on the road to recovery. Although I deal with daily pain I am getting better albeit very, very slowly. I look forward to the future with hope and confidence that one day I will be pain free and whole again. I pray that your dear friend’s road to recovery will be a quick one. Thanks again. 🙂

  44. Turtle Girl says:

    The puns are killing me. Thanks all for the get wells and yes I am laughing all the time unfortunately it hurts to laugh.

  45. My brother had a similar situation several years ago–car accident, bad injury, back brace and walker for weeks. And now, he’s just fine. Much peace, hope and love to your tough gal.

  46. I can relate to your relative. Last year while out for my lunchtime bike ride a car cut me off and I spent a WONDERFUL week in ICU. I had to wear a back and neck brace for two months. I called it my turtle shell, my son even drew shell patterns on it.

  47. Get Well Soon, Turtle Girl!!

  48. Get Well soon, Turtle Girl!! Pick out all the advice that works for you, throw out that which doesn’t, and take it easy on yourself. “Beaming” healing thoughts and pain-free wishes your way.

  49. What a shame! Sending best wishes, healing energy and soft and cuddly vibes to you, Turtle Girl! Keep sense of humor and perspective. We’ll be pulling for you – ehn – ehn – ehn!!

  50. Get Well Soon, Turtle Girl!!!!

  51. Happy and speedy healing to Turtle Girl! Get yourself a good stick, so you can scratch inside your back brace when you itch. Yes that’s free medical advice. 😀

  52. These turtles, contrasting with the happy eating turtles below, are scowly in a cute way.

  53. Good luck and best wishes, Turtle Girl! And keep in mind that strawberries can be delivered in many forms – plain, in tarts and pies, in ice cream….

  54. Riggsveda says:

    Best of wishes and many good healing spells coming her way.

  55. Get Well Soon, Turtle Girl! I hope you get lots of yummy treats like the turtle in the other series of photos.

  56. Lots of good energy to you, Turtle Girl, for fast and thorough recovery – hope you like your new name too! Like this beautiful turtle, you’ll make it, slow and steady, just look forward, don’t look back. I wish for you many wonderful thoughts to keep your mind occupied while you heal. Next year at this time it’ll be like a dream.

  57. catloveschanel says:

    shout-out to the toughest girl Mike knows
    I say a big old prayer for you

  58. LevoPinder says:

    Best of luck to Turtle Girl! Get better soon! I’m beaming you solid green, healing light!

  59. biscuithead says:

    Sending all the best wishes for you, Turtle Girl!
    As well as good health and strength, I wish for you to have lots patience and a huge sense of humor to get you through!

  60. I have the oddest image in my head of hundreds of turtles somehow hearing about Turtle Girl and slowly but surely, also determinedly, heading her way with hundreds of tiny “Get Well Soon” cards.

  61. Get Well Soon, Turtle Girl!

  62. Get well soon, Turtle Girl!

    Additionally, turtles are awsome!

  63. Good luck with your recovery brave Turtle Girl, get well soon!!!

  64. JinxtheCat says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Turtle Girl. Remember, slow and easy wins the race….

  65. Nancy (orig) says:

    that first picture…I don’t know if it’s from pain or what, but that turtle is really giving us the stink eye.

  66. Get well soon, turtle girl!

  67. Woods Walker says:

    Get well soon turtle girl. Being where you are will help you to appreciate what you have taken for granted until now.-Woods Walker

  68. from one turtle girl to another, get better wifakwikness!!
    I know, turtles don’t move fast, but this time, make an exception….

  69. Hope you get better soon, Turtle Girl! 😀

  70. kibblenibble says:

    What a wonderful, warm bunch of folks hang out here! That’s why I love it! (That, and the Qte, of course) Please add my good wishes to all of these, Turtle Girl.

  71. Aww, that’s awful. (Not the turtle, that’s very cute.) It’s so scary to have a relative in an accident or poor health. Hopes she gets well soon and makes a full recovery and best wishes to you and her other friends and relatives as you get through this with her.

  72. laureling says:

    Get well soon turtle girl! May today’s turtle tribute bring a smile to your face.

  73. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Hey Turtle Girl! Bet you never dreamed you wuz gonna be famous all over da Internets! Best wishes for a hare-like (i.e., very very speedy, get it?) recovery from all the McGintys in NYC!

  74. Happy healing, Turtle Girl! Pain is definitely NOT cute.

  75. FaceInfinity says:

    God’s creation. Tender, beauty and funny.

  76. mommy25bunnies says:

    Give your relative my best for a speedy recovery Meg!!

  77. I detect some level of disapprove-y-ness.

  78. just think of the tortoise and the hare! and ninja turtles, of course.
    get well soon!! <3333

  79. He is look tired, a little turtle look hungry also

  80. kibblenibble says:

    Spectacularly plinky eye capules in pic #3!

  81. Get well soon, Turtle Girl! Slow and steady wins the race (and gives you lots of time to bask in the cheers of your admiring fans!)

  82. Speedy Recovery, Turtle girl!

    and I agree, definitely a new face of disapproval.

  83. Turtles are the best! They always get where they need to go, slow and steady but surely. We’re rooting for you, Turtle Girl!

  84. Steady and fierce win the day! Best wishes, Turtle Queen!

  85. biggest cute fan says:

    so adorable :] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Leslie (NTA) I liked your story . Was very nice to read ;-))) . Must have been “great” being in your own juice for a while ;-D… ho dear…

    Good luck for Turtle Girl 😉 .

    And! What is this type of turtle shown here? The head looks like the one of a marine turtle, and so does the cast, there are just the legs looking like a terrestrial turtle’s. Beautiful turtle, love the eyes ^_^; and noticed how on the first pic the turtle got its eyes focused on a little bug? ;-p


  88. You’re right @Wombats!!! Turtles DO have the disapproval potential, sea turtles specially! Must be investigated ;-p.

    @Pebble: Thanks for the video! loll Just cute! Don’t care what the journalist says, speak your mind! *thumb up* ! (geez, thanks to you I got the kids voice reasoning in my head “I like tuhtles” ;-D )
    And @Berg is right: Bring on the turtles!!! ;-D

  89. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Speedy Recovery, Turtle Girl!

  90. mrscwmouse says:

    One of the sweetest yet toughest women I know spent some of her high school years in a back brace. She came out the other side, smarter and kinder for it, with an awareness of what’s REALLY important in life…long back scratchers!
    Get well, soon, TurtleGirl.

  91. Dear Turtle Girl- best wishes for you: I wish you just the right amounts of patience and impatience. Patience to give yourself the time you need to do whatever it is you need to do (or re-master) and impatience for always wanting to improve. Best wishes from Killer Corgi and from me, here on the Steppes of Central Connecticut.

  92. Elaine Harries says:

    H-girl, I KNOW that you will be ditching the “shell” before you know it! You are starting out slowly but everyone else will have to keep up soon. Big Hug and Kiss
    MUWAH! your Auntie E. in MN

  93. Get well soon Turtle Girl. I had four broken vertebrae, a fractured skull, six broken ribs and a crushed sinus and I am fine now, so it will get better. I told you about me and I do remember the pain of laughing. As an anecdote, I stopped over at work (my wife drove) while I was in my shell and I met with some of my co-workers. Of course they wanted to cheer me up and make me laugh so I was grimacing and laughing. One of them said ,’well you know that laughter is the best medicine.’ I retorted buy taking the bottle of Oxyconton out of my pocket and said, ‘no THIS is the best medicine!’ Which got more laughs especially from the general manager of the plant.

  94. Slow and steady wins the race, but get well soon!

  95. Best wishes and all courage to you, Turtle Girl! Soon you’ll happily nomming away on all manner of yummy things, just like the adorable happy turtles in the previous post. I do have to say, though, that as a tortoise-lover, I do think the creatures shown here are Tortoises. Tortoises are so fine, stoic, determined, cute, wonderful, and yes, delightfully disapproving. May we call you Tortoise Girl?

  96. Evangeline's handmaiden says:

    Yes, what Katrina said! And I wish you extra strength – if well-wishes and prayers could get you back together instantly you’d be there. Have your loving attendants find you amusements, books on tape perhaps; and (here’s the Jewish Mother advice): get plenty of rest, drink fluids and allow yourself some cantankerousness from time to time. Sharpens the wit.

  97. Please get well soon, Turtle Girl. I hope your recovery is as pain-free as possible, and that you’re back to your usual routine very soon!

  98. Best wishes Turtle Girl! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

  99. Gail White says:

    See how many good vibes come your way when you have Cuteoverload on your side! Your recovery will astonish everyone!

  100. Gentle hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Turtle-Girl!

  101. doforanimals says:

    Are you sick of your new nickname yet?? Well, at least turtles are damn cute. Better than mole-rat girl, I guess. Wishing you patience, laughter and an abundance of cuteness on your journey back to good health, Turtle Gi–, I mean, TG.

  102. Wishing that the time seems to fly by as you heal, TG!

  103. Sorry about your relative!

    However, I am VERY happy to see a great influx of all things turtle/tortoise! Yay! ❤

  104. @matthew (#98): the story is so cuuute! And I love the face of the little dude ;-). Thanks for sharing this great cute story ^_^.

  105. *Hands Turtle Girl a set of nunchuks, a bostaff, a pair of sai, and a pair of ninjato (swords) to kick this injury’s ‘tocks! Get better soon!!!

  106. superflychic says:

    Aww, I love Turtles!

  107. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Love & healing to Turtle Girl! xxoo

    Peeps, do check out Matthew’s link (#98) re turtle who lost its front legs- an awesome story (the outcome, I mean)!

  108. bookmonstercats says:

    Best wishes to you, Turtle Girl, and lots of good vibes heading towards you from all the turtle lovers on CO (and that’s LOTS of good vibes).

  109. kibblenibble says:

    OMG Matthew #98, that link is wonderful, but some folks might need a tissue. (I did.) Lucky is so cute. He is smiling like the tortoises eating potatoes and strawberries in the other post. Also, it was exciting for me, because I live in a town very close to Lucky!

  110. Um. Well, I will not complain about my sprained hand. Healing, happy thoughts to Turtle Girl!

  111. Get well soon Turtle Girl! I have a friend who was in a bad accident myself and she was a turtle girl for a while – and she ROCKED it. I know you will too!

  112. Rainbow*Star says:

    Aww. Get well soon, Turtle/Tortoise Girl!
    *gives stubbular, bobble-headed baby tortoise with magical healing powers*

  113. ahem. Its a tortoise (or possibly a terrapin. Definitely not a turtle though – It doesn’t have flippers)

  114. Patience is a virtue.
    Best wishes to a full recovery

    I’m digging the turtle pictures!

  115. lalalaa– All tortoises and terrapins are turtles. Not all turtles have flippers.

  116. awwwh its sooo cute 😛 good luck!

  117. good luck to ur sybling 😛

  118. awww 😦 GET WELL SOON, TURTLE GIRL!!!!!

    also, NTMTOM is teh sweeeet.

  119. Get well, senora turtoise!