Cuteness… IN 3-D!

From a Flickr collection of 3-D images, several cuties just seemed to jump out at us, like the pup below. You’ll need the old-fashioned red/blue 3-D glasses to see the effect.


Meanwhile, there’s another group devoted to cross-view 3-D images.  You don’t need glasses to view these, but you will have to cross your eyes, and it may take some practice before you get it right.  Click the lemur to see an example.

Click me!

Photos: relumadrid (top), Dan (aka firrs) (bottom)



  1. Mom said if I cross my eyes they’ll stay that way.

  2. Oh, that is SO COOL!!!!! Triple Lemur for the win!

  3. Von Zeppelin says:

    After crossing my eyes a few times, I’m starting to look like that lemur. I’m even sticking my tongue out like he is.

  4. Note that the lemur is giving us the finger!

  5. This is not for me – I’m just feeling pukey now! :-p (I can’t do those “magic eye” things either – I’m more a “squirrelizer” type of gal)

  6. Beth, that was my first thought too. heh heh

  7. leadersoftoday says:

    I did it!! Awesome.

  8. I think I did it! Which is rather amazing for me because I have never ever been able to do those magic eye things.

  9. Thom Yorke can’t see this stuff either.

  10. Okay I tried but I couldn’t do the crossed Eyed thing I will try again in a bit but only because I don’t want to be incapable like Thom Yorke (Nods at Patito)

  11. Man, my eyes are so f***ed up, I can never see 3D images properly. 😦

  12. PhysicsProf says:

    I can usually do this quite easily with geomorphology photos, but have trouble with these. Click the pictures down to medium or small and try getting closer or further from the screen.

  13. linguafranka says:

    OMG it actually works!

  14. huh… i can’t do it. I’ve always been able to do those magic eye things too. 😦

  15. That was so neat.

  16. WHOA, do not click next to try a different set of photos. NSFW at ALL.

    [Hmm, I see the “Liza Boots 3D” description on the next Schillr page, but the photo itself isn’t there. It’s just blank for me. – Ed.]

  17. That crossed- eyed one just made my eyes explode! Must practice…..

  18. Oh lord, I just realized I was supposed to click the image before I crossed my eyes. lol!

  19. its pretty cool once you get it…. of course, the headache after is NOT cool. -_-

  20. Catherine says:

    I was able to see it because I happen to have this 3D glasses necklace!

  21. I have a headache and I feel quite pukey… and I still didn’t get it to work. I must have defective eyes or something. 😯

  22. didn’t see anything..

  23. Stunbunny says:

    I always hated those Magic Eye posters because they’d never work for me and I’d end up with a headache from trying. But this worked immediately and genuinely looks 3-dimensional! Fantastic!

  24. I have kept a pair of red/blue glass at my computer for exactly this moment! His head follows you if you move. So cool.

  25. AAA, that TONGUE just SHOT RIGHT OUT AT ME!!!

    Anyone remember “Dr. Tongue and the 3D House of Stewardesses”? Presented by Count Floyd (“Oooh, that’s scary, kids!”)?

  26. ZOMG! I happened to have a pair of 3D glasses here and those pics on the Flickr site are incredible! Thanks for telling me about this! [Of course this means the rest of my day is pretty much shot to hell.]

  27. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t have 3D glasses! Waaaah!

    (I’ll have to try the lemur picture tonight at home. I can’t get both pictures on my screen here unless I maximize my browser, and with my luck, the moment I tried, all of my bosses would walk into my cube wanting something.

  28. To help with the lemur, hold your finger in front of the stereogram that the link takes you to. Slowly move your finger backward or forward while you stare at it until the images in the background merge. Once they merge, give it a couple of seconds to “settle in”, then you should be able to focus on the pictures and get the effect. (Note this is the opposite of Magic-eye, where you’re supposed to focus *behind* the picture.)

  29. Wow, that’s freaky. I think the secret is to cross your eyes until there are three images. The focus on the center one. It’s kind of cool once you get it.

  30. @ Theresa! And Dr. Tongue’s 3-D House of Cats! SCTV rocks.
    Thanks CO, I have a headache AND feel pukey, could never do the Magic Eye things either. My job in Customer Service prevents me from trying longer. (Urrp.)
    Lurve the lemur!

  31. I’m thinking: we all must have looked pretty funny in front of our screens ;-D lolll.
    And Holly Molly! That Lemurian thing is awesome! It works as hell, and I even managed to get 4 lemurians! Yeahhh. ;p Two left, and two rights.

    One thing I wonder about is, how is it the right image was the dominant one? Was it only to me? At one point I tried to look at the middle picture and see what was from the left picture, and what was from the right’s? It seemed the right image was the main canvas, with things from the left image applied to it, like the little gray rock over the lemurian’s tail, the branch at the left of the head (oops, that was from the right pic :s), the green rock of the down-left side and the brown tree branch on the upper-left side. But all things from the left picture were a bit blurry, as everything from right picture was fine.
    And, most important, when hovering over the left things I just told, I was hovering at the exact place but over the right picture.
    May be my right brain was taking over.

    A link I’ve came across while searching:

  32. Nifty! Whoever can’t see it yet might want to try to ‘medium’ size images: easiest for me.

  33. That is amazing!

  34. Darn, just when I forgot my 3D glasses at home!

  35. noramaria says:


    First of all, I feel like an idiot for just staring at the regular picture all cross eyed until I realized I had to click the photo *facepalm*

    Secondly, it totally worked! Once I managed to focus on the “middle” image, I could totally look at it at leisure. Very cool.

  36. That was seriously cool. I have to admit, I was skeptical though and thought this might possibly be NTMTOM using his powers for evil and pulling our chains. Ha ha. I pictured him having a dull morning, needing a laugh, and coming up with the following experiment: “hmmm, what can I do to get everyone to stare cross-eyed at their computer screens, and how can I work in a lemur or three…” (which in itself would have been hilariously mischievious, since, clearly, we all would have done this anyway!)

  37. Thats…pretty crazy. I can’t wait until someone walks up to my desk today and sees me crossing my eyes at strange animal pictures :p

  38. Dammit. My eyes are still crossed and now I have a live lemur in my living room.

  39. I just HAPPEN to keep a pair of old-fashioned 3D glasses at my desk 😉
    Wheheeeeeee QTE just jumpin’ OFF the screen! Thanks for the link to the flickr site.

  40. That’s AWESOME.

  41. What are you looking for?

  42. I dunno… meaning? Fulfillment? Love? Riches? Revenge? Serenity?
    Ice cream?