One of these things is just like the others…

…one of these things is quite the same



  1. Hewroh dere, skwerlios!

    Go squirrelios, go!!!!

  3. Three little skwerls who, all unwary
    Come to the mountains with humans stare-y
    Taking a pic and we go all viral,
    Three little skwerls from school
    Three little skweeeeerls from school!!

    [Well done. *clapping* I always did have a soft spot for Gilbert & Sullivan. 😉 – Ed.]

  4. Saffron Excellent use of that song! Snicker

  5. The Shazinator says:

    Only one of them has ears.

    [That’d be the real one. – Ed.]

  6. Climbing over rocky mountain,
    Skipping rivulet and fountain
    Passing where the squirrels shiver…

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