The Squirrelizer!

Now YOU can add your very own redonk squirrel to any hosted photo!

Check it out over at the Squirrelizer.

National Geographic must be very proud.




  1. Looks like he’s gonna snorf that sucker right up.

  2. Excellent! He’ll be dwarfing the Vatican in 3 . . . 2 . . .

  3. That little guy sure gets around…where will he end up next?

  4. Oh fine, whatever, here ya go… [sigh]

  5. I love eeet!!

    *Proceeds to squirrelize entire family*

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Theo: Yo dawg, we heard you liked squirrelbombs, so we put a squirrelbomb in your squirrelbomb so you can squirrelbomb while you squirrelbomb.

  7. I will not buy this record, it is scratched.

  8. How geeneeus!! I shall do thees to my friend’s newborn baby pix! But first-


  9. 260Oakley says:

    Not to be upstaged by peegs.

  10. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Speaking of photobombs, it appears that the server hosting this service has already exploded. I can’t get it to respond anymore, can anyone else?

  11. Hee, I’m sending Skwerlio on a tour of Italy. Skwerls are the New Gnomes!!!

  12. Oh noes! We borked the Squirrelizer!

  13. christopher says:

    way to go people…you blew up the squirrelizer

    [Good grief, you’re saying we Slashdotted it?? Oh, there’s irony here. 😕 – Ed.]

  14. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Theo: I suppose you’ll also expect us to believe that your hovercraft is full of eels.

    [No, but my hovertext is full of win! 😎 – Ed.]

  15. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Poor Theo — he’s so overworked !!

    [Yes, poor poor pitiful meeee… – Ed.]

  16. …..The site is going well….they’ve dropped skwerls in front of the cameras. The back motors of the website are holding…just enough to keep it from— It’s burst into flames! It burst into flames, and it’s falling, it’s crashing! Watch it! Watch it! Get out of the way! Skwerls everywhere! It’s fire—and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! Oh, my! Get out of the way, please! Make way for the skwerls to run away! And all the folks agree that this is terrible; this is the one of the worst catastrophes in the world. [indecipherable] its flames… Crashing, oh! It’s a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. It’s smoke, and it’s in flames now; and the site is crashing to the ground, not quite by the mooring-mast. Oh, the skwerl-ity!
    All the prarie dawgs and hammies are yelling for help. I told you; it—I can’t even talk to any mammals now. Their friends are out there! Ah! It’s—it—it’s a—ah! I—I can’t talk, ladies and gentlemen. Honest: it’s just laying there, mass of smoking wreckage. Ah! And everybody can hardly breathe and talk and the screaming. Listen, folks; I—I’m gonna have to stop for a minute because I’ve lost my voice. This is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed, even worse than when my stereo broke and I could no longer listen to the song stylings of Mr. Hairy Como, the be-sweatered king of music..who can forget his hit “Skwerl Loves Mambo”? Yes, ladies, and gentlemen, it is worse than that.

  17. @saffron – lolololol… gasp… lololol….

  18. Christabel says:

    Heh. Love it!

  19. This little bugger caused my favorite bicycling blogger to have a terrible crash! (scroll down into the comments, if you care)

  20. FLASH! Art Restorers find ANOTHER mysterious figure in Da Vinci masterpiece!

  21. Oh, there are just so many possibilities here… I love it!

  22. Yonathan Zarkovian says:

    Hello world!

  23. OMG I can not leave this site for a moment I go t ot eat lunch an buy flowers and come back to this. HEHehehhee
    And Saffron LOL you are in Rare form today..

  24. Teho Did I ever tell you how the glossary is full of win and awesome and best of all little surprises and fun things.

  25. P.S. that Means Thanks

    [ 😀 means You’re Welcome – Ed.]

  26. @ Saffron – you totally made me think:

    As god is my witness, I thought squirrels could fly!

  27. You can also replace the word “girl” with the word “squirrel” (skwurl) in any popular song.

  28. Though if I’d been paying attention I would have noticed that Saffron already kicked the whole world’s butt at that game.
    [irons hands]

  29. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Theo — was that a ref to Linda Ronstadt’s song, or to the one from Hee-Haw (“Gloom, despay-uhr, excessive misereeeeeee….”)???

    Or — on a really bad day, you could play them BOTH !!!

    I tried to connect a link & found webpp about hh & that gave a bit about the song but none directly just to that song alone….So much for my komputer (non)Kleverness….

  30. NOT the Hee Haw version. Yikes.
    It’s by Warren Zevon, actually; Linda Ronstadt and some chick named Terri Clark did covers.

    (If it weren’t for bay-ad luck, I’d have no luck a’tall…)

  31. 🙂 🙂 @ rpennefe WKRP was one of the best shows……

    …and thanks a LOT, Patito Gigante. It’s bad enough I cannot get Lord of the Pants out of my head (sub “pants” for all nouns as in “Gondor has no Pants. Gondor needs no Pants). Now I am forever stuck with subbing skwerl for all girl songs now.

    *hums* I wish they all could be California Skwe……oh, d*mmit!!!

  32. lol @ Theo. I snorked (exhale as opposed to an inhaled snorf) at the triple-header. lolol

  33. This is the squirrel-bomb that’s been haunting me for years.

    “Squirrel… I been missin’ you…”

  34. Can’t help it. Made mine here:
    Squirrel found them chairs (sorry, can't help it!)

  35. Is there some kind of global squirrel fixation happening right now?

    [Wow, that’s quite the URL – Ed.]

  36. Wish I knew how to do this! My friend had a squirrel stuff a nut up her car underside & caused $1,200 in alternator damage. I luv to send her squirrel pics every so often

  37. Wish I knew how to do this! I have a friend that had a squirrel stuff a nut in the underside of her car & caused $1,200 in damage. I luv to send her silly squirrel pics every so often!

  38. old one from C.O

    [Wow, it’s like they were meant to be together. 😆 – Ed.]

  39. Claudia C. says:

    @pitu YOU GO!!!

  40. Dear LAWD, I LOL’d so hard at NTMTOM’s squirrelbomb comment, I woke up my mom and scared my cats.

  41. I shall now leeck the redonkness…

  42. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Hey folks!
    I just came from watching HLN’s Showbiz program for today & they had a Jeannie Moos segment, about the Squirrel taking over the Universe ….AND the segment had a quick flash of the CO masthead AND included a brief shot of the Dramatic Chipmunk (WITH the ominous musical tones: duh duh DUH) AND THEN in a totally different segment (but within the same S’biz program) had one of the Piano-playing felines !!!!! (But just one kitty; not NTMTOM’s mix o’ kitties….)

  43. Thats hilarious!

  44. They were bigguns in the olden tymes:

  45. this squirrel is getting old

  46. Very funny! 😀 I’ll use this image as avatar. 🙂 Thanx…

  47. Fun in being serious!

  48. Mr. Skwerl and CO showed up on the morning news today here in Ontario, Canada.

    yay CO!

  49. ashagato@ LKOL CO and Skwirlz take over the wurldz

  50. I love it!!!

  51. It’s only a matter of time before Mr. Squirrelio hires an agent and signs on for his own reality show. Needless to say, I’ll be right there in front of my tv, watching to see where the little fellow shows up next. 🙂

  52. I wuvs it…is now my wallpaper!

  53. Madness? This. Is. SQUIRRELIZAAAAAA!

  54. @Claudia,

    Can we has an Obamasqwerl? YES WE CAN!! 😀

    @Get your cute on,

    Did you make sure whatever you were trying to sqwerlise was a jpeg?

  55. [Have you clicked on the photo right up there in the post? – Ed.]

  56. WARNING:


    It’s random and people can put anything they want there. I clicked it ONLY once and I got a nice picture of a fully naked woman [you know, we don’t actually need the graphic detail, thanks much – Ed.] with the squirrel photobomber in front.

    Yep, I’m at work. Sigh, I hope I don’t get in trouble. 😦

  57. haha, oh this is so awesome! Although, it lacks the beautiful banff scenery!

  58. The dog is saying, “I thought my master shot him.” The dog just spent the day working hard, digging at a problem, guarding his projects, and now he has to come home to a squirrel. The squirrel, on the other hand, has just returned from Starbucks. This explains his quirkiness and his hyper activity. He had a triple espresso cafe mocha in a venti size and now he’s practically tearing the house apart while the dog is too tired to eat him.

  59. funny! =)

  60. Um, that’s a Prarie Dog.

    [No, it’s Joaquin Phoenix. I read it on the internet. – Ed.]

  61. gerbilize says:

    we just squirrelized a photo and are encouraging others to email us their own shots for us to feature on our blog. please check it out:

  62. Some secrets from NASA. I just found them…

  63. have been trying to squirrelize something – ANYthing – but can’t get it to work… is the site down or am i doing something wrong?! :o(

  64. gerbilize says:

    hey tink – make sure you’re using a .jpg file. i had that problem too at first. pictures that are hosted on facebook, flickr etc. might not work. good luck! 🙂

  65. Ms. Scarlet says:

    I hate to point it out, but adorable as that creature is, it is not in fact a squirrel. It appears to be a prairie dog.

  66. So basically the Squirrelizer is *SO POWERFUL* even prairie dogs are getting sqwerlised into sqwerls?

    Ow my head hurts.

  67. The Shazinator says:

    As has been said many times before, it’s a Columbian ground squirrel, not a prairie dog. He’s in Banff, not the prairie!

    And here is my winter version of the original photo, as posted before in the other thread: I’m a view whore. 🙂

    [Yeah? Well I’ll see your Banff and raise. All in! – Ed.]

  68. PS: hehehe 😀

  69. The Shazinator says:

    I bow to the master. 😛

    [LOL. Until a bona fide master shows up, anyway. 😉 – Ed.]

  70. Staticgirl says:

    Here are my efforts plus a rinky dinky little space helmet for tha moon:
    That's no squirrel!
    That darn ground squirrel pops up everywhere....

  71. OK, all good things must come to an end.

  72. Upgraded my holday pics… now waiting for Peeginacrochetedhatilyzer

  73. Best. Site. Ever. This will keep me amused for hours.

  74. help me, i can’t stop squirrelizing!!!

  75. skyweaver says:

    Saffron! That’s one of the best comments EVER. Thanks for the skwerrelarity!

  76. me encanto

  77. I really love that squirrel. =)

    Found two sites that let you add a squirrel to any photo. The second one lets you add it to t-shirts & other stuff.

    The Squirrelizer


  78. that squirrel sure can travel

  79. @ Lula Mae — I love that Peeg, too…. so I couldn’t resist!!!

    It's the.... Peeginacrochetedhatilyzer

    Theo: can you hot-link this for me??

  80. Finally found out what Miss Emily was looking at, staring out the window…..

  81. Trying again with a simple link…
    What she really sees

  82. my squirrel shot:
    safe-search: OFF

  83. Funny Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Hey, had to ask, just by curiosity: who’s that guy on the squirrelized icon on the beach in the top 4??
    That guy had his pic chosen to illustrate the squirrelizer post after all, so there must be something.


  85. noooo!!! don’t eat him

  86. I just squirrelized my wedding photos.

  87. midori – the gerbilize gals would love to see those!!!!

  88. the servise has some problems
    photos cannot be Squirrelizered

  89. i love cute overload!

  90. I squirellised this:


    [Ha! So it’s actually a Golden Gopher? 😀 – Ed.]

  92. I squirrelized my trip to Budapest. Some of my friends wanted to know if I had shopped it, or not. Smirk.

  93. Squeeeeeeee!
    Thanks Mek, you made my day (weeks later 😳 )

  94. Never gets boring…
    Just klicked on Random Squirrel and got a DNA origami pic! Yay!
    (just needs a crocheted hat)

  95. squirrelizer says:

    squirrelizer on iphone