Pat the bunny TAKEN TOO FAR

This is seriously smooshtastic:


Deanna H. saw this bun over at Roseko Blog 🙂

P.S.! Pat the Bunneh!!!Picture 8



  1. victoreia says:

    (follows instructions) Oh, soft bunny! (keeps patting bunny) Wait, my hand won’t let go…..

  2. I didn’t know real bunnies melted.

  3. LOL I had this book for my daughter (youngest) she LOVED it I think I read it to her at least 50 times(That is a conservative estimate).

  4. *skeeshed*

  5. Reminds me of Tarepanda – the smooshed panda (from Japan, of course!)

  6. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Maybe it’s all the wrist & not in mine — when I clicked on the PS Pat/ Bunneh link …..I got the glory of 404. I’m so nerdy in Computer Chic that I don’t even know the ref for 404, except that it’s evident that the link wasn’t happy …..Pleez gently explicate????

    Signed, Cuteness Fluent but Computer Geeky

  7. skippymom says:

    OMG BUNNY ABUUUUUUSE!!! This bunny is TERRIFIED, just look at its eyes! What kind of heartless person would so cruelly smoosh an innocent bun????!!!!!!!! I strongly disapprove of this post.

  8. We call this skwooshie bunny behavior “pancaking” at our house….the more you pet, the flatter bun becomes!

  9. Leslie The linky is wrong so it goes no where!

    404 is the error Code.

    [That happened to me too; I think the Squirrelizer only keeps images temporarily. Makes sense; they probably don’t want to be a silly-photo hosting service for the whole world. So, download the finished pic as soon as you’re done, then upload it someplace more permanent. – Ed.]

  10. Somebody re-inflate her!

  11. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Thank you KA !!

  12. “I disapprove of being flat.”

  13. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Aaaaaaaaaand thank you Ed !!!!!

  14. Um, actually, disregard my last [-Ed.] note, above. That applies to a previous post, not this one. 😕 doiii.
    I’ll ask Meg about that link.

  15. jennybluebird says:

    no no no @skippymom. i have three bun bunz and they smoosh themselves. we call it “flatrabbit” and it means they are happy. when i stop petting them they poke poke me with their little noses as if to say “more more please” and resume position. And btw….bunnies almost always look terrified.

  16. Cute Bunny!!
    Here is a new cute video

  17. My little girl has a Pat the Puppeh book she loves.

  18. Von Zeppelin says:

    Ah, the classics. Loved “Pat the Bunny” when I was little; my kids loved it, too. My standard baby gift to friends and family members when they become parents is a two volume set of “Pat the Bunny” and “Goodnight, Moon.”

    While Meg and company are fixing the link, if you want to know about “Pat the Bunny,” you can look here:

    If I ever have a pet rabbit, I will name him/her “Pat.”

  19. Also works with husbands…

    [ 😯 – Ed.]

  20. @Jennyblue — Yep, my bunnies smoosh themselves when I pet them too. They start out as meatloaves and by the end of their massages, they have flattened into bunny patties. They also “purr” (clicking their teeth together) which means they are very content. If I stop, they stay in that position for a minute or two, giving me the eye, hoping I’ll resume, if i don’t, they nudge me and reposition themselves to be sure I know they are still there…

  21. skippymom says:

    Jennyblue–my comment was what’s sometimes been called a “reverse nuff”. It was meant to make fun of people who would express sentiments like those I was–jokingly–expressing, about a situation where obviously everything’s fine. Sorry if it was confusing.

  22. jennybluebird says:

    @ skippymom….awww well ok, i didn’t want anyone to be sad on behalf of a happy rabbit. i am smooshing my bun bunz, Pierre Lapin, right now.

  23. @ Meg – love the word “smooshtastic” btw!

  24. janet2buns says:

    Deanna H. is obviously an accomplished lagomorph phrenologist. This bunneh clearly shows snorgly tendencies.

  25. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @jennybluebird: Klever Fransh nom pour un/une bunneh !!
    @ Janet2buns: woooooowwwww !!! “an accomplished lagomorph phrenologist” !!! I’m a vocab geek & THAT’s impressive, both syllablically (new word) & meaningfully !!!

  26. When my bunny does that, i think it looks like I let the air out of her

  27. My guinea pigs used to go pancake like that! Love it!

  28. @chanpon–I have a Tarepanda tattoo. So cute!

  29. That’s some x-treme petting action in the last pic. Bebeh bun got smooshed.

  30. Looks like a Guinea Pig with whiskers

  31. it looks scared..

  32. My beloved and much-missed rabbit would wedge himself under my hand so it was covering his face. He would then proceed to melt into the floor. As long as his eyes and nose were covered, he was content. He’d even come nudge me until I put a foot over his head (most beings want little or nothing to do with my feet).

    He did not, however, approve of being poked in his soft, white belly. Not one bit.

  33. I want a wabbit! I want to pancake the silly thing day and night. I want ears flattened and bunneh belly smooshed into submishun. Seriously, I think I need a bunneh (or a piggie?) in my life. 🙂

  34. Kristabelle says:


  35. I shall SQUEESH HEEM.

  36. Ok, so the way this picture looks, it seems as if it’s a decapitated bunny head!!! I was very freaked out when I saw it. I thought somebody kept a bunny head so they could pet it all of the time!!! I think I probably just need to see the rest of the bunny’s body to understand this picture. Right now, I’m frightened!

  37. Roseko Blog is awesome!!! The entry for 2/4/09, it’s page 36, I think, has buns AND pigs wearing crochet ear decorations!

    I nearly died from nearly too much overadorableness….

  38. Jess&Friends says:

    Theresa I have an air pump but where in the bunneh do we put it??

  39. dat bun got no bones!

  40. emmberrann says:

    I, too, loved the PTB book when I was nearly knee-high to one of these smooooshed bunbuns. I think it finally fell apart when I must have been, oh, about 5. I loved, loved to pat the bunny in the book and all the other pictures that were pattable. I now have Picky, and he doesn’t much care for smoooshingks, but then Picky is as Picky does.

  41. Starting to look like a bunny carpet!

  42. Milly_eee says:

    I want to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh the bun!!

  43. As a human now owned by a bunny (plus the kitty) I feel I must disapprove of the smooshing…..

    Just kidding. My bunny gets more shooshable all the time, the better we get to know each other! He rubs his head on my hand to get more pats. This is the oddest experience, since he found me — I had never, I mean never, given any thought to having a bunny!! Never heard of this book either. Looks like I have a lot of rabbit reading to catch up on.

    p.s. my bun bun has similar coloring. And he really is not that disapproving at all.

  44. You know, guys, if you get the first picture on the screen just so, and you have a small screen (I’m on an 8.9″ netbook), and you hit the page up and down buttons alternating… it looks as though the bunny’s ears are flapping up and down! Ready for take-off! I discovered this when I hit the page-down button…. then I proceeded to hit up/down a few dozen times. It’s very cute.

    And… CUTE BUNNY!!! Looks not very disapproving at all.

  45. Does it come in body-pillow size?

  46. I wish I could take this bunny home. I’d hug him and squeeze him and love him very much. (And I totally loved Pat the Bunny as a kid. :D)

  47. “Le squeesh” LOL!!

  48. my mom found that book at a thrift store, it was cute. heh.

  49. An effective stress reliever is said
    t’be patting a bunneh toe to head.
    But too much pat
    leaves the bunneh flat
    reinflating is much of a dread.

  50. LOL i think your bunny is funny 🙂 cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)