Lookalikes: Kitteh from yesterday and Thom Yorke

Well lookie here!


Q.E.D. Jen S!



  1. That’s a GREAT one!

  2. Transpogue says:


    That made my day. 🙂

  3. Weird.

  4. Even down to the nostrils…that is just strange!

  5. lol! Love it!

  6. So young and already so disillusioned by life!

  7. Not cool!!

  8. Labramama says:

    <sigh< I had to google Thom Yorke.

  9. This is really cute, Jen S.! It’s too funny my friends and I were talking about cats AND Radiohead just yesterday…

  10. Finn, if you’re watching this, I had nothing to do with it.
    At least, not beforehand. 😉

  11. No surprises there.

  12. Aww, poor Thom Yorke. Supposedly he had botched eye surgery as a kid that left him with a permanently droopy lid.

  13. Haha, cute!
    Although I have said for years and maintain that Thom Yorke looks like a baby bird. That floofy hair, bony facial structure, beadybirdy eyes, unmistakable ennui, and let’s not forget the beak.
    Google baby birds! The resemblance is uncanny.

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    Even pointy ears! (Of course, I had no idea who Thom Yorke is….)

  15. My friend always said Thom Yorke looks like a fetal kitten.


  16. Jess&Friends says:

    Can I take both of them swimming? We’d all wear matching swimsuits.

  17. Hmmm some people just can not appreciate a good joke.


    [“Some people” are about to poke a tiger one time too many. – Ed.]

    […not you, KA; they know who they are. – Ed.]

  18. If only the cat could sneer…

  19. Considering the level of something to be deemed “really similar”, it does not surprise me what the level of a “good joke” is.

  20. Sorry, it didn’t take the URL:

  21. Okay I think Kitty pulls the Sneer off Way better than Mr Thom York Though I am sure Kitty can not hold a candle to Thom’s voice!

  22. So glad Tom is here to keep us on the critically perspicacious up-and-up… without him we would be lost in a morass of ‘uncritical gushing’, up a creek without our inellectual compass. Thank you, Oh Wise Tom!

  23. ok. i had to go listen to some of my old radiohead music after i saw this. so good!

  24. @Labramama–I had to Google him, too. Thanks for admitting to it first!

  25. Oh, come on, Teho, now Tom’s guiding light has been taken from us, no one will get my scintillatingly incisive snark!! Spoilsport!

    [Right, like that’s the only kind of “sport” we have to “spoil”. THPPPPPP 😛 – Ed.]

  26. Briggiboh says:

    That gave me a giggle, more apt than kittycrowe.

  27. BeckyMonster says:

    Are people seriously not happy that Thom Yorke’s face got compared with an F-ing KITTEN (wonky eye and disillusionment included, no extra charge). Or are people mad because there are apparently people in the world who DON’T know who the lead singer of Radiohead is?

    [No. Let’s move on. – Ed.]

    I am confused, somebody halp meh!!!!!!

  28. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Ed:
    That’s perplexing; I don’t see any stubble on the Kat. (snicker).
    (sorry; this has been my earliest opp. for a punchline today so I’m diving in; no offense, ok?)

    […but do you see any whiskers? – Ed.]

  29. i had to google “perspicacious” SoCalSis!

    may all nuffs promptly face the Karma Police…

  30. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I sit, corrected !! And I don’t even mind that it squashed my lame attempt at a punchline. okeydokey !!!

  31. Absolutely UNCANNY, the resemblance!

  32. @LeslieNTA — sorry; I suppose I have been swatting flies, at that.
    I’ll be cheerier later.

  33. skippymom says:

    I didn’t know who Thom Yorke was; I gather he’s in a band called Radiohead.
    But anyway, I am looking at his picture and imagining him saying, “Friends, has your mom been tasting rancid lately?” Heheh.

    [Try to bear with the crappy video quality, at least until the bridge, at about 2:10… – Ed.]

  34. OMG Skippymom LOLOL You win the interwebs today for this moment

  35. I can’t stop laughing!

  36. OMG that Video just makes him more like the kitten… at least to me.

  37. Oh so true! Weird-Os both!

  38. Spayediohead.

  39. That’s OK, little kitty. You only have that wonky eye because you’re sweepy. Radiohead dude is kinda “creep”y looking. You’re precious.

  40. AuntieMame says:

    Dang. I go to lunch and I miss all the fun stuff. (Seriously? Someone objected to this post???)

    And don’t worry, folks. I had to google him, too. I have heard of Radiohead, and I would probably recognize their songs if I heard them, but I’m not knowledgeable down to the level of knowing the names of the band members. 🙂

  41. They do look similar but I’d only snorgle one and not the other. No prizes for guessing who’d be the beneficiary of my snorgling 😀

  42. Hee! I didn’t know who this chap was before this post (I’m more of a prog-rock kind of girl), but I definitely call Matchingks!

  43. kel burgess says:

    that looks like a mug shot…is it a mug shot?

  44. Ahahaha!!!

  45. Yes, the eyes for sure! But I’ll take the kitty over Thom any day.

  46. I love radiohead… I love a cute kitteh… I am conflicted. *sigh*

  47. AWW 😀 What a cute little kitty 😀

  48. It’s so funny. I have a collection of celebrity look-alikes myself, but they are mostly of the human variety…

  49. Karma Police… arrest this kitteh, it noms too much…

  50. Rock stars are ugly proof! says:

    The kitty is cute. Ugh to guy.

  51. Quite excellent. I like this stuff and suspect it is difficult to perfect.

  52. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here….

  53. This website smells of ignorance and wankery

  54. The main difference is that kitty = cute, while Thom = SEXEH!

  55. SusaninMI says:

    NO! That kitteh is actually former VP Cheney . . .

  56. That is wicked! And I’m a Radiohead fan too XD I love it.

  57. THOM YORKE IS SO CUTE!! Radiohead and kittens…. I sense an awesomeness overload…