13-day-old Panda ‘tocks

While watching the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam, alert reader “La Jolla Seal” snapped these tiny Panda ‘tocks in the up position.


Excellent work, my cuteporter. exxxxcellent.




  1. Oh my God, baby panda ‘tocks!!! How freaking adorable is that!!! *swoon*

  2. GUESS WHAT???

  3. AWW, Mommy Panda loves his tocks too! I have to admit- it took me quite a while to figure out what I was staring at… this is like looking at an ultrasound! 🙂

  4. Panda butt? Mom’s getting a big whiff o’ tocks in that 2nd pic.

    [EXACTLY! 😀 – Ed.]

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Sure to cause pandamonium.

  6. I went looking for the ‘Tocks Up song but got a 404 error. HALP! All I could find is….

    When everything sucks and your pockets have no bucks it’s. ‘Tocks Up! ‘Tocks Up!

    [Here you go. That was a trickier search than it ought to’ve been. – Ed.]

  7. Guess there’s no point in springing for the color cam for these guys, eh?

  8. I didn’t think that they started to get their “colors” so early.

  9. I sooooo glad she’s a good mommy and hasn’t squished the baby. How sweet!

  10. Awww… I was to pinch his little cheeks! 😉

  11. I just went to the panda cam- nothing interesting right now.

  12. Since pandas are endangered, is it illegal to nom on baby panda teeny beeny tiny paws?

    Just wondering.

  13. @Kelsey – that was my first impression as well. When I first saw that first picture, I was like “am I looking at a picture of baby shark inside the womb”? Y’know, the dark negative space outlined by the head, neck, and arm looks like mouth of a shark, with the tiny claws looking like the shark teeth, and the darker ear the eye of shark…

    I guess this is the first time anyone mistaken a panda for a shark!

  14. Oh man.. I’m sooo jealous.. Almost any time I look at that website all I get is an empty box.

  15. I call cutest modesty tail evah! 😉

  16. @ Wuyizidi,
    OMG, no way did you also think that was a shark bebeh!? 😮 Albeit, a slightly deformed looking shark bebeh…
    Crazy- I thought I was the only loony one who could have pieced THAT together with her mind. And with the second one- I had NO idea that was a face and a butt- it took me forever to see what it was. I thought I was looking at a shark ultrasound again for a while, but had lost the image. It was only when I realized that the light “center mass” had feet that I realized the first picture contained a panda at all!

  17. Wanna see anerable COLOR bebbeh pandas? Treehugger.com did a story on them. Even mentioned CO in the email announcing the story, but of course I forgot to send.

    Anyway, here be panda-ettes: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/pandas-could-become-extinct-in-2-3-generations-china.php?dcitc=daily_nl

  18. Mama pandas are very proud of their babies’ tocks. I’m having trouble finding the classic CO posting entitled “Lickin’ a Hiney.” I know, it sounds :8O: , but it’s really stinkin’ cute.

  19. Aww, wha happen to my “shock” smiley?
    Try again: :8O:

  20. 😯 dammit!

  21. PPS, I just bought this stinkin’ cute panda book for my niece and nephew:
    “Panda Kindergarten”

  22. OMG Mamma is nursing and cudling and kissing her baby OMG OmG sooo damn Cute I can’t stand it.. I will get no work done today for SURE!

  23. Okay I am totally hooked on this web cam the Mama is soo sweet with her little baby. Awwwwwwww.

  24. Best. Tocks. EVAH.

  25. YEAH! That was my post! For some reason the late nights (PST) seem to be the best times to see these kind of moments…but when I saw the tocks up I was OVERWHELMED with the thought “I gotta send that to cuteoverload” There were a lot of spooning moments that night. Glad I got to share with you all…

  26. I can’t see anything! Wahhhhh.

  27. Oh hell yes.

  28. That webcam! Fatal! He’s all little and wiggly and omigod he just *yawned* the tiniest little weary panda yawn. But where’s mum? Mum’s not there! (Anxiously returns to webcam just in case mum panda has returned…)

  29. Lol, just went to the webcam page- Mommy has been giving him a bath for forever!

  30. Panda-cams are the best!

  31. Claudia C. says:

    @Trixie: DITTO!!

  32. banderbaaz says:

    I have watched these SD Zoo panda cams several times. Keep them running on my screen. Have it up right now. Last time, I got the see the mom take the cub out of the enclosure for the first time. awesome.

  33. tocks are delicious!

  34. Thank you Theo/Meg/NTMTOM!!! 😀