Today on “This Old Box”

Well, the recession may have hit some of us kinda hard, but you can still be a handyman no matter where you are.  So, on today’s show, I’ll be mixing a half bag of flour and a broken bottle of Kayo syrup into a durable all-weather sealant.  Later, I’ll show you how to turn an old license plate into a distinctive end table.




  1. my future home if the economy continues…wonder is raccoony would mind a roommate?

  2. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:


    “Hey, don’t just stand there with that stupid camera. Give me a hand.”

  3. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    @ffleur–Oh, I can so relate. 😉 It’s that or my “assisted-living” housing.

  4. He looks like someone opened the door on him while he was on the potty. LOL He’s very cute.

  5. He’s adorable.

  6. I love how he’s holding the door open for us. “Yes, yes, come in, come in. There’s room ffor all. It’s bigger on the inside than it seems on the outside.”

  7. Oh! I know he’s wild, but no animal should be homeless. Can’t we find him a nice tree or cave to live in?

  8. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Evidently his previous occupation was as a Butler.

  9. Oh, I hope it’s like Snoopy’s home, where once you enter it’s got this huge space with groovy 60s furniture and surround-sound stereo equipment.

  10. LOL I lopve that. Picture To me it looks like he is inviting us all in to dinner.

  11. Jess&Friends says:

    Suzanne, maybe you’ll hear some kid yelling, “Mommmm! There’s a raccoon in the tree house!!!”

  12. heather: i think he was on the potty. check out the wet spots on the floor of the box!

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    He looks like that designer from “Trading Spaces”.. what’s his name.. augh.

  14. BeckyMonster says:

    Even better than Snoopy’s home, I hope it’s like the Tardis!!! (Dr. Who anyone?)

  15. I’m thinking copper rain gutters, a pergola and perhaps a water feature for a real boost in curb appeal!

    What a cutie patootie! *love*

  16. This makes me irrationally sad. I KNOW raccoons are wild animals, and, therefore, probably live in trees or something, and this one just happened to be poking around a box, but I’m still sad.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! It’s Norm Abram to a tee!

  18. skippymom says:

    He heard that we’re all planning to move in with NOMTOM, and he’s saying, “But perhaps his house does not have enough room for all of you. Perhaps some of you would like to live with me, instead? Please come in, allow me to give you a tour of my lovely abode. Truly, it is much roomier than it looks from the outside. Please to have some lemonade and petits fours with me while we discuss the possibilities. Rent? Ah, we have plenty of time to negotiate that after you have settled in.”

  19. Noelle (the First) says:

    I’m not sure why but I just love this little guy. So adorable!

    Not sure why but my mind went to Labyrinth and the little worm ” ‘ello. …Come inside and have a nice cup of tea.”

  20. diddleymaz says:

    Oh he looks pathetic! Please did he really run away to his proper cosy home with lots of nice treats?

  21. catloveschanel says:

    You guys are killin’ me today~! ” This old box ” HAHAHA
    …hitch up pants “Notice how duct tape solves many problems….”

  22. 260Oakley says:

    Rocky wasn’t to know if you’ve seen Gideon’s bible.

  23. Oh, HAHAHA from this neck of the woods as well. I’m going to mix me up a batch of that sealant right now!

  24. Such a sad expresh on his face, though…

  25. @260Oakley – excellent Beatles reference.

  26. This is the scraggliest raccoon I’ve ever seen. The ones who wander into my back yard are fat and sassy. But then, the salmon patties I feed them might have something to do with that. Yes, I agree with those of you who say raccoons are wild animals, but you’d be surprised by how quickly they adapt to a girl who has a few salmon patties in her hand. They come right up to me and take the food out of my hand., then they sit at my feet as they eat.

  27. skippymom says:

    Wordgirl, I always have salmon patties, but no raccoons in my yard. Just opossums and squirrels. I envy you! Are you working up to training them to do your bidding?

  28. catloveschanel says:

    Word – Girl,
    What time’s dinner?

  29. Who DARES disturb the great and powerful Oz?!

  30. firefinch says:

    @BeckyMonster: This is David Tennant’s replacement?!?

  31. Where does this poor little cutie live. The raccoons in my neighborhood are huge and fat. One night I was looking at the window and there was one just strolling down the sidewalk liked he owned the place.

  32. Where’s the plaid shirt? All home renovation guys have to wear plaid shirts.

  33. Rainbowbaby says:

    “‘Ello lof, come on in for a spot o’ tea?” [English accent. Duh]

  34. Firefinch…this would be the only acceptable David Tennant replacement on the scale of cuteness. At least IMO.

  35. Reminds me of Ray and Bea, the pair of raccoons who lived under my porch.

    @Noelle – I had forgotten about that worm! He was awesome!

    “Do you know the way through the Labyrinth?”
    “Nope. I’m just a worm.”

  36. BeckyMonster says:

    I’m talking Old School Dr. Who peeps, Tom Baker is who I always think of, no offense to the new guy!

  37. And later on this old Box, Norm will show you how to make a bookcase out of Popsicle sticks, duct tape, and good intentions!

    My dad.. he loves the New Yankee Workshop…. many hours have been watched (or slept through 😉

  38. Kristabelle says:

    Poor wittle waccoon. Wuv!!

  39. A Ph.D. in Art History, and here I am in a box.

  40. This looks like an outtake from some sweded version of “District 9.”

    “We’re evicting those ‘coons. The last riot over cat food was the last straw.”

  41. Oh crap.

    This is my PC chip but please note that by coons I mean STRICTLY RACOONS.

  42. This should fall on the “cute or sad” category.

    This pic makes me so sad. He looks so wet and sad 😦 I hope whoever took that picture gave him some scraps to eat. Poor little guy.

  43. wannadance says:

    isn’t it ‘karo’ syrup, nomtom??

    not that it matters…rushes to look up ‘kayo’ syrup, whole new desert topping. or floor wax…

    [Karo is for lightweights. Kayo is a knockout! – Ed.]

  44. Yooouuuu… You got what I neeeeeeed!

  45. Did Norm forget to shave again?

  46. skippymom says:

    Kayo is Karo mixed with mayonnaise, i.e., Miracle Whip. (Sorry to any MW fans out there, I just have always thought that stuff is sweet and disgusting.)

    [This is both eminently plausible and utterly revolting. 😛 – Ed.]

  47. Those beseeching eyes. Showing hospitality is very important in racoon culture, and he just wants to be a good host.

  48. I’m a bit worried for him.. but trying very hard to convince myself he’s o.k and likes rummaging around.. his eyes are all watery and sad! i can’t stand it. I really hope the spotter threw some food or money at him or something. There aren’t any racoons round where i live (London) but i promise to liberally feed all verminy creatures that cross my path whether they want to be fed or not.

  49. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Leslie NTA:
    “No sir, I’m just the humble butler.”
    “And what exactly is it you do here?”
    “I buttle, sir.”

  50. catloveschanel says:

    it’s Rodney Dangerfield come back to life
    “I Don’t Get No Respect!”

  51. sneaky little bandit

  52. I think Kayo = ‘Karo’ + ‘KY’ which is the opposite of sealant . . . flashback to undergrad!

  53. Looks like someone besides my kitty babies needs BOXHAB! Is there a BOXHAB specialist in the house??

  54. Theadosia says:

    If he needs a job to get off the streets, then I have some window-frames that need re-painting. Paint and step-ladder supplied.

    We don’t have raccoons over here, what are they like at lawn maintenance and weeding?

  55. OMG the ’80s really are back.

  56. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ ADonkeypants:
    eXACTly !!

  57. The other night I was driving home and all of a sudden there was a family of Raccoons attempting to cross the street, right in front of my car… they all stepped off the curb.. right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, they all looked up at me like WTF? And..the funny thing was.. they were IN THE CROSSWALK!!.

    All made it safely back to the sidewalk.

  58. Do NOT come in here…WHEW!!!

  59. @Heather: LMAO! Where’d we put the air freshener??

  60. I wrote about a racoon living in a cardboard box with a mad scientist!! Awesome!!!!

  61. “HEY! What’s all that noise?! Keep it down or move on, can’t you see I’m trying to get some rest here?!”

  62. Kristabelle says:

    @skippymom – O.M.G. That sounds really REALLY disgusting. 😯

  63. That looks like the THIRTIES are back! Destination Hooverville, population: one.

  64. Box-hab to the Max!!!!

  65. I think we all need to know if this raccoon is OK. I keep looking at the picture, his face…he just looks…DESPERATE.

    [Heather, this is a raccoon, not a person. Seriously. – Ed.]

  66. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “Hey you little b@$t@&0$ — get off my lawn!”

  67. When you’re the daughter of a veterinarian you’re taught to help all living things – even raccoons. Seriously. Maybe he’d like a salmon cake…

    [I’m just saying, you can’t look at its face and the photo’s background and then draw conclusions as if it were human. I have no problem at all with helping all living things, as long as they truly need it. – Ed.]

  68. I know that racoons are very adaptable animals, but this just doesn’t seem to be a racoon friendly environment. I agree he’s pretty skinny. Needs more salmon patties.

  69. It’s been a habit my dad fostered in me from when I was a wee thing…help everything that’s innocent, that cannot speak for themselves. The list of things I’ve helped would prolly freak most people out. This includes snapping turtles (not the least bit cute), snakes, bats,a huge buck caught in a fence…The buck easily outweighed me, but was happy to be free. He showed me his tocks and his snow white tail as he bounded away…Rescuing geese is a forgettable experience as they are ungrateful wretches. They bite (hard) and hiss. Dogs are the best to rescue, IMHO – they get it. Cats are second best, provided they aren’t feral and ready to scalp you or scratch your eyes out. Mostly, these animals are thankful.
    This raccoon just yanks at my heart strings and makes me want to hand him a salmon patty.

  70. @Dia and @Claire: I understand your worries. Me too I’m hoping the racoon is doing well. How can you find food in a place like this? That makes me very sad.

    @Heather: thank you so much for having done what you did, and an even bigger thank you to your father for being different than the rest, and teaching you good things. (ho, he’s a veterinarian, well I still think what I said. Just because you have the knowledge, doesn’t mean you have the heart :-s. )
    Most of the time, people see Nature as a threat 😦 “don’t touch that, it’s dirty!”.

    Are Raccoons being seen as a bad thing in the US? I don’t see why people wouldn’t wanna help a racoon… I just don’t see why.

  71. Noelle (the First) says:

    @Golden: I had a similar experience, except with turkeys, and they just kept walking! There was another lady coming the opposite way who had to stop for them as well and she and I just smiled at each other. What can you do?

    @indy1110: I know some people have problems with raccoons getting into the trash cans, so I don’t think they are very well liked here, in the US. Mostly labeled as vermin I think. Except by those of us who think they’re cute!

  72. Noelle (the First) says:


    “Did you say hello?”
    “No, I said ‘ello, but that’s close enough.”

  73. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    @indy1110: Are Raccoons being seen as a bad thing in the US? I don’t see why people wouldn’t wanna help a raccoon… I just don’t see why.

    My previous comment (one that was moderated out of existence) explained why raccoons are considered pests.

    [I only pulled it because you went too far with it. Remember where you are. – Ed.]

    Suffice it to say: They’re like bears only smaller. And bears can be dangerous when they start to consider humans and human houses/yards/etc as their own vending machines.

  74. We used to share our yard with a raccoon who would sit on a branch of his favorite oak tree, eat tasty snacks and stare into our house – like we were his TV.
    It was hilarious.

    I’m one American who happens to love raccoons!

  75. @Noelle (the first): Thank you for enlightening me. ^^ It’s sad they are considered vermin :-(.
    @dg1532: awwww, thank you! that’s very cute, and funny ;-p. And thank you for being nice to them ^^.
    @Plaid-shirt Pyrate: I understand what you mean :-), potential danger, okay. Still, while keeping that in mind (that they can be defensive, cause scared) I’d do what I can to help a raccoon. And to avoid the trash-messing, I would find a way (or at least try a lot) to secure the trash before it gets picked up. 🙂

    Apart from that: who’s Ed. ??? ;-p

  76. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Indy1110
    Well, one thing’s for sure, “Ed” ISN’T Mike OR TheOtherMike !!!!

    […or, y’know, Meg either – Ed.]

  77. Well, hello Theo then ;-p .

  78. Well, hello Indy now. 😛

  79. wannadance says:

    well, okay, here comes a moralistic reminder: it is sad to see animals hiding in boxes, mistreated, not enough food.

    what gets me is that, even in the very small town where i dwell, there are people living in boxes and under bricgges and in cars. our homeless shelter takes in over one thousand overnight people every evening. they get a good meal, clean clothes and a bed with bright clean sheets and a quilt made by a church lady, which caused me a meltdown first i ever saw them. i used to volunteer in the clinic there before i lost the ability to walk (polio: the gift that keeps on giving). it was far and away the best thing i ever did in my life.

    o adore the stories here of kids being taught to always help any living creature who cannot help itself (‘nother meltdown). love is and should be everywhere.

  80. Hahaha! :-p
    “Bio Moderator [ – Ed.] at”
    thanks twitter account ^^

    [All ya gotta do is look. 😉 – Ed.]

  81. Now you got me thinking. I remember a long ago trip in Oregon after the tourist season. The racoons came out at night in the campground looking for food. My friend tried to make them go away with a broom. They hissed and were pretty nasty. The trash cans were pretty empty after tourist season. Give him a salmon cake!

  82. well did you walk away as if he i saying this is my box!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol lol lol

  83. I sympathize with all the posters concerned with the well-being of the little racoon. I too have the urge to help out all creatures and critters great and small, sometimes to the point of irrationality.

    But look closely at the picture. The box is surrounded by partially opened trash bags. (See Coke can, bottom left.) This raccoon is rooting through some alley trash, has probably already extracted anything good from the bags, and is checking to make sure there isn’t any food in the box. His pose suggests an “uh-oh” moment where he’s trying to decide if it’s better to run from the person with the camera, or attack. And honestly, it’s hard to tell from the picture if he’s skinny or not. We’re not seeing the bulk of his body because of the somewhat unnatural position he’s in. I suspect he’s got a fat racoon rump back there hidden in the shadows.

    So my point is, there’s really nothing to suggest that this racoon is in dire straits. It’s just a funny moment/pose captured by a camera that is fun to caption. Caught red-handed! Good thing he has his robber mask on, so you can’t recognize him.

  84. cute in a “your freaking me out, back away from my home, seriously, your scaring me”

  85. HAHAHA, the hovertext on this is OUTSTANDING!

  86. karolina 08.18.09 at 1:22 pm
    This should fall on the “cute or sad” category.

    Agreed. Poor baby.