I’m not only the Hair Club President…




I’m also a client.


Just let it gooooo, Momo H.



  1. Gut … wrenching … laugh ….

  2. no, make that

    Gut …. wrenching, barking ….. guffaw!

  3. Oh great. Now bald guys are going to start wearing guinea pigs on their heads.

  4. Tribble. Definitely.

    Those bangs look like they might have been trimmed but poor pig still can’t see!

  5. Top pic reminds me of John Denver. Second pic: “You fill up my sinus, like the late summer ragweed…”

  6. Bring on the nightmares!

  7. Judging from the size, I guess it must be a small dog/cat wig? Don’t tell me they make them for guinea pigs now! With those glamorous locks, that piggy needs a Barbie Dream House, stat!

  8. Ok, SRSLY, what is going on there?! Someone blowdry the pig’s hair?! PIG SIZED TOUPEE?! Celebrity styling? *sigh*

  9. Rainbowbaby says:

    Haha I thought the first pic was the back of him! Wouw….
    Goll-ee It’s like a mullet! Can’t you just hear him?
    “I got mah mullet back”

  10. shabadeux says:

    Ahhhhh I love that guinea pig!! Mojo is so funny! Poor guy just can’t get a good haircut…

  11. Loves the piggie leeps!

  12. The guys in Cinderella are suing for using their trademark palm tree hairstyle.

  13. MissKitty says:

    Sooo cute! That little mouth! *faints*

  14. Kristabelle says:

    Theo – how on EARTH does that remind you of JOHN DENVER??? 😯

    [It’s the hair. Do a Google image search, you’ll see what I mean. – Ed.]

  15. Von Zeppelin says:

    Kristabelle, I can see what Theo’s talking about. Really, it’s the haircut. Put a pair of little round glasses on this guy, and. . . “Rocky Mountain HIIIIIIIIIIIIGH Colorado.”

    [Er, yeah, exactly – Ed.]

  16. earlybird1 says:

    Pink piggie lips!

  17. GUFFAW all the way! This site makes me guffaw ALL THE TIME. Hairy Peeeeegie!!

  18. It’s Sir Robin, the Not-quite-so-brave-as-Sir-Lancelot, in the flesh!

  19. And…also reminds me of those two dudes who used to sell Freedom Rock..

    “Hey man, is that Freedom Rock? Well turn it up, man!!!”

  20. Personally I was thinkin’ MacGyver!Pig but sure, John Denver if you want! 😉
    (or the long haired blond guy from Wayne’s World if that’s what works for you!)
    I think we needs a Leeps! tag, who’s with me? 😀

  21. tehe!

  22. I totally thought it was wearing a wig at first…. now I ASSUME that his Mommy gave him a terrible (horrid, honestly…;)) hair cut. YIKES! Cutie little leeps!

    You work that mullet, Mr. Peeg!

  23. Wait….is that a wig or is that his hair?

  24. awesome hovertext. everytime I think he can’t get any better, Teho tops himself.

  25. Is that a gunea pig or the son of cousin It ????

  26. Who has better leeps than a GP? Who?!

  27. I have to say, of all the variants of CO-speak, the terms “peeg” and “leeps” are two of my favs.

  28. There is our little Mojo!
    He is every bit as *confumzzled* as his hair looks though!
    Here is a video of him… and his uh… eh… bedhead!

  29. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “I’m also the author of The PigWig Papers.”

  30. It also reminds me a bit of Vince from The Mighty Boosh…

  31. omg, watch the video above! it’s a two-story peeg cage!

    i luuuuuv peeg-ee moufs!

    if i ever get more peeg-ees, i really want a long-hair…

  32. I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t get the haircut right on my pigs. His haircut is so tragic it’s adorable.

  33. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) On the link on “gooooo” — very nerdy cool.
    2) (Somebody’s gotta say this) — Donald Trump called. He needs his piece back, for a corporate appointment later today.

  34. victoreia says:

    @MudBug: definitely the son of Cousin It!

  35. Jess&Friends says:

    J, now every time I see a toupee I’m going to pet it and feed it cheerios.

  36. Thank you for posting your video, Momo! I just about died when the camera looked up and there are two little piggy noses, waiting for Nibble Rings! All of your piglets are beyond cute 🙂

  37. janet2buns says:

    The two storey pinny gig condo is the coolest thing ever!! The Hello Kitty emblems are the best!!

  38. ogeminijune says:

    I laughed at this so hard, I think I hurt something!

  39. janet2buns says:

    @Momo: Your pinny gigs are just adorable….and apparently quite tidy. Forgive the stoopidness of my question, but are guinea oinks litter trainable??

  40. This looks like the haircuts my mom gave me when I was too young to run away.

  41. @Janet2buns.
    Yes, they trained ME to clean after them!
    I do find having a specific hay area helps to keep the less to a minimum.
    Like this.. their CURRENT cage set up.

  42. Oh, man, you definitely need a LowerLipHance on this one. So pink and quivery!

  43. CoconutCheez says:

    TEEHEE~ it has a white chin (stained with carrot juice)! just like my piggie! 😀 ❤

  44. @J., don’t think they don’t. 😛

  45. Now THAT provided a hearty (and heart-healthy) belly laugh! Thanks!

  46. OMG….those lips!!!!
    Those ohhh sooooo cute lips are absolutly killing me!
    (picking myself up from a laughing jag is always a good thing!)

  47. He almost looks like he’s disapproving…

  48. Yes, Lerrinus, Theo- Meg, may we pleas have a “Leeps” category? That would be very nice. Our Weemerhiemeranianer friend could be in it too! Leeps!

    Momo I’d like to be reincarnated as one of your piggies, please. I’m not sure how I’d tell you I’m me, but I’d figure out a way. What a set up!

  49. @LeslieNTA I thought the exact same thing… either that or “The Donald” is goin to be jealous!

  50. Hair Club for Guin?

  51. Michael Claymore says:

    Holly crap, first pic i couldn’t even tell what it was!
    This is It Addams, right?

  52. Michael Claymore says:

    “You fill up my sinus, like the late summer ragweed…”

    Love it! I suspect those lyrics will be running around my head all day ( its 8 am here in Aus)

  53. janet2buns says:

    @Momo: It’s….it’s….a piggie paradise!!! What a dedicated GP indentured servant you are! I think you’re safe, you have proved yourself useful to The Oinkers and they will therefore keep you around. Praise be to The Oinkers!

  54. @MOMO -So that is his real hair! We use to have a long haired black and white GP who was the sweetest little guy with the biggest personality. We took the clippers to him quite often or he became a little dust mop! 🙂 Our little baby unexpectedly got sick and died and this photo and your videos bring back fond memories of Carrot(named by a 3 year old). 🙂

  55. 1. I seriously thought it was a wig. I apologize to Mojo and Mojo’s Mommy for my error.
    2. He DOES have a Barbie Dream House! You go, pig!

  56. This is Mojo! I suggested the name Mojo to Momo many years ago and feel very honored 🙂 Yay for Momo’s incredibly happy pigs!

  57. OMFG. Guffawed so hard at Pic #2 that my stomach hurts! XD

  58. CavyKatie says:

    Hi Mojo and Momo!! I’m so happy to see Mojo’s cuteness being recognized at Cute Central here!

  59. Didn’t know if it was the front or the backside there for a moment…

  60. darkshines says:


    [You are a silly, silly person. 😆 – Ed.]

  61. And who said the Beatles were dead…?

  62. Lars Gundersen says:

    Is it me, or is the pig wearing lip gloss?

  63. Indiscreet says:

    It’s Bruce Dickinson guinea!

  64. Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! [Party time!] Excellent! LOL

    [There, fixed that for ya – Ed.]

  65. Oh! The Leep!!

    I swear if one day I take a guinea pig home, I’ll call him Carl Wheezer!
    The lips, the hair do, looks like Carl ;-D!

  66. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    This one needs a teeny tiny, glittery mini-butterfly clip to hold its hair back, like in that post a few weeks ago! Tee-hee!

  67. darkshines says:

    As silly as this guinea pig? I THINK NOT! ^_^

  68. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ colleencairnes:

    Ringo & Paul “aren’t quite dead, yet” !!

    [Yeah for now but just let me just dig out MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER 😈 – Ed.]

    (Wheeeeee!!!!!!!! A Beatles ref, COMBINED with a M Python/ H. Grail ref, in tha SAME PUNCHLINE !!!!! YIPPPPPPPEEEEE !!!!)

    (yeh, I’m bored. How can you tell?)

  69. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Ed:

    (and isn’t that song ON the Abbey Road aka Let it Be album, thus bringing both this stream & the GP’s On Parade stream, full-circle ??? 😉

  70. Kristabelle says:

    Haven’t been keeping up with this thread, but Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is one of my favorite Beatles’ songs!
    Bang Bang MAXwell’s SILver HAMmer, came down upon her head…Bedoob bedooboo…

  71. Oh, I had a good laugh. Poor guinea pig, straining to see under the pile of hair. I would have ruthlessly trimmed the hair all the way back to let him see. Considering I have a very hairy dog, he needs trimming on a monthly basis, otherwise he’s a black mop.

  72. Why does something about this remind me of Donald Trump?!

  73. Michael Claymore says:

    You know, he does look like Bruce Dickinson, what with the fringe and the mouth!
    (Frontman of Iron Maiden)

  74. Someone, pleeeze give this poor peegeeh a crocheted hat!