Your story has become tiresome

No, I don’t have a CD in my mouth.

Your story is just really boring.


Beth T. says Molly has had it with your lonnnng explanations.



  1. chillinkzp says:

    that’s how i feel getting up on mondays…. hehe i *heart* molly!

  2. i want to kees her nosie.

  3. I would have to kiss those pinks chops, over and over and over again

  4. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    That’s either a dog’s head … or some kind of exotic fish, like a manta ray.

  5. ROFL!

  6. yay, anyway, such a floppy mouf

  7. victoreia says:

    Boredom: it’s not pretty.

  8. That comment is probably being said with a British accent. 😉

  9. Ew.

  10. Heatherama says:

    YEAH!!!! Beth!!! You got the adorable Molly poo on here. I’m so happy for you and your pupster. 🙂

  11. That was faaaar too much beer last night.

  12. this guy looks like my boss.

  13. What you need is a beep on the nose.

  14. This picture is scary… not cute.

  15. cosmiquemuffin says:

    That schnozz is epic. and beepable.

  16. Yay! I knew I’d get you with that one, Meg 🙂
    Anita – we are British, I wonder if Molly has a British accent too? Although she is around those American dogs all the time…

  17. How do you NOT play with those leeeps and ears floppages????

  18. Another element of proof that animals don’t have to communicate their thoughts and feelings via the the use of sound or speech….the look says it all..and more !!!

  19. Are we in the presence of greatness or what- look at that muzzlepowsche! What a cutie! That is a dogstar! Hello, Molly!

  20. I’d say that’s a Frisbee in there, not a CD!

  21. Nancy (orig) says:

    why the long face?

  22. katherineB says:

    I just love the jowly dogs and Molly is a prime example. Look at that face!!!! Couldn’t be cuter!

  23. Hee! We used to have a Weimaraner named Molly when I was a kid. She had a thing for chewing up plastic kiddie pools.

  24. He’s just waiting for football season to start.

  25. Now *that* is an avatar for boredom!

  26. Looks like Molly’s had it with EVERYTHING!

  27. Rainbowbaby says:

    “So…tie-tie….can’t do it….”*plop, lips flail out*”I dn curr” (he won’t sound right, cuz his mouf is like that so :p)

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    I suspect that Molly is a teenage dog. “Sure, Dad, tell us more about the Sixties. Woodstock. Vietnam. We’re REEEEEELY interested.” (eye roll)

    Note the above remark is from the perspective of my personal geezerhood and my recollection of my kids when they were teenagers. Please fill in your own age-appropriate memories for your personal teenagers to be bored with.

  29. *snicker* at “Geezerhood” It will hit us all one day, haha

    Molly looks like shes ready to snap, LOL

  30. Platydog?

  31. Ok I findz frizbee dat YOU losted. We go walkies NOW?!

  32. Awww! A Weimie-heimie! I bet this one misbehaves like the best of them too- don’t be fooled by her adorableness and seemingly demure attitude- they’re ALL like that. Then they switch over into Psycho Mode and eat your couch/pantry contents. THEN they ignore you during your futile efforts to repremand something that has NO conscience, and THEN they’re the best dog in the world all over again. 🙂

    This is probably her, “I don’t think you understand- NO, I’m not sorry for ruining your shoes OR for eating your birthday cake. You bore me- please leave so I can go back to sleep” face…
    I love Weims! They’re so bad, yet they’re good for your soul too. 😉

  33. Kelsey, you got it down to a tee! She is the perfect dog 75% of the time. The rest of the time… she’s counter-surfing, garbage-eating, cat-chasing, mud-bathing, shoe-chewing, etc. She ate an entire box of tomatoes yesterday.

  34. lol thats the same expression i have now, poor puppy maybe he is listening to the same old story that grandpa says everytime he comes home lol

  35. A box of tomatoes? Oh, now my stomach hurts.

    But her naughtiness reminds me of my Toby. He was my Lab/Dalmatian mix and he once at a FAMILY PACK of Twizzlers of the counter. 3lbs. Yep.

    Scarier yet, no repercussions, no sickness.

  36. @ Beth T:
    We were CRAZY enough to get two Weimeraners… Can you imagine??? 😀 Our older one (a purebred 15 year old!!) (Scout, aka Carpet Shark, Waddles) has eaten seven coats (winter, leather, and rain styles), two driver’s seats, one couch (she chewed the frame even; left the springs alone), “dug” through one solid kitchen door and that was all in the first 2 years. She also ate two separate birthday cakes, aproximately six pizzas, and an entire New Year’s Day feast (which she ate so quickly she had burns on her jowels. She’s quite possibly the world’s best dog aside from all the naughtiness. She’s my baby.
    Our Second dog- Dixie (Dixie Doodle, Dixie Dufus, Satan Poodle) has eaten so much I don’t know how she’s alive still. She’s like 90lbs. She ate a whole bunch of bananas and a tray of English muffins last night… I found the naner stumps by my shoes. She turned 10 on the 17th and she’s just as frisky and loving as she was when we brought her home. She misbehaves constantly, but she’s very VERY sweet and very funny to be around.

    I can honestly say though- I don’t think she’s EVER eaten a tomato! Let alone a whole box. How old is your BEAUTIFUL baby? And do you also just have a running tab with your Veterinarian? We’re on a first name basis with ours…

  37. My heart holds a certain soft spot for Weimies. I had one when I was a kid, and she was my best friend. She was amazingly patient with me, considering I used to pretend that she was a pony, and I would make her do ‘jumps’, and all (don’t worry, I didn’t try to ride her). Today, I see that they call it ‘agility training’. Back in the ’70’s, it was “Mel, stop torturing the poor dog!” Thanks for posting this lovely picture of Molly! She sure does bring back fond memories for me.

  38. D’aaaaaaw, the Weimaraner Dismissive Look of Doom. xD

    My Hazel doesn’t do this one as much, but she does roll her eyes at me sometimes. I swear she knows what I’m saying to her, & chooses to ignore the boring parts.

    Molly is just. Too. Cute. I wanna play “flying squirrel imitation game” with those pendulous flues.

  39. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Possible Tags: “Disa-POINTED” ?? Disapproval?
    (or not. Just a thought. )

  40. Kelsey – Sounds like your pair couldn’t be more fun! Molly hasn’t got into THAT much mischief (yet) – she is 6 months old 🙂 If you click my name, it takes you to her blog. It’s pretty new, but there’s a funny story involving a raw beef bone and cat litter haha. She has many nicknames, like your guys. Molly-moo, Maddie (often pronounced ma-DEE!), Moo-Moo, Floo-Floo, Foo-Foo, Foo-Fa-Roo-Moo, Foofie, Foofie Puppy, Puppy Pants, Poopie Puppy, etc.

  41. OH so THAT’S why some people have blue names! GAH! Two years, TWO YEARS I’ve been coming to this site and I FINALLY have 1/2 a clue! 😀 I will definitely have to add you to my morning ritual of cute critters and fox news.
    I thought she was young- she’s still got those fabulous blue eyes!

  42. ogeminijune says:

    Love this picture…Molly isn’t scary at all just BORED

  43. AuntieMame says:

    This photo needs to be accompanied by a sound clip of the long-suffering sigh that Molly has obviously just let go. You know the one…half sigh, half groan, half splutter.

  44. I could ski that schnozz! And those velvety ears! And those icy eyes!

    I want this dog. We will fight crime together.

  45. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Doggy is saying, “Ha.” She’ll get around to the “rumph” in 15 minutes or so.

    In other news, those are some impressive lipflaps. They must sound like a helicopter starting up when she shakes her head. Thp thp thp thp thp thp thp thp thp thp!

  46. @Beth T: “She was spayed on Monday and we are supposed to keep her quiet for 2 weeks – shes’s not doing very well with that.” Oh, who could have seen that coming? :mrgreen:

  47. Auntie Mame, that’s 1 too many halves…. 😀

  48. Theresa – *rolls eyes* she honestly didn’t miss a beat!

  49. AuntieMame says:

    Kelsey, listen closely the next time your puppeh HAARRRUMMMMPPHHS, then tell me it’s too many halves. 😀

  50. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a dog face look like a squid. Fascinating.

  51. Hahaha! Point well taken! 😀

  52. BTW, this dog is actually a CD player. The expression on her face is because she’s being forced to play Barry Manilow.

  53. Kelsey- I didn’t know Weimeraners were scamps. I’m glad we went with our quiet, sedate Killer, a Weimerheimaneriemeneier was our second choice! I wouldn’t have been bale to keep up with the antics! Best wishes to you, to her and to your family!

  54. Katrina,
    Weimieheimiedoodles are scamps for sure. I’m pretty sure she works for some overseas terrorist organization and is designed to slowly down our sanity as she worms herself deeper and deeper into our hearts. They all have that effect on their families. We’ll be too focused on cleaning up slimy food wrappers and pillow fluff to notice that they’re bombing us or something…

  55. Kelsey-you sound like a wonderful Mommie. Have you invested in the trash bag industry?

  56. @Katrina,
    No, but I probably should, lol… I’ll have to look into that! 🙂 And I’ll be having a human wrecking machine here too in a couple years when my son is a toddler… he already throws food/toys for the dogs and he’s only 7 months old!
    And thank you! My philosophy has always been: Life is not complete until you have loved something that makes you crazy.

  57. jennie de mello says:

    lip plate???

  58. What a goofy Weimie!

  59. @Kelsey: 15? Wow! We’re hoping our Abby makes it to 15. She’s 12 now and has already endured a 15 lb. splenic tumor, which was removed, and thankfully not cancerous. She is still up for hiking and swimming, but now she needs at least 2-3 rest days between hiking/activity days. She’s still adorable though, and thankfully limits her destructive tendencies to foodstuffs (dog cookies, potato chips, brownie mix…).

    I love that CO has had a major increase in Weim-related content recently!

  60. Beth T– I’m sure Molly does have a British accent, although maybe with an occasional American drawl or twang. You know how well kids can pick up things!

  61. Let’s just say I’m totally smitten with Miss Molly. I mean, who on earth wouldn’t be??? *swoon*

  62. Heatherama says:

    I’m lucky enough to have met Miss Molly, and she’s even more wiggly than my own Shiba Inu…and that’s difficult to do. 😛 And yes, she does indeed have a British accent in her bark.

  63. Eww. Jowly dog jowls aren’t cute. The ears help offset it, but not enough.

  64. Uh.. thanks? Don’t think I’ve ever looked on CO (or at any dog) and thought “eww” haha. She’s actually not “jowly”, it’s just the way she’s laying. She doesn’t drool like a newfie or anything. Though I really like newfies, even with the drool. 🙂

  65. SusaninMI says:

    This is my new screensaver. You know you’re relaxed when your flews are limp . . .

  66. SusaninMI says:

    When my bassett shakes her head, my husband says it sounds like a flock of birds taking off. I told him that’s why bassetts have such big behinds, to keep them from actually leaving the ground when they shake their heads .. .

  67. Doggy Disk Drive.

  68. LOLz I thnk this pic is VERY cute, would ctually love to see my weimaraner Pilar like this, she’s a crazy dinosaur LOL

  69. Beth that’s the face of a sleepy Molly, After you read a very sad story.. 🙂 maybe next time you read a book of war, and compare the face reactions.. lolzz..

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