Catford Brimley says:

“I didn’t go to high school. I think that after you learn to read and write and do your numbers and flush the toilet behind yourself, you don’t need no more schoolin’. You need to get out in the water and swim.”

“I resent the fact that people in places like Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco believe that they should be able to tell us how to live our lives, operate our businesses, and what to do with the land that we love and cherish.”

Picture 2

“I’ve taken on a little bit of self-discipline that I never had before. In general, I’m looking after myself more. I do the blood tests about five times a day and inject my insulin twice a day, delivered by Liberty, of course.”

Picture 3

Taffy the Wilford Brimleh impersonator by Christine M. Sent in by Winston Challenger Anna B.!



  1. I can’t look away!

  2. That cat has a look in his eye as if he has seen and done things he can never taken back.

  3. Taffy is super special! Oh that big puffy head is nomtastic. I agree with James.

    More! More!

  4. victoreia says:

    Feline disapproval, as shown by a master!

  5. Who can disagree with such a disciplined feline?

  6. BWAHAHAHA @ the last pic! What a grumpuss!

  7. Breakfast says:


  8. “…flush the toilet behind yourself…”
    Someone really knows how to turn a phrase

  9. Too sweet! Would love to pet him for some purring action

  10. Goodness!!! (speechless)

  11. i think meg might be spending a leeeetle too much time with NTMTOM. i was sure this was one of his posts.

    taffy wears a tie?? redonk.

  12. 260Oakley says:

    A Wilford Brimleh tag? Is there an army of big-headed, sour-pussed, oatmeal-eating, folk-widsom spouting creatures out there waiting to ambush us?

  13. I feel grumpy and out-of-sorts AND I feel the sudden need for a bowl of oatmeal. Go figure.

  14. Hmm…gives “here puddy puddy” a new interpretation…like “here pudding pudding…”

  15. Onion News: Kooshball Blast To Tummy Just Pisses Wilford Brimley Cat Off More.

  16. Excellent.

  17. It must be hard for poor Mr. Brimley, always being mistaken for the famous Internet cat.

  18. How is it possible for this kitty to look like Wilfrod Brimley, yet still be cute? (with apologies to Mr. Brimley)

  19. Luke Groskin says:

    If that cat is Wilford Brimley then this cat is Chester E. Arthur:

  20. AHAHAHAAH thank you breakfast, that’s the first thing I thought too!

  21. Wait, where are his dumplings?

  22. That’s an awfully whimsical ladybug tie for such a wise and dignified fellow.

  23. Odd factoid: Wilford Brimley is a surprisingly good singer. I attended an Armed Forces band concert years ago for which WB was the MC. At one point in the evening, he sang “Danny Boy.”

  24. Genius photo tags.

  25. That’s not the same cat in the first photo, is it? The first kitteh is a marmie. The cat in the second and third photos looks gray. I too am charmed by the notion of a phalanx of Wilford Brimleh kittehs.

  26. the ladybug tie is killing me! hahaha

  27. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    I wonder what the door looks like that his little face ran into! But the tie makes up for all that. Such good taste for a down-home kinda guy.

  28. Hahahha, thanks everyone for hilarious commentary!
    And Noelegy – that’s definitely the same cat 🙂

  29. newlee, I thought exactly the same!!

  30. Christine M says:

    The top photo was taken at night, taken with my hand covering the flash so it brought out the orange. The second two are in the cold light of day.

  31. Man, get that cat some oatmeal! It’s the right thing to do, and the tasty way to do it. Let’s face it.

  32. I highly enjoy the necktie!

  33. Lucas,
    Do cats like oatmeal? Why would you feed a kitty oatmeal? I’ve never owned a cat- just 2 dogs and 3 ferrets. None of whom had any qualms about eating oatmeal- I’ve just heard that cats are picky….

  34. Hee hee @Lucas–years of that commercial had their effect on me too. When I read your words, I had a Brimley flashback.

  35. I just want to hug that big giant head.

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    Last pic looks more like a furry Jabba the Hutt than Mr. Brimley.

  37. KentuckyKitty says:

    OMG ….. the hovertext….. it’s killer!!! I am laughing myself sick (especially at the last pic). You have outdone yourself this time, Meggsy!

  38. catloveschanel says:

    This is a Masterpiece, Meg!

    Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
    Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
    Though they’re disapprovin’,
    Keep them doggies movin’ Rawhide!
    Don’t try to understand ’em,
    Just rope and throw and grab ’em,
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
    Boy my heart’s calculatin’
    My true love will be waitin’, be waiting at the end of my ride.

  39. smouchy face

  40. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Come back, Winston-san! You are infinitely superior to regular Winston. Taffy is cool, though.

  41. I LOVE Pallas cats! They have the most PO’d face, a look which I adore.

  42. @Kelsy – my cats love oatmeal. Then again, they’re a bunch of weirdos.

    Mom used to make the cats oatmeal and chicken livers as a treat when we were kids.

  43. The last picture needs more “rack” to be visible. The cat is covering it up too much.

  44. Good Lord that first shot looks like Wilford Brimley!

  45. Andi from NC says:

    The disapproval in the first photo – it blinds me!!!! Definitely rates 5 buns on the meter….

  46. 😈 I see one BIG SNORGLEFEST coming right up 😈

  47. Oh he looks like a delicious piece of cake cause I want to eat eat eat him up.

  48. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Catford Brimley is da bomb. I LUFF those soft, soft paws in the last picture!