Oxymoron alert: The Disapproving Fawn

She’s fawning! She’s disapproving! Fawning! Disapproving! She frightens and confuses me!


Typical chick, Jaclyn S.!



  1. D’oh!

  2. Ooh she so soft and purty! I wants to snorgle her 🙂

  3. Baby deer!! Born with brows to rival Max Maven.

  4. I think she has a little halo.

  5. so cute

  6. Bucking the trend, eh?

  7. I think she’s just pensive. No, there’s no clever pun here.

  8. victoreia says:


  9. WOW! Whatever it is that you did, you best be getting that super big “I’m sorry” boquet from the florist!

  10. It looks to me like she’s telling me I’m going to get it later for interrupting her nap.

  11. Fawns have very beepable noses.

  12. I think she reminds me of my garden birds, hedgehogs and badgers. They seem to be saying ‘Bring me things! Nice things, that I want to eat! Now! Get a move on!’

  13. “Typical chick”? But she’s NOT A CHICK… now you need to show us a DISAPPROVING CHICK! And not the kind with the boobies (seeing as how I can find those elsewhere)!!

  14. Good call, Theresa…that is a beepable nose!!

    Hard to tell if it is disapproval, wry amusement or a pause to reflect on the place of the deer in the cosmos…..I was way too distracted by the those ears that are calling out to be nibbled.

  15. Ah, that classic “stop sticking a camera in my face, you dork” look.

  16. More, “Wait until my mom gets here” 😈 “Then you will be running for your life.” 😈

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    I like the wrinkle immediately behind the schnozz. As to the expression, I agree with Slythwolf. Not so much disapproval as sleepy annoyance.

  18. Been hanging around with bunnies too much! I knew that Thumper was a bad influence *nods sagely*

  19. Actually, that’s a “he”. You can tell by the spots. Girl spots are random except on either side of the spine. Boy spots tend to be in neat rows on the sides, too.

  20. 260Oakley says:

    Fugitive fawn is pissed off ’cause he knows he’s been spotted.

  21. Aw, but what pretty blue eyes!

  22. LOL I was just gonna say it is a he but not because of the spots but because of the horn buds. LOLOL

    Leave it to the peeps to have eagle eyes.
    At any rate this little fawn is shooting the photographer with some major disapproval… giving bunnies everywhere a disapproval run for their money!

  23. kibblenibble says:

    Thank you, ~~Silk, I did not know that! Almost every day I learn something new here. Plus, I get my laughs, and most of all, my Qte! 🙂

  24. Melissa H. says:

    I wonder if she lost her mother and was raised by a cat. I get that look several times a day from my cats. “Would you just go away, stupid human?”

  25. Glad someone else noticed she was a he.
    Once in high school, a friend of mine’s father was hunting (EEEEEEEKKK!!) and accidentally killed a mama doe. He felt so bad for the fawn that he brought it home. I went to visit the friend, and sat out on his patio in the back yard where the fawn was staying. I waited a long time, and eventually my patience was paid off by her curiosity. She edged up to me where I sat on the ground with my legs stretched out in front of me (barefooted.) and sniffed my toes. Before I knew it, she had started licking my toes. And she licked ALL of them! For a long time!! I was thrilled. And tickled. Really!

  26. Michael Claymore says:

    What a world! Even Bambii’s a cynic!

  27. Jim March says:

    I could tell it was a “he” from the tiny bud of a horn visible!

  28. It does not have time for this.

  29. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Carol — nice story; you evidently have a gentle, soothing manner. There are few folks around who are patient & quiet enough to allow an animal to decided he/she’s willing to check out us silly bipeds. Sometimes I’ve managed to convince a feral cat, to tame me (aka I sat still & quiet long enough without approaching the cat, for it to decide that it might be worth investigating me).
    The major hurdle, has always been THE OTHER BIPEDS who felt they MUST immediately approach & begin to touch the cat; who immediately scampered off in disgust & then (cat) mistrusted me for another day and a half.

  30. Leslie (NTA) says:

    oops — PS: 1) I made a typo above (decide) rather than (decided) Mea culpa.

    2) Don’t get my intent wrong: I *like* peeps.
    Bipeds are really skilled at things like trading Monty Python punchlines, pushing us on a swing, etc. It was just that — on these other occasions — numerous people all were very clueless in terms of “Will the cat run away if I approach” & such sensitivities.

  31. SixFootJen says:

    She’s fawning! She’s disapproving! She’s fawning!

    “She’s my daughter! She’s my sister! She’s my daughter! She’s my sister!”

  32. of course she’s disapproving, her leetle horns are coming in! That must hurt.

  33. victoreia says:

    “Stupid humans and their flashing thingys!”

  34. She’s all “if you don’t know what’s wrong, I’m not going to tell you!”

  35. You call THAT a disapproval?? You’ve got a lot to learn, kid!

  36. Holy David Gilmour eyebrow!

  37. ugh. im drowning in my own nosicle wetnesssss!

  38. is that how you even spell it?

  39. Very adorable fawn. Personally, his eyebrows (or early horns?) look to me like a vaguely surprised Vulcan. To me anyway.


  40. And in that case do?