Heart-Kun’s little bro gets in on the action

Ya’ll remember Heart Kun, the Japanese (natch) Chihuahua born with a heart-shaped marking on his coat. The one that brought great luck and lottery winnings to their owners? Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, Heart-kun has a new younger brother “Love-kun” also born with a heart-shaped marking. Behold!



In case you missed him the first time, here is Heart-Kun, in his debut photos;

All the credit goes to Alert Sender-Inners Mike B and Laura W., The Los Angeles Times and Snopes.com.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    These doggies would be Qte with or without their heart-shaped makings. Heart-kun scampering around in the video is just adorable! ❤

  2. One cute heart-y family!

  3. I HEART this puppy! (C’mon, somebody had to say it.)

  4. If you’re more a kitteh person and are in the Jacksonville, FL, area, you may be interested in adopting Ella. Check out this beautiful girl:


  5. Heart-Kun is so bouncy in the video! Soooo cute. And the new puppy is adorable too. What lucky owners.

  6. Pheas how cute… how did you find her???? she is a kitty with a heart on her side if you haven’t clicked thru to Pheas link

  7. Oh, kill me now little hua-hua’s!!!

  8. Houdi'sMom says:

    What a cutie! I like the kitty , too. If only I lived in that area I would go and check her out.

  9. Is it someone’s anniversary or something? Or are we getting a jump on Valentine’s day? First smooching alpacas, then hearts on dogs! (Not that I’m complaining about any of this, mind you – just curious about why it seems to be Romance Sunday.)

  10. ❤ ❤

  11. @kittyadventures, Ella is being fostered by a friend via the local rescue with which my wife and I volunteer. This puppeh brought her immediately to mind!

  12. They’re both super-adorable – but that’s no Chihuahua – that’s a Papillon!! 🙂

  13. It’s a long haired chihuahua. That vid of Heart-kun is frackin adorable!!! So cute how sproingy he is 😀
    And really is amazing that another pup from the same parents was born with a heart as well. Very cool.

  14. It’s a Siberian Hamster. (is not rat)

  15. when you get a doggie with a star then i want lol im not so romantic lol
    lovely pics thats so unique

  16. Woods Walker says:

    The heart shape as we know it originated with a now extinct plant the grew in North Africa according to the web site “Damn Interesting”. The plant had properties that the Romans found useful in sexual activity. It was used as a contraceptive and for male enhancement. It’s seed was the shape we now call a heart shape.-Woods Walker.

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Woods Walker: Whoa! I just commented on a different thread that I always learn something new here, well, that info you shared was interesting! (Hence the web site name, I suppose…)

  18. shellebelle says:

    @Teho: Fawlty Tower reference FTW!

    Fawlty: Do you remember the Black Plague, Manuel? It was quite popular here a few years ago…a bunch of hamsters jumped on a ship from Siberia…

  19. Woods-do you live anywhere near the Steppes of Central Connecticut?

  20. animal luvr says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Pig-e-on…oink, oink.

    No, not pig. PIGEON. Like your English!

  22. Here’s what Heart-kun’s thinking: What is this thing, and what’s it doing in MY spotlight??

  23. Awww! The heart is like a birthmark!

  24. *head explodes*

  25. There’s always somebody younger and cuter coming up behind you.

  26. @ Pheas: Ella looks so much like one of my new kitties, Lucy! Lucy even has a heart on her fur too. I must take a picture of her and show it to the world 😀

    BTW, I didn’t think Heart-kun actually had a heart shape as part of his natural markings – I thought it had been dyed into his fur because it’s just such a perfect shape!

  27. Firstly, d’awwwww! Secondly, said plant? It’s called “Silphium”

  28. muttluver says:

    The heart plant thing makes sense… I’ve always wondered about that.

  29. muttluver says:

    Oh, and Romance Sunday sounds like a new category to me. I think it’s perfect. ^_^

  30. Um, isn’t the heart shape just a stylized representation of a human heart?

  31. aww! this is too cute!

  32. so my sister has a chihuahua with a heart on his side also…….he looks just like love kun. im not really sure that its that unique….lol i think its a common marking for chihuahuas

  33. Okay I didn’t know this whole heart thing was such a big deal… I had a Pit Bull with a Brindle heart on his side.. I wish I would’ve known it was such a hit… he could’ve been a spokes dog for pit bulls or something.. he could’ve had a slogan like” He wears his heart on the outside as well as the inside”

  34. dear courtney: I’m so sorry about ur chihuahua’s condition. If I were u I would be mad 2! But u can email me pics of ur furry friend and I’ll put them on my website.

  35. animalluvr says:

    omg sooooooooo sweet!!!!!!

  36. Courtney, i’m like SOOOOOOOO sorry about ur cute little chihuahua thing. My kitty isjust a boring little kitty. Everyone else I showed this 2 said “Oh, it’s dyed” and stuffs. But it’s real. REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL, I TELL U!