Alpaca If I Want’a

Back on January 31st of 2007, we busted these two in flagrante delicious. Now researched, resized, and recidivindicated for 2009.

Will you please look at this sheared neck action, and accidental bebeh Alpaca smoooosh. Could be a good one to send to that certain someone on Valentine’s day. It’s like; “I theenk I want to smoosh you, but I’m only 90% sure/shear”


Nice McSmooshersons, Christina P…



  1. Jennie Mello says:

    must be a first kiss as it looks rather awkward…

  2. I love alpaca, everything about them is awkward…… have you ever seen a pic of an alpaca not looking awkward? I haven’t!

  3. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) Of course the Alpaca/ Alpaci (?plural form) are fuzzyfurry cute.
    No problem there.

    2) (Please read the following in an academic, pontificational tone of voice)HOWEVER:

    um….Theo …. “recidivindication”??? (& yes, I did search Amer. Heritage Online; no esta aqui; but perhaps it requires something deeper; the Oxford Engl. Dict?…..)
    Come on, now, you *KNOW* that there is a subpopulation (keep the punchlines to yerself, there 😉 of Librariologists who follow C/Overload. Pleez provide an amazing link, re. this vocabulary choice ???

    [I made it up, same way Marthava has done, below. Lewis Carroll “portmanteau” method. – Ed.]

  4. Alpacadorable.

  5. kibblenibble says:


  6. Estan mucho adorables y muey romantica.

    And it looks like two little kids having their first kiss.

  7. Need longer necks to bend into cute little heart shape..

  8. Accidental bebeh Alpaca smooooshes lead to accidental bebeh Alpacas.

  9. TUM snicker

  10. @T.U.M. that reminds me that “accidents cause people.” :mrgreen:

  11. Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Alpaca who?

  12. Excellent representation of the two alpaca types: huacaya (on the left) and suri (on the right). The huacaya cria was probably shorn shortly after birth because their fleece collects stuff like velcro. If you trim off the ends, then their yearling fleece will not be so full of vegetable matter (twigs, seeds).

    Not very cute, though. Alpaca cuteness just cannot be captured in photos well enough to represent their real life adorability. 😀

  13. haha, the involuntary smooch

  14. So adorable! Alpacas actually do kiss each other a lot. We see moms and cria (baby alpacas) kissing each other a lot as well as the little ones kissing each other.