Total 80s Flashback

Like, oh my god!
Like – totally
Encino is like so bitchen
There’s like the Galleria
And like all these like really great shoe stores
I love going into like clothing stores and stuff
I like buy the neatest mini-skirts and stuff
Its like so bitchen cuz like everybodys like
Super-super nice…
Its like so bitchen…


So like I go into this like salon place, yknow
And I wanted like to get my toenails done
And the lady like goes, oh my god, your toenails
Are like so grody
It was like really embarrassing
She’s like oh my god, like bag those toenails
I’m like sure…
She goes, uh, I don’t know if I can handle this, y’know…
I was like really embarrassed…


I’m like totally bowing in the direction of Frank Zappa right now. And Sender-Inner Abby B is a total space cadet.



  1. janet2buns says:

    It’s Moon Unit Puppeh!!

  2. (Did people really talk like that? So glad I missed most of the 80’s.)

    On the other hand, if the doggies looked like this back then, I might be coerced into some time traveling.

  3. doggy lauper?!

    pets suffer…

  4. Hmm… Frank Zappa, or Julie Brown?

  5. littledogrescue says:

    Love the atti-tzu-tude !

  6. Ohmigawd, like, her pink and neon green bow, like, totally, like, matches her glasses!

    Cute little puppeh, so teeeewtally over this whole, like, scene.

    (And y’know, some people, like, still, like, talk like that, like…)

  7. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Theo: Meg’s text comes from the Moon Unit Zappa’s improvised chatter in “Valley Girl.” Julie Brown did a spot-on SoCal airhead, too, in songs like ” ‘Cause I’m A Blond” (featured in “Earth Girls Are Easy”).

  8. Ohmahgohd. It’s Pup Benatar. But she’s, like, missing her bitchin legwarmers. Like totally for sure! Hey puppeh, I’d stop the world and melt with you…

    (Btw, speaking of the 80s, does anyone remember Nicholas Cage as a tormented teenager in Valley Girl?! A fine cinematic moment when he dramatically delivered the line “like, f*** you, totally, for sure!” Hard to believe he hasn’t won an Oscar…heh heh.)

  9. @dia, not only did they talk like that, they usually ended their sentences as if they were questions…hilarious and excruciating at the same time.

  10. O-M-G ! Like, gag me with a pitchfork !
    That collar is like not even “pucci” !
    It’s like, no wonder I had to put on these totally radical glasses!
    How am I to like show my face at the Galleria again ???
    (All said in between snapping her bubblicious)


  12. Wow, she’s totally in need of a neon pink, oversized, Canal Jean Co. sweatshirt.

  13. hahaha like, totally rad

  14. Leslie (NTA) says:

    “Like, Bitchen, or, like, Grody?”

    (80s translation of, like, “Cute or, like, Sad”. Like, TO-tally, duuuuuuuuuudez.
    For real.)

  15. Melissa H. says:

    I walked past Dots the other day and that stuff is like TOTALLY coming back! The checkerboard prints, the loosened ties, the suspenders. Totally radical!

  16. Don’t you mean, “like, totally bichon”?

    [Ha! And pass me the Aqua-Net, my hair’s all frise – Ed.]

  17. Eh Mah Gahd, her outfit is so very. I wonder if she tewtally blew her allowance at the Limited.

    Melissa H. here in NYC this stuff is totally, like totally back. It looks like some of these girls raided my closet when I was about 16 because the stuff is EXACTLY the same.

  18. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Nikki: People still end all their sentences like questions, and it drives me crazy. (I’m sorry, that should have been “… and it drives me crazy?”)

  19. NTMTOM – LOL.

  20. Fer shure, fer shure!

  21. I’m going to like, make her wash the dishes and clean the cat box.

  22. Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good) says:

    Like Oh My God! I so had those in red! I loved those sunglasses!

  23. BabyOpossum says:

    Like, when I was a tween? In, like, the Valley Girl days? For my birthday my dad gave me, like, two bracelets? And, like, one had a charm that said “Gag me with a spoon”? and, like, the other one said “Totally tubular”? And I was like all “omigod!”

    (true story)

  24. this pup deserves an 80s-inspired meal.

  25. Oh. My. God. Like he’s totally channeling Max Headroom.

    @Dia – yes, they really did talk that way. I did the best Valley Girl impression! Totally!

  26. I grew up in SoCal in the ’80s. Yes, people talked like that. I still have the accent. Sigh.

  27. chillinkzp says:

    Meg just took me back to my childhood! Love the sunglasses on the ole gal!

    @ Dia – yes, we really did talk that way, esp. in So.Cal!
    @ Zoe: I’ve since moved to the SF bay area and have incorporated “hella” into my SoCal accent. Double siiiiiigh … although, I’m reppin Cali ftw! hahha

  28. misscrisp says:

    Like, gag me with a spoon, I didn’t expect to find my youth here amongst Teh Qte™. Totally tubular! (when told I would be attending high school in The Valley, this Malibu-raised girl ran away from home for a week)

  29. Roxy!!! I saw those glasses and knew it must be you!! Awesome!! Go Abby with yo’ celeb dog!! 😀

  30. victoreia says:

    Like, ohhh mah gawd! I feel, like, so old!

  31. @Chanpon, I DRESSED out of Canal Jeans, Unique Clothing Warehouse, and The Antique Boutique. I had red plastic Mary Janes!

  32. The future’s so bright for this pooch he’s gotta wear shades!

  33. PS Plus Alice Underground and Trash & Vaudeville– OMG, I’m in a total timewarp! Where are my fingerless gloves?

  34. Paws up to you for the Zappa reference! For sure.

  35. You all have got the 80s thing down! Cool. Hey man, can I say “cool”? I am digging those shades though.

    Threadjack: (or “threadbomb”)
    Guiiness Book of Records attempt at the most pirates in one place! I was there!

    Not sure if we did it. I think we did! Arrr!

    kthxbai. Have fun!

  36. Oops. It’s “Guinness”.

  37. I think I hear some Jem playing in the background

  38. darkshines says:

    Anyone else seen Little Nicky? Remember the scene in Heaven, with the Valley Girl angels and the “puppyfone”? Oh yes.

  39. @tattingchic, but does she wear her sunglasses at night?

    Back in the day, I very nearly lost a bet that I couldn’t go a whole day without saying “cosmic.”

  40. Re: the people who say declarative sentences that rise in tone at the end- where were the teachers who always told my classmates “Are you asking me or telling me?” I HATE that question tone. Yes. hate. It makes people sound so unsure of themselves and asking for approval. ACK! PHTBBTTTHB! STOP DOING IT! There, thank you, I feel better.

  41. @Pyrit: When I first heard about “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” I just HAD to let my brother know. It was his birthday. SO I called him, and my sister in law answered. I told her, “Hey Jenny, I called to tell Ed it’s ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’!” There was a brief silence, and she said, “PLEASE don’t tell him that. I’m BEGGING you.” 😆

    [Link added. Muahahahahaaaaaa. 😈 – Ed.]

  42. catloveschanel says:

    What – Ever!

  43. @ everyone- I’ve learned so much! I always thought those movies and VH1 “I Love The 80’s” specials were an exaggeration.

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok now I definitely am in love with Nomtom for his easy familiarity with Earth Girls are Easy although, my favorite song is ” I like them Big and Stupid!” ! Totally! That was before Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey. knowwhatImean?

  45. These pics are so like …. tubular !

  46. @Theresa…sister, we all did back then…

  47. AuntieMame says:

    This photo is from my adolescence. For my childhood, the puppeh would have to be wearing bell bottoms and and a crocheted vest. 🙂

  48. Stephanie says:

    LIke, OMG! LIke I totally know Roxy’s momma, Abby B. and I like totally miss her so much like right now! LOL.

  49. HAH! As soon as I started reading the lyrics, I was like ‘WHOA! Valley Girl!’ It is so uncommon to see Zappa out in the ‘wild’. 🙂


  50. Theresa – Sorry for the late reply.
    Yikes! I’m intrigued thank you but shant dare clicky teh linky until I’m safe home on me own computaire and then you shall have to deal with my reaction. Meanwhiles, we’ll keep each other in suspenderzez. Your brother sounds fun.
    (Toodle-oo from the land where people with names like Mervin Tweedie keep a perfectly straight face when saying things like, “My wheelie bin’s boggin’!”