WHAT! It’s comforting!!!

Yeah, it’s my security bulldog SO WHAT


Stop making fun of him, Kezia S. and Kris W.!



  1. i lufff heem!

  2. I shall call him…


  3. I shall have him. And all of his wronkles and his security bulldog too. Squeeee!

  4. Nicolletta says:

    I shall hug him and pet him and call him George.


    You can almost hear the soft snorting snores… *melts*

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Sir Winston Churchill dozes off while studying the model for the bust of himself to be placed in Westminster Palace.”

  7. I wanna spend the whole day snorgling them both! 🙂

  8. Soooo matchingks!

  9. ROFL that’s a webkinz.

  10. I’m very glad that Sir Winston doesn’t smoke in bed.

  11. kibblenibble says:

    They both have a chub roll atop their nosies!

  12. Aw, big sweet galoot with his little matching galoot! Love ’em both!

  13. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) I call “Matchingks” !!??
    2) I love Amy’s summary !!
    3) I love CO

    (But we knew this, already ! )

  14. My kitten likes to snorgle my big teddy bear in exactly the same way, but she doesn’t look nearly as tough as Sir Winston here.

  15. Holy nose chub Batman!!! Must resist urge to snarf it!

  16. I call Rule of Cuteness 7!

  17. I adore bulldogs. Lova-bulls!

  18. Ooh, total matchingks.

  19. ikaszub haras says:

    omg it’s sooooooo cute!!!

  20. DaytimeDeb says:


  21. but which one is the wubby?

    (tennis look)

  22. catloveschanel says:

    fake bulldog sings Beatles to the real
    You can talk to me
    You can talk to me
    You can talk to me, if you’re lonely you can talk to me

  23. gravyboat says:

    Look at that dainty little paw!

  24. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ catloveschanel & Theresa:

    “Bull”‘s-eye !! Thanks “fur” tha memories !! & the music !!

  25. catloveschanel says:

    @Leslie – thanks for the puns! bwha bwha bwha

  26. Did I say I love bulldogs? I adore pushed-in faces, it’s an idiosyncrasy of mine.

  27. darkshines says:

    Von Zeppelin, I think I have an e-crush on you…

  28. That is so cute! I love how he’s snuggled under the covers and has two paws around his stuffed animal – awwww!

  29. SusaninMI says:

    It’s Marc Anthony! I almost expect to see a big high heel shoe come into the pic, and the big softhearted lug start to pretend it’s a powderpuff . . .

  30. That is ridiculously cute!

  31. I shall wear a matchingk bull dog costume and snorgle him also

  32. Blissfully unaware that his owner had recently purchased a camera, Spike McToughersons curled up for a nap with his one true friend, Mr Snuffles.

  33. The only dog that ever bit me (or even got a chance to bite me) in eight years of delivering newspapers was Old English Bulldog. Theresa-they are all yours. Those squished in little faces hide some mighty, point-ee teeth, and, in a least one specimen, the heart of a Cassowary.

  34. @Katrina LOLZ!!!!!! “heart of a Cassowary!”

  35. OMG! I luvs him and his little friend!

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    Katrina–New from Harlequin Romances: “The Heart of a Cassowary.” When her father sent impetuous, lovely Zenobia Megford-Knobbs to New Guinea on a long vacation after an unfortunate romance with the stable boy, she didn’t expect to find passion deep in rain forest. She soon found that broad-shouldered, pipe-smoking ornithologist Geoffrey Schmendrickson was much more than the quiet, dedicated scientist she took him to be. He was ruthless, aggressive, and stopped at nothing to get what he wanted–much like the large flightless birds he had been studying all these years.

  37. SO WHAT, indeed! *sigh* cuuuuuute

  38. Courtney S. says:

    @Von Zepp- you stopped way too soon! That is a classic in the making! “As Geoffrey Schmendrickson gazed upon Zenobia’s milky white…”

    Oh, right. Propriety and all. Mustn’t get ousted from the C.O boards for shameless, heart-wrenching, sensual….

    No, really. I’m done now. Promise.

    Cute bulldog, too, btw.

  39. Why it? Why not? Wyatt!

  40. VonZep, good thing you left out Proud Buttocks!!

  41. doomchild says:

    Bulldogs may have breathing problems, joint problems, skin diseases, eye diseases and trouble eating… but my god they’re so cute!! This controversy is killing me… while waiting, I’ll just go and virtually snuggle him a bit. brb!

  42. Yes, yes, go on-you crack me up VZ. We’ll write alternate chapters synopses- you started, I’ll write chapter 2- when young Wesley Boondoggle, the honest and sometimes too self effacing lemur-studying younger scientist, sees lovely Zenobia Megford-Knobbs and tries (in vain of course) to lure her affections away from the grim and proper broad-shouldered, pipe-smoking ornithologist Geoffrey Schmendrickson, knowing what kind of life would await her deep in the ‘cage’ of that rain forest.
    Theresa, -Proud Buttocks- as ALWAYS, you are a font of chuckles. You little font you! You write chapter 3 synopsis, please!

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, I’m not sure that the buttocks of cassowaries ARE proud. In fact, they conceal them with a lot of feathers. I’d say that they are at least modest about them, if not actually a bit ashamed.

  44. This pup has a good life sleeping in the bed with covers, a pillow and a special little friend. Cute, cute, cute!

  45. Well Von Z, shame is a mighty strong precursor to blood-lust. So, Theresa, where is out third chapter synopsis? Or would someone else like a go?

  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    Excerpt from Chapter 3:
    “You little fool!” snarled Geoffrey as he hauled Zenobia up into the platform set in the branches of the ironwood tree. “Don’t you have any better sense than that? These cassowaries can disembowel you with a single stroke of their razor-sharp claws! What were you thinking?”
    Zenobia dropped the billiards cue she had been thoughtlessly using to prod the cassowary. “I’m. . . I’m sorry! I didn’t know! I was just wondering what its buttocks looked like!” Tears filled her lovely violet eyes. “It’s just that. . . well, we have so few cassowaries back in Sussex.”
    The wooden platform in the tree was quite small–close quarters. Zenobia smelled the pipe tobacco on Geoffrey’s breath. A heady combination of Latakia, attar of roses, and recycled tires, it made her swoon slightly.
    Geoffrey scowled. “Great heavens, girl! You don’t seem to have the sense God gave a gosling. You have to be alert here in the rain forest. Danger lurks at every turn. For example, that New Guinean Death Adder that’s crawling up your leg. Did you know that it’s bite induces paralysis and respiratory collapse?” He casually brushed the reptile from her smooth, creamy thigh and dropped it to the jungle floor.
    “Oh!” Zenobia started at the touch of his strong, sunburned hand above her knee. Not for the first time, she noted the cleft chin below his mouth–a sensuous mouth with a cruel tightness about his full lips.

  47. 260Oakley says:

    Umm, I’ll have whatever Von Zep is having.

  48. ditto, 260Oakley. for realz. Von Zep, what is your day job? You wouldn’t happen to actually BE a writer, would you?

    also, about the bulldoggie: i want to pinch his forehead wrinkles and kiss him just between the ears. i think that would be delightful.

  49. ha, most dogs would have that DESTROYED! Instead, he’s finding comfort.

  50. Kristabelle says:

    VZ – nice job! I’ll buy that book!!! 😆

    Cute bull doggie!!!

  51. OK, Von Zeppelin-
    Excerpt from Chapter 4-
    ‘The night can be so cruel” muttered the younger scientist, “and so kind…” he looked through his binoculars into the middle distance. “So kind” he muttered as the pain stabbed his leg again.

    “Arch-Smith-is that you? Have you brought the Quinine?” Th devil himself put those mosquitoes on Earth.”

    “Yes Sir”, said his sweaty but seemingly loyal manservant of 4 years, “I have brought your Quinine and a letter Sir, a letter from that lovely young lady you met at the Governor’s Cotillion last month- I believe it to be that young impetuous, lovely Zenobia Megford-Knobbs. I hope you don’t mind , Sir, I took the liberty of opening it when you didn’t come back from your constitutional yesterday, I thought you had been lost to The Jungle… Arch-Smith hesitated, hoping that his cover story was plausible enough.

    “I was gone 47 minutes, Arch-Smith, what on Earth made you think The Jungle has consumed me?”

    Chapter 5- the letter!

  52. Um, what the hell is going on? And exactly why do I suddenly feel a powerful compulsion to quote Upton Sinclair? 😕

  53. Ah, good, Theo- the next author- Theo, we are writing chapter excerpts of “The Heart of a Cassowary”- we’re up to “the letter”- jump in! Wherein a letter, peremptorily opened by Arch-Smith, the sweaty but seemingly loyal manservant to Wesley Boondoggle, the honest and sometimes too self effacing lemur-studying younger scientist, up and coming in his field, knows just what it says, but watches his master’s reactions to the letter closely……..

    Upton Sinclair wrote for Harlequin in his spare time – who knew?

    [Just so you understand that I’m using “The Proud Buttocks” as a working title. This is non-negotiable. – Ed.]

  54. *eagerly sits on edge of seat, breathlessly awaiting next installment*

    [Ooh! Heaving bosums! 😯 – Ed.]

  55. [Nice! 😀 – Ed.]

  56. Yea, well, put your ‘proud buttocks’ where your…oh, dear that won’t work. Well, then show us your prou…., no, that doesn’t say it either.

    The write something already! I’d say “show what ya got….” but that just isn’t right either……..(snerk). Chapter 5, excerpt, pleasy please Mr. Theo?

    Let’er rip Theo! Oh, that just isn’t right, either………….

    angela- that is very dear!

  57. Hmmmmm. Cat got your fingers, Theo?

  58. Leslie (NTA) says:

    “Hi, my name is Leslie & I’m a bulldog-aholic. I’ve played the Beatles’ Bulldog song numerous times daily for about a week now. Thanks for letting me share.”

    But I Could Give it up, any time I wanted to.