I Wanna Hold Your Hand

♫ Oh yeah, I
♪ I don’t care that
♪ You had some typing planned

♪ ‘Cause I
♫ Need attention
♪ I wanna hold your haaaaaaaaaaaaand!



  1. Origamigryphon says:

    Pffff AWWW. <333

  2. >/////<
    So kyoot. This cat is clearly claimed. u3u
    When'll the wedding be?

  3. What a sweetheart, awww.

  4. Haha… my friend’s cat acts just like this ^^
    So did mine while he was around 🙂

  5. I think the cat’s staging an intervention for internet addiction.

  6. CoconutCheez says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww Qte! ❤
    Give the kitteh some attenshon already! X3

  7. AWW 😀 Chester, the sweet kitty, was purring as he held his owner’s hand 😀

  8. Fluffybutt says:

    Hahaha that is too cute! Mine does a similar thing but is way more vicious about it. Really scratches me if I try to touch the computer or the mouse!

  9. harlemgrrl says:

    “wait, just c’mere a second… i wasn’t done…”
    chester = sweetness


  11. Chester is definitely a family man. What a sweetie.

  12. My dog just lays across my keyboard.

  13. Ah- we now know who has the upper hand in that relationship! LOL So cute!!

  14. Sweet kitty!!! The purring put this vid over the top…he was just so happy!

  15. Bonnie Bee says:

    This kittah is *clearly* saying, “Enough computer time already, dear. Time for ME now.” ;p

  16. kibblenibble says:

    Chester is a sweet heart! I love the hand-holding, purring, and the gentle kneading motions. My George will knead and hold hands, too, but Chester is WAY more insistent about it.

  17. my Mr. Trent is like this. But he also licks your hand to death.

  18. Chester says: “No play wif mouse! Iz CAT time!!!”

    My puppeh, Phoebe (middle name ‘Licious’) does this to me all the time.

  19. earlybird1 says:

    Chester is clearly trying to prevent viewers from noticing the phone number written on his human’s hand. We call this the “privacy paw.”

  20. My cat just sits in front of the computer instead until I pay attention to him. I think I would prefer it if he did this. What a cutie.

  21. My cat is named Chester, too. Sometimes he will use his paws like little hands and guide my hand to his head for petting. If I don’t do anything, he will clutch desperately at my hand and rub his head back and forth underneath it to clue me in. Clever and adorable.

  22. God makes the orange ones with extra love.

  23. So sweet and lovely.

    nyota: I think you’re right. The orange ones are sooo full of loves.

    chanpon: I had a similar thought. I wonder if Surfaholics Anonymous gives out Chesters as part of their recovery program?

  24. Leslie (NTA) says:

    oh, Theooooooo—

    (orange feline in da house !!!)

    [Yep, in our house too. 🙂 – Ed.]

  25. Zombiemaker says:


    he NEEEDS ataynche.


  26. OH how STINKIN’ sweet! Like my darling Stinky!!! (melt)

  27. Oh my gosh. Chester is so gentle and sweet. And the purring! Pure love.

  28. Chester can hold my hand anytime.

  29. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Sniff… now I’m missing my old cat Pumpkin (aka Plumpkin). Orange tabbies are so sweet.

  30. Nutella Nutterson says:

    Purring AND air-biscuits! Sweet, sweet kitteh! I had an orange tabby/marmalade that would *subtly* try to move your hand towards him during dinner.

  31. victoreia says:

    OMGMARMIE!!!!! [ded]

  32. I’m chester’s mommy! haha, i LOVE that he is on here!! you guys have made my, and his week with all your support and kind comments!! and dont feel bad for him he gets TONNNNNS of attention, he’s just a ham for it 😛

  33. Space Cowgirl says:

    AWWWW!! Sniff! Makes me miss my marmalade!!

  34. cassandra says:

    My orange boy does this. what a sweet and beautiful kitty.

  35. I am a total sucker for orange kitties too. My seamus will “grab” my hand and use it as a bathing device…. lick lick lick my thumb and rub it on his face.

  36. this hand is your hand
    this hand is my hand
    from the laptop keyboard
    to the bedside nightstand
    this hand was made for you and meeeeeee.

    marmies are the best snugglers.

  37. This definitely went to the tune of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” in my head.

  38. Where are you typing, on top of your laundry pile?

    (I keed. 🙂 )

  39. I am pwned by two big fat orange kitties. they do this all the time. mostly while I am sleeping, or trying to. Im convinced they understand hooomanz a little moar than most katz.

  40. He wuvs you. :o)

  41. berthaservant says:

    Marmie love!!! (Although Bertha did this to me earlier today and she’s way black).

    (P.S. I’m around but really pressed for time and not always commenting, but I’m still here absorbing the qte, love to all!)

  42. This kitteh is all “it’s time to stop posting!”

  43. Lestatcat says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww, what a heart-melter!!

  44. That cat’s all “you will let me hold your hand, human, and you will like eet.”

  45. The more I see this sort of oicture on C/O the more I feel the need for the attention of a beautiful Golden Fur-Boy/Girl to pet. Somewhere or other I remember reading a story of one of our Famous Psychologists, who was delivering a lecture – and advised his students to settle into their accomodation – to study hard and also to get themselves a couple of cats. Does anyone know who said this.

  46. cat — My cat Tigger does the same thing. He’ll put his paw on mine (or walk all over my keyboard — he actually once turned off my laptop by holding down the power button) to stop me from typing. When he goes on one of his kissing frenzies, its usually my feet or arm and not my hand (but he’s done that too). It’s very sweet, but after a couple minutes, cat tongue starts feeling REALLY ROUGH.

    This cat is very cute, and Meg, I love the Beatles re-do!

  47. Jane Jackson says:

    I remember reading a couple of places this year that marmies are always males
    (the color was said to be exclusively on the X chromosome). My first cat, Queenie, already named and already a mommy when we moved to her domain, was a marmie and beautiful, healthy girl.
    This kitty is the picture of health too.

  48. That is SO sweet. If you turn the volume up, you can hear Chester purring.

  49. Chester is like a clon of my good boy “Caramelo” (Caramel in spanish) who passed away suddenly few years ago. He was as sweet as yours, a loyal and tender friend for as long as he stayed by me. I miss him every day… Got 2 kitten-ladies now at home who are my husband’s and mine delight and sunshine, but he was my first cat and quite a special boy. He’ll allways have a special place in my heart.

    Thanks for all the sweet memories you awaken =)

  50. i love that theres a memo written on the back of their hand. 😀
    i also loves teh orange kittehs!

  51. Orange is a sex linked trait, so most of the orange cats are male. However, it is possible for there to be female orange cats. Kind of like color-blindness in humans.

  52. Awwww, little soul just makes me melt a leetle :o) x

  53. OMG. Sooooo sweet! 🙂

  54. not that it matters, but what does it say on the back of her hand?
    My curiosity is piqued!!

  55. @kimbunny:
    If you go directly to the youtube video, she mentioned in the description section that the stuff written on her hand was the day and time she had to work that weekend.

  56. Awwwwww……….it’s nice to be loved…..:):):)

  57. HI Berthaservant! Thanks for checking in! Best wishes to Bertha.
    Chester is adorable and adoring. So sweet.

  58. Awww sweet kitteh! I write on my hand too!!

  59. Heather1973 says:

    What a sweetie. Reminds me of my cat Cleo, she would always be near me and want my attention while I would be trying to read or write. You can tell that Chester really loves you.

  60. I WANT A CAT! And a giraffe, but I really want a cat. Must find friend with cat…..or cat with person I could befriend……….

  61. Such a handsome boy!

  62. Maybe he was trying to remind you of what was written on your hand – I do that to remember stuff, but then promptly forget until I go to wash my hands. Chester is your own fuzzy sticky-note.

  63. @ Agent 99

    “..yeah, yeah, yeah!”

  64. What is it about cats and computers? One of mine insists on sitting (or laying) in front of the monitor. I’m teaching him not to walk on the keyboard. I’m thinking about adding an orangie to my house.

  65. bookmonstercats says:

    Chester is comfortabuhls on the laundy and now only needs a human hand to hold to make it perfect. Very reasonable in my view (or at least in Chester’s view, and really that’s all that counts).

  66. “Reach out and touch
    Some (human’s) hand
    Make this world a better place
    While you can!”

    I don’t comment very often, but this vid was just pure love! And the purrs were great.

    You must be very lucky indeed to have such a great, protective furry ball of love in your house!

    And yes, I am jealous! ha ha!

  67. I remember those days well (ah, Zozo, Sally, both gone now). What I wouldn’t give to have them back!

  68. A friend just saw this and said – “That Chester is a molester” hahaha

  69. I, too, remember fondly a hand-holding marmalade … bittersweet — but mostly sweet 🙂

  70. If there’s anything better than a big honkin’ orange boy cat, it’s a big honkin’ orange boy cat named “Chester.”

  71. DewiCasgwent says:

    Sure Chester isn’t really calle piglet?

    “Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh,” he whispered.

    “Yes, Piglet?”

    “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.””

  72. Our orange kitty used to do that all the time! He’d sit on my lap with his paw on my hand. If I put my hand on top of his paw, he’d put his paw back on top of my hand. This would continue for several minutes (cuz it was fun). We called it ‘PAW ON TOP!’

  73. Von Zeppelin says:

    Although our household is now catless, in years past we had as many as three at a time. My most memorable cat-computer experience was being on an extended customer support call (after several centuries on hold), in one of those “OK, now try this and see if it works” type of conversations. We were making some progress toward solving whatever software disaster I was suffering when Tash (husky male part-Persian tabby) decided that it would be interesting to step on the red light on the surge protector. Now, fifteen years later, it seems kind of funny. . .

  74. That reminds me of every time I try to do homework on my laptop. LOOOOOVE MEEEEEEE! 🙂

  75. Tooo tooo sweet (and to Jen: great song! LOL)

  76. I had a little manx cat named Chester. I had to find a new home for her and I miss her soooooo much!!! She, too, did the paw holding my hand thing. So sweet. I love you Chester! I hope you’re happy in your new home. 🙂

  77. Now that’s a sign of a good cat mommy. Chester is beaming with love.

  78. Personally, I like that he was just trying to read that phone number or ATM code on the back of your hand.

    Or he just loves his mommy and he wants more attention. I half expected him to develop a “heavy head” like mine do and place his head on your hand.

    Very sweet boy.

  79. What a sweetie pie Chester is! 🙂

    My 4 pound chi will walk on the keyboard to divert my attention back to her where it rightfully belongs and my 7 pound chi mix will keep sticking his head under my hand until I come to my senses.

    Aren’t animuhls just the most wondrous things?

  80. My Murphy (20 lb. black kitteh that I’ve had since rescuing from a shelter when he was just a wee kit 8 years ago) will do this with his ENORMOUS paw. My marmie Oscar, equally large, is a headbutter of the highest order. He has neck muscles like a linebacker from all the headbutts and rubbings that he gives.

    Chester is pure sweetness and love.

  81. @jen: Brilliant!

    My orange boy, Tristan, does this at night. I usually have my phone and am reading the day’s headlines before I fall asleep. He lays between my phone and me, with both paws on my wrist so I can’t move.

  82. Sweet baby!

  83. Pardon me, but I do believe it’s been a while since I said it: Every home should have an orange cat, and every orange cat should have a home.

  84. Awww! The purring is fab! He’s so cute. 😀

    My cat does that when I’m trying to stop petting him. He pulls my hand back. Ha!

  85. Too adorable for words … maybe he wanted to press “paws”? bahahaha

  86. He’s so adorable!!! ❤

  87. Matthew Fox says:

    Is this cat three legged? It looks uncannily like my cat Melvin who disappeared a few months ago! I don’t think it is though. Chester seems like a real good ol’ boy.

  88. He loves you!

  89. I seriously can’t take the cuteness!!! I lub him!

  90. Alexis Edwards says:

    I absolutely love the Beatles reference! hazaaah!

  91. Irene Suwarno says:

    Chester is an affectionate cat. Soo cute!

  92. very nice pics and videos

  93. debbiedavidson09 says:

    I’m in luvvvv!!!!

  94. Brilliant ; -)

  95. Orange kittens are the sweetest 🙂 I loved the purring and biscuit making(paw kneading). It made him so happy.

  96. So romantics

  97. so oh lovely!

  98. manobilly says:

    I borrowed a friend’s cat once. He would lie down next to me while I was lying down, put his head on me, grab my hand, flip it over so palm was up, and squee-eeeze with one of his paws on top of my hand and one underneath.

  99. I had a cat for seventeen years who spent hours watching me type and hoping to get involved. Its nice to see I’m not the only one with smart animals.

  100. Cat People Rule! says:

    Chester reminds me soooo much of my mother’s cat Russell (Rusty for short). He will also take any attention he can get, even if it’s kisses from the dog.

  101. Rainbowbaby says:

    No you cannot stop meh! You SHALL hold mah hand. No, you do not have a choice. *sticks out tongue*

  102. もみもみ、モミモミ、もみもみ、モミモミ

    Kayyyoooote Kiitteeeh

  104. Awwh adorable!!! I’m in love. I wish my cat was this nice to me =D

  105. hah, he’s all “Mine.” lol SOoo sweet!

  106. AWWWW!!! the funniest part was the FIRST swat. u could hear chester’s crazy paw landing on his owner’s hand. *putt* HHAKHVKHAHAHAHA!!! so caYUTE!

  107. Peanut's mama says:

    OMG! TOO EFFING PRECIOUS! I wish my man were that lovey. He is, but ONLY on HIS terms. I WANT ME A LAP KITTY!!!

    Give Chester much luvins for me!!!

  108. SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! espesh with the Beatles reference and the marmie-ness…my marmie kitty Gibby used to do this. i luff this guy!

  109. that is just adorable.. my kitty does the same thing 🙂