What are “Tocks”?!

Many of you write us and ask the infernal question;

Q: “What are ‘tocks?”

A: Round, blobbular anatomical areas at the end of an animule. Like this!


There must be another name for them, Yeijin S.



  1. 260Oakley says:


  2. They also usually come in pairs, hence the formula: “Nice pair of ‘tocks”

  3. so tocks are feet then , yes?

  4. Trabb's Boy says:

    Bouncing baby bunny butt!!!!!

  5. Scoobie – ‘tocks has an apostrophe where the “but” has been removed.

  6. Is that a bunny???!? OMG those tiny back feet!

  7. The obvious – ‘tocks is short for buttocks, but on something really really cute.

  8. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! What’s on the other end of them ‘tocks???

  9. ooooh, the tailio!!!!

  10. AuntieMame says:

    Also known as “junk in the trunk.” 🙂

  11. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Bunny butt? Or hammie butt? Either way, them’s some cute sleeeepeeers!

    Om nom nom…

  12. i’m pretty sure this is a hammy?

  13. I still think they are feet.

    CO wouldn’t be that rude.

    Meg or Theo please confirm

  14. Y’know what?
    Bunny butt!

  15. That’s an adorable dwarf hamster butt. Adorable!!!

  16. Baby bunny butt!! OMG! Feets! Nubbin tail. Please tell me there is a plethora of whiskers on the flipside!

  17. *or* Baby hamstser butt! etc. as above.

  18. scoobie, U must B new here. =) Just cuz it rhymes with sox, don’t mean it’s feets.

  19. greeneyeris says:

    i must has this animuls!

  20. Space Cowgirl says:

    Joann – only on something really really cute? Well darn, call the grammar police on me for saying that Dead Space scared my ‘tocks off…

  21. Like how the tailio and pawsies are in such a strongly contrasting color, like DON’T MISS THIS, PEEPS!


  23. bunny booty?

  24. katfighter says:

    Scoobie, it’s true. Direct from the CO Glossary (see menu right underneath the CO logo):

    Simply put, it’s short for BUTtocks, and sounds cuter than “arse“. Also allows for quite a substantial amount of wordplay.

  25. katfighter says:

    And, those are some mighty teeny ‘tocks.


  27. To quote an immortal CO saying……………….Tock’s UP!

  28. No, no, no.

    CO isn’t rude

    You don’t get it peeps

    tocks = socks = feet!

  29. For me, the perfect white socks almost overwhelm the anerable ‘tockular region. 🙂

  30. As if that teeny tail isn’t cute enough, this little bebeh also sports a pair of tiny white socks.

  31. is ‘tocks rude??? nah, not the ones on CO! critters ‘tocks are way too qt for us mere mortals…an i gotta agree with the anerable white feetsies and tailio nub…squeeee!

  32. That set of ‘tocks might just induce me to do some but-biting too! And I demand to see the other end.

  33. Shameless exhibition of my hams tocks!
    New Arrival - Noodle
    I won't be this small forever!
    Baby Ham Bum

  34. “You’re not tocking your way out of this one user X”

    should be used at the end of a future tock post.

  35. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    oh, please. short for buttocks. ‘tocks. you’ve never heard the word before?

  36. SusaninMI says:

    fluffy ‘tocks and lil white socks! Wicked cute . . .

  37. Baby bunneh butt!!!! I must take a bite!!!! Nomnomnomnomnom

  38. Methinks scoobie is pulling our collective chain. Sheesh.

  39. thatonegirlannie says:

    i want to see the other side 🙂

  40. Lucy's Mommeh says:


  41. @marthava
    How can you say that?
    Look at the photo. All you can see is feets and tailios. No defined buttocks (excuse my language please) on view.

  42. Ahn. ‘Tocks.

  43. i want to squeeze those wee tocks

  44. That my dear is a pair of very hammy ‘tocks! Our Nini and Maggie had ‘tocks just like that, with a little white tailio. That with the combination of LITTLE WHITE FEET THAT LOOK LIKE SOCKS twas quite the QTEXPLOSION

  45. omg i just died. death by tocksickle. that is the cutest tocks ever! gah!!!

  46. kibblenibble says:

    This picture is sweet. As for those interested in learning more about tocks, go to the archives section to the left, and click on October. October was “Tocktober.” If you review the entire month, you will see many fine examples of tocks. 🙂

  47. realfishtales says:

    scoobie, no joke. ‘tocks = buttocks. end of story. sorry to offend your sensitive nature, but that’s the truth. NOT socks. NOT feet. buttocks.

  48. BabyOpossum says:

    This picture is also a classic example of the ‘Tocks + Ehn! combination. A skillfully placed Ehn! can ratchet a basic ‘Tocks shot to dizzying levels of cute, as seen here.

  49. Those are some sweet ‘tockin’ ‘tocks.

    ‘Tocks = feet? Suuuure!
    If you’re gonna ‘tocks the ‘tocks, you hafta walks the walks.

    (Heyyy, NYC peeps – ?Theresa? – I’ll be in Times Square tomorrow. I’ll be sure to wave!)

  50. Those ‘tocks rock, but those wee fuzzy feet are KEEEEEEEEELLING ME! Ack!!

  51. PinkPiggi says:

    Noo! It’s not a bunny butt! It’s Hammie tocks. Come on people, can’t you see that!?


  53. ZOMG, both ‘tocks and socks! two of my very favorite and very separate things!

    My head just ‘sploded. Want…snorgle…

  54. That is a seriously cute set of teeny tocks!

    @Pyrit – be careful in NYC–if you get near Theresa’s dad, he might give you a spit face bath on Broadway!! lol

  55. The tiniest of micro ‘tocks! Even cuter since the little nabbit’s head is all tucked in.
    (It IS a nabbit, right? Too cute for a mere hammie. Do hammies have tail nubs?)
    Buntocks, mini-muffin-tocks, Little Peter Tock-on tail, help! My mind is spinning into a veritable thesaurus of ‘tock terms. ‘Tock about it, ‘tock about it, ‘tock about moooovin…

  56. jennie de mello says:

    My kids have tocks. They are peoples. But they still have mighty cute tocks.

  57. @Deb–yes, hamster tails are quite nubby. And haha, I think I’m suffering from ‘tock overload too. Maybe I should ‘tock to a therapist 🙂

  58. Nice tocks!

  59. Toxic ‘tocks!

  60. MaggieBee says:

    The ‘tockular region is clearly defined in this picture by the darker-colored fur blobbule below the lighter back fur and immediately above the OMG WHITE SOCK FEET NOOOOOOM!

  61. That looks like a dwarf ham to me. I know that ridiculous little tail when I see it.

  62. As I understand the vernacular, ‘tocks = heinie parts… in this case, teeny-tiny heinie parts.

    I’m thinkin’ infant rabbit (’cause of the visible floofy ear and buntacular eye-capsule action), but pocket pets are wily and their photos can be deceiving.

  63. @Deb I was totally also thinking BUNTOCKS 😀

  64. Yep, buntocks, check out the head, you can see it in profile, and one very tightly closed eye. Tiny bun with teenie-tiny tocks and the bestest of feeeeeeetz!

  65. These are bunny tocks. I thought it was a hamster too, but hamster tail nubs don’t have fur on them and this nub does.

  66. Bunny tocks. I am all toxed out. Squeeeeeeeee! Oh, shh, it is night-nites. Shhhhh.

  67. Leslie (NTA) says:

    In answ. to the question in the caption itself, I add the following:
    The Official-Sounding Scientific Terminology is Alleged to be:
    The Gluteous (sp?) Maximus.
    Unfortunately, however, that phrase makes no allowance for Cuteness.

  68. I’m pretttty sure that is a russian hamster bum.
    In fact, check out this russian hamster bum and compare: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/52/140011419_f88535455b.jpg

  69. And these tocks are at the other end of one of these little hammies:

  70. (internet jinx)

  71. Scoobie:

    There is nothing rude about (but)’tocks. They are a part of Nature. And there are very useful. If it wasn’t for human ‘tocks, how would you be sitting in a chair in front of a computer looking at CO? And animal ‘tocks are just dang cute, especially with a tiny white tail attached.

    Denial ain’t nothing but a river in Egypt!

  72. Oh, “‘Tocktober” was soooooo wonderful last year. Remember the Polar Bear? I’m sure the Powers that Cute are saving up some prime ‘tocks for us all this year.

  73. Von Zeppelin says:

    Thanks to all the tocksicologists for this learned discussion. Any of you ever considered hosting a tock show on the radio? It could be called “Tock Talk.”

  74. @Von Zepp: I like your idea, it certainly has potential, our very own tock show on the radio… But would talking the tock really do justice to the cuteness of tocks and tocktober?

  75. OR, Kallisto and Von Zepp, you could call the radio show “‘Tocks Rock,” and play ‘tock-themed boogie tunes…

  76. All God’s creatures’ got ‘tocks’. Tocks make life a happier place. Tocks are one of the reasons I married Killer’s Daddy. These bub-bun tocks (look closely, you’ll see the outline of some outrageous proto-ear action), Talio yes, very are cute, ears, oh, most definitely cute, feetsies of course, even toenails can be cute, but ‘tocks make the world go ’round.

    Has anybody ‘seen’ Hon Glad lately? Hi, Hon Glad!

  77. Well all right, maybe not ‘all’ all, but most. K.

  78. I believe even ticks have tocks.

    [Seriously, I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😉 – Ed.]

  79. elledoubleyou says:

    As my grandmother would call them, it’s a “guza!”

  80. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Nikki, good one!
    @pyrit, what brings you to NYC?


  82. Lapin Diabolique says:

    Aww, buntocks!

  83. My vote would also be bun, rather than hammie. I don’t think hammie feets are quite so furry.

  84. SusaninMI says:

    rofl @ microtocks and tocksicologists. I vote bunnee.

  85. There’s a difference between syrian hamsters (no fur on tail, not much fur on feet) and dwarf hamsters (small nubs of furry tail, very hairy feet to keep the cold at bay in winter).

    This little hammie is doing ‘infinite palm’.

    Trust me, I’m a highly trained professional.

  86. muttluver says:

    scoobie, you have led a sheltered life. Think tocks is rude? (And it’s really not that hard to figure out it’s BUTtocks, COME ON people.) Try mofo. Wanna take a stab at what that means? Or beezatch. Guess what that is? Honestly, people should do their homework. It’s all right there in the glossary, so it kinda ticks me off when people ask.

    Hamster, mouse, bunny, gerbil… it’s a (cute) rodent. Doesn’t really matter much to me.

  87. muttluver says:

    (Though I’m fairly certain it’s a hammie.)

  88. @ Scoobie: Part of the fun of CO is the rudeness. Swear words spelled like baby voices? Anatomical correctness? Love it!

  89. I do not think CO is rude.

    I am sure it is meant to be tocks for socks for feets

    It’s a real pitty Meg and Theo are away this weekend or we’d have had a clarification from the Editor by now and put this matter to rest once and for good.

    [Nobody’s away; it’s just that it’s already been spelled out in the Glossary. – Ed.]

  90. bunnystew says:

    Jesus H. Bunnytocks! I don’t know what’s funnier…the picture or scoobie.

  91. My Mr. Blackstone had the same black and gray coloring with the same white feet. Amazing to see a twin to Mr. Blackstone. Mr. Blackstone is now around 20-21 months old and getting grayer each week. He’s definitely a senior dwarf hammy.

  92. temperance says:

    oh, scoobie- i think you’re funny even if nobody else does.

  93. @temperance
    Thanks for your support but it is not in humour that I wish to clarify the tocks matter

    Thank you for clarifying. I was not able to find socks in the glossary but I can tell you are gently telling everyone what the right meaning is, despite the neighsayers. I am pleased that things have been clarified by the Editorship now and the fact that I was right all along is mere icing on the cake.

    [Ha ha… – Ed.]

  94. I thought that was the axis of snorgling.

  95. I say haunches. For some reason I find it weird to say ‘tocks.

    [Well, you’re not doing it wrong. – Ed.]

  96. Chinchillazilla says:

    I have started saying ‘tocks in everyday conversation,which nets me really weird looks. Damn you, CO.

  97. what kind of animal is it. wat ever it is its super cute and BTW can u take another pic and send it to me with the name of wat it is? THANKS!

  98. Milly_eeee says:

    Bunny, ham? Who cares, I just see leeetle white socks attached the the cutest tocks in the world!!! *explode!*

  99. It is a Cassowary.

  100. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo : hey, I just tickled the ivories/ keyboard to see, if the “Ha”‘s in blue had something linked …and ….er…they DID & it/ they were ODD, indeed !!! You are mischevious, sir.
    (winky, winky)

  101. bookmonstercats says:

    EEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee! Thunk…..

  102. Katrina, if I were a cassowary
    On the plains of Timbuctoo,
    I would eat a missionary,
    Cassock, bands and hymn-book too.

  103. Hammular patookie!

  104. Tocks are the same as butters!! Hellooo! As in…”I’m gonna git you, I’m gonna git your butters!”
    Of course, you have to have the baby talk (tock? I’m soooo confused) thing down to a science or its just plain odd. 😀

  105. haha, some nice saddlebags qualify as ‘tocks when they’re on an animal… on a human, not as much.

  106. haha, lol at AuntieMame

  107. Um… not sure if this has ever been typed before, or ever will again, but here goes anyway… SOAPY SAM FTW, PATITO!

  108. darkshines says:

    Buttocks. Ass. Bum. Bottom. Cheeks. Toosh. Kaboose.

    Not feet.

    Honestly? Do people really think it means feet? Wow…..

  109. My last word on this subject isn’t even my words. Here it is, right from the glossary page.

    Simply put, it’s short for BUTtocks, and sounds cuter than “arse“. Also allows for quite a substantial amount of wordplay.

  110. I is not ackspert on ham ‘tocks nor bun ‘tocks als I know is dem is CUTE ‘TOCKS!

  111. Dwarf hammie. Mum to two pampered ones here, so I could tell those tocks from all other fuzzeh tocksies.

  112. muttluver says:

    Theo–I’m still cracking up! Totally favoriting that site.

    Scoobie–You’re belligerent. We’ve already given you the answer multiple times. If you wanna know what tocks means, you might wanna look up “tocks.” Socks won’t get you anywhere, and CO has no reason to define that term.

    [REdefine, you mean? Anyway, just let it go. I think Scoobie was going for funny, anyhow (though maybe a bit too dryly for the context). Oh — and yes, CakeWrecks is awesome. 😀 – Ed.]

    People–Go with Elanor. If she’s a hammie mommy, I think she knows what she’s talking about.

  113. muttluver says:

    Okies. Letting go now. *falls ten stories* I’m ok! The table broke my fall!