Friday Haiku: I Think One of Us Is in the Wrong Bathroom

Perplexed puppy-dog
Flipping out over Flipper
Dolphin-safe haiku


(random squealing and clicking), Maria N.



  1. Could it be true love?
    Could our dolphin love be real?
    But who rears the kids?

  2. My skin is shiney
    Your fur is also shiney
    We love based on that

  3. That Lab looks as though he’s found his porpoise in life.

  4. Trinky dink says:

    Sniff sniff . . . .

    Something smells fishy!
    But wait, dolphins are not fish
    It must be my breath

  5. As long as you’re my
    Baby it don’t matter if
    You’re black or you’re grey

  6. Something isn’t right
    I can’t place my paw on it
    But it smells fishy

  7. Dolphin: Pssst…remember this – 42
    Doggie: SHINY!
    Dolphin: Seriosly, 42. Trust me you will need to know this. I am telling you this, bubelah, because I like you.
    Dolphin: I came all the way here from my underwater laboratory where I am thisclose to successfully using a bunsen burner, diet Fanta (orange, natch), and a Charlston Chew to create an entirely new planet. Or, a delicious snack treat that is REALLY big…..not sure which. Anyhoo, please tell all your friend to remember “42”. Your species is awesome and this information is crucial to your exponentially increasing levels of cuteness.
    Dolphin: *sigh*

  8. I call interspecies snorgling! That dolphin is totally kissing the pup on the nose.

  9. Here is my try

    Nose to nose we meet
    What kind of creature are you?
    Squee, Bark, we both speak.

  10. Confused pupperson
    Unsure why this squeaky toy
    Can’t be retrieved

  11. Meeting at the edge
    I used to have paws like you
    We love the water

  12. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Special sniffing dog
    Has successfully ID’d
    Dolphin contraband.

  13. Puppy dreams a lot
    Wishing he were a porpoise
    For his dolphin love

  14. Puppy and the Dolphin
    Who knows how this will all end
    Should be fun to watch!

  15. Dawg of the Dolphin.
    Paw loves Fa. Wet noisicles
    Bridge the species gap.

  16. On the internet
    You said you’re dark and handsome!
    You said you’re bubbly!

  17. Best friends forever
    Different in many ways
    But the same at heart

  18. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  19. “My name’s Prince the Dog.”
    “Since I am a Dolphin , sir,
    I’m the prince of France.”

  20. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    [sequel to #12]

    How in the world did
    You ever think you could sneak
    This guy through customs?!

  21. Needs more Trinary.
    Crideiki would still approve.
    Streaker is still lost.

  22. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Clickety squeeeel click!”
    “Awooof! Woofwoof! Woofwoofwoofwoof!”
    The summer is hot.

  23. Interspecies love
    Clandestine meeting places
    Tiny leetle kees

  24. Trabb's Boy says:

    You are all awesome. And Saffron is even awesomer!

  25. Andi from NC says:

    My fair wet maiden
    A doggie paddle later
    A snorgle for now

  26. Like that star-crossed pair,
    Romeo and Juliet,
    We love, ill-fated.

  27. Yes, big applause here for Saffron!

  28. @ Saffron–hehe! Bravo!

  29. We’d see eye to eye,
    If your nose wasn’t so long,
    My new steel grey friend!

  30. Yes, but can you “sit”?
    “Shake-a-paw” and “play dead”, too?
    I didn’t think so!

  31. @Argyle

    Tis Simple my friend
    they figured they’d squeak on by
    you may all groan now

    Any followers of Two Lumps on here 2day? Sad news over there. 😥

  32. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Leanna: Yay !!

  33. “hey! sneak me some fish!”
    says the dolphin to the dog
    “Tuna or Salmon?”

    wahwahwah. not very creative today….

  34. click click click click click
    Squeak click clickity click click
    Squeak click click squeak click?

  35. the dolphin version… need to cover all bases.

  36. It’s not ment to be
    I come from land, you the sea
    But now I’m happy

  37. Saffron & Leilani….great Doug Adams references….although shouldn’t poochers remember 43?

  38. Black lab ponders this:
    Just how big is the dog who
    will fetch this squeak toy?

  39. Who’d have ever thought
    That a Dolphin could be taught
    to take Dog on walks?

  40. Stunbunny says:

    What a shiny coat!
    Your owner must put an egg
    In your food daily!

  41. Dolphin:

    Ah, true love at last.
    I’ve never been so happy.
    It’s like I’m floating.


    Uh-oh. This is bad.
    I just wanted to frolic–
    Dinner with the pod?!

  42. Who woulda thunk it
    I finally found someone
    With a colder nose

  43. @Saffron – Ha!Ha!Ha!LOL!LOL!LOL!*breather*Ha!Ha!Ha!LOL!LOL!LOL!

  44. Is this an Encore Presentayshe? I KNOW I’ve seen it somewhere…

  45. trepidatious dog
    wonders: is this friend or foe?
    chicken of the sea

  46. Coming out of stall
    Something is not right in here
    Not in Puppy’s room

    Leaving embarrassed
    Away from Dolphin’s bathroom
    At least got a peek

  47. Why do I cheapen their special moment with a Larry Craig haiku?

  48. wannadance says:

    too shiny for real.
    did someone bring me a toy?
    a blow-up dolphin!!

  49. Look, a big toilet!
    Paws on edge to reach the drink
    OMG what’s this????

  50. Dog and Dolphin love
    but it is not meant to be
    pool versus dry land

  51. MissKitty says:

    Is love at first sight?
    Your nosicle is moist, too.
    This will be our bond.

  52. I also vote for Saffron- hilarious! So are many others. I love this adorable pic, but I can’t help wonder the story behind it; how did these two get together?

  53. Rainbow*Star says:

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  54. kibblenibble says:

    I give you this kiss
    Symbol of our loving traits
    Both peaceful creatures

  55. Gleaming silver skin,
    Beautiful shiny black coat.
    It’s a polish joke!

  56. I thought I had warned
    you already the last time.
    Don’t pee in our pool!

  57. skippymom says:

    Puppy eyes look deep
    Into dolphin’s rubber soul
    Squeaky clean true love

  58. victoreia says:

    Don’t forget your towel……

  59. DaytimeDeb says:

    Dog thought bubble:

    You have a wet nose
    But you are the strangest dog
    I have ever seen

    Dolphin thought bubble:
    Dumb dog I’m dolphin
    I am much smarter than you
    But you are quite cute

  60. skippymom says:

    I’m not cool enough
    To get Saffron’s clever post.
    Can someone explain?

  61. Looked around and it said that this pic was from the Indianapolis Zoo.

  62. the pupper knows that’s some sort of dog but can’t figure out where the matchingks is…

  63. victoreia says:

    @skippymom: It refers to Douglas Adams’ Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy (which is about five or six books long…..)

  64. @skippymom – also, the last book was “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”.

    @Saffron – a worthy addition to the Adams Canon, IMO. Well done!

  65. Boop!

  66. @Diana

    This is even worse
    than what I found floating in
    the toilet last time!

  67. skippymom says:

    Ah, victoreia, now it all fits together. Thank you. And so long, and thanks for all the fish, which I recognized as a book title, but didn’t know the connection to Saffron’s bit. Of course.
    I was relatively cool when I was younger, and was of course aware of the Hitch-hiker’s Guide, but it wasn’t part of my life.

  68. It’s ok skippy(mom)
    I did not get it either
    Never read the book

  69. So sweet! I love inter-species friendships..

  70. AuntieMame says:

    I love this photo!
    The dolphin is so shiny.
    And Pup is perplexed.

  71. skippymom says:

    Dolphin’s languid gaze
    Lingers on her sleek, black beau.
    He is mesmerized.

  72. You silly old dog!
    This is not what we mean by
    “trouble at the well.”

  73. I say there, matey,
    would you know how to get to
    the nearest Seaworld?

  74. At the water bowl,
    Labrador Alice wonders,
    What was in that cake?

  75. The page is now GOLD!
    were that it all could be mine!
    Continue to dream.

  76. skippymom says:

    Interspecies snorg
    makes trip to aquarium
    oh so romantic

  77. octopuppy says:

    We should not have played
    With the Crazy Glue bottle
    We are forever

  78. Saffron riffs Adams
    Dog and dolphin get cozy
    good Friday for all

  79. Gives dolphin a kiss
    Don’t you just love dog sugars?
    You’re wet any way

  80. AuntieMame says:

    @Jenn LOL at your “polish” joke! 😀 😀 😀

  81. Aw shucks, all. Thankies for the props and kindly not pointing out my typos. (Or is it typoes, for the Quaylian spelling?)

    Everyone’s haikus are soooo awesome..especially Derz and Suzanne!! They made me laugh ’till I snorted soda out of my nose…which REALLY hurts, by the way.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone and remember to give your pets some snorgles.

  82. Two diff’rent species
    Both loving a pool with balls
    Great friendship ahead

  83. Shocking dolphin kiss
    Caught me quite off guard since I
    Only sought my ball

  84. They’re both adorable. But it kills me that this dolphin is in captivity, they absolutely don’t belong there. Cute, nonetheless.

  85. crittersitter says:

    One furry, one slick.
    Shouldn’t I give him a lick?
    I think it not wise.

  86. @skippymom:
    About “so long and thanks for all the fish”: I learnt on the internet that it’s a song. It goes like this:

    So long, and thanks for all the fish
    So sad it had to come to this
    Too bad you never listened to me
    So long, and see you soony.

    So long and thanks for all the flies
    They tried to make you a nice surprise
    You tried whacking them on the floor
    So that’s why they’ll kick you out the door

    So long and thanks for all the rope
    That stopped the robber and tied up the goats
    However I think they needed space
    Not to be tied up all over the place

    So long and thanks for everything
    Which wasn’t much, you know. I sing
    This song about the stuff you did
    Which wasn’t good, like when you murdered a squid……..

    So long and thanks for all the fish
    So sad it had to come to this

    So long and thanks for all the fish
    So sad it had to come to this

    So long.

  87. And when you have read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide”, go get Terry Pratchett’s books.
    You”ll thank me. Several times. Effusively.

  88. lol omg could a dolphin be in love with dog

    ps you have to break it to him his love lives underwater and he lives on land

  89. lol omg
    that is so funny could he be in love with a dolphin?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    ps you have to break to him his love lives underwater and he lives on land!!!!!

  90. LMFAO @ Safron “SHIIIIIINY!!!”

  91. Dear Saffron-
    Please, for the sake of you nasal passages, your sini (sinuses?) put down the potable(s) before gazing. You’ll thank me. Your friends will thanks you. Your keyboard and monitor will thank you.

    Ouch! Theo did it with hot coffee at lest one that he owned up to.
    From your fellow Peep who knows- K.

  92. procrastinatrix says:

    @ Malinki: Now let’s see that in Trinary and Primal! (Well done!)

  93. Thank you for noticing in the sea of Doublas Adams references, procrastinatrix 🙂

    # Glory! Is, is,

  94. Dolphins in captivity are so sad 😦

  95. @kk3 yes, this is the Indianapolis zoo. The Dolphin Dogs are no longer working with our dolphins as they used to, but this pooch is still around 🙂

    @taylor I work at the Indianapolis zoo, where this picture was taken, and I can assure you our dolphins are anything but sad 🙂