Up, up and awa—EHN!

Inspired by yesterday’s post on how Japanese Scientists are obviously crafting the ultimate cuteness in a secret lab in Mt. Fuji, here s’more flying squirrelios.

Check them leap out and “fly” on their “gliding membrane”













  1. shahinrani says:

    The second and fifth are like little membranous ninjas!

  2. jugglegeese says:

    I never knew they made furry kites.

  3. doomchild says:

    “EHN!”? Isn’t it more like “weee!11!” ?
    I wants ten of those. Somebody please notify Santa ’bout it.

  4. Andi from NC says:

    I agree with the post from yesterday on a potential new rule – if your eyes are as big or bigger than your ears, it’s cute (ok, I guess it could be horrifying as well, but in this case, it’s cute)…

  5. Oh my goodness! I just realized…the little CO guy in the green shorts…the one by the bluebird. Is he…a momongo?

  6. Totally redonk.

  7. So’s Bullwinkle running around somewhere below holding a little trampoline for Rocky to land on?

  8. Unfortunately the only flying squirrel I’ve ever seen was injured, lying in a childs’ shoebox and it didn’t have much longer to live. It was an extremely cute animal.

  9. Pyrit, I think Bullwinkle is holding a hat for Rocky to land in…

    I was going to ask for a picture of one of these guys flying, but I thought no one would ever have gotten a picture of it! Thank you CO! You have come through even BEFORE I asked you!

  10. Aw! I used to love sitting on the porch and watching the flying skwrlz when I lived in the woods. I swear those cheeky little buggers were looking down at the cats and laughing.

  11. squirrelios? Doesn’t really glide well, so to speak. How about squirrelinos?

  12. I wanna gliding membrane.

  13. Gimme some Shugeh, glider. ; )

  14. I donno why but I picture them making “SQEEEE”ing noises

  15. Omg, I want it! *_*

    Love cuteoverload! ^^


  16. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Officially bringing up the *OBVY* song/ earworm — the song “Up, up & away” by ….(wait for it….) the Association …. !!

    (you’re welcome).

  17. Want! Would love to have them flying around my house. What do they eat?

  18. AH! My ex-sister-in-law had about 10 of these amazing little things! They’re so cute! Also terrifying, though- they like to land on your head/face. And they have the cutest, teeniest babies. They’re delectable. :o)

  19. I think they say “YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!”

  20. Leslie (NTA) the Fifth Dimension, but you were really close! The Association was And then Along Comes Mary and Windy and Cherish and stuff like that.
    Yes, UUAA is a really persistent earworm I have battled it before…

  21. I remember having a sweater back in the ’80s that looked an awful lot like that membrane…

  22. Jess&Friends says:

    I have to be a nuffer for a second…. Those squirrels should have some type of protective gear. How about a hamster helmet? What about a little handkerchief parachute? And goggles. With the tiniest of lenses.

  23. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Katrina:

    “D’oh !!!!” [my apologies for the near-miss]. I sit, corrected.

  24. They flit
    They float
    They fleetly flatly fly!

  25. kibblenibble says:

    Leslie (NTA): Would that be, “Up, up, and away, on my beautiful membrane…”?

  26. oh, kibblenibble, niiiiiiice as always. KittyAdventures-niiiiice!

    Oh, its is OK, Leslie (NTA) it is the first thing I’ve been correct about all day- I just set up a concert for the wrong date and sent out messages about it. ACK!!!!! Phhhhtt!!!! Bill the cat could think for me today better than I am thinking! You are exonerated. Sit comfortably.

  27. Theresa, yes, yes, they do.

  28. Trabb's Boy says:

    My earworm is Insane in the Membrane. Particularly for picture #2.

  29. @Jesse&Friends, like this?

  30. Jess&Friends says:

    Well Theresa that would be a good start.

  31. Noelle (the First) says:

    This would be my dog’s nightmare. It’s bad enough the squirrels around our house climb, but if they could fly….my poor dog would be a wreak!

    Very cute, though. And I loved Rocky!!

  32. Cute: yes. Absolutely. Do you want an infestation of these colonizing critters moving into your attic? Trust me if you haven’t experienced it: that answer is no. These nocturnal gliders of Ontario forests can produce more than 2 litters of anerable babies a season (at 7+ babies per litter) so it’s pretty easy for that small little gathering of friends to become a viral kegger houseparty …….

  33. Oh, Birdcage, I’m so sorry. We as, you will remember had the Choir (Brothers and Sisters of St. Rodentius), and that was awful. Especially when it was found that we also had, you know, the big rodenty-thing things, outside in the shed, too. We’re still finding (old) mouse poo. I concur with you, let them stay outside.

  34. Theadosia says:

    For those of you with ear-worm infestation, apparently the scientifically recommended cure is to hum the national anthem. Now, I believe this was reported in New Scientist and trials probably involved ‘God Save the Queen’. Although I have personally had some success with ‘God Defend New Zealand’, I am unsure as to the effectiveness of other anthems.

  35. I worked with some baby flying squirrels when I volunteered at a wildlife rehab center:

  36. The eyes in #2, people, the eyes!!!! *thunk*

  37. Peeps! Check out the teeny feetsies in number 2…all spread toes…aauugh….da Cute Has Struck!
    (thud) (fallen unconscious)

  38. Michael Claymore says:

    That’s what happens when squirrels lose too much weight too fast!

  39. I WANT ONE!!!

  40. I had two of those little guys for several years. Sooooo very soft fur, just like a chinchilla. Only one was tame enough to handle though, he had been rescued as a baby and hand fed. Liked to camp out inside my bra and nap during the day. Hubby called him a “titmouse.”

  41. Gloria- now that there is your Beady Eyed Factor, or BEF, wow! Thanks for sharing those.

    Loolee- niiiiiiiice.

  42. I want one too!
    A few years ago, on my birthday, my cat suddenly went a bit biserk in the dining room. Upon investigation I discovered a rare (and usually nocturnal) flying squirrel caught in the drapery. That tiny ball of cuteness soared around my dining room and sunroom for a long time before I reluctantly opened the door to the deck and shooed him back into the woods, feeling sad to see such cuteness disappear into the trees. Never, but never, in my rather long life, have I received such a wonderful birthday present!

  43. Pic #2 keels me! Squee! 😀

  44. these buggers used to live on my college campus – and dive bomb you whilst stumbling home from keggers. ah, the south! they were a trip esp to people who didnt know they lived there — much silliness was had