OBVY created by Japanese scientiiiiists [singsong]

These little Pikachu dudes, called “モモンガ” (Momonga) were obviously meticulously crafted in the Secret Mt. Fuji Lab of Japanese Cuteness.

They’re also known as Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel and live in tree holes in forests in Japan. They’re nocturnal, and eat seeds, fruit, tree leaves, buds, bark AND KITTENS (just kidding.) Arigato, Mary N.



  1. Look at the lil’ ninja in the bottom right! XD


  3. *zombie voice*

  4. When I feel overwhelmed with joy, I laugh really loud…just now when I saw this pic I literally LOLed.

  5. GingerBean says:

    Are they squirrells on the half shell? Tell me it doesn’t look like they’re sitting in half hatched eggs!

  6. I know it’s not a rule of cuteness, but when your eyes are bigger than your hands, that’s pretty darn cute!

  7. Momonga not pocket pet )::

  8. It’s the little fuzzy blurred out one in the back peeping out that kills me the most.
    He’s all ‘Photobomb THIS cuteness!’.

  9. Squirrels in a half shell. Squirrel power!

    Seriously, have you ever seen another creature look more anime?

  10. WOW

  11. Insane in the gliding menbrane.

  12. This is the first time I wanted a Pikachu! They are adorable….bundles of fluff.

  13. Whoa. I honestly thought I was looking at a photoshop there.
    BTW I wonder when somebody will invent “Cuteshop”?

  14. fearthebear says:

    I like the little smile the second one from the left is sporting. Must have the good spot on the branch.

  15. Camille sez: “. . . when your eyes are bigger than your hands, that’s pretty darn cute!” How does one establish a new rule? I agree: This oughta be a rule!

  16. oooooo, a previously unknown animal, how many more can there be???!!!! I love their pouchie bellies, and little paws.

  17. How can creatures be so supremely cute, and yet simultaneously look like they’re engaged in evil plots to take over the world? I bow down before our new momonga overlords.

  18. They totally look like they would eat a kitten!

  19. Auntie Meme says:

    Wait…these run around freely…in Japan, you say….hmmmm. Too bad I only have enough money for bus fare and a net. Could we trade them some squirrels?

    (no, really, Auntie Mame, I’m not trying to namesteal you)

  20. Avert your eyes!!

    [“I scoff at your puny mortal gravity! Ho ho!” – Ed.]

  21. they are so cute that i am actually feeling a little sick.

  22. I see their kanji symbols say it all: EE!

  23. That degree of floofy cuteness simply cannot be legal. Well, maybe in Japan but not in the U.S. I’m sure there are laws against it. Will do further research once I stop slobbering all over my monitor. 🙂

  24. Stunbunny says:

    If the Japanese had engineered these suckers they WOULD eat kittens! But only after they had evolved into their final form after gaining enough EXP through trainer battles and once they had acquired the appropriate gym badge and wielding the demon sword that contains the trapped souls of 10,000 demon warriors.

  25. Eat kittens! 🙂 CO you never fail to brighten my day….
    It is obvious that these little puffballs have a strong natural defense from any possible predators…the fearsome power of cute! This will not work against humans however, against who it will have the opposite effect….it will actually encourage people to nom them 🙂

  26. Augh! Excessive manga-ness! Abort! Abort!

  27. So early in the morning and already kilt by the cuteness. Too…potent… *collapses*

  28. Just when I thought I had seen the cutest on earth out come these guys. Yet, another reason to love Japan. Do they have tails? Or are they like hampsters?

  29. Eyes bigger than hands is a very conditional rule of cute, surely. If my eyes were bigger than my hands, I’d look … well, not cute … *shudder* Even my cat, with his massive, floofy paws would be a tad disturbing with eyes larger than his paws!

  30. Yes, Mimsie! I believe I sent a link to the fantastic momonga site to CO quite a while back (*sniff*) so I’m glad you brought it up, and glad there is an opportunity to draw attention to it! The start (Of course, it also has charming English translation.) I do wish you could still buy the book, but I’ve looked, and can’t find it.

    To me, this is like when you look at Japanese landscapes and you think of it as their style, but then when you actually see pictures of Japan, you realize NO, that’s actually the way it looks there – like a fairy tale. This little guy is in that same category.

  31. The…the cute! I can’t process it!
    *immediately begins writing to a friend in Japan demanding an order of about a million of these little dudes to pass out to CO peeps*

  32. Oh noes! Quick, call Cute-1-1.

  33. 3 little maids from school are we
    Pert as a school girl well should be
    Filled to the brim with girlish glee
    3 little maids from school…

    Yes, yes I did hear these momonga sing that when I saw the picture.

  34. haieeee! agh! oooph! kapow! little mid-air kung fu moves.
    swish-swish, whoosh, swoop! little samurai sword swings.
    Karate Kids: Squirrel Fu Rules

    Looks like a challenge to that spaghetti wielding hamster here awhile back.

  35. The one in the middle has a little smile…knows its cute.

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    Momonaga–sounds like the name of powerful (but extremely small, fuzzy, and arboreal) samurai warlord of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Do they have teeny little katanas?

    [Momonga != Momonaga 😉 Mo’ manga? – Ed.]

  37. ShonaSquee says:

    I have to agree, really need to see about getting the eyes bigger than hands rule… made official 🙂

  38. @kzgz clicked your link and now I have a new obsession! Oh gods these guys are KEEELLING me!!!

  39. kibblenibble says:

    These cuties look mega-chinchilla-soft! Amazing. How about an unusual animals tag?

  40. if anyone like anime, you should check out “Samurai Champloo” the main character keeps one of these little guys (she call’s him “Momo”) in her kimono

  41. tubbysnuggles says:

    OMG everything really IS cuter in Japan.

    And they FLY!??!? My head hurts now. I have a cute-freeze headache.

  42. Ann Rae Jonas says:

    Sadly, the species is threatened by extinction from habitat destruction.

  43. OMG I totally did not know that Momo was one of these (I loved Samurai Champloo). And around my parts they say things this cute have a “kawaii shield” – how could you hurt something that cute? Honestly, these things should be regulated.

  44. Those are the most snorgleable tum-tums I’ve seen in WEEKS. I don’t know if I can go on with normal, unfuzzly life anymore.

    I’m gonna hug a towel.

  45. such cuties!

  46. the second one: rubbing his hands and going “exxxxxcellent~”

  47. HAHAHA at Ed. in re. to Noumi. That :4 took me a second, but I totally choked on my coffee once I got it. 😀

    [Such a tragic waste of good coffee… 😦 – Ed.]

    And this has been the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m officially DONE debating- I’m packing up my son and we’re moving to Japan.

  48. they’re tiny baby totoros!

  49. Jess&Friends says:

    I want to pick them up and throw them at people. They can fly, can’t they? Right??

  50. It’s like the Pygmy Puffs from harry potter are REAL and living in Japan……

  51. How nice, they come in threes. Are they stuck together at the sides, too?

  52. Katrina – If you are referring to potstickers, yes.

  53. Quiet Desperation says:

    Their eyes! They steal my soul! Or my innocence. Maybe both! Augh!

  54. *knock knock*
    – who is it?
    – wonton.
    – wonton who?
    – wonton momonga!

  55. AuntieMaim says:

    It’s quite all right, Auntie Meme. It just gave me a moment’s pause, wondering if I was posting in my sleep again… 😀

  56. Lula Mae – D’ough! LOL! That was cute.

  57. MaggieBee says:

    After reading the comments, I was like, “Fourth one, what fourt…OMG!!!!! *IZ DED*”

    I…just…there are no words……
    ….and….they have of the floofy tails…..

    There are now giant red anime hearts popping out of my head and floating away on the bah-reeeze!

  58. Someone has a momonga pocket pet (Rikas link)! Hmm. Must get to Mt. Fuji Lab of Japanese Cuteness for one of my own.


    That is all.

  60. I just noticed the creeper momonga on the far right..I think he’s jealous of his smug looking siblings on the branch and is ready to challenge one of them to a pokemon battle to secure his spot on the tree

  61. Okay to me they look like a chicadee was crossed with a squirrel.

  62. Wait………. Looks at Noumi’s post moving down the line so it is LAST Bwahahahahahahahaha.

  63. Rainbow*Star says:

    Reasons these are cute:
    Big eyes
    Delicate little paws, tucked neatly in position
    Tiny hamster ears
    Floof (moderators, did you get my email about floof?
    Perfect oval body shape

    I give them a 9.5/10 for cuteness.

  64. Ahh, this must be what Momo from Samurai Champloo was: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs20/f/2007/285/9/5/__Fuu_and_Momo_chan___by_el_kenshin.jpg

    Cuter in real life than in anime! Oh Japan, how do you do it?

  65. Forget kittens, the only way to obtain that level of cuteatude is by feasting on your VERY SOULS!!!!!

  66. @ Noumi – I think they mean it when they say no “firsts” allowed!

  67. You can say First… if you put it in a cool sentence.. Like this is the first time i ever saw a Momonga! Okay that isn’e a cool sentence but you get the picture.

  68. Rainbow star No no they get a 12/10 in Cuteness.

  69. No way. I can’t handle. DWARF FLYING SQUIRRELS? Too much cute for one country, methinks.

  70. The Japanese have ONCE AGAIN topped the cuteness bar! Is there anything they cant do?!

  71. oh my god. . .
    thank you j a p a n >////////<

  72. Mah brain went *BOOM*!
    *faints from da cute*

  73. Holy BEF!

  74. They look like folded-up Popples to me! Only CUTER. (And not quite as hot pink.)

  75. punkinberry says:

    They are so cute that I want to pop them into my mouth!


  76. OMG I’ve been slacking on my CO visits due to work overload and now I see how wrong I was to ever stop visiting this site every five minutes because I just now saw this pic!!!!!! Holy Toledo where do I begin?!?! The teensy little paws held just so, the big eyes, the soft fuzzy chubbular belleh, the small body, the lettle feetsies, the tiny mouth, the photobomber, the way this pic caputures so many different face angles so I can see what they look like if I was here, and there, and then over there.
    OMG my head asplode! And I haven’t said that in a while. Plus, my stress work has vanished. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cute Overload is like, the bestest antidote for stress! yay!

  77. Pyrit- Oh, I was thinking of Peeps in a box, but potstickers works quite nicely, too! Thank you! These little critters are just darling. OK, what other critters will CO offer us from Japan? Ya know, eco-tourism sounds kinda nice right now……12/10 indeed!

  78. Just when I thought I have seen all the cute in the world…


    I was struck by the cuteness and it killed me ded.


    Um, if anyone finds my jaw, or the ‘sploded bits of brain that just erupted from my skull, I would like them back, please.

  80. Is the battery built-in?

  81. Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel? How many things cute little can they be at once?

    Next you’ll be posting a Miniature Japanese Rex Dwarf Dumbo Pygmy Flying Toy Lop-eared Anime Cute-enhanced Squirrellettekinslein.

  82. *SPLODE*

    It’s like they jumped straight out of an anime! *looks at Wish’s Samurai Champloo link* Oh they did!

  83. binkymama says:

    Are you KIDDINGKS me……..fer reals???

  84. Oh, God, how I want one of these to live in my breast pocket (just over my heart, to keep it waaaarm) and cheer me up throughout the day. When I was getting tired or cranky it would snuggle under my chin or scamper onto my head and comb my hair with its little clawfs. And when my students were disobedient or rowdy or being wilfully obtuse it would membrane-fly over their desks and dive-bomb them with a poo.

  85. victoreia says:

    @Anner: Shhhh! Don’t give them any ideas!

  86. Copperbat says:


  87. Oooooh. These little ones are so beautiful! I love the look on the smiling one’s face–he looks friendly. I’m off to learn more about these critters.

    Meg, Theo and NTMTOM, a million thanks to you for not only bringing us The Cute every single day without fail, but also for opening our eyes to all of these sorts of wondrous new creatures! So cool!!!

  88. OMG I want one of these!!!!!! Too cute for words. They [the Japanese] are up to something!!

  89. Even more via google images!

  90. Pocketmouse says:

    OMG……..im speechless!!!!!! way too cute!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Nancy (orig) says:

    That’s some serious beadiness going on there!

  92. KathleenB says:

    Wow. Those are… approaching toxic levels of cute. We may need a warning sign and EMTs on hand, because if brains keep exploding, there might be some liability issues.

  93. Bluemenro says:

    I think we need a new category for Japanese Cuteness or something like that.

  94. WHAT???? Why haven’t I ever known these existed??

    [They’re TOTALLY secret. Shhh. – Ed.]

  95. I haven’t taken Japanese in a couple of years, so I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure ‘momo’ means peach… which means these little critters have ‘peach’ in their name (maybe.) I’m dead.

  96. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i cannot concentrate on my work after seeing these… these… i can’t even find the words to describe them!

  97. @ Rika I “awwwed” out loud, which meant I had to share these images with my family. Luckily, that did not dilute the cute.

    BTW, I am a mush puddle on the floor. Officially. Done. For.

  98. Too cute! They look like anime characters!

  99. My head just popped off from the cuteness.

  100. Waow! Now we know where the inspiration for Totoro came from 🙂

  101. LMAO When you see the forth guy you’ll “poo brix”.

  102. F i r s t !!

    [ F a i l !! :4 – Ed.]

  103. OMG GIANT EYES!!!


  104. OscarStrawberry says:

    I’ll take 3, please.

  105. I lost so many man points looking at this page, but…

    I don’t care…

    They’re just so…


  106. LunaChickFringe says:

    Since I can’t have a real one to hold and snorgle, Nintendo should make a DS game modeled after NIntendogs. NintendMomanga. Then I could play with one all day long.

  107. SQUEEEEEE!!!! My head has ecks-ploded. These are just the quintessence of QUTE!

  108. TracyFlick says:

    I am fascinated by cute logic and am working on an equation.

    Proportion of eyes to body size + (roundness – sharp angles) + Non-threatening aspect = Cute.

  109. Super Kawaii ^.^ v

  110. I want one!!

  111. that’s so cool. and they’re so cute. i wish i had one as a pet. man the Asians , Japanese , Chinese people are the smartest people in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love them …so cute:)

  113. cutest photobomb evers! i wants :/

    i’d only nom them a little bit.


  114. =@__________________@=
    I want to stuff my pockets full of them.
    Then I shall throw them at sad people. And they will soar through the air, latch on, and create happiness…

    [Er… how about maybe just a few Free Hugs™ instead? – Ed.]

  115. there are so cute and I want to have one of them.

  116. omgggg ridiculously cute!

  117. Now everyone knows why Japanese Anime is always so cute. Everywhere you look in Japan, cute!

  118. If you ask me, the one on the middle is on to something…

  119. Those are real cute

  120. should have been titled:
    ninja, when u see it u’ll shit brixx

  121. The 4th one in the back hahahahaha OMG!!!

  122. I thought the little guy in the back needed animated, so I made this:

    Kindly, no hotlinking or I’ll have to pull it, but enjoy.


    [Hehe, not bad. I love it when folks do the RCFs for me. 😉 – Ed.]

  123. That. Is. Redonkulous.

  124. I want one (more like 20)!!!

  125. omg
    what r those things mice they r so cute

    ps will u sell they to me please?!?!?!

  126. I was born in Okinowa, Japan and love so many Japanese things and animals, but those are the cutest lil’ animals! I want one of those so bad! And I agree, that’s hilarious where the far right one looks like a lil’ ninja! Too precious.

  127. rosegardenlane says:

    the only sound to be heard in a five mile radius of my apartment is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. paula.k g says:

    are these like sugar gliders?

  129. so i read that the eyes-bigger-than-hands idea is potentially disturbing… what about hands that are so tiny they are smaller than your eyes? that rules out any creepy-big eye issues!

  130. That’s so cute it’s obnoxious, they look cool though…oh yeah and cute…little bastards

  131. Omg for cute. Now all they need is to breed some palomino genes into them and they’re set! The giant eyes are to die for!! ha ha!

  132. Rainbowbaby says:

    Ninja: I are playin’ peekaboo in yer periferal vizion. NEH

  133. *dies*

  134. that’s just insane, wow, amazing even

  135. I want one! So adorable. Why can’t all squirrels be that cute? Wait, they are like… a type of squirrel… right?

  136. violinanonymous says:


  137. darkshines says:

    I just want to poke a belly.

  138. They are the cutest things I have ever seen, where do you get em’ from?!?!?!?!

  139. Melissa H. says:

    They’re totally alien squirrels! I mean, look at those huge eyes and those little tiny mouths. They’re definitely from outer space. From the planet of Cutetopia, I think.

  140. omg thats insane

  141. Lars Gundersen says:

    ‘Cause seriously, where else would one keep a flying squirrel?

  142. Loooook eeeentoooo our eyes…you will go to your pantry…you will get lots of goodies and bring them to us….and you will love it!

  143. I’m leaving this comment late in the game, but I keep coming back to this picture because I love eet!

    They look like Popples! http://www.go-go-rpm.com/oscommerce/catalog/images/popples_0552b.gif (pic on right)

  144. very kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  145. i want one, or two or three. very cute critters

  146. kookienoonie says:

    These things are riduculous! I’m starting Japanese classes immediately to make moving to Japan a smooth transition. Just spent a whole year trying to learn Chinese so I could go be with the red pandas and now I have to start all over!

  147. This is this is that is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. C. Mongler says:

    My god! They even grow their animals to look like anime characters! Can we expect moar from the Japanese Institute of Pokemon Science?

  149. my dog looks JUST like them 😀
    He is a great dane

  150. juliettex says:

    phaha. look at little blurred out bottom right sideways dude. he’s all, “IMM POPPIN OUT SIDEWAIS ND MAKIN U JELUS OF MEH CUTENIS.” :]

  151. i wonder if i can buy one, they are kewticallicious

  152. I wonder if they’re 4 sale???????
    Cause I want one!No,I need one!

  153. I also would like one,thier so cute!!!!!!!!!

  154. love their big eyes

  155. These are mint, meesing with nature is cool if this is what you come up with