They Grow Up So Fast…

Those fragile, squinting eyes; those tentative first steps; that precious moment when they look to you with faces that radiate pure love.  And before you know it…

new babies 09

… they’re engaging in scandalous butt-biting (in plain sight of the entire Ladies Aid Society and Sewing Circle, mercy!), smashing up the Mercedes and calling you at 3AM to bail them out of Juvenile Hall.


Kids these days, Linda G.



  1. Holy fuzziness… BITE ME! (seriously, I don’t mind getting nommed by fuzzikins)

  2. GingerBean says:

    “scandalous butt-biting” LOL!

  3. butt bightingks~!

  4. Ui, fighting baby cats 🙂 this is so cute^^

  5. hehehe… Thanks for makin me laugh on my b-day CO.. it was turning out to be kinda sucky… 😀
    *sigh* memories… my girls do this too.. they like to chase each other all over the house.. god forbid you are sitting on the couch and they are chasing each other.. they will run all over you… claws and all..
    I see this as a perfect example of “I’m going to eat you” lol

  6. “If you’re gonna kill each other, do it outside!”

    And a Happy Birthday, katiedid!

  7. Love the before and after! Cream kitty really has a kung-fu grip on orange kitty’s rump to get a good chomp.

    I’ve seen my kitties do this to each other, resulting in tufts of fur in attacking kitty’s mouth.

  8. Look ma, no cavities!

  9. Happy Birthday, Katiedid!
    Very cute pictures! I love the first one- new babies are just so sweet looking. The leg rolls are TO DIE FOR!

  10. Oh my god, the stubby tails…

  11. manekineko says:


    And a happy birthday to katiedid. May the coming year bring you lots of joy and…


  12. Kristabelle says:

    OWIE!! That’s going to leave a mark!!!

    LOVE the leopard print blanket – I have one just like it!!!

  13. Kristabelle says:

    P.S. Happy Birthday, Katiedid!

  14. So funny going from picture one to picture two. LOL

    2nd one is saying: AAAHHHHHHWWWWOOCH!

    Love when they fight.

    He has a gator mouth too so watch out.

  15. Happy Burpday, Katiedid!

    Butt-biting is a daily occurence around here. Dante burrows under the covers, encounters my butt, and says “Hello!”

  16. PS Speaking of what they will do in front of comp’ny, peeps, my late Mimi and Stinky had on separate occasions, produced a bra, some tampons, and (blush) a birth-control device.

  17. MarmieLover says:

    “I’ll suck the orange right off you!”……. omg the orangitude. *swoon*

  18. [dives through screen]

  19. Aww thank you all for your happy birthday.. umm wish-y-kins!!! 😀
    It has made it a very good day!!
    @ Theresa- I know some friends dogs who do that kind of stuff… lol my cats go for dice they find after board games and bottle caps ….haha

  20. SO cute I had to immediatly issue an ORDER, (yes, I Ordered everyone to come here) on Twitter.
    So if the server crashes its totally my fault. (yeah, like that’s gonna happen with my whoppin 43 followers. lol)

  21. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit the ingenious:
    whut? Don’t parents make that comment in EVERY happy home with a white-picket fence? I can specifically say, that that sort of statement was heard DAILY, on Fatio Lane in Orange Park FL in the 1970s. Does this mean that I quality for state-paid emotional therapy/ PTSD? Where do I sign up?

  22. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo:
    did you break the glass (or plexi) in yer computer screen; was there any shrapnel? More importantly, was the marmie kitten there, when you got to the other side?

    [Can’t talk. Snorgling. – Ed.]

  23. (Sings) If you’re happy and you know it, bite a butt! (Chomp, Chomp!!)

  24. LOL.. you know the orange ones suck your soul faster than any other kitty color…

    Katydid Happy birthday. I hope you have an excellent day!

    Metz Well One of your faithful followers made it here…. Me!

  25. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo : “Awwwww, wookit da man snorgling da kitty !! isso KYOOOT!!”
    (winky, winky).

    We’ll send the Geek Squad over to repair your screen.

    [Geek Squad came up in my ‘hood, missy, and they ain’t got nuthin’ on me. 😎 – Ed.]

  26. skippymom says:

    I wish it were just innocent butt-biting in my house! Eddy, aka Mr. Perv, misses no opportunity to make a frontal assault on Francesco, insert his face directly into Franny’s, er, “private area”, and commence to monsche away. It’s deeply disturbing.

  27. Starlinguk says:

    Marmies. Lubs them. *teh ded*

  28. victoreia says:

    What they don’t tell you is that the time lapse between pics was probably about twenty minutes…..

    (Or, at least, that’s what it feels like….)

  29. What is this, Dilute Overload?

  30. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Skippymom — er, um ….A suggestion: perhaps a muzzle would help the …um…sicchuashion?

    In the Interest of Public Decency (harrrrrumph !!!)

  31. chickadee022 says:

    LMAO at the before and after pics and captions! cute kittehs

  32. kibblenibble says:

    Bserv needs to see this one…

  33. skippymom says:

    Leslie, when I read your suggestion I pictured Eddy in a Hannibal Lecter mask!
    What makes the situation even creepier, by the way, is that Francesco doesn’t seem to mind, or perhaps thinks he has to put up with Eddy’s attentions.

  34. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Skippymom…………I’m beginning to wonder, whether there are any ………….unreSOLVED tensions btw you & the furry guy? Counseling, perhaps? Or would one of you just end up biting the counselor in an inappropriate area of the body?

  35. skippymom says:

    Leslie, not exactly sure what you’re insinuating….but I have concluded during my life with Eddy that his level of messed-up-ness would likely not respond to even the most expert counseling. I do love the little guy, though, and I mostly try to turn a blind eye on his brother-molesting ways.

  36. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Skippymom (Mea culpa, if my comment went the wrong way? ) It just seemed that my joke went directly from a basic doggie muzzle, to perhaps the most mean-hearted, creepy character in the hystory of film; so perhaps you felt he had caused you a lot of havoc & etc. Certainly didn’t mean anything disruptive or harmful to you. When I’m aware of an actual problem, I never joke about it. I only try punchlines when I feel comfy that anyone will take it that way. I hope it didn’t seem like a mean cut on you as an animal mommie; cuz I would never hope to be hurtful.

  37. They’re gonna be total slackers before too long.

  38. skippymom says:

    Leslie, dear, no offense taken at all, and didn’t mean it to seem that way! Everything’s groovy! All in the spirit of good fun! (It would never occur to me that any comment from you could be at all “mean”–far from it.) Here, let’s shake hands and get back to the cute!

  39. AaaaaaAAAAAAAGHHHHH Fuzzies!!!!


  40. Peeps: Like your jingle…now its stuck in my head LOL

  41. Being a guy Mike always likes these butt biting shots.

  42. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Skippymom:

    (PHEW!!) [wipes 1/2 gallon of perspiration aka “glow” from forehead into nearby jug] the term “insinuating”….sent me into panic mode……

    Seen any marmalade kittens lately, S?

  43. skippymom says:

    Vewwy sowwy, Leslie! Will be more careful in the future!

  44. @ding – brilliant!

    They are just too precious! My babies are almost a year old, and they still play like that. However they knock a lot more stuff over… Can’t keep anything on the coffee table, or certain places on the computer table. God forbid you have a pile of mail…

  45. “Dude! NOT COOL! I need an adult!”

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Obvy, Mr. Creamsicle Kitteh took him literally when Mr. Marmiepants told him to “bite me.” 😀

  47. curiouscreature says:

    why is there no butt biting category??!! NEEDS one!!

  48. Happy Birthday Katiedid! Hope you’ve had a good one!

  49. I like in the first picture, how the house is all neat, and all you see are adorable kittehs on the adorable binkie, and in the second picture, anarchy and upturned baskets reign. Ahhh, the joys of having adolescents….

    Happy Birthday, Katiedid! Sorry to be late. Hope it was a good day.

  50. Oh, Happy Birthday, Katiedid 😀

  51. AWW 😀 Kitties are so CUTE when they are little 😀 GIGGLE 😀 Boy, do they ever get into fights once they grow up 😀

  52. Melinda (not that M, another M) says:

    “I’m gonna tell mom on you!”

  53. LoL at “in plain sight of the entire Ladies Aid Society and Sewing Circle, mercy!”

  54. LOL! The orange kitty in the 2nd pic looks like he/she is screaming “Mom! (insert name here) is killing me again!”

  55. OK, Katiedid, as part of your Birthday was sucky, I hereby give you this day, “The Day After Katiedid’s Birthday” to continue the celebration here on CO and where ever you would like. Happy Birthday!

  56. 😈 It looks like the orange tabby kitty said to the cream tabby kitty “Bite Me!” 😈 Then SCREAMS “It was just an expression, idiot! I did not mean for you to do it literally!” 😈